Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 940

The body is just tired, but after the rest, there are not too many problems.
He stood up, put on the clothes on the side, and walked outside the door.
There are many people outside, but they don’t seem to know anyone, just nurses or patients.
Chen Feng looked familiar here, as if he had been here, but as soon as he thought about it, he heard someone call his name: “Chen Feng?”
Chen Feng turned around and saw an acquaintance, Chu Qingwan.
“Well, how are you!” Chen Feng made a smile.
Chu Qingwan looked at Chen Feng curiously; “You came to see me?”
Chen Feng also directly admitted: “Well, let’s see if you are better.”
Chu Qingwan was a little embarrassed, and said softly, “Well, I can walk a little bit.”
Chen Feng watched her leaning on a cane, as if she had just come out of the bathroom.
“I’ll accompany you back.” Chen Feng said.
Although she didn’t bring anything, Chu Qingwan didn’t seem to care, and Chen Feng accompanied Chu Qingwan back to her ward.
Slightly supporting Chu Qingwan and sitting back on the bed, Chen Feng looked at the fruit on the side and asked, “I will fix an apple for you.”
Chu Qing hurriedly refused, “No. I can come by myself.”
But Chen Feng had already picked up the knife and began to cut it slowly. His hands were steady, and the spiraling apple peel would naturally not break easily.
Chu Qingwan watched from the side, wondering when he would disconnect.
But when Chen Feng put the whole peeled apple in front of her, the apple skin still didn’t break.
“It’s amazing, I have never succeeded.” Chu Qingwan exclaimed.
Chen Feng smiled.
Originally, Chen Feng was ready to go back after sitting for a while. He was also afraid that if he found out that others were missing, those few people would be anxious.
But when he was about to get up, someone knocked on the door.
Chen Feng looked at Chu Qingwan, but found that her face was a little sad. It seemed that the people here were not the ones who made her happy.
So he sat down again.
And that person opened the door by himself without getting Chu Qingwan’s permission.
A bald man in a suit, carrying a briefcase, was about to say something to Chu Qingwan, but he did not expect that there were other people in the room.
“Mr. Zhang, I have already told you very clearly, and I will never agree to that matter.” Chu Qingwan said with a grim face.
Chen Feng, who was still scrupulous about being here, heard Chu Qingwan speak, and the person immediately responded: “Qingwan, you didn’t suffer from this matter. Think about it, who is that Ross Peter, worth more than 100 billion yuan. , If you just say a few words casually, it won’t be more than what you earned last year.”
Chen Feng immediately understood what he meant. This guy is a pimp.
Chu Qingwan still said coldly: “I don’t agree or I don’t agree, or the company will fire me, and I don’t care.”
Upon hearing this, the bald man also became annoyed: “Chu Qingwan, you know that if you let the company lose such a contract, the company will definitely sue you, and you won’t even be able to pay for selling yourself at that time. .”
Chu Qingwan looked at him coldly, didn’t speak any more, and didn’t seem to know how to refute.
Chen Feng laughed at this time. He said, “I don’t seem to understand this. It seems that this contract cannot be counted as a loss because of the company’s personal reasons.”
Just after Chen Feng finished speaking, the guy glanced at him contemptuously. It might be because of Chen Feng’s clothes that he judged that Chen Feng was not a terrible person.
“What do you know, company law matters, don’t know how to talk nonsense if you are so blind.”
Chen Feng was not annoyed by what he said, and still smiled there: “I really don’t understand this.”
“Since you don’t understand, don’t speak.” He said solemnly to Chen Feng, and then said to Chu Qingwan: “Qingwan, you can think about it clearly. If you are really forced to seize your property, you have to think about it. Your mother, it’s not easy for her to raise you up.”
This guy would even use a family card to threaten him. Chen Feng really couldn’t stand it. He picked up the phone and touched it in his pocket. He actually found him a business card, which was given to him by the person in charge of Qianjia that day. of.
He originally thought he would not use it, but just put it in his pocket casually, but he didn’t expect to use it.
After the phone was connected, Chen Feng said, “It’s me, Chen Feng.”
But the two of them in the room looked at Chen Feng curiously, they were talking, why did he make a phone call in the room.
“Your company has a surname named Zhang, you wait.” He said, looking at the bald man again, and asked, “Excuse me, what is your name.”
The bald man was taken aback. How could this have something to do with him, but he still subconsciously said: “Zhang Hexiong.”
Chen Feng picked up the phone again and said to the inside: “The guy named Zhang Hexiong, he seems to be threatening my woman and wants her to accompany some client. Well, you can figure it out.”
After saying a few words, Chen Feng ended the call.
Zhang Hexiong looked at Chen Feng, but only treated it as a trick, trying to scare him himself.
“Boy, this kind of trick of yours is outdated, so what else can you do, I think you didn’t even get through the phone.”
But Chu Qingwan’s attitude was different. She didn’t care about the woman’s dialogue, but she knew that Chen Feng should indeed be a senior who knew Qianjia, but listening to Chen Feng’s tone, it seemed that the other party still respected him.
Chen Feng smiled at the bald man and said, “I don’t know if it is true or not, or I will show you this business card.”
He passed the business card with the number in his hand just now.
Zhang Hexiong was a little panicked when he saw the business card. It was indeed their company’s business card, and the name of Qian’s name was written impressively on it.
And Qian Xing is the boss of their company.
Just as he didn’t know how to speak, his cell phone suddenly rang.
He drew his cell phone out of his briefcase in a panic, and then took a look at the company’s internal phone number.
It seemed that he had an unclear premonition in his heart, and when he looked towards Chen Feng, all he could see was an innocent smile.
He swallowed and put the phone on.
Then there was a curse from the microphone, and even Chen Feng, who was standing a little further away, could hear the sound.
“Hurry up and come back to Lao Tzu, what the hell are you, even the board of directors is alarmed.”
Zhang Hexiong quickly apologized, but how could he listen, Zhang Hexiong looked at the two Chen Feng with a bitter expression, and then fled from the ward likewise.
After a while, the room returned to quiet, leaving only Chen Feng and two others.
Chu Qingwan lowered her head and said softly, “Thank you.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “I just made a phone call.”

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