Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 905

And now he also needs to get to know the woman who will take care of him in the future.
In the kitchen, Chen Feng found Xiaoye, she was squatting there preparing the ingredients for dinner.
She didn’t seem to notice Chen Feng coming in, so when Chen Feng called her, she was a little surprised.
“You are Xiaoye!” Chen Feng shouted.
Xiaoye returned to his senses, looking at Chen Feng, and slowly patted his own heart that was speeding up.
“Well, you can call me Xiaoye, but Shao Bai didn’t tell me how to call you.” Xiaoye said.
Chen Feng said kindly: “Just call me Chen Feng.”
Xiaoye seems a little unacceptable: “This is not so good, you are such a rich person, I just call your name, you don’t think I disrespect you, I seem to hear that guy said to call you Chen Shao, or else I also call you Shao Chen.”
Chen Feng looked at Xiaoye helplessly, but looking at Xiaoye’s expression, it seemed that she couldn’t calmly call him Chen Feng.
I had to say: “Then what you want, call it whatever you want.”
Xiaoye just smiled and said, “Young Master Chen, I will definitely do it well. Young Master Bai gave me a lot of money. You can ask me to do anything.”
Xiaoye looks pretty, but lacks dressing, and it looks like a little girl next door.
Chen Feng suddenly asked a little bit nastyly, “What if it was something you would resist?”
Xiaoye was stunned for a moment, and she didn’t seem to think of how she would resist: “Young Master Chen, don’t worry, I can do anything. I promised Young Master Bai.”
Chen Feng didn’t know if this little girl was really innocent or pretending, but it was all meaningless.
Just said: “Then you work hard, if you do well, I will give you an additional sum of money.”
When she heard that she could add more money, Xiaoye said excitedly: “Really, Shao Chen, I will definitely work hard.”
Chen Feng had no interest in the little girl and was about to leave, but when he remembered about that very beautiful woman, he turned around and asked, “Xiaoye, haven’t you seen anyone else here?”
Xiaoye looked at me strangely and said, “No! Shao Chen, what do you mean, is there anything else here?”
Suddenly Xiaoye seemed to be frightened, and looked at Chen Feng very scared: “Young Master Chen, don’t scare me, I am most afraid of this kind of thing, like such a desolate place, will there be any ghosts!”
Chen Feng was amused by Xiaoye’s appearance, and he didn’t expect this little girl to be so innocent.
Hastily persuaded: “No, there is no such thing. I just make sure that it is really the only two of us.”
When he left, Chen Feng always felt that the woman he saw definitely did not look like a fake, and even the sound of closing the door he heard was so clear.
Since these two guys said that there was no one, Chen Feng had to look for it by himself.
But after looking through it all over here, Chen Feng still didn’t find any signs of that woman, as if all that was really just a fantasy of him.
No way, Chen Feng had no choice but to give up.
I stayed here for two days and just wandered around every day. Every time she talked to Xiaoye, she was not too relaxed.
However, she still knew that this girl was the daughter of a family at the foot of the mountain. When Bai Xing liked her, she gave her a high price to take care of Chen Feng.
The little girl didn’t think there was any problem, so she followed directly.
Thanks to meeting Chen Feng, otherwise, if a man and a woman are alone in such a place, nothing else would happen.
But in the end Chen Feng found out that Xiaoye was really innocent, and she hadn’t heard any of those slightly obscure moles, and if she really said some pornography, Chen Feng would also think it’s too obscene and not suitable. Talk to such a little girl.
By the third day, the man went up the mountain again.
But this time, his face seemed a little unsightly.
Chen Feng asked, “What’s wrong with you? You look sad.”
The man was unwilling to speak, but after thinking about it, he said, “Shao Chen, someone from the Bai family knows that Shao Bai is in contact with you.”
Chen Feng was stunned, but he didn’t think there was any problem.
He asked curiously, “Could it be that the Bai family has any opinion on me?”
The man explained: “Someone came to the Bai family, as if they wanted to join the Bai family to deal with you. Someone in the family agreed, but some others opposed it, so now they are arguing very hard.”
Chen Feng still has some doubts: “Someone wants to deal with me, but also to unite with the Bai family. I don’t seem to have any assets in this desert, right?”
The man said: “They are planning your business in Yanjing.”
Chen Feng looked at him suspiciously and said, “Are you sure?”
The man couldn’t say clearly: “I don’t know what I know, but I just notified Shao Chen, hoping that Shao Chen can be prepared.”
Chen Feng had no choice but to assume that he was here to remind him.
After thinking about it, Chen Feng simply called back to Yanjing.
“Hey, break the army, it’s me.”
Shi Pojun didn’t expect Chen Summit to call him, so he asked with concern: “Where are you now, Shao Chen, why you haven’t had any information for so long? We are all anxious here.”
Chen Feng couldn’t explain what happened to him clearly, but just said perfunctorily: “It’s okay, I just come out and go around. I will go back after a while. Don’t worry.”
But Shi Pojun was still a little worried, and Chen Feng took a long time of relief before finally letting him not come to the side where he was going to chase.
After that, Chen Feng asked, “Nothing happened to Yanjing, right?”
Shi Pojun said: “Everything is normal, but there are some minor incidents in the transfer of personnel under the group, and there is no problem.”
After hearing this, Chen Feng was a little relieved, but he still reminded: “Maybe some families in the desert are going to enter Yanjing. Beware. Although we have a solid foundation in Yanjing, we still have to be careful about turning windows in the gutter. .”
Shi Pojun agreed again and again.
After hanging up the phone, Chen Feng was completely relieved. As for what the man said about the Bai family’s dealing with him, he didn’t care about it.
In fact, what he cared more about was the dream-like thing he did.
After living for a week, Bai Xing finally reached the mountain.
It was the same as when I first saw him, his thick moustache made people want to try to touch it, but his face just looked haggard.
Sitting under the big tree, Chen Feng handed Bai Xing a glass of water. He asked, “I will remember the last time. If you have anything you want me to help out, just say it.”

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