Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 893

Fortunately, after a while, Chen Feng discovered that the opponent might also be a master, at least not losing to him in controlling the car.
It’s like the fashion of two crossing the night sky, leaving the taillights of cars passing by. On this road without any vehicles, two high-speed cars drove crazily.
The darkness quickly swallowed everything up, and the two cars had already gone further.
At the intersection ahead, the green light was slowly beating, and it was about to turn red soon, but the car didn’t mean to slow down.
Of course, at this time, the traffic lights are just decorations, and Chen Feng’s speed naturally has not slowed down.
But when approaching the intersection, the opposite side suddenly stepped on the brakes, and the front of the car swung over ninety degrees. The tires dragged a long mark on the ground while making a harsh rubbing sound, and quickly turned to the left. On the road.
In a moment, Chen Feng also reacted. He stepped on the brakes to the end, as if imitating the car in front of him. According to that mark, the same trace was also drawn.
It was only a short distance before Chen Feng fell into the left lane without being thrown out.
But because of this, Chen Feng was also shocked, and the other party was already trying to get rid of him.
Feng Qi’s face was pale when she was frightened by this scene, and she even wanted to vomit. This thought just started to surge when she vomited out.
After waiting for a while, she retracted her head outside the window.
“Are you okay?” Although Chen Feng couldn’t notice Feng Qi, he also heard his voice, so he cared.
After vomiting, Feng Qi was obviously more uncomfortable, but he nodded hard and said, “I’m fine! You must rescue sister.”
Chen Feng replied, “I will, but I promised you to protect your sisters.”
Chen Feng said this sentence many times, but Feng Qi became more and more convinced that Chen Feng could do it. He felt very relieved when he heard it.
However, the two cars continued to chase, and several consecutive turns did not finally get rid of Chen Feng. The other side seemed to have no idea after discovering the result.
When the other party’s destination is almost reached, it may just be that the other party’s car’s fuel tank is empty, and the one in front finally starts to slow down.
Chen Feng should have slowed down along with him, but he felt uneasy, just kept the speed and kept following up.
The opponent did want to completely slow down, and when Chen Feng was about to pass, he stopped urgently and stopped directly in front of the opponent’s car.
The elegance of one sentence made the front of Chen Feng’s car aim at the front of the opponent.
This is when the sky finally appears white, the first sun may rise at any time, and the darkness begins to become hazy, but gradually dissipates, and the scenery that can be seen in the distance becomes clearer.
Seeing the other party coming down from the car, Chen Feng asked Feng Qi to stay in the car, and he also went out.
The appearance of the other person who just noticed, a square face, white face with a slight beard, and his height seemed to be higher than that of Chen Feng, but the important thing was that Chen Feng had seen him yesterday.
He was one of the few people brought by the old man, dressed in formal clothes, just like this time.
“Let go of the girl in the car,” Chen Feng shouted coldly.
The guy smiled and said, “Your driving skills are very good. You are a great person I have ever met.”
However, Chen Feng was not happy by his compliment, but slid into the car secretly, as if there was still a guy sitting in it, and the one lying in the back seat should be Long Ling.
But just seeing it, a whip leg flew towards his forehead.
Because of the distraction, he was almost hit. Fortunately, his body conditioned his reflex to block him, and he was not injured, but the power from his arm suddenly made him feel like his whole arm was numb.
“Don’t be distracted.” The sturdy man sneered.
Chen Feng also concentrated immediately, looking at this guy, not daring to pay attention to other places, because the strength of the man in front of him is not even lower than him.
The next attack came very quickly, and the opponent flew a few kicks in the air, swift and violent, and Chen Feng didn’t dare to resist with all his strength, but continued to dodge back with force.
Why is this guy so swift and fierce, he is not even slow at the speed while he is strong, this is not like the type of hard-working practice.
But the other party didn’t even want to spare the time for Chen Feng to think, he just kicked it over one after another, as if he was only good at foot exercises, but the speed of the succession was surprisingly fast.
Chen Feng took a lot of effort, but he still held on and didn’t let himself suffer.
Finally, after half an hour of being older, the man from the other side’s car got out and called for the two of them to stop.
However, Chen Feng only felt that both arms did not belong to him. If he continued, he could only consider reversing the exercises.
But he was worried about whether the person sitting in the car would do anything to Long Ling when he saw that the man had lost.
Moreover, that state was also unstable, and he was also afraid that he would harm the two sisters in the end.
After seeing the guy who stood up, Chen Feng wasn’t too surprised. He was blocked from sight and couldn’t see clearly. Now this looks like a cynical face, so Chen Feng’s only thought of punching it over, fiercely. Beat him until he can’t recognize the Lord.
Unfortunately, this is just his imagination.
“Grandpa told me not to move you, but you are not good or bad, so you ran out by yourself.” The young man sneered.
Chen Feng didn’t speak, he was wary of this brawny again and again, while thinking about how to restrain this young man.
As long as he was detained, Chen Feng believed that this brawny man was only obedient.
But it’s a pity that the idea is too simple, the strong man kept staring at him, as if he knew what he wanted to do, and prepared in advance.
“I thought you were very good, but afterwards, I couldn’t even beat Ah Si. Grandpa is really old, so he would be afraid of you.
Chen Feng has never seen the details of the old man, or even heard of it, but if his men are the same as these four bodyguards, then the old man is already very terrifying.
“She doesn’t know what you want, it’s useless if you catch her, let her go,” Chen Feng said.
But the other party laughed: “Do you know or not, you have to ask carefully before you know. We will also search the house carefully. If we really can’t find it, then we have to feel wronged by such a beautiful girl.”
Speaking of dealing with Long Ling, there was an obscene smile on this guy’s face. Chen Feng was disgusted in his heart. He was about to rush over and was stopped by Ah Si again.
The young man looked at Chen Feng and just said, “Do you know? Ah Si doesn’t like women. I think you will be very happy when you fall. Ah Si will make you happy, as happy as flying to the clouds. ”
With that, he shouted to Ah Si, “Right, Ah Si.”

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