Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 924

Zhou Zhier seemed to be able to control the tears, but she was lingering in her eyes, but she couldn’t see them falling. She was wronged, and it made people feel distressed to watch.
And just lying on Zhou Fang’s body, Zhou Zhi’er touched something similar to the key, but didn’t know if it was the key to that place.
Zhou Fang took Zhou Zhi’er and sat aside, while comforting: “Zhi’er, although the fourth uncle is not kissing you, you are also the fourth uncle’s niece after all. If anything happens, the fourth uncle will definitely take the charge for you.
As soon as the thoughts fell in her heart, she heard Zhou Fang say this, she was a little better, and said, “Uncle Si, do you know? Actually I don’t want to marry, and the second son Bai, Zhi’er doesn’t like it, but the uncle… ….”
As she said, she seemed to cry again.
And Zhou Fang’s face also showed a look of embarrassment: “If this is the case, Zhier, you also know the situation of our Zhou family…”
Before Zhou Fang finished speaking, Zhou Zhi’er said anxiously: “Uncle Si, if you promise to help Zhi’er, Zhi’er can promise Si Shu everything.”
Zhou Fang said softly and comforted him: “Zhi’er, in fact, there is nothing wrong with that second son Bai. Didn’t you listen to what the big brother said, he is a good young man, much better than those dudes.”
Zhou Zhier suddenly looked solemnly and said, “Uncle Si, haven’t you always wanted to be the Patriarch of the Zhou family? As long as the Fourth Uncle promises me not to marry me, I will help the Fourth Uncle win the position of Patriarch.”
“Who told you to say this?” When Zhou Fang heard this, his face was immediately ashen: “You want to hurt me. I have always done things upright, so how can I have such a thought.”
Zhou Zhier still seemed aggrieved. She said, “Uncle Zhou, this kind of thing is known to the Zhou family. Even Grandpa San always said that. I don’t think it is anything. As long as the fourth uncle agrees to Zhier, Zhier can help you and even persuade the third grandfather. It’s not a problem either.”
Zhou Fang snorted coldly, “Don’t listen to other people’s nonsense. This is all nonsense.”
Having said that, she was not in the mood to pay attention to Zhou Zhi’er, not to mention her grievances, turning around and leaving.
When Zhou Zhi’er couldn’t see Zhou Fang’s figure, Zhou Zhier wiped her eyes, wiped away the tears, her face became cold.
It is probably certain that the key is on him now, and the next step is to get things in his hands.
She stood up, and someone on the side of the road looked over, her expression changed again, and she was again gentle.
Perhaps if a person wears a long mask, he may forget which one is the real one.
After Zhou Fang and Zhou Zhi’er had finished talking, he went back to the backyard in anger. His wife and children were not there, so he had to sit on the chair alone.
But after a while, Zhou Zhier went and walked in from the courtyard.
“What are you doing again?” Zhou Fang said in a bad tone.
Zhou Zhi’er has lost the posture she had just now, she said calmly: “Uncle Si, what happened just now was just nonsense by Zhi’er. Don’t take it to heart, Uncle Si.”
Zhou Fang said angrily: “I’m not going to be angry with you, this little girl. You go, I can’t help you with your affairs.”
But Zhou Zhier was still standing there, and she slowly said, “Zhier still has something to tell her fourth uncle.”
“What’s the matter?” Zhou Fang just asked calmly.
“About dealing with the desert wolf.”
And Zhou Fang seems to have a slight interest in this topic.
“What do you want to say?”
“I just found that Shao Chen may not really want to help us deal with Molang.” Zhou Zhier said slowly.
Zhou Fang was taken aback for a while, and asked, “Why do you think that if he didn’t deal with Molang, what did he come to find us and the Bai family for?”
Zhou Zhier said, “Sir, have you never thought that if that young Master Chen is acting in a scene, he is acting in a scene with Molang.”
If you really told Zhou Zhier, it would be a disaster for all the families that are about to participate in it.
He looked at Zhou Zhi’er in surprise and asked, “Where did you know this?”
Zhou Zhier replied plainly: “He revealed this by himself.”
Zhou Fang was surprised: “How is this possible?”
Zhou Zhier smiled and said, “A man can say anything in order to please a woman.”
“You mean that Shao Chen liked you. That’s why I told you this kind of thing.” Even though Zhou Fang said so, he didn’t fully believe Zhou Zhi’er.
Zhou Zhier smiled and said: “I don’t know if this is true or not. I still hope my uncle will judge for himself. I can only talk about it. After all, you are the fourth uncle who speaks at Zhou’s house.
With that, she really just came over to inform Zhou Fang of this message, turning around and leaving.
And Zhou Fang didn’t stop him, he was also thinking about whether this matter would be true.
After thinking about it, I still couldn’t let go of it.
He stood up directly and walked towards the study of the refuge.
After thinking about it in Zhou Fang, since I don’t know anything, it’s better to just ask the person concerned, which is easier.
When he came to the study, Zhou Zhier had already been hiding in the dark and waiting for him.
Just now she thought, if you want to steal a key from an adult man who has practiced martial arts, it is basically impossible.
Then if someone can’t touch the key to open the door, let him open the door by himself.
As for why Zhou Zhier can believe that Zhou Fang will definitely come to Chen Feng.
Since Zhou Fang locked up Chen Feng, the two people who had never communicated before could only be because of Molang’s affairs, and as long as Zhou Zhier began to convince Zhou Fang that Chen Feng was actually a Molang person, he would not dare. If you really want to attack Chen Feng, you must at least get confirmation before you can do it.
Seeing Zhou Fang walk in, Zhou Zhier didn’t pass by immediately.
Instead, after waiting for a while, she came to the study room, where the mechanism had been opened, and Xianglai Zhou Fang had already gone.
But Zhou Fang would not be so stupid that he would release Chen Feng without proof.
Chen Feng, who had been leaning against the door, suddenly heard someone calling him.
“Chen Shao, are you okay now?” Chen Feng was familiar with the voice. It was indeed Zhou Fang’s voice, but it seemed to be in the room.
He followed the sound to find it, but found that the sound came only from a small vent above his head.
Not even one person has thick thighs, let alone escape from here.
“What are you doing again?” Chen Feng also hesitated. He didn’t wait for Zhou Zhier, but he waited for Zhou Fang again.
“I just came over to ask Chen Shao a few questions.”
“Do you think I will answer you? I don’t think you can let me out? If so, why should I answer you.” Chen Shao sneered.

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