Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 925

Zhou Fang smiled and said, “Young Master Chen, letting you out is not entirely impossible, as long as you tell me, who are you on earth?”
Chen Feng was taken aback, his mind was also running fast, if Zhou Fang wanted to deal with him, then he would not be able to come here to speak again, as long as he stayed here to fend for himself.
And if he came by someone deliberately, then this person is probably Zhou Zhier.
Although Chen Feng didn’t understand how Zhou Zhi’er got Zhou to come over, but he knew there must be something tricky, so Zhou Fang asked him, he also said carefully, “Why are you asking this, don’t you know who I am? ?”
“I naturally know who Shao Chen is, but there are certain things Shao Chen will do, and I’m not quite sure. Shao Chen, do you really want to kill Molang?”
Chen Feng said, “Did you lock me up because I wanted to destroy Molang? Are you betraying the Zhou family?”
Zhou Fang didn’t answer, but said, “I am asking Shao Chen for you. If you still want to come out, then Shao Chen had better answer my question honestly.”
Chen Feng sneered and said, “Are you testing me? Although I don’t know where you came from, but I tell you, you must have been beaten.”
Chen Feng’s attitude made Zhou Fang lose the energy he had just now. If Chen Feng immediately admitted his identity, he would hesitate whether Chen Feng was indifferent or not.
But now Chen Feng still insists on insisting on his attitude under this situation, treating himself as just testing him, so if he is inclined to escape, he insists on his original intention to deal with Molang.
Zhou Fang seemed to believe Zhou Zhier’s words.
But he was still a little tangled.
“But if Shao Chen is a member of Molang, all you want to do is to wipe out the families that oppose Molang, then I can’t let Shao Chen go.”
“How is that possible? Who on earth did you listen to tell you. Is that woman Zhou Zhi’er? I just said something to tease her. Do you have to be serious, he is a woman who doesn’t understand anything.” Chen Feng sternly said. Questioned.
When Zhou Fang heard Chen Feng personally admit to telling Zhou Zhi’er, he believed Zhou Zhi’er a little bit instead.
“Shao Chen, shouldn’t I believe my niece, but you instead? She told me carefully, your words don’t seem to be a lie.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Forget it, if you really think so, I can’t help it.”
When Chen Feng finished speaking, there was no sound.
After a long time, there was still no sound.
But after a while, there was a sound of the iron door, it seemed that the lock inside the door was snapped again, and as it approached, the iron door opened slowly.
Chen Feng is also a little unbelievable.
But seeing the dark figure standing at the door, Chen Feng knew that Zhou Fang had indeed opened the door.
“But I still thought about it. It’s true that you can’t lock up Chen Shaoji just by listening to one person’s words. If you have anything, you should make it clear that it is true.”
But as soon as his voice fell, Chen Feng started his hands violently.
A punch passed, fierce and fierce.
Zhou Fang was unprepared, and even in the dark, he did not expect to be beaten by Chen Feng.
The voice just now allowed Chen Feng to hit Zhou Fang’s face accurately.
And Zhou Fang seemed to be thrown away, his whole body flew back and slammed to the ground with a bang, but he seemed to faint.
At this time, Chen Feng heard the footsteps again. He didn’t dare to be careless, thinking it was Zhou Fang’s accomplice, and walked outside the door without looking at Zhou Fang’s body. He leaned against the wall, hiding himself.
The sound was very soft, but it didn’t sound like a man’s footsteps.
Chen Feng yelled softly: “Zhou Zhier?”
And just after hearing the sound coming from inside, Zhou Zhier walked down curiously, and when she heard Chen Feng calling her, she also responded, “Young Master Chen, it’s me.”
Hearing Zhou Zhi’er’s voice, Chen Feng also let go of his vigilance. He should have come out to help Zhou Zhi’er.
“Where is my uncle?” she asked.
“Already lying on the ground.”
When he came out now, Chen Feng was also relieved. Although he didn’t seem to have any reaction, and even being kept in it, he was just being alone quietly, but the pressure from his heart was very high.
He sat on the ground, trying to settle down in his heart again.
Zhou Zhier turned on the flashlight he had brought, and first glanced at Chen Feng. He just looked tired and sat there motionless.
She didn’t bother Chen Feng, and continued to look at Zhou Fang.
Zhou Fang remained motionless, not knowing whether it was alive or dead, Zhou Zhier still touched it carefully, but when she touched Zhou Fang’s heartbeat, she was shocked.
Chen Feng just looked at her, but he was too lazy to speak.
And Zhou Zhier said in horror: “He’s dead, he’s dead.”
Chen Feng seemed to be indifferent: “If you die, you will die, what’s the matter? And he deserves to die.”
“But, he died here, what are we going to do? We can’t explain this kind of thing.” Zhou Zhi’er’s psychological quality is really strong, and she calmed down after a while.
“Then don’t explain, keep him underneath. No one knows. This is only the core talents of your Zhou family. Even if they find out, they will never doubt us.” Chen Feng said.
Zhou Zhier seemed to be still hesitating, but Chen Feng didn’t want to move at this time, let her think about it.
After a while, Zhou Zhier also figured it out.
“Then you do what you said, but you must never tell this matter out. Now we have no way to prove that the fourth uncle really took refuge in Mowolf. It may instead attract the suspicion of other people in the family.”
Chen Feng just nodded, but he felt nothing, and even lost confidence in the plan at the beginning. This is only the first united family, and this situation has occurred. Who knows how many desert wolves are hidden behind. Eyeliner.
When the two of them hid Zhou Fang, returned to the study, and reset the structure of the study, Chen Feng said to Zhou Zhier, “What exactly did you want to tell me before?”
Zhou Zhier also looked at Chen Feng: “Go to my room. You should take a break. When you wake up, I will tell you that you can think better then.”
Chen Feng also felt that he was a little tired, so he didn’t insist, and quietly followed Zhou Zhier to the garden where she was.
After washing, he fell directly on the sofa, even facing Zhou Zhier next to him without any precautions, and fell asleep.
It was not until the rising sun on the second day that Chen Feng opened his eyes comfortably.

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