Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 94

Chen Feng didn’t know Yang Tai’s little abacus, but he was not stupid. He naturally understood that there would be no pie in the sky, and this 30% of the shares were definitely tricky!
But Yang Tai delivered the meat to him. If he didn’t eat it, he would not be Chen Feng.
“Mr. Yang, the affair between me and your brother is not a major issue. Mr. Yang took 30% of the shares to make amends. It is too serious. Mr. Yang should take back these shares.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly. In fact, there is a test of Yang Tai’s elements. If Yang Taizhen has any calculations on the shares, he will not easily take back the shares. Instead, he will try to squeeze the shares to Chen Feng.
“Chen Shao, how can this be done? Or Chen Shao thinks that 30% of the shares are too small? So, Chen Shao, I will add another 10%…” Yang Tai pretended to be serious.
Chen Feng waved his hand and said indifferently: “Mr. Yang said and laughed, it’s not a matter of how much, it’s a matter of ineffectiveness. I didn’t do anything and took 30% of the shares for nothing. This is really impossible.”
Seeing Chen Feng’s refusal attitude was obvious, Yang Tai couldn’t help being a little anxious. In his vision, when he took out 30% of the shares, Chen Shanfeng would accept it. After all, this was 5 billion, who Will have trouble with money.
Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would really have trouble with money, five hundred million, and nothing for nothing.
After seeing Yang Tai’s look, Chen Feng affirmed the guess in his heart. Sure enough, these shares were tricky. If he took the shares in vain, he would definitely be drawn into the thieves’ den.
“Well, Mr. Yang, what is the market value of 30% of the shares of Kowloon International Estate? Mr. Yang can tell? If it is not convenient, forget it.” Chen Feng asked with a smile.
“Convenient and convenient, this is no secret. Chen Shao, 30% of the shares of Kowloon International Manor, the market value is about 5 billion, if the stock market is good, it can increase by 10%.” Although Yang Tai does not know. Why did Chen Feng ask, but he still told the truth.
Chen Feng nodded slightly and said, “Well, then, Mr. Yang, I will use 6 billion yuan. It is good to buy 30% of your shares.
“Buy?!” Yang Tai was dumbfounded, apparently he did not expect Chen Shengeng to say this.
Chen Feng nodded and said, “Well, buy it.”
Yang Tai was confused, Chen Feng…what is this operation? Don’t give it away for nothing, instead you have to pay for it yourself, and it’s still at a higher price than the market price, so there’s nowhere to spend more money?
“Chen Shao, don’t be joking. I gave you these shares. You don’t need to buy them.” Yang Taigan laughed. Looking at Chen Feng’s appearance, he doesn’t look like a fool. Why do you say that.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “Mr. Yang, I’m not kidding. I am very optimistic about the development prospects of Kowloon International Estate, so I sincerely intend to buy these shares.”
“But, Chen Shao…” Yang Tai wanted to say that he could give these shares to Chen Feng, but Chen Feng interrupted directly: “Mr. Yang, I know what you mean, but I still said that. Shoulu, given to me for nothing, I can’t ask for it. If Mr. Yang really wants me to get the 30% of the shares, then sell it to me for 6 billion.”
Chen Feng’s attitude was so firm that he immediately stunned Yang Tai. He didn’t understand what Chen Feng’s real purpose was.
Yang Tai’s reaction naturally fell in Chen Feng’s eyes. Chen Feng only found it a little funny. The reason why he had to spend six billion to buy 30% of the shares was not because he had nowhere to spend more money, but he was really optimistic. With the development prospects of the Kowloon International Estate, he plans to build it into his future base in Jinling.
On the other hand, once he spends the 30% of the shares, then this is an investment. In the future, if there is any major trouble in the Kowloon International Manor, he can change hands and sell the shares. Anyway, it is an investment. He himself has no deep relationship with Kowloon International Manor.
But if he took the 30% of the shares in vain, it would be tantamount to putting a label on him. He would be inseparable from the Kowloon International Manor. If the Kowloon International Manor is in trouble, he must do his best to solve it, even Get in the front.
So in a sense, Chen Feng is equivalent to spending six billion to buy a peace of mind. If the Kowloon International Manor encounters trouble in the future, he can completely get out of it, and it will not be more exhausting here.
Yang Tai naturally couldn’t understand the truth of this for a while, and he couldn’t think so deeply. He only wanted to use Chen Feng, but he didn’t expect that Chen Feng’s trick completely defeated his little abacus.
“Mr. Yang, how are you thinking about it? If Mr. Yang agrees, then I will sign, and I will let Sister Xiaoyue transfer six billion to you later.” Chen Feng asked with a smile.
Chen Feng said so, Yang Tai naturally did not dare to refuse, so he hurriedly said: “Chen Shao, the shares can be sold to you, but it must not be at a price of six billion, five billion, just at the market price. , Master Chen must promise me.”
Chen Feng shook his head and smiled, did not refuse, and directly signed the equity transfer letter.
From this moment on, he will be the largest shareholder of Kowloon International Manor, and it can also be said that he is the behind-the-scenes owner of Kowloon International Manor!
“Sister Xiaoyue, transfer five billion to President Yang.” After signing, Chen Feng glanced at Qiao Xiaoyue on the side and said.
“Yes, Chen Shao.” Qiao Xiaoyue did not dare to refuse. After all, Chen Feng is the future heir of the Chen family, let alone six billion. Chen Feng asked her to hand over the entire Dalong real estate to Yang Tai, and she did not dare to say half of it. No words.
“By the way, Shao Chen, this is the supreme membership card of Jiulong International Manor, please keep it.” Yang Tai took out a black gold patterned card and handed it to Chen Feng.
“Supreme membership card?” Chen Feng was taken aback for a moment. Didn’t Bai Guangyi say that the diamond membership card in Jiulongzhuang is the most advanced? Why did a supreme membership card pop up?
“Shao Chen, there are only three Supreme Membership Cards in the entire manor. Only shareholders who control more than 15% of the shares of the manor have this card. This card can be regarded as a voucher. With this card, Shao Chen, you can enjoy the most luxurious manor in the future. The service, and no matter how much you consume, the manor will pay for it.” Yang Tai explained respectfully.
Chen Feng nodded, he understood. With this card, he can eat and drink in Jiulong Village for free.
“Then Shao Chen, if there is nothing wrong, I will go back first. If Shao Chen needs it in the future, just call me…”
Before Yang Tai finished speaking, the door of the suite was roughly kicked open.
A short and strong man came in with a dozen thugs in black suits.
After the short-dressed man entered the door, he glanced at everyone in the room, and then asked coldly: “Who is Chen Feng?! Get out of me!”
“Who asked you to come?!” Yang Tai stood up with an ugly expression. Fortunately, he was with Chen Feng at the moment. If he left, these people would come again, causing Chen Feng to mistakenly believe that these people were his party. The troublemaker, that would be bad.

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