Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 948

But when he saw the guy named Qian Xueqiu, he was more indifferent.
I can’t see the indignation after the family was assassinated.
This makes Chen Feng a little strange.
And from the beginning, he did not choose to believe Qianjia’s words to the outside world. If they were willing to show things out, it would just attract some Xiaoxiao more, which was actually even more unfavorable for them.
So he thinks that Qianjia may have a bigger plan in this matter. Maybe they want to use this exhibition to get the other party out, or maybe there are other possibilities that they haven’t thought of for the time being.
However, the movement that just broke out was only one or two thousand family members appearing, which is not intended to be a trap.
Even though Chen Feng was angry with that Rose, he didn’t lose his composure. He would do it if he didn’t agree with him. He also wanted to get a chance to understand the purpose of Qianjia.
Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to be right.
Chihiro Yi said again: “This treasure may not be understood by many people. And since I got this treasure for more than 100 years, I have been studying it. Only recently have I learned something…”
Qianxunyi repeated what Chen Feng had heard from Zhao Donglai. Chen Feng carefully compared the words of the two, but there was not much difference.
And just as he thought of Zhao Donglai, a waiter took a tray and stood beside him.
Chen Feng was alert that the other party had no intention of doing anything, so he just looked back.
But I didn’t expect that this was the one I was thinking about, Zhao Donglai.
“Do you want to do it now?” Chen Feng didn’t panic, even he had thought that Zhao Donglai would definitely come, he lowered his voice and said.
Zhao Donglai’s waiter attire, matched with that kind of immature face, looked like a work-study college student.
He chuckles and said, “You really see me. Although there is only Chihiro Art here, that is not something I can deal with, and this thing may be fake.”
Chen Feng stared at him: “How do you know that you haven’t even seen anything?”
“The grandmaster of Qianjia returned to the desert, but he didn’t even see such an important treasure. Isn’t this thing afraid of people stealing it? I don’t believe they would make such a mistake.” With a tone of disdain.
Chen Feng also thinks it makes sense: “The trick of stealing the sky and changing the day?”
Zhao Donglai nodded, “Maybe, I just didn’t see the thing, and I can’t say it clearly, but when I see it, I can see the true and false at a glance.”
After a long introduction, Chihiro Yi finally wants to uncover the red hijab.
He put his hand on the cloth cover and said, “Everyone, look carefully.”
Immediately, he removed the hijab fiercely, revealing the glass showcase inside.
Placed in the showcase is a golden round copper coin, but it is different from ordinary copper coins, not only because it looks to be made of gold, but also because it is much larger than the size of two adult hands. The ones that come are even bigger.
There are four words on the side, but it is not a Tongbao word, but the words “Gift Emperor Taihao” written on it. This is also the origin of the name of this money.
Chen Feng glanced, then turned to wait for Zhao Dong’s message.
Zhao Dong looked carefully. Although it was a long distance away, he was a martial artist after all, and distance was not a problem.
“If you haven’t seen it before, you will definitely be guessing what it is, but now that you see it, I think everyone may be disappointed, but I have to tell everyone that this is his original appearance. Cheng, weighing one catty and four taels, has four characters in the book “Gift Emperor Taihao”.”
After Chihiro Art was introduced, Zhao Donglai finally finished watching it. He whispered, “That’s how it is, I know.”
“Really or not?” Chen Feng asked.
Zhao Donglai pretended to be high-sounding: “Do you know that this item has a nickname called Zijintai.”
Chen Feng naturally shook his head. He had never seen it before, and it was even more impossible for him to know such an unusual nickname.
Zhao Donglai did not continue to suspend Chen Feng’s appetite, and directly explained: “He is not exactly gold. In the subtleties, he wears purple gold. The scattered pieces are like a sitting platform. It is a purple gold platform, and if you look carefully, although there is also purple gold on it, the scattered position and quantity are much different.”
Having said so, just say it again, it is false.
But at the same time, Chen Feng also admired Zhao Donglai. He could remember such subtle details so clearly.
Zhao Donglai seemed to know what Chen Feng was thinking, and said, “I have a good memory since I was a child. If I want to remember things carefully, I can basically remember them clearly. I have played with Zijintai, so I recognize them clearly.”
Chen Feng did not affirm his statement. He would not completely believe him just because of Zhao Dong’s words.
Zhao Donglai said again, “I’m leaving. Since they have moved the personnel out of here, the authentic product may be tightly protected somewhere. Do you have any ideas, but I have been waiting for you.”
Chen Feng looked at Chihiro Art who was still pretending to be in the field. Although he seemed to really like the fake, for Chen Feng, staying on was just a waste of time.
“I will leave with you.” He said to Zhao Dong, and then lowered his voice and asked Chu Qingwan: “I want to leave first, and I will ask the thousand family members to help send you back, okay?”
When Chu Qingwan heard that Chen Feng was about to leave, she felt a bit resentful in her heart, but then she thought that she had nothing to do with Chen Feng, and she had no reason to stop Chen Feng, but nodded helplessly.
Chen Feng followed Zhao Donglai and left the venue.
Under the ground of a mountain, only seen from the outside, the lush greenery is just in the shade of the mountain, and the trees are a bit shorter than the south, but the underground at this time is completely different.
The tunnel is narrow, and only one person can pass through at a time. The dark road seems to be covered with moss, a bit slippery, but this place is a secret place for a thousand families.
Qianhiro Qian went to the front, and there were four or five thousand children behind him, all of them looked solemn and unsmiling.
With the light in his hand, he walked inward, about a hundred steps, and finally descended to a cellar.
And in front of the heavy metal gate, there is an open space, and the six people standing there will seem much smaller.
It is a full height of seven or eight people, and the width is also the same. It is a huge circular gate, and the complicated metal machinery is the basis for locking it.
One of those thousands of children seems to have never seen it before, and is now staring at this miracle dumbly.

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