Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 93

“Huh, Bai Jiuling, you have to admit it yourself, but don’t stop me, this time I want to let people go! Grab the bastard back, skin it and cramp!” Li Qiuyan snorted coldly, gritted her teeth.
“You…” Bai Jiuling was furious, but Li Qiuyan was using people from the Li family now, not from the Bai family. He just wanted to stop it.
“Mom, catch those two bastards, I want to live!” Bai Guangyi looked excited and bitter, and he would return the pain he suffered a hundredfold!
“Son, don’t worry, Mom must have let you out of this bad breath!” Li Qiuyan vowed to promise that she still didn’t believe it and couldn’t cure a hillbilly warrior who came out of Cangzhou.
On the other side, Yang Tai had brought Pang Dongqi to the Jinling Hotel, and Qiao Xiaoyue happened to be there.
Seeing Qiao Xiaoyue, Yang Tai immediately greeted with a smile: “Mr. Qiao, long time no see.”
“Mr. Yang, what brought you here?” Qiao Xiaoyue asked with a smile, but she had actually guessed Yang Tai’s general purpose.
Yang Taigan laughed, and said, “Mr. Qiao, don’t you know what I am here for? What about Chen Shao?”
“Chen Shao? What Chen Shao?” Qiao Xiaoyue asked knowingly. The fact that Chen Feng was established as the heir of the Chen family is the top secret of the Chen family. Except for her and Chen Zhong, the Chen family’s confidants, most people do not know this. Even many of the Chen family’s children don’t know that the position of the Chen family’s head of the family has been fixed.
Therefore, Chen Feng’s identity in the outside world is just an ordinary Chen family.
“Mr. Qiao, don’t make jokes with me. Who else could be Young Master Chen? The Young Master Chen you took to the train station to pick you up.” Yang Tai said with a smile.
“It turns out that President Yang was talking about Master Chen Feng. Master Chen Feng is now resting in the Presidential Suite. What can you do, President Yang?” Qiao Xiaoyue said.
“Mr. Qiao, this is the case. My brother was ignorant before and offended Shao Chen and Shao Chen’s friend. So Yang wanted to compensate Shao Chen’s friend and compensate Shao Chen again. I hope Mr. Qiao Let me introduce you.” Yang Tai asked.
“It turned out to be this, okay, then I’ll ask Shao Chen to see if Chen Shaoyuan wants to see you.” Qiao Xiaoyue smiled. Although Yang Tai is also number one in Jinling, compared with Chen Feng, Yang Tai really can’t make it to the table, Chen Feng is willing to see Yang Tai, that is to give Yang Tai face.
“Then trouble Mr. Joe.” Yang Tai smiled slightly and said.
After a while, Qiao Xiaoyue came to Chen Feng’s room.
“Chen Shao, Yang Tai said he wanted to see you, and make you and your friends apologize.” Qiao Xiaoyue said truthfully. She only recently learned that Chen Zhennan will Chen Fengli as the heir of the Chen family. It is impossible to say that he is not shocked. , After all, Chen Feng is just Chen Zhennan’s nephew, and Chen Zhennan has three sons, and all of them are dragons among the people, and they have become famous at a young age.
No matter which one of Chen Zhennan’s three sons is, they are a thousand times better than Chen Feng. However, Chen Zhennan chose Chen Feng to be the heir of the Chen family. Thanks to this matter, only very few Chen family members know about it, otherwise the Chen family will surely set off. An uproar.
So Qiao Xiaoyue is very curious about what special place Chen Feng has on him that deserves Chen Zhennan’s attention.
Chen Feng pondered a little and said, “Let him come up.”
Chen Feng was a little surprised when Yang Tai was able to come to see him. He thought that the prince of Jinling would be as arrogant and domineering as Bai Guangyi, but now it seems that he still has some ability to judge the situation.
“Yes, Shao Chen.” Qiao Xiaoyue bowed slightly before leaving.
A few minutes later, Yang Tai walked in with Pang Dongqi.
“Chen Shao!” Seeing Chen Feng, Yang Tai did not dare to put on airs anymore, his attitude immediately became more respectful.
“Sit down.” Chen Feng smiled faintly, and swept past the rickety Pang Dongqi without a trace.
“Yes, Chen Shao.” As soon as Yang Tai sat down, he went straight to the subject: “Chen Shao, my brother was ignorant before. He offended Shao Chen’s friend and didn’t say it, but also offended Shao Chen, so Yang Tai came on this trip. I want to make up for Chen Shao’s friend, and give Chen Shao a compensation. I hope that Master Chen has a lot, so don’t take the previous things to heart.”
Chen Feng smiled. This Yang Tai is a smart man. It seems that the title of Prince Jinling is not for nothing.
“Mr. Yang is polite. The matter between me and your brother has passed. As long as your brother doesn’t provoke me in the future, I won’t make trouble with your Yang family, Mr. Yang, don’t worry.” Yang Tai’s attitude is already relaxed. Chen Feng is not too aggressive. Chen Feng still understands the truth about not hitting smiley people.
“Thank you Chen Shao, then.” Yang Tai looked happy and said: “In addition, Chen Shao, this is 30% of the shares of Kowloon International Manor. Chen Shao, you sign, these shares are yours.”
Speaking of Yang Tai, he put an equity transfer letter on the table, which read 30% of the shares of Kowloon International Estate.
Because Jiulong International Manor is owned by multiple shareholders, the largest shareholder was Yang Tai, who owns 38% of the shares, but now Yang Tai has given away 10% of his shares. In this way, Yang Tai only The remaining 28% of the shares, if Chen Feng signs now, will become the largest shareholder of Kowloon International Estate.
“Mr. Yang, what does this mean?” Chen Feng frowned. Yang Tai was going to give him shares to make amends. He understood, but he also gave too much at this time. A full 30% of the shares is equivalent to directly taking Jiulong. The control of the International Estate was transferred to him.
There is no need to pay such a big price to make amends. You must know that based on the current market value of Kowloon International Estate, 30% of the shares are worth close to 5 billion!
Sending five billion yuan out at once, even Chen Feng, is a bit painful, let alone Yang Tai.
“Chen Shao, Bai Guangyi and his brother dare to offend you, this is the price they should pay. And I, as their eldest brother, did not discipline them well, let them offend you, I can not escape the blame, so this 30 You deserve the% of the shares.” Yang Tai smiled respectfully. In fact, it would not take that much to simply apologize to Chen Feng, but Yang Tai had other ideas.
He wanted to pull Chen Feng into his chariot, because the Jiulong International Manor’s interests nowadays are too great. Many wealthy families in Jinling are jealous of the business of the Jiulong International Manor. Although he is called the Prince of Jinling, the Yang family is also Jinling. One of the four first-tier families.
But there are three other first-line families like the Yang family in Jinling!
None of these three are easy to provoke. They want to get involved in the business of Kowloon International Estate, and he alone can’t stop them.
There must be other people to share her firepower.
Chen Feng is obviously very suitable. Regardless of other things, the name of Chen Family alone is enough to frighten the other three Jinling families.
So in the short term, it would be a loss to give Chen Feng 30% of the shares, but in the long run, it would definitely not be a loss to exchange 30% of the shares for Chen Feng to sit in the Kowloon International Estate.

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