Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 95

“Are you Chen Feng?” The short-dressed man did not have a photo of Chen Feng, nor did he know Yang Tai. Seeing Yang Tai stood up, he naturally thought Yang Tai was Chen Feng.
Yang Tai did not answer, but said coldly: “I said! Who asked you to come over!” In fact, he already had a guess in his heart that it should be the Bai family, but even if he knew it, he had to pretend not to know.
“You bastard, you are almost dead, and you dare to be hard!” The short-dressed man smiled and said frantically: “I want to know who asked grandpa to come over, okay, come over and kneel for grandpa, knock three beeps, grandpa just Tell you!”
“Look! Die!” Yang Tai’s expression was cold and coldly ordered: “Lao Pang, break his leg!”
“Yes, master.”
When the words fell, a ghostly figure flashed past, and the short-dressed man only felt a flower in front of his eyes and a tight chest, and then the whole person flew back uncontrollably.
The short-dressed man slammed heavily on the wall of the hotel. Before he landed, he spit out a mouthful of blood foam mixed with internal organs.
But that’s not all, Pang Dongqi’s ghostly figure once again appeared in the sight of the short-dressed man, and Pang Wenqi gently stepped on it in the horrified and horrified eyes of the short-dressed man.
A crisp bone crack sounded, and a heart-piercing pain came from the calf. The short-dressed man let out a horrible howl like a pig, and only felt that his calf bone was bursting by this foot!
“An Jin! You are a dark warrior!” The short-dressed man yelled in horror, his eyes filled with incredibleness. When Li Qiuyan asked him to come over, she patted her chest to assure him that the person who interrupted Bai Guangyi’s hand was the most powerful Jin mid-term.
With the strength of his late Ming Jin, it can be crushed!
But how can I think that he was crushed, but he was crushed by others, and he was still a dark warrior!
In the realm of Jinling, the dark warriors are already at the top!
There are tens of millions of people in Jinling, but the number of dark warriors is only ten fingers! Every dark warrior is a well-deserved master.
He couldn’t even think of killing Li Li, this kind of character would make him run into it.
“Senior forgive me!” Li Yan didn’t have the slightest idea of ​​resisting, and directly begged for mercy. You must know that the difference in strength between the warriors by one level is also upside down. In the middle stage of Ming Jin, it can completely fight ten early Ming Jin.
There is even more difference between Ming Jin and Dark Jin, and it is no longer possible to win by quantity. Even in the ten late Ming Jin stages, I would never want to hurt the Dark Jin fighters half a point!
The rickety old man in front of him must be a dark power warrior, and it is very likely that he is a warrior in the middle of dark power!
“Now I can tell, who sent you here, right?” Yang Tai asked coldly.
“Li Qiuyan! It’s Li Qiuyan, Chen Shao, Li Qiuyan sent me, Chen Shao, I also obey orders, and I also ask Chen Shao to let me go…” Li Li begged for mercy. He had practiced for 47 years before he could practice. In the late Ming Jin period, he didn’t want to waste his life’s cultivation skills because of a momentary negligence.
“Li Qiuyan?” Yang Tai frowned and said, “Is that the stupid wife of Bai Jiuling?”
“Yes, Shao Chen, that’s her! Shao Chen, you interrupted her son’s hand…”
“My name is Yang Tai, and this is Shao Chen.” Yang Tai interrupted. The reason why he wanted to ask clearly in front of Li Yan was to show Chen Feng so that Chen Feng could understand that Li Yan was not him. Sent, but someone else.
Looking in the direction Yang Tai was pointing, Li Yan saw a face that looked like a smile but not a smile. Is this the person he was looking for?
In other words, he found the wrong person at the beginning? !
Li Qi almost didn’t spit out a mouthful of old blood, and the resentment towards Li Qiuyan in his heart was even worse. If Li Qiuyan could give him a photo, such an oolong wouldn’t happen. His legs might not be broken.
No, Yang Tai!
Li Yan reacted instantly, and the young man sitting with Chen Feng was Yang Tai!
Prince Yang Tai of Jinling!
No wonder this old man with a rickety figure is so powerful. If he guessed correctly, this old man should be the number one master of the Yang family, Pang Dongqi!
Li Li’s intestines are all regretful, he hates, hate that he has no eyes.
But he hates Li Qiuyan even more. This stupid woman didn’t even know the details of what she said, so she let him go.
Didn’t you see that even Yang Tai, who is a mid-stage dark master, dare not trouble Chen Feng?
Why are you Li Qiuyan? !
“Shao Chen, the little one has eyes and no beads, and I hope that Chen Hao will live a little dog!” Li Qianqiang dragged a broken leg, knelt down in front of Chen Feng, begging for mercy. In his opinion. The powerhouse behind Chen Feng is definitely more terrifying, and it is even possible to reach Huajin!
“Spare?” Chen Feng sneered and said, “Now I know to call for mercy? If I am not as strong as you, I am afraid it is me who is kneeling on the ground now.”
“Let the people behind you come over, they come, and I will let you go.” Chen Feng said lightly. He is not afraid of the so-called Li Qiuyan’s revenge, but he is afraid of trouble, so some things should be solved at once. .
“Yes, Shao Chen, I’ll make a call now.” As if catching a straw, Li Yan hurriedly took out his cell phone.
At this time, in the ward, Li Qiuyan was feeding Bai Guangyi porridge.
Li Qiuyan’s face was full of self-confidence at this time. Bai Guangyi said that Chen Feng’s thug, A Hao, almost lost to Gu Xiong, a warrior in the early Ming Jin period, so the strength of that A Hao was also in the mid Ming Jin period.
But Li Yan is the late Ming Jin!
It is one of the three masters enshrined by her natal family. In Jinling, as long as there is no secret energy, Li Li, a warrior in the late Ming Jin period, can walk sideways!
“Mom, haven’t Uncle Li succeeded yet?” Bai Guangyi was a little anxious, because he was afraid that Bai Jiuling and Li Qiuyan would not avenge him, so he concealed part of the story, which naturally includes Chen Feng’s strength. .
So he was also very nervous, afraid that even Li Qian would not be Chen Feng’s opponent.
“Son, don’t worry, that Chen Feng, it’s in the mid-Ming Jin period if you die. Your Uncle Li can handle it completely. Just wait to hear the good news from your Uncle Li. What you should think about now is, for a while, Uncle Li. Bring that bastard, how can you torture that bastard to get out of your anger?” Li Qiuyan said viciously. If Bai Guangyi doesn’t let out such a bad breath, it will inevitably leave a psychological shadow, and he will be uncomfortable for the rest of his life.
Hearing Li Qiuyan’s assurance, the stone hanging in Bai Guangyi’s heart was finally put down.
“Mom, I want that bastard to kneel down for me first, kowtow to admit his mistake, and then I will break his whole bones piece by piece! I want him to live! No! Like! Death!” Bai Guangyi looked resentful. Fantasy Road.

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