Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 900

Feng Qi hurriedly asked, “Then what do you want to help us rescue Chen Feng?”
Long Ling had already thought of some possibilities in her heart, but she did not say it.
Bai Su smiled and said, “When I first saw the two young ladies, I felt astonished. Inexplicably, I wanted to get close to them.
But I don’t know why. The two young ladies seem to be very hostile to me. They always have a very cold attitude. This makes me feel very hurt. I feel that I am still a pretty good person, but even a little bit of peace. Neither of them could become friends. ”
Long Ling just looked at Bai Su coldly, but Feng Qi was a little embarrassed about his attitude.
And Bai Su continued: “I am willing to help both of you. You still want to be close to you in my heart. In fact, my request is very simple. The two can treat me like friends.”
After Bai Su finished speaking, Long Ling was also stunned. He thought that Bai Su would make even more excessive demands, and even asked the two sisters to succumb to Bai Su at the same time.
But I didn’t expect it to be such a simple request.
Feng Qi was even more stunned, as if he was beginning to regret his treatment of Bai Su in the past two days.
Seeing the expressions of the two sisters, Bai Su didn’t say much, and stood up directly: “Then I won’t disturb the two ladies to rest. If the two of you want to, you can answer me tomorrow.”
After speaking, he turned and left, leaving the two sisters with some dazed expressions.
After Feng Qi locked the door tightly, she rejoined Long Ling and asked curiously, “Sister, do you say what he said is true.”
And Long Ling didn’t pay attention for a while, she thought, could Bai Su have any further tricks, and only when the two sisters slack off, would she tell her true thoughts.
But now looking at Bai Su’s sincere attitude, Long Ling also wondered if he was really going too far.
When Feng Qi asked her, she was just not sure: “Maybe it is true, but it may also be that he only approached us deliberately, and then he might come up with his ideas slowly. If it is true, we He will definitely fall into his trap, unable to break free.”
Long Ling had a worried look on his face, but he said with a sullen expression, “However, we can only rely on him now.”
By the next morning, both sisters did not sleep well because of their inner thoughts, but in the restaurant they saw Bai Su with a sunny smile on his face, and Master Qian with a melancholy expression on his face.
The two sisters just glanced at them, and sat down at the table, and immediately someone brought breakfast, which was very rich.
After eating for a long time, no one was talking in the restaurant, and the silence was a little weird.
The two sisters wanted to go back after eating quietly, but suddenly Bai Su said, “Grandpa Qian, did you think about what you said yesterday?”
The old man looked at Bai Su with a gloomy look, his eyes were cold, but Bai Su didn’t care, just smiled and waited for the old man’s answer.
“Did Grandpa Qian didn’t think about this problem overnight? That’s really anxious.”
The atmosphere on the court became more aura solidified because of Bai Su’s break, and the two sisters were unable to eat normally and looked at Bai Su strangely.
But Bai Su smiled back at them, with his sunny and handsome face, it really made people feel at ease.
The old man put down his chopsticks fiercely, and the two sisters jumped with a crisp sound.
“Boy Bai, do you know where you are now?”
Bai Su replied indifferently: “Qian’s villa, is there any problem with this? If Grandpa Qian feels that I don’t deserve to be here, then I can call home and ask them to make it the Bai’s.”
After Bai Su finished speaking, the old man’s face became even more ugly.
He didn’t even eat the rest of the meal, got up and left the restaurant.
When the old man left, Long Ling asked Xiang Bai Su with some concern: “You treat him like this. Am I not afraid that he will do anything unfavorable to you?”
It seems that because Long Ling took the initiative to fight with Bai Su, Bai Su’s face showed a very happy expression: “What does Miss Long Ling mean, kill me? I believe Grandpa Qian does not have the courage yet. He is a very smart man. People will know the stakes clearly.”
Naturally, Long Ling didn’t understand the game between them, so he had no choice but to say nothing.
But Bai Su asked enthusiastically: “If the two of you are free, the scenery around here is pretty good. I can take both of you around. I believe that at least this can relieve the two of you from the recent irritability.”
Feng Qi looked at Long Ling and couldn’t make up his mind.
Long Ling thought for a while. If he was just a friend, he didn’t seem to have much to guard against, so he nodded and agreed.
After breakfast, the two sisters looked unnaturally at the convertible Mercedes car parked in front of them.
And Bai Su yelled to the two of them while sitting in the seat: “There is really no good car here. I can only wrong the two. Although I don’t like it too much, because the speed is sometimes difficult to get up. But we are It doesn’t matter much if you take a step.”
Although Bai Su has long known that he is a rich man, now seeing the luxury sports car in front of him, it is still a bit awkward to let them sit in.
Bai Su asked curiously: “What’s wrong? Do you two don’t like it too much? Or I will change one. There is still a black Bentley in the garage.”
Long Ling quickly waved his hand and said, “No, you don’t need to change it anymore.”
Bai Su smiled at them again.
Long Ling also knew what Feng Qi was thinking, and turned around to look at her: “Let’s go, it’s just a ride in the car, just take it as an experience.”
Feng Qi had no choice but to follow Xiao Nan into the Mercedes.
The charm of the convertible lies in the feeling of rippling in the wind, there will be a kind of illusion that people are flying, the white Su drives quickly, at that speed, it is blown on the face by the wind, it is cool, moist, that It is like breaking away from all freedom.
The gentle sunlight hits him, and it is so warm. It turns out that the best gift is still in this piece of nature.
There are more than one car after another along the way, always in the envious eyes of those people, and they have already driven farther.
In the end, they stopped in front of a huge lake, like an endless sea, unable to see the side at a glance.
Bai Su leaned against the car with his legs crossed, and said comfortably: “If there is something bothering me, I will come here and look at this empty lake, as if all my troubles will be affected by this lake. Take the noodles away, and I feel particularly comfortable.”
Feng Qi looked over curiously, the aquatic plants were abundant, the birds were flying freely, everything was extremely quiet.

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