Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 903

Feng Qi originally wanted to rush in and scold him fiercely, but was stopped by Long Ling: “How he was originally has nothing to do with us, we have done what we should do, this is enough, let’s go. ”
Feng Qi still glanced angrily, but left with Long Ling.
Chen Feng followed behind them, but his body felt more and more exhausted. The kind of damage to his original body, coupled with pushing out all the potential of his body, made him afraid that he would faint directly when the time was up.
And sure enough, after they walked out of here, before they even came outside, Chen Feng suddenly fell down.
This caught Xiao Nan and both of them off guard. They rushed over to check it out, but no matter how they shouted, Chen Feng had already passed out.
Just when Sister Long Ling was at a loss, they walked into two men in black suits from outside, and they seemed to be doing something to Chen Feng.
Long Ling hurriedly stopped in front of them and shouted to the two men: “What do you want to do?”
But these two guys ignored Long Ling at all, just walked over to carry Chen Feng on his back, and then walked outside.
Long Ling was going to stop again, and one of the guys said, “We are here to save him. If he is not rescued in his current situation, he might die here immediately.”
Long Ling had just seen Chen Feng’s physical condition once, and it was indeed the same as these two guys said. Chen Feng’s body was very poor, and he had even stepped on the edge of death with one foot.
But these two strange guys, she thought about it, and had to follow them.
When he came outside, Bai Xing was already waiting there, and seeing Long Ling following along, he took a medicine box from the car and threw it in front of Long Ling.
“His current situation, if you can’t save him, then he has only a dead end.”
Long Ling still looked incomprehensible, but she knew that Chen Feng’s condition was in danger now, so she could only put aside all the doubts and rescue Chen Feng first.
Long Ling shouted to Feng Qi: “Put the needle on him.”
Feng Qi walked up to them anxiously, looked at Chen Feng lying on the ground, and couldn’t stop crying.
Long Ling stopped drinking and said, “Hurry up, now is not the time for you to feel sad.”
Feng Qi immediately opened the medicine box and took out the acupuncture bag from the inside. At this time, Long Ling had already stripped away Chen Feng’s clothes.
The shocking scars on Chen Feng’s body immediately caused people to sigh, Feng Qi yelled in fear, and Long Ling also took a breath from his body to calm his emotions.
“Don’t be distracted.” She also comforted Feng Qi.
Enduring the discomfort he had seen, Feng Qi took out a golden needle from his bag and inserted it into Chen Feng’s Tianquan acupoint.
Long Ling on the side withdrew the needle at the same time, piercing it more quickly than Feng Qi.
The two exchanged so quickly, a set of acupuncture and moxibustion was completely sprinkled on Chen Feng’s body, which was more troublesome than treating Mr. Qian that day.
After about a hundred needles were inserted, Bai Su walked out from the door with someone.
The first thing he saw was Chen Feng who was treating there, and the second thing he saw was the white star who stood aside and stared at him.
He will be surprised and say: “It will actually be you.”
And Bai Xing replied plainly, “Didn’t you think of it? My stupid brother.”
Bai Su glanced at the Long Ling sisters who were already sweating profusely, and continued to say to Bai Xing: “You are so bad and I am a good thing. Do you think I dare not do it to you? Now the family knows that I will be The next generation of the Patriarch of the Bai family, and you can only be a sideline. If I deal with you, absolutely no one dares to stop him.”
Bai Xing snorted coldly: “The trash in the family, you can believe what they say, it is really ridiculous. I just took out a mine, and the group of people knelt down to me humming. . Patriarch, you have to have the strength to get it.”
Bai Su seemed to know the temperament of those guys, but he didn’t expect that Bai Xing would dare to take out a mineral to buy those guys.
Although he knew that he had lost face, he also knew that he had indeed lost, and that staying here was just being treated as a joke, so he directly took the person next to him and left here.
And the two Long Ling who applied the acupuncture have also reached a very critical moment. The speed in their hands is even faster than that of the next. This is nothing to Long Ling, but Feng Qi has long been oozing out. The big beads of sweat dripped from his cheeks drop by drop, and the clothes on his body were all wet with sweat.
Long Ling said: “Close the needle.”
Feng Qi stopped the movement in his hand and began to take back some of the silver needles in Chen Feng’s body.
This does not mean that it is over, but that it has just begun.
After Feng Qi refired and disinfected the golden needles, Long Ling took it again and guided the aura in Chen Feng’s body.
After narrowing the needle repeatedly and applying the needle, more than half of the time passed, and even afterwards, Long Ling began to feel a little unable to support it.
Feng Qi hurriedly said, “Sister, let me do the rest.”
Long Ling also knew that this set of acupuncture methods could not be found by her alone, so he nodded and exchanged their jobs with Feng Qi.
Even the few people who were waiting on the side felt nervous, but Chen Feng’s faint breath was always maintained, and it was never cut off.
The sky was getting dark gradually, and Bai Xing asked them to turn on the headlights of the car to illuminate them. He didn’t know how long it lasted. Feng Qi couldn’t hold it anymore and he fainted directly on the ground.
Long Ling completed two things alone, which was also a great challenge for her.
However, when Chen Feng’s breath finally returned to the normal circle, Long Ling no longer had to work hard anymore, and he fainted at the same time with a golden needle in his hand.
Looking at the three people who fainted on the ground, Bai Xing said to the person beside him, “Bring them to the car.”
And this time I woke up, I didn’t know where they would be.
This time Chen Feng woke up. He was not in a dark dungeon, but lying on a clean bed with a beautiful woman sitting beside him.
An elegant face with melon seeds, black and beautiful hair, bright red lips, and bright and radiant eyes.
The fleshy skin can be broken by blows, and the perfect line outlines a woman’s sexy side. It seems to be the right size, but when Chen Feng saw her, he got an angry look.
“Did you just stare at people so unreasonably when you first met someone?”
The voice was crisp, like the screaming of a yellow oriole, but Chen Feng didn’t even react to what she said, just opened her mouth, a little dazed.

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