Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 932

The largest entertainment club in Lan City, rich and honorable.
Qianchen brought the two brothers from Qianjia, and immediately a tall woman walked over on high heels.
“Qian Shao, what kind of wind is this blowing you.” The woman’s voice was charming, as if she wanted to arouse people’s hearts.
Qian Chen smiled and said, “Naturally, I miss you, Sister Lan. There is no one I am worried about in this rich family.”
Sister Lan waved her hand and cast her eyebrows at Qianchen: “I knew that I was coaxing people and saying some useless good things. In the end, I didn’t hold the little girl in the shop and nibble there.”
Qian Chen said, “That’s also the business of taking care of Sister Lan!”
Sister Lan smiled and said, “Okay, haven’t you introduced these two yet? Can’t you leave them in the cold, or are you still the same place? I’ll let you clear the place.”
Qianchen introduced to the two thousand brothers: “My two brothers seldom come to Lan City. Let Xihua, Qinglan, and Xiaodie come over. If you accompany two more, it will be almost the same. The rest will depend on Lan. Sister arranged.”
Qianchen is a big customer here. Sister Lan naturally laughed and said, “Qian Shao, don’t worry, it will definitely satisfy both of Qian Shao’s brothers. They came once, and they must be thinking about the next time.”
Qianchen also smiled.
And the two brothers of Qianjia who listened to this were even more happy.
Soon I came to the private room, which was very big, and the table was full of melon and fruit plates, wine, and snacks.
“Sit down first, and wait for someone to come over. Just let them accompany you with the one you like, but don’t be greedy. It’s not easy to do anything here, hold on to it.” Qianchen warned to the two brothers.
Coming here, Qianchen naturally made up his mind. The two brothers just nodded.
As soon as I sat down, the door of the private room was opened, and many women came in one after another, young and beautiful, sexy and charming.
Just the snow-white round thighs are enough to attract the eyes of a man, not to mention the bumpy figure.
Qianqiu and both of them were young babies who hadn’t seen the world very much, each of them stared out, and the woman looked at them, just covered her mouth and chuckled.
Qianchen coughed, indicating that the two of them should not be demeaned.
Qian Qiu and the two men converged slightly now, but their eyes were still spinning around the various parts of these women.
Sister Lan walked at the end, she stood up and said, “Qian Shao, the few sisters you want are all here. When they heard Qian Shao coming, they all anxiously wanted to immediately fall into Qian Shao’s arms. Qian Shao, But take care of them.”
The long-haired woman in the black dress and short skirt at the front is Qing Lan. She sneered and said, “Sister Lan, you are talking nonsense, who wants to fall into the arms of Qian Shao, I think only Sister Xiaodie is the only one. ”

Just after speaking, another petite, cute woman with some fat babies said, “If Sister Qinglan doesn’t want to, I will leave Qian Shao alone today.”
Qing Lan laughed and said, “Qian Shao, have you seen it? This little girl is thinking about you.”
Qianchen also smiled: “Well, come here soon. I stand there, but I can’t tell that you miss me at all.”
Immediately, a few women also took their seats, and they were accompanied by others. Sister Lan also left wisely and took the private room door.
Because Qianchen said that they couldn’t do it, although Qianqiu and the two were hot in their hearts and had some regrets, but just watching it was a feast for their eyes, not to mention that there will be other activities when they are over, and they are not in a hurry.
In this way, drinking, chatting, teasing, and waiting only two or three hours, the field became hot.
In the hall outside, Sister Lan was a little worried.
“Let Xiaodie come out, I came here in person, you actually told me that the lady was with the guests, and the customer from that house actually dared to steal a woman from me, Sister Lan, you would never look down on me, right?”
The speaker, who was only in his twenties, had oblique bangs combed to the corner of his eyes, his eyes were long and thin, his lips were thin, and the buttons on the chest of his shirt were not fastened on purpose, revealing some thin clavicles.
He looked like a cruel person.
But Sister Lan also knew this, the famous elder brother in Lan City, who was murderous, and she didn’t know how many girls in the shop where he was injured in his hands.
Although Sister Lan was unwilling to entertain him, she couldn’t hold back that the other party was a powerful person.
“Master Quan, it’s really not that I’m lying to you, it’s really that Fluttershy is accompanying the guests, and they have been with the guests for two or three hours now. Even if they come out, they are probably tired. Come to accompany you again. This is not deliberately corrupting. Are you interested!”
The young master laughed, “That’s not better.”
Sister Lan was taken aback, but she didn’t expect Young Master Quan to say so.
“Don’t talk nonsense to me, I just want to see Fluttershy today. No matter it is the thing of the dog day, you call him out to me, I want to see if someone robs me of a woman.” Master Quan shouted road.
The few people beside him were also making noises, and the yelling voices immediately attracted the attention of the guests and women here.
Sister Lan had no choice but to say, “Master Quan, this person who is going to Xiaodie is the son of the Qian family, Master Qianchen, if you go to Xiaodie like this, he will be unhappy.”
Young Master Quan blinked and said, “Qianchen!”
Then, he turned his head and asked a gentleman beside him, “Lao Hu, who is Qianchen from the Qianchen family? Why don’t I remember too much.”
Lao Hu’s man whispered, “It’s just an outsider who does business with Qianjia, but I still don’t want to provoke Qianjia. Qianjia has always been retributable, and it’s a small belly chicken intestine.”
Young Master Quan also turned off when he heard it. He knew that if Lao Hu said that, it would be almost the same.
But there is evil in his heart, and if he directly admits counsel in front of so many people, he will not be able to survive.
“Qianchen, right? I still know him. You take me over and I say hello to him.” Although my heart is no longer ready to grab Fluttershy, I still have to say something to my face. .
Sister Lan still hesitated.
“Master Quan, isn’t that good, Qian Shao may not want to see anyone now.”
Young Master Quan said angrily, “Why, it’s not easy for me to speak. Old cat, come up and teach this woman a lesson.”
After he finished speaking, a strong man behind him shook his body and walked to the front.
When Sister Lan saw it, she felt silly, she hurriedly said, “Master Quan, misunderstanding, I will take you there. Qian Shao is in the private room inside.”
After she finished speaking, she hurried to the side with a few people.
Although she knew that this would definitely offend Qianchen, but she couldn’t cause her to provoke him.
Soon, a few people came to the private room where Qianchen was. The private room door was closed. From time to time, there were women’s coquettish laughter, and Young Master Quan could even hear Xiaodie’s voice.

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