Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 92

After Yang Tai ordered to go down, the huge Yang family began to operate like a sophisticated machine. It only took less than half an hour to investigate many things.
Before Qiao Xiaoyue used five Rolls-Royce to pick up Chen Feng’s affairs, naturally she couldn’t hide it from the Yang family.
Soon, a piece of information was placed on Yang Tai’s desk.
“People of the Chen family?!” Yang Tai’s eyes widened. At this moment, his shock was more than a hundred times ten times greater than when he learned that Chen Feng was suspected of being a warrior in the early stage of Huajin!
“Isn’t the Chen family’s range of activities always around Kyoto? When will it come to Jinling again.” Pang Dongqi’s expression is also very solemn, Jinling Yang family, and Yanjing Chen family are not on the same level.
When Yang Tai is in Yenching, someone will call him his prince, but when he arrives at Yenching, Yang Tai is a fart!
“I don’t know, but among the heirs of the Chen family, it seems that there is no one named Chen Feng.” A wealthy family like the Chen family, the battles between the heirs are extremely fierce, and there are only a few who have the hope of inheriting the Chen family. Yang Tai has the information of several people, but none of them can match Chen Feng’s photo.
But if Chen Feng is not the heir of the Chen family, how did Qiao Xiaoyue come forward to welcome him?
“Young Master, whether this person is the heir of the Chen family or not, it is not something we can offend. The old slave suggested that the young master should find a way to appease this person as soon as possible so that this person will not be dissatisfied with the Yang family.” Pang Dongqi solemnly said, even if Chen Feng Not the heir of the Chen family, but just the servant of the Chen family, Yang Tai couldn’t offend him either.
These words awakened Yang Tai instantly like a basin of cold water. Indeed, whether Chen Feng was the heir of the Chen family, he couldn’t afford to offend him!
“Lao Pang, you are right. Arrange immediately. I want to know the specific location of Chen Feng.” Yang Tai said solemnly. He wanted to take Bai Guangyi and Yang Qing to apologize! At least let Chen Feng see his sincerity!
“Master, others are in Jinling Hotel now.” Pang Dongqi said.
“Prepare the car, let’s go there!” Yang Tai’s eyes narrowed slightly, he was going to meet this raptor!
At the same time, inside the City First People’s Hospital.
Bai Guangyi was lying on the hospital bed. Although he had been treated to reduce the swelling, his face was still swollen like a pig’s head, and his right hand bone was completely crushed, and there was no hope of recovery.
Tearing pain came from all over his body. Bai Guang looked at the ceiling blankly, with no color in his eyes.
At this time, a man and a woman rushed into the ward, followed by a dozen thugs in black suits. Seeing Bai Guangyi’s terrible look, the luxuriously dressed young woman immediately rushed to Bai Guangyi’s bed.
“Son, what’s wrong with you? Who did it!” The young woman screamed. After hearing that her son was interrupted by a hand, she immediately put aside the company’s affairs and rushed to the hospital.
“Mom, take revenge for me! I’m going to kill him!” Seeing the young woman, Bai Guangyi’s sluggish eyes regained his spirit and hissed.
“Son, who is it! If you tell me, Mom will find someone to grab him and smash the bones and send him to you!” The young woman said with red eyes and hate. Bai Guangyi was her only son. Zhonghua didn’t say a word to Bai Guangyi. I didn’t expect that today, someone would directly abolish one of Bai Guangyi’s hands. How could this make her bear!
“Chen Feng! He said his name is Chen Feng and he is from Cangzhou!” Bai Guangyi said bitterly.
“Cangzhou from here?!” Li Qiuyan was shocked, and then became angry. Her son’s hand was broken by a hillbilly who came from Cangzhou!
“Mom, go find him!” Li Qiuyan gritted her teeth and stood up, preparing to find Chen Feng.
At this moment, the middle-aged man who had been standing by with a gloomy expression and had not spoken coldly said, “What are you looking for! Do you think the trouble is not big enough?”
The middle-aged man’s name is Bai Jiuling, who is Bai Guangyi’s father and the current head of the Bai family.
“Bai Jiuling! What do you mean?! My son has been scrapped, can’t you see you as a father?!” Seeing Bai Jiuling’s tone, Li Qiuyan immediately became angry.
“He asked for it!” Bai Jiuling sipped coldly, “And you, if you hadn’t been indulging him to behave badly, would he make trouble everywhere? It’s good now, he got off people who shouldn’t be offended, and was cut off. Only one hand, that’s all light! It’s pretty good if you haven’t lost your life!”
“Are you blaming me?!” Li Qiuyan suddenly became furious and screamed: “Bai Jiuling! Is there such a way for you to be the father of your child! What happened to your son? You didn’t think of helping your son the first time, but instead blamed me. Damn it! He said that his son asked for himself! Bai Jiuling, you are such a waste!”
Bai Jiuling raised her hand and slapped Li Qiuyan’s face with a slap, and said angrily: “Who do you mean to waste?!”
“Do you know the other person’s background? You are going to find someone to avenge? This wicked animal has no brains, do you have no brains?!”
Li Qiuyan covered her face and was about to be mad. After more than 20 years of marriage, this was the first time Bai Jiuling beat her.
“The hillbilly who came from Cangzhou, what background can he have? Bai Jiuling, you are counseling!” Li Qiuyan cursed with tears in his eyes.
“If you come from Cangzhou, you can’t have a background? Li Qiuyan, you are too underestimated! As far as I know, the other party interrupted not only the hand of the son, but also the hand of Yang Qing. Who is Yang Qing? Don’t you know?!”
“Moreover, even Gu Xiong is not an opponent of others. This shows that he is also a warrior. This wicked animal, it is not good to offend the warrior. He wants to run to offend the warrior. Can the warrior be offended by him?!” Bai Jiuling gritted her teeth. Dao, in fact, he only knows that Gu Xiong was defeated, and Chen Feng entered the Kowloon International Manor, but he was not very clear. If he knew that Chen Feng could even catch a bullet, I am afraid he only has one idea now. , Flee, let everyone in the Bai family escape!
“What’s the matter with the warrior? We are not without the warrior in our hands. Gu Xiong was defeated, and that was his waste! I find a warrior who is better than Gu Xiong, I don’t believe that I can’t deal with him!” Li Qiuyan said fiercely, and said Li Qiuyan. Picking up the phone, her family, Li’s family, is also a second-line family in Jinling. It is not a problem to find a warrior who is better than Gu Xiong.
“Don’t go!” Bai Jiuling said with a change of expression. Li Qiuyan was dazzled by the hatred. He didn’t. You know, the other party interrupted not only Bai Guangyi’s hand, but also Yang Qing’s. The Yang family hasn’t moved much until now, which shows that things are definitely tedious.
Bai Jiuling didn’t expect that Bai Guangyi would conceal what happened in Jiulong Village in order to get revenge. He only said that the other party interrupted his and Yang Qing’s hands, but did not say under what circumstances the other party interrupted.
If Bai Jiuling knew, he would only curse something cheating.

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