Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 89

At this moment, an inch-headed young man in camouflage uniform walked towards him. The inch-headed young man was about 1.8 meters tall. He was very well-proportioned and had an angular face.
Seeing the young man with a small head, Bai Guangyi’s expression immediately became respectful.
“Brother Qing, I brought people.”
The young man nodded and glanced at Liu Yiyi. His eyes stayed on Liu Yiyi’s pretty face for a moment. Then he looked at Chen Feng and A Hao, and asked, “Cangzhou?”
Chen Feng nodded.
The young man nodded slightly: “Yes, but the courage is quite big.”
“Where is Lord Chen?” Ahao asked in a deep voice.
“Master Chen? Come with me.” The inch-tou young man smiled playfully and walked in front.
A Hao followed closely, while Chen Feng frowned and glanced at the dark corners around him, and said to himself that he was a little troublesome.
After walking tens of meters, Chen Feng saw several reformed prisons, and Gu Dongchen was imprisoned in one of them.
It was just a bit miserable in appearance. The whole body was covered with wounds with deep visible bones. The whole person became bloody. Some wounds, and even white bones, were obviously abused by inhumans.
Seeing Gu Dongchen lying on the ground dying, Ahow’s eyes suddenly cracked.
Turning around, he was ready to act on the young man with the inch head. Who knows that the young man with the inch head took out a gun directly from his waist and aimed it at Ahao’s eyebrows.
“You can try, your fists are fast, or my bullets are fast!” Yang Qing looked at Ahao coldly and said.
A Hao’s eyes were blood red, staring at Yang Qing, with blue veins violent on his forehead, but he did not dare to do it anymore. Looking at the calluses on Yang Qing’s palm, he was obviously a master who played guns all year round. Kill him before punching.
Liu Yiyi was also scared and her pretty face paled. He didn’t expect to encounter a gun here, which would only appear in TV dramas.
At this time, Bai Guangyi smiled triumphantly, and kicked A Hao’s waist when he came up, cursing: “Aren’t you good at hitting? You continue!”
“And you, hillbilly, aren’t you awesome? Why don’t you say anything now?” Bai Guangyi looked at Chen Feng majesticly. He was sure that Chen Feng would never have thought that there would be a gun in Jiulong Village.
Because, China’s current control of guns is extremely strict. Many people in the gray zone will face the official thunder as long as they dare to touch the gun. Therefore, the gun is really a rare item. In places like Cangzhou, except for the official, you Trying to find a gun in the hands of other people in the gray area is harder than reaching the sky.
On the black market, any gun can be fired up to hundreds of thousands, and there is still a price but no market.
Yang Qing’s gun was bought by him after spending almost half a million on the black market.
“Is this what you rely on the most?” Chen Feng sighed and asked disappointedly. Indeed, he was very disappointed. He thought that Bai Guangyi would take out something extraordinary to deal with him, but he did not expect that there was only a gun.
“What do you mean?” Bai Guangyi was stunned, “No, are you blind? Take a good look. What is Qing Ge holding in his hand?”
Chen Feng smiled.
“Desert Eagle, 0.357-inch caliber, 378 m/s firing speed, 8 rounds, produced in 1985, am I right?” Chen Feng asked Yang Qing with a calm look.
“Have you played with a gun?!” Yang Qing frowned and asked. He suddenly found something was wrong with Chen Feng. Since entering the door, he has been very calm. Even now, he took out the gun, and Chen Feng didn’t look on his face. Any change, what is his confidence.
Chen Feng shook his head. He knew almost all firearms, but he had never touched any firearms because his master Xiao Guozhong refused.
Xiao Guozhong once said that if you touch a gun, you will have distracting thoughts when you practice martial arts, and you will always think of taking shortcuts, but martial arts are hard to achieve.
So Chen Feng never touched the gun.
Although Chen Feng shook his head, Yang Qing’s anxiety was even stronger. He used to be the ace of the special operations brigade of the Qiannan Military Region. He knew very well that guns are not invincible in this world.
In front of some people, a gun is a toy. It’s just that there are no such people, and ordinary people can’t see it at all. Could it be that this young man in front of you is that kind of person?
Yang Qing looked uncertain, looked at Chen Feng and asked: “A friend is a warrior?”
Chen Feng smiled faintly, but did not answer. With Yang Qing’s social status, he could reach the level of warriors.
Chen Feng’s attitude made Yang Qing more uneasy. If Chen Feng was really a warrior, then he had to consider whether it was worth offending a warrior for Bai Guangyi.
Behind the martial artist, they usually have their own teachers, and the people in these teachers are all guests of the upper class.
Even if he could kill Chen Feng here, there would be a lot of trouble in the future.
“If your friend is really a warrior, then what happened today is a misunderstanding. You can take this person back with you.” Yang Qing still didn’t dare to bet, even though Chen Feng’s calmness might have the possibility of pretending, but if Chen Feng really did. As for the warrior, as soon as he shoots, there is no possibility of turning around.
If Chen Feng is killed, the teacher behind Chen Feng will come to trouble him.
Can’t beat Chen Feng…
Yang Qing didn’t even dare to think about it. You know, warriors are also divided into strengths and weaknesses. Most people who just become warriors can still solve them with one bullet, but those who cannot be solved with one bullet can no longer be called warriors. Now, it can be called a land god.
Land gods, even the people behind him, can’t afford to offend them!
“Brother Qing…” Bai Guangyi was completely stunned. He didn’t understand why Chen Feng only said a few words from beginning to end, Yang Qing would be jealous of this, even if Chen Feng is really a martial artist, it would not be so.
“Shut up!” Yang Qing stared coldly at Bai Guangyi. Bai Guangyi, an idiot, didn’t understand that Chen Feng was a warrior. The problem is not big, but the problem is that Chen Feng is too young!
Becoming a martial artist at this age is definitely not easy.
Just like the previous Gu Xiong, he was also a warrior, but it took him thirty years to become a warrior. Yang Qing did not pay much attention to a mature warrior like Gu Xiong, because Gu Xiong’s talent is limited and the future is destined not to There will be very high achievements. The teacher behind him, the King Kong Martial Art Hall, is not the top martial art Hall in Jinling. The people behind Yang Qing can deal with it.
But for Chen Feng in front of him, Yang Qing didn’t know his details at all. In case there was a giant master, Yang Qing would be uncomfortable with Jiulongzhuang.
“It’s just a misunderstanding?” Chen Feng gave Yang Qing a cold look. It seemed that Yang Qing still didn’t realize what kind of existence he was.

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