Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 911

But Chen Feng was still indifferent and didn’t want to talk to him.
Bai Su sat next to Chen Feng and said to Chen Feng, “Young Master Chen, I did the wrong thing before, but you don’t have to do it like this with Southco’s affairs. This really hurt me. After entering eighteen levels of hell, I may never be able to turn over again.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “This seems to have nothing to do with me. Bai Xing came to ask me for help, and he also saved my life. I naturally want to help him. Southco can choose Bai Xing, which also means that Bai Xing can choose Bai Xing. It’s a more suitable candidate than it is. It has nothing to do with me.”
Bai Su said, “If you say that, Shao Chen, it’s meaningless. I know you are great. I did not know anything before that made the mistake. And after understanding Shao Chen’s background, I am too I regret it very much, if Chen Shao can forgive me, I am willing to do the hard work for Chen Shaoxiao.”
Bai Su’s attitude was so low that Chen Feng even wondered if it was Bai Su at all.
“Do you want me to forgive you?” Chen Feng asked.
Bai Su nodded and said, “I can do anything to compensate Shao Chen.”
Looking at his expression, Chen Feng was very serious. There was not a hint of hypocrisy. Chen Feng asked, “What do you want to ask for when you do something like this? For Southco’s project, since I have agreed to Bai Xing, then It’s absolutely impossible to go back.”
Bai Su did not respond, and just said, “I also know that since the matter has been settled, it is impossible to modify it, and I am not asking Shao Chen for forgiveness for that matter.”
Chen Feng curiously said: “I have said so, you still have to ask for my forgiveness. I am really curious about what you want. Don’t tell me that you are simply asking for my forgiveness. Listen to the ghost, I will never believe it.”
Bai Su said, “Then since Shao Chen said so, then I won’t do this kind of pretense. I do have one thing to ask Shao Chen for help.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “This is what you should be, but I won’t promise you. I really don’t panic looking at you.”
Bai Su was stunned, but did not expect Chen Summit to say so directly.
But I still want to do my best, saying, “Is there really no way to save it? Chen Shao, I definitely don’t mean to be an enemy of you, and all that is just because I am blind.”
Chen Feng relentlessly said, “I naturally know that if you knew my identity early, you would never do that kind of thing, but unfortunately, you have already done it, and the things you have done are also the best in the world. Things that cannot be modified.”
Bai Su stood up, seeming helpless.
“If this is the case, then I will leave, and it is not convenient to bother Chen Shao.”
Having said that, he would leave.
When he had walked a distance of more than ten meters, Chen Feng stopped him.
“you come back.”
Bai Su also turned his head and looked at Chen Feng curiously, and the sound just now was indeed what Chen Feng called.
He was not instigated to be upset, and Chen Feng called him, and he walked over.
“Shao Chen, is there anything else?”
Chen Feng curiously asked, “Aren’t you angry at what I just did?”
Bai Su said: “I am really angry, but there are some things that can be done, and some things that are absolutely not to be done. I still know this.”
Listening to what he said, Chen Feng suddenly felt very boring.
“I still like how unruly you were before.”
But Bai Su just said nothing.
“Since you expect me to forgive you so much, then you do something for me. If you do it well, I will forgive you.”
Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Bai Su immediately became happy. Although he was restrained by him, the change in the corner of his eyes was still so obvious.
“Chen Shao, please tell me, I will do everything for you properly.”
Chen Feng said, “You know there is a wolf in this desert, right?”
“Shao Chen meant that Molang?”
Chen Feng nodded: “It’s the Molang. The owner of the Li family seems to be the wolf owner of the Molang, right?”
Bai Su responded.
“And what I want you to do is to go to Li’s house and bring in the granddaughter of the wolf lord, the girl named Li Ziyue.”
Bai Su said in surprise: “Young Master Chen is going to deal with Molang? That Molang is an opponent that everyone in the desert is unwilling to face. They are bloody, even if they can’t beat the opponent, they will desperately torn from the enemy. Come with a piece of meat. So no matter who it is, no one wants to fight them.”
Chen Feng nodded and said, “I also know this, but if you can do what I am giving you now, then I will forgive you, otherwise, you will leave me as far and far away as I don’t want to see. you.”
Bai Su was silent, things were indeed too difficult for him.
Desert wolves, apart from Qianjia, no one in this desert dared to confront directly, even if they were Qianjia, they were unwilling to face Mowolf. It would not do them any good, just like no one would fight. The same goes for a madman to do business.
After thinking about it for a long time, Bai Su finally said, “I will do my best to do this, but I dare not guarantee with Chen Shao whether it will succeed. People in Molang are very dangerous.”
Chen Feng smiled and nodded, and said, “That’s your business, I only recognize the result.”
When Bai Su left, Xiaoye dared to walk out of the house.
“Young Master Chen, is that also Young Master Bai? How come I have never seen it before.” Xiaoye asked curiously.
Chen Feng smiled and scolded, “Do you think he is handsome, so you want to seduce him, so as to be a rich and expensive wife.”
Xiaoye hurriedly shook his head and said, “How come, I don’t even know him, how can I seduce him.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Then what you mean is that if you know him, you will seduce him and be your wife, right?”
Xiaoye blushed and shook his head vigorously, “No, I don’t, don’t talk nonsense.”
Chen Feng looked at this innocent girl and smiled happily.
By the next day, Chen Feng asked the man to take him down the mountain. He found Leona’s hotel, but found that Leona’s room had already retired. Chen Feng was curious and called Southco again. Telephone.
But when I asked Leona just now, Southco was very angry and said, “Chen Feng, I warned you not to do anything to Leona. You are a good friend, but you can’t be a good man. ”
Chen Feng was frustrated, but he didn’t know why Southco came to such a conclusion. He just asked concerned: “Me and Leona are just friends. I just care about it as a friend. There is absolutely nothing you think about. Don’t worry if something happens.”

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