Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 934

Bai Xing nodded and agreed.
Although I didn’t make an appointment in advance, but seeing a very valuable Porsche, there was still somebody in Da Zhou’s villa in Lanshi.
The other party looked like a man in his forties, with a haggard expression, and his mouth was covered with fine shredded scum, as if he hadn’t been taken care of in some days.
Chen Feng followed Bai Xing over. He was not going to reveal his identity. Some people in the desert might have heard of his name, but few people wanted to see him, so he was not worried.
When the two came to each other’s side, Bai Xing said directly: “Bai Xing, the Bai family boy, wants to mourn the deceased. I don’t know if it can be convenient.”
The man looked at Bai Xing curiously, then took a look at Chen Feng, and said, “Are you Quan’er’s friends?”
Bai Xing nodded and said: “I have met with Quan Shao a few times, but I heard that he was beaten to death, and I felt very sad, so I came over to express my condolences.”
Hearing what Bai Xing said, he didn’t care about the other things. He just said, “But now that Quan’er’s body has been sent back to the old house, this is only his portrait.”
Bai Xing said: “We also want to go to the old man’s house to see him, but our brother still has things to do and can’t travel far, so we have to come here to talk about grief.”
The man was silent, then stopped talking, and walked towards the inner hall with Chen Feng and Bai Xing.
Entering the living room, it has been arranged solemnly and quietly, but there are very few people here, maybe it is just some relatives who cannot return to the old house here to pin their grief.
The two of Bai Xing went up and put a stick of incense on the photo before retreating to the side.
They walked to a group of people who were chatting together.
“I really didn’t expect Qianjia to be so excessive. This is really not what we did, but why no one believes it.” Lao Hu, who went to the rich and wealthy house together that day, was among this group of people.
“Thousands of people are overbearing. If what you say is true, then they are not really killing the wrong person. Then they will not be able to explain to others.” Someone analyzed.
“How do you know that Qianchen was not killed by All Young?” Chen Feng interrupted curiously.
Lao Hu looked at Chen Feng a little unhappy, and said coldly, “How do you know? I said I saw it with my own eyes, and you would believe it. If you don’t know anything, just believe the rumors outside. Who do you tell this? It all seems false.”
Naturally, as he said, people always trust what they hear according to their imagination.
But Chen Feng felt that there must be something wrong from the beginning, so he chuckled: “In fact, I don’t really believe that this thing will be done by all of them. I just don’t know any information, so I have to leave it alone. The face person said.”
Chen Feng looked at Lao Hu again and asked, “You said you saw it with your own eyes, is this true?”
Lao Hu didn’t expect that Chen Feng really didn’t refute him, but chose to believe it. He nodded and said, “Indeed, that day was Lao Mao’s birthday, and Quan Shao only invited a few of our friends to the rich man’s house, but… ….”
Lao Hu then talked about everything that happened that day, and naturally he didn’t say that all of them were because they were afraid to provoke a thousand families, so they just saved some face in the past.
But where did the dagger flew out, no one knows until now. Five people died that day, and Lao Hu also escaped by secretly hiding.
Another guy who was also in the crowd said, “But according to what you said, the dagger flew past you too. It can’t be any of you? Or is there someone who has enemies with Qianjia.”
Lao Hu just glanced at him, not willing to explain more.
Chen Feng didn’t ask too much. He just looked at Lao Hu. After a few people dispersed, Chen Feng approached Lao Hu and asked in a low voice, “Is there any time, can you accompany us out for a drink?”
Old Hu looked at Chen Feng, a little surprised, but he nodded and agreed.
“Do you want to know about everything?” he asked.
Chen Feng nodded: “If this thing is really not done by Young Master Quan, someone will always clean him up. Our two brothers couldn’t help but want to do some Weibo power.”
Old Hu Ben thought the same way, but in front of Qianjia, he was personally insignificant and nothing, let alone let Qianjia admit that they were wrong.
But now that someone wants to do something he dared not do, he naturally lifted his spirits and said: “I am Hu Xuchen, you can be my old Hu. If you really want to prove innocence for all, then this matter is my one. .”
Chen Feng also didn’t expect that what he said casually would resonate with Lao Hu, so he had to perfunctorily said, “Then it will be the last. Are you leaving now?”
Hu Xuchen nodded and walked to the door first.
“Uncle Zhou, I’m going back first. After two days, I will go to the old house to see Quan Shao.”
He said to the person from Zhou’s house in front of the door.
The two Chen Feng following behind just nodded to him, and then the three left here.
In a clean bar booth, Chen Feng and three people gathered around the table.
Chen Feng said, “In fact, have you ever thought that someone is dealing with Qianjia?”
Knowing that Hu Xuchen was actually a family disciple, Chen Feng directly began to spread some of his ideas.
Hu Xuchen thought for a while and said, “You mean, this incident is a conspiracy in itself. Someone wants to provoke the hostility between the Qian Family and the Zhou Family?”
Chen Feng nodded: “And I think the biggest possibility is the force that has the most thoughts about Qianjia.”
“Mo Wolf!” Before Chen Feng could say it, Hu Xuchen said it by himself.
“Possibly. But this is just my guess. If you really want Qian Jia to admit his mistakes, then Molang must be picked out. Do you think Zhou Jia dare to do this?”
Hu Xuchen hadn’t thought about these problems at all. Now he heard that, his face was pale, and he seemed to know how difficult what he was doing.
Chen Feng said in a relaxed tone: “But it’s nothing. If Molang really wants to deal with Qianjia, one day it will face it, but now if you want Qianjia to admit it, you have to face these two behemoths, so I The meaning is, wait, wait until the right time.”
Hu Xuchen remained silent.
Chen Feng was not in a hurry. At this moment, a woman’s scream broke the silent air.
Several people looked in the direction of the sound.
It seems that several gangster-like characters are teasing the girl who came here to drink.
The girl looks pretty, so there is no shortage of heroes to save the beauty.
Soon, a gentle man walked up, but unfortunately, after standing for a few seconds and saying a word, he was slapped and slapped in the face by the gangster, and ran away with a disgraced face.

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