Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 907

After contacting Southco, Chen Feng called Bai Xing directly, and Bai Xing thanked Chen Feng on the phone. What he said was even a little numb, and Chen Feng was unwilling to listen. Before he finished speaking, he hung up on him.
Back in the room, Xiaoye had already prepared the meal.
“What did you do? It looks pretty good.” Chen Feng said, looking at the dishes on the table.
Xiaoye walked out holding a large plate, which seemed to be made of bone soup.
“This is our specialty here. The fairy scattered flowers. It tastes very delicious. Shao Chen, you have to taste it, so you can make sure you eat it as if you are eating it.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “If it doesn’t taste good, I will deduct your wages.”
Xiaoye screamed, “Ah! Chen Shao, how can you be like this. If you deliberately say that it is not delicious, then I am not…”
Chen Feng looked at her as if he was about to cry. He knew that Xiaoye had taken his joke seriously, and he was also comforted: “Don’t worry, I still haven’t finished talking. If it is delicious, I will naturally give it. If you raise your salary, you won’t even lose such confidence. If it is true, it seems that there is nothing good about it.”
Saying this, Xiaoye immediately smiled and said, “Young Master Chen, don’t worry, I must be confident, but I don’t want you to raise my salary. You just need to praise me.”
Don’t raise your salary, Chen Feng asked curiously: “Why, isn’t it good for me to increase your money?”
Xiaoye shook his head and said, “You gave me a salary increase last time, and this is what I should do, and it should be delicious. I can’t ask for more money because of this.”
Chen Feng smiled and took a bite of the minced meat on top of his chopsticks. He only felt that the mouth was tender and the teeth and cheeks remained. It was indeed a rare delicacy.
He smiled and said, “It’s really delicious, it’s better than what’s cooked in a restaurant.”
Xiaoye was also happy: “Thank you, Shao Chen for your praise. I will work harder in the future. I will eat better, and Shao Chen will definitely like it.”
Seeing this little girl smiling happily, Chen Feng is easily brought up by her smile and feels happy too.
A bowl of rice was eaten very quickly, Xiaoye packed the dishes, and Chen Feng was sleeping under the tree. It seemed that the day was so leisurely.
The day Southco came to the desert was also very fast. After the appointment was made on that day, Bai Xing deliberately drove to the mountain and Chen Feng.
Looking at the Porsche 911, Chen Feng asked, “Where did you get this old antique? Targa or turbo?”
Bai Xing smiled and said: “The Targa series like this kind of old cars. They really feel it only when they look at it. So I finally bought one from a car collector, so I have been driving it until now.”
Chen Feng doesn’t have any hobbies in luxury cars. As long as he has four wheels and can travel, that’s enough.
They went to the largest hotel in Lan City with Bai Xing. Knowing that Southco was coming, Bai Xing had already booked the most luxurious private room in the hotel.
Originally, Chen Feng didn’t want to be so wasteful, just the three of them, and at most one or two more at Southco, it would still be a waste to put it in such a big private room.
But Bai Xing insisted: “It’s all his own family’s property, and it really can’t be said to be a waste.”
As soon as this was the case, Chen Feng didn’t insist on it anymore.
But it is the largest hotel in Lansing. Almost all luxury cars are parked in the parking lot. Even Audi and Cadillac seem to be rare, and Mercedes-Benz S-Class is only common here.
Followed Bai Xing up, the elevator went straight to the place, there seemed to be only one room on this floor, just to avoid being disturbed.
Three or four young girls with slender figures, dressed in bright red cheongsam, holding the lady’s bun, walked in front of them with a smile.
“I will really enjoy it. Even the waiter who serves the dishes looks for such a beautiful one.” Chen Feng smiled at Bai Xing.
Bai Xing said, “These are the most beautiful in the restaurant. I asked them to change their schedules to today. With the beautiful women here, the meal will be more delicious.”
Chen Feng smiled and did not speak.
After a while, Southco came.
The old man was still the same, with gray curly hair, a typical Western European face, without a beard, and he looked very gentleman, but he seemed to be a little older.
Seeing Southco coming over, Chen Feng also stood up and greeted him.
“Hey, my old friend.” Southco hugged Chen Feng enthusiastically.
Although he still didn’t like this kind of warm etiquette, Chen Feng did not refuse, and he saw that Southco was not here alone, beside him was a Chinese woman who also wore a plain blue cheongsam.
When Southco was released, Chen Feng said, “I didn’t expect you to come to China for investment. In the past few years, the competition has been too fierce, and all those assets have poured in. It is much harder to make money.”
Southco nodded and said, “It is true, but I still found a very good project. I believe he can earn me the wealth I want.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Then I wish you every success.”
Then Southco took the cheongsam beauty and walked in front of Bai Xing.
Chen Feng introduced: “This is Bai Xing, the second son of the Bai family who wants to work with you on the rare earth project.”
Upon hearing Chen Feng’s introduction, Southco took a curious look at Bai Xing’s face.
“Do you know that Bai Su?”
Bai Xing replied, “That’s his brother. I am his brother.”
Southco smiled: “That blames me for seeing you look so alike. You Chinese people seem to be all the same, sometimes it’s very difficult to distinguish.”
Chen Feng also smiled and said, “Actually, you foreigners really don’t really tell the difference. I always think you are all fat, or just like you.”
Southco also smiled, but he didn’t introduce the woman next to him.
Chen Feng couldn’t help but asked curiously: “Southco, you are really not interesting enough. You don’t even introduce such a beauty to us.”
Southco naturally wasn’t reluctant to introduce her, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to bring this woman out.
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Southco immediately looked at Chen Feng with a serious face, and said, “I tell you, Chen Feng, you can don’t play Leona’s idea, you must not move her.”
Chen Feng smiled and looked at this woman named Leona. He stretched out his right hand and said politely, “It’s nice to meet you.”
Leona also extended her hand generously and shook Chen Feng: “It’s nice to meet you.”
“Chen Feng, did you hear what I said. I tell you, you can’t make Leona’s idea.”

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