Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 921

Zhou Zhier knew that she had successfully aroused Chen Feng’s curiosity. She chuckles and said, “Shao Chen, things can be very simple, but they can also be very complicated. It depends on how you think.”
Chen Feng used Zhou Zhier’s thinking for two seconds. He said, “Do you think this matter will cause problems in simple places.”
“Sure enough, it’s Shao Chen, and I understand it at one point.” Zhou Zhier laughed and said, “However, what Chen Shao wants is to take advantage of the general trend. If the trend is 10%, even if it is as strong as the desert wolf, there will be nowhere to escape. However, Chen Shao just I never thought about how strong he is in this general trend.”
Chen Feng probably understood what Zhou Zhier meant, but he didn’t agree with it. If the weak want to resist the strong, it is the right way to stay together and keep warm.
But just as he said it, a man suddenly shouted: “Zhi’er? Why are you here?”
Both Chen Feng looked in the direction of the voice, and Bai Su was walking towards here.
“Chen Shao is here too? Are you two here?” Bai Su looked at the two in confusion.
Chen Feng didn’t speak, Zhou Zhier smiled and said: “I just happened to meet Chen Shao when I was passing by, and I was very curious about Chen Shao, so I took the initiative to talk to Chen Shao.”
There may be some doubts in Bai Su’s heart, but after all, he has no reason to ask, he just glanced at Chen Feng.
“Really, I actually found it incredible when I knew Shao Chen’s identity. I always feel that he is a little different from the one in the legend.”
Chen Feng was not happy to talk to these two people so much. He stood up and said to them, “You two talk slowly. I’ll go to the bathroom.”
Zhou Zhier blinked at Chen Feng when she was leaving, as if telling Chen Feng that she would find Chen Feng again for the rest.
Chen Feng did not respond.
When Chen Feng left, Bai Su said to Zhou Zhi’er with a flustered expression: “I still think you are tired of being with me. I haven’t come back yet. I thought you were hiding from me.”
Zhou Zhi’er returned to her kindness at all times. She chuckled: “Second Young Master has thought about it a lot. My uncle praised Second Young Master, saying that it is not easy to see young masters like Second Young Master in the world.”
Bai Su was happy when he heard Zhou Zhi’er praise him, “Really, how does Zhi’er think of me…”
Chen Feng, who had left Zhou Zhier and the two, returned to the banquet venue.
The guests are all here, each sitting in their seats, waiting for the formal start of the banquet. The scale of the Zhou family’s wedding banquet is still very large. It just falls on the table in the venue. Chen Feng counts it a little. There are probably thirty or forty tables. .
And the people who came were all seated, to say nothing, there were hundreds of people.
As there were more people, the venue became a little noisy. The people sitting at the end of Zhou’s family might just be some unrelated people, and Chen Feng sat down in one of the empty seats.
“Shao Chen, why are you sitting here.”
Chen Feng raised his head, Zhou Fangzheng looked at him in surprise.
“It’s okay, I just find a place to sit. I didn’t really like this kind of excitement.” Chen Feng explained with a smile.
Zhou Fang said: “I thought Shaohui Chen was the kind of person who likes lively.”
Chen Feng said, “Do I look like that kind of person?”
“It’s just my personal feeling. Don’t take it seriously, Shao Chen. By the way, can Shao Chen take a step to speak?”
Chen Feng glanced at him curiously, but Zhou Fang seemed to have something important to tell him.
“Yes!” Chen Feng said, and had to stand up again, he didn’t even sit on the stool hot.
Following Zhou Fang, Chen Feng asked, “What do you want to tell me?”
“It’s about the Zhou family. I think that if some things are not clear to Chen Shao, they may have an impact on the plan to deal with Molang.” Zhou Fang said in front.
Chen Feng asked curiously, “Then why did you find me? Shouldn’t you have to tell the Bai family clearly about this matter?”
Zhou Fang groaned: “I don’t believe them very much. If there is any problem with the plan this time, it must be in our own people, so I can’t believe anyone now.”
Chen Feng didn’t know what made him so worried, just thinking, maybe Zhou Fang was too nervous, but no wonder he, dealing with Molang is no different from desperate after all.
So he stopped talking, just followed Zhou Fang to another courtyard of Zhou’s house.
The courtyard was quiet. Once inside, Zhou Fang still didn’t stop. Chen Feng asked curiously, “Is it not possible here?”
Zhou Fang explained as he walked: “There is something I want to show Shao Chen, and it is also something I want to say to Shao Chen.”
Chen Feng asked, “What is it?”
Zhou Fang did not answer directly, but said, “When Shao Chen sees it, I will know.”
Chen Feng had some doubts in his heart, but he still followed. He didn’t think Zhou Fang would treat him at Zhou’s house.
When they entered the room, they kept walking inside. They came to a study room. Chen Feng thought it would be here, but Zhou Fang walked to the book shelf in the study room, found a book, and gently pulled it out. .
After a few seconds, there was the sound of mechanical gears and chains.
The bookcase in front of Chen Feng and the others slowly retreated to both sides, revealing an empty door inside.
Looking inward from the entrance, only the steps can be seen at the entrance, and further inside, it is just a piece of darkness.
“This is?” Chen Feng questioned.
Zhou Fang explained: “This is the place our Zhou family used to hide. Since the last incident, we have deliberately built such a secret room here just in case.”
After Zhou Fang finished speaking, he looked at Chen Feng: “Chen Shao, that thing was put inside, but it is also a secret that my Zhou family never tells. I only hope that after Chen Shao sees it, he can keep it secret for my Zhou family. ”
When Chen Feng heard this, he naturally agreed: “This is how it should be.”
Zhou Fang let go and walked down with Chen Feng.
After a while, I couldn’t see clearly when I looked inward, but I didn’t lose my direction when I touched the steps. I changed the direction in the middle, turned the curve, and continued to walk down.
It feels like I have walked a depth of more than ten meters before finally reaching the bottom.
But what was in front of me was a heavy iron door, which was even stronger than the stainless steel used in the safe.
The Zhou family seemed a little too scared and cautious.
Zhou put it aside and fumbled for a while before opening a lid. The wall inside looked like there was a keyhole. Zhou Fang took out a key from his pocket and inserted the key into the hole. , Twist gently.
But the steel door still has no movement.
Zhou Fang pushed his hand on the door again, as if he was about to press it somewhere, and the iron door seemed to be opened easily.

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