Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 919

The Zhou family also gave plenty of face, and Zhou Fang came out to greet him in person, and the younger brother of the Zhou family’s Patriarch also came up to meet with the Bai family with a smile on his face.
After welcoming a few of them into the side hall, Zhou Fang retreated out alone, and it was not as noisy as the outside, it was very quiet.
They naturally knew what Zhou Fang meant, but not long after waiting, the Patriarch of the Zhou family walked in.
Behind him is also a gentle woman, wearing a white dress with fluttering long hair, and she always seems to have a faint smile on her face, giving people a warm feeling.
But the natural and polite few people didn’t look at it much.
“Brother Zhou, it’s been a long time!” Bai Xing and Zhou Xun seemed to have known each other a long time ago, and they embraced enthusiastically when they met.
“It’s really been a long time! Come on, sit and talk.” Zhou Xun asked several people to sit down before he looked at the people beside Bai Xing.
Bai Xing took the initiative to introduce: “My younger brother Bai Su, clan younger brother Bai Chenglin.” When Chen Feng was introduced, he laughed and said, “This is not my Bai family, but he is also the main person in charge of this matter.”
Zhou Xun looked at Chen Feng curiously: “But I don’t know who exactly is this person? He looks very young?”
Bai Xing said with a mysterious expression: “Why can Brother Zhou guess? This is from Yanjing, and he is still a very powerful character.”
Zhou Xun was even more curious and looked at Chen Feng carefully. The more he watched, the more surprised expression appeared on his face.
“Could it be that young man from Yanjing. How could he come to this desert.”
Bai Xing laughed openly and said, “It seems that Brother Zhou has guessed it, and Shao Chen is also a little bit ridiculous with that Molang, so I have also sat here, and if it weren’t for Shao Chen, we wouldn’t have it today. This time I met.”
Zhou Xun said in amazement, “So, is Chen Shao planning to deal with Molang? And is your Bai family only part of Chen Shao’s plan?”
Bai Xing nodded lightly.
Chen Feng smiled at this time: “Patriarch Zhou, I don’t dare to bear this. If you want to deal with the desert wolf, you can’t rely on me to do it. Naturally, we still have to work together to take the desert wolf from the desert. Sweep out like rubbish.
Zhou Xun knew that it was Chen Feng, he was already very happy, even overjoyed, and when he heard Chen Feng say this, he was even more happy and said: “Shao Chen, if you join, this day when the desert wolf leaves the desert will definitely not Far.”
This excitement easily infected several other people, and they all smiled comfortably, but Zhou Zhi’er, who didn’t seem to know much about Chen Feng, just smiled, agreeing with it.
After each laughed, Bai Xing said seriously: “Big Brother Zhou, although Chen Shao is willing to help, but Chen Shao’s foundation is only in Yanjing. If we really fight against Molang, we still have to do our best.”
Zhou Xun also nodded earnestly: “That is natural, this is our own business, and Chen Shao can help, it is the greatest help to us.”
With that said, he also looked at Chen Feng gratefully.
“If this is the case, I won’t sell off with Big Brother Zhou. This time I deal with the desert wolf. My Bai family holds the belief that they will die. If the desert wolf does not die, then my Bai family has completely disappeared from the desert. And this is also us. If you want to tell the Bai family, I hope the Zhou family can prepare in advance.” Bai Xing said firmly.
These words seemed to surprise both Zhou Xun and Zhou Zhi’er, and their complexions changed slightly.
Zhou Xun thought for a moment, and said, “We know the beliefs of the Bai family. But this matter…”
But Zhou Xun hadn’t spoken yet, Zhou Zhi’er next to him rushed out: “Uncle, our Zhou family is naturally going all out. If we want to deal with Molang, there are only two ways to succeed and fail. If I lose, can Molang still pay? Will you let us go?”
Zhou Xun glanced at Zhou Zhi’er unexpectedly, but Zhou Zhi’er’s eyes were firm, still with such an understated smile.
Without thinking about it, Zhou Xun nodded and said, “It is true. Since we have thought about revenge, there will be no ambiguity. Our beliefs are the same as those of the Bai family.”
After he finished speaking, the members of the Bai family were relieved.
Only Chen Feng was more curious about Zhou Zhi’er, who had raised his lips lightly. If it weren’t for Zhou Zhi’er’s reminder, Zhou Xun seemed to be hesitating.
The determination of each is also the basis for the continued cooperation. If someone wants to escape at the critical moment, this is absolutely devastating.
But now this result has been recognized by both parties, both parties are happy, the next thing to talk about is the details.
“Since we already know each other’s ideas, what’s left will be discussed later when the banquet is over. What do you think?”
Bai Xing nodded naturally with approval: “I am no longer responsible for those things. I came here just to care about the Zhou family’s attitude, and now I can go back and talk to my family with peace of mind.”
Zhou Xun also smiled, and his gaze suddenly turned towards Bai Su, and he asked, “This is the second son of the Bai family. Unexpectedly, he would be so young and talented.”
When Bai Su heard Zhou Xun mention him, he proactively replied, “Thank you, Brother Zhou, for showing your love.”
“It’s not to show love. The second young master of the Bai family is famous in the desert. Even in Lanshi, even if several young people from the thousands of families hear Bai Young’s name, they will still compliment it.”
Bai Su said modestly: “It’s just a mess between friends, Brother Zhou, don’t take it seriously.”
At this time, Zhou Xun said to Zhou Zhi’er beside him: “Zhi’er, you have to study hard with Second Young Master Bai. You are also in charge of the business of my Zhou family. If you can learn something from Second Young Master, There will be no small help.”
After hearing this, if Zhou Xun still can’t understand what Zhou Xun means, then this group of people won’t have to discuss what to do with Desert Wolf.
It was too obvious that he wanted to bridge Zhou Zhier and Bai Su.
Zhou Zhier also smiled sweetly: “Yes, uncle, I also often hear the name of the second youngest, but I also admire it so much. If the second youngest doesn’t dislike it, Zhier is willing to follow the second youngest as an apprentice.”
Bai Su was also taken aback, but Zhou Zhi’er was a beautiful woman from any point of view, and he naturally had no reason to refuse.
“Sister Zhi’er, they all learn from each other. You don’t have to be so serious.” He also tried his best to be humble.
While talking, there was a knock on the door outside.
“It should be almost everyone. Forgive me for not being able to entertain anymore. I have to go there.”
As he said that, he stood up, not forgetting to say, “Zhi’er, you have to spend more time with the second youngest.”

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