Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 90

“What do you mean?!” Seeing that Chen Feng didn’t even intend to let the matter go, Yang Qing’s face also became cold. He was afraid of Chen Feng, but he was not afraid to be subdued.
“It’s not interesting. Those who hit me must be prepared to pay the price.” Chen Feng said lightly, then glanced at Bai Guangyi and Yang Qing, and said: “You two broke one hand each, this matter You can pass.”
“Arrogant!” Yang Qing’s face was pale, except for arrogance, he didn’t know what to say anymore. The man in front of him, being pointed at by his gun, even dared to let himself break a hand! It’s so crazy!
“Hillboy, did you not wake up!” Bai Guangyi laughed angrily. “Open your dog’s eyes and see, what is it that Brother Qing is holding! It’s a gun! Brother Qing only needs to move his finger If I can send you to see the Buddha, do you really think that you are a man of eighteen bronzes and can be invulnerable?
“Also let Lao Tzu break one hand, I will chop one of your hands today!” After Bai Guangyi finished speaking, he picked up the mountain knife on the side and slashed at Chen Feng with a ferocious face.
“Life and death!” Chen Feng snorted coldly and slapped Bai Guangyi’s face.
There was a “bang”.
Bai Guangyi flew out directly and hit the iron railings of the prison. Before he landed, seven or eight bloody teeth flew out of his mouth.
“What are you doing!” Yang Qing was furious. He was still holding a gun in his hand. Chen Feng even dared to talk to Bai Guangyi and didn’t put himself in his eyes!
In an instant, Yang Qing aimed his gun at Chen Feng.
Chen Feng squinted his eyes, “Do you dare to shoot?”
“You are dead! I dare not do anything!” Yang Qing gritted his teeth and pulled the trigger.
A tongue of flame spewed from the black muzzle and shot towards Chen Feng’s eyebrows.
Ahao’s eyes were splitting.
Liu Yiyi screamed in shock and closed his eyes.
Only Chen Feng was calm and composed, and there was even a smile on the corner of his mouth.
The black bullet pierced the air and came three feet in front of Chen Feng.
In the next second, Chen Feng stretched out two fingers…
The bullet that burst out was gently clamped!
Yang Qing’s eyes widened suddenly, and his eyes were full of amazement.
how is this possible? !
Absolute warrior! Moreover, he is also a superb warrior of the land immortals!
Yang Qing was roaring from the bottom of his heart, didn’t he say that this kind of warrior would not enter the world at all on weekdays?
why? ! why? !
Why would you let yourself meet? !
In the past, he only heard people say that some of the world’s top martial artists could receive bullets with bare hands, or even carry rocket launchers. At that time, he was skeptical about this and felt that manpower could not reach that level.
Even rocket launchers can resist, is that still human?
But today, Chen Feng told him with actions that there are endless manpower!
Nothing is impossible!
Ah Hao was no less shocked than Yang Qing.
He had overestimated Chen Feng’s strength as much as possible, but he still did not expect that Chen Feng’s strength would be so terrifying.
He used to think that Chen Feng was just entering the realm of warriors, but now it seems that Chen Feng has already walked a long way on the road of warriors, even reaching the realm of establishing a school!
Chen Feng sighed and asked faintly, “Do you want to continue shooting?”
With a “puff”, Yang Qing actually knelt directly on the ground, her lips beginning to tremble.
“Senior forgive me!” Yang Qing was scared. He was really scared. He couldn’t think of killing him. Chen Feng turned out to be the first-class warrior of the legendary land immortal. Such warriors, even the people behind him, dare not provoke him. .
Senior for mercy?
Liu Yiyi, whose eyes were closed, could not help but opened his eyes when he heard this. Only then did he find that Yang Qing was kneeling on the ground, but Chen Feng stood with his hand held down, looking at Yang Qing condescendingly, like a god!
what happened? ! Why did Chen Feng not die? !
Liu Yiyi was shocked. The moment Yang Qing shot her, she thought that Chen Feng would definitely die, but now, Chen Feng stood upright, but Yang Qing was kneeling!
What happened? ! Liu Yiyi’s heart thumped and thumped. She felt that in the few seconds she closed her eyes, something extraordinary must have happened, but she had missed it.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “Ahao, do it.”
“Yes, Chen Shao!” A Hao looked excited. He had already had no hope of rescuing Gu Dongchen, but he did not expect to turn around. Such a scene happened. At this moment, Chen Feng’s position in his mind is with the gods. No difference!
“Senior, please be forgiving.” Seeing Ahao approaching him with a cold face, Yang Qing suddenly panicked: “Senior, my elder brother is Yang Tai! Senior, let me take care of my elder brother’s face!”
A Hao looked at Chen Feng. This Yang Tai is obviously the real behind-the-scenes controller of Kowloon International. He doesn’t know what his background is. If he is really a big man and Yang Qing moves, I am afraid it will cause Chen Feng.
“Chen Shao, Yang Tai is the successor of the Yang family. People on the road call him the prince Jinling.” Liu Yiyi reminded nervously that there are four first-line families in Jinling, and the Yang family is one of them. Moreover, in recent years, Yang Tai’an, the elder of the Yang family, retired, and Yang Tai took control of the Yang family, which made the Yang family’s power even more powerful.
Otherwise, Yang Tai would not end up as a prince.
“Hands.” Chen Feng said lightly without even looking at Liu Yiyi.
The prince?
Sorry, he doesn’t know Chen Feng.
“Yes, Shao Chen!”
A Hao nodded respectfully, then kicked Yang Qing’s face fiercely, kicking Yang Qing away.
With a crisp sound, Yang Qing suddenly burst into a few teeth in his hand, and the blood in his mouth burst out!
The sudden pain made Yang Qing tremble all over.
But this is not all!
A Hao sneered, and stepped directly on the back of Yang Qing’s hand with another kick.
With a click.
Yang Qing’s hand bones were forcibly crushed!
Heart-piercing pain!
Yang Qing’s eyes were blood red, but he didn’t dare to say another word!
He was afraid of speaking again, and Chen Summit directly killed him!
At this time, Bai Guangyi got up from the ground and saw Yang Qing’s miserable behavior, Bai Guangyi ran away.
But Ah Hao didn’t give him a chance at all. He flew around, just kicking Bai Guangyi to the ground.
Then follow the same pattern.
The big foot slammed on the back of Bai Guangyi’s hand.
A scream like a pig!
Bai Guangyi rolled his eyes and was directly fainted by the pain.
All this is extremely slow, but in fact it took less than ten seconds from Chen Feng’s shouting to the time when the two were trampled on the back of their hands!
Liu Yiyi didn’t react until Bai Guangyi screamed.
Even after hearing the name of Yang Tai, the prince of Jinling, Chen Feng still decided to act on Yang Qing without hesitation!

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