Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 958

The other party didn’t seem to think about this question, and couldn’t answer it for a while, just stared at Chen Feng blankly.
Chen Feng seemed to have expected it. He took out a business card from his pocket, put it on the table, and said, “You can make this call. They are a group, just like you.”
The young man looked down at the business card. It was very simple. There was only a string of numbers on the smooth paper and no other words.
Chen Feng said again: “I am just helping to contact the people here. You are in the same situation, so you may have some common ideas. The Bai Xing who introduced you earlier seems to be a representative of this group.”
The other party picked up the number, his face was already showing heartbeat, it is indeed a good way to keep warm.
Chen Feng smiled and said, “That’s it, you can settle the bill for this meal, just as I am rewarding you for providing information.”
With that, he stood up to leave.
However, even though Chen Feng said so, the other party naturally wouldn’t take it seriously, and quickly said, “Master Chen, how can this be.”
Chen Feng waved his hand, indicating that it was all right, and he had already walked to the door.
“Young Master Chen!” the man shouted, and hurriedly went to the boss to settle the meal.
But when he chased him out, Chen Feng was already in a black Porsche, and the car left immediately.
The car is of course Bai Xing’s. Sitting in the driving seat, Bai Xing said, “Alright?”
“Yeah!” Chen Feng nodded, but then complained: “Next time there is such a thing, don’t look for me again, it’s too tired.”
Bai Xing smiled and said: “There is no way. Qianjia stays behind closed doors. The outsiders are curious about the truth. Naturally, I will do everything possible to find a way. And I know that you happen to be in Qianjia. This does not happen to take advantage of the opportunity.”
It turned out that after Bai Xing learned of this, he immediately discussed with Chen Feng.
Qianjia confronted Molang. This was their initial plan, but they didn’t expect it to be so dramatic, and more importantly, it affected the interests of too many small families.
Among them, they may be scared, at a loss, and even excited.
But in the final analysis, they are all a way out. If the current situation is broken and there are no thousands of shelters, they will be afraid of whether Molang will attack them.
Once you are afraid, you can do whatever you want.
Chen Feng thought that instead of letting them mess around, it’s better to unite and deal with Molang according to their initial plan.
Soon after returning to Qianjia, Chen Feng did not leave directly because of his injury. Instead, he and Qianjia asked to live longer, and Qianxunyi agreed.
There were quite a few cars parked on the side of the road, naturally they were all waiting for Qianjia’s reply.
But they couldn’t get in. Chen Feng asked Bai Xing to let him get off on the side of the road. When he got out of the car, he saw the guys here and said, “There are almost enough people in your place. Let them come out and agitate. In two days, there will be no one here.”
Bai Xing glanced towards the outside of the car. Someone was leaning on the car, drinking bottled water, his face also looked haggard.
“It is indeed possible. They actually estimate that they have information in their hearts, but they have no direction, so they can only hope that Qianjia can deny it.”
Chen Feng nodded: “Then it’s up to you. I don’t want to show up again later.”
After leaving Bai Xing, Chen Feng also returned to the small courtyard where he lived. Although Qianjia rejected the visitors, they couldn’t see what they said was busy, and even a little leisurely. No, someone approached Chen Feng.
The bamboo forest outside the small courtyard began to fall. Although someone was cleaning the ground, he couldn’t bear it.
The footsteps of the visitors are very light, but they will still make a humming noise when they step on the fallen leaves.
Chen Feng had just entered the door not long ago, but this person came so quickly, it seemed that he had waited a long time ago. After thinking about it, he didn’t enter the house, but just sat on the stone bench in the courtyard.
Qian Xueqiu walked in with a gift box, and Chen Feng looked at the pattern on it, which looked like a snack.
When he saw Chen Feng sitting there, he walked straight over.
“This is my osmanthus cloud mud cake, a specialty of the desert. The owner asked me to send some for Chen Shao to taste.” Qian Xueqiu smiled.
“It sounds good.”
“Naturally, if you say it, this cloud mud cake takes a lot of work…” He boasted a few words, but Chen Feng knew that he was not just here to talk about pastries.
“Is there anything Thousand Patriarch wants to ask me, otherwise he won’t let you come over and give me snacks, and just send me personally, but it’s very simple.”
Qian Xueqiu chuckled lightly, put the things on the table in front of Chen Feng, and said, “I was still thinking about how to talk to Shao Chen, but Chen Shao brought it up first.”
“I don’t like roundabouts.” Chen Feng said.
“Can I sit?” Qian Xueqiu asked.
“This is Qianjia.” Chen Feng smiled, naturally meaning that Qian Xueqiu doesn’t need to be so polite.
But Qian Xueqiu has always been cautious, even in the face of Chen Feng. Since Chen Feng agreed, he sat down and said, “Since Chen Shao doesn’t like to make rounds, then I will just say it.”
Chen Feng was also looking at his expression, but he couldn’t see what was important, he should just be testing something.
“The Patriarch just wants to ask Shao Chen if he is also dealing with Molang?”
Chen Feng smiled and said without a smile: “What does this mean? Is the message of the opposition between Molang and Qianjia true?”
“Did Shao Chen knowingly ask that the Patriarch really wants to cooperate with Shao Chen, if it is not the case, the Patriarch would not let me come over and talk to Shao Chen first.”
“But things are different from what I imagined. You know my recent developments, so that’s why I have such thoughts. But I really hate someone watching me. This is not a prerequisite for sincere cooperation.”
Qian Xueqiu knew that he was still thinking too simple, but the matter was arranged by Qianxun Art, so he could only continue: “I shouldn’t have said this, but I know that it is impossible to hide Chen Shao. Indeed, we I have monitored Shao Chen, but it was only because Shao Chen appeared in my treasure house inexplicably. This is not easy to be reassuring.”
Being able to make him proactively admit that this is something Chen Feng did not imagine.
“I have explained it, and even talked to your Patriarch.”
“Chen Shao himself is willing to believe that rhetoric, but it’s just a false statement, and we won’t take it seriously. But we don’t even limit Chen Shao’s freedom. We just paid a little attention to it. Does Chen Shao think this is too Is our fault?”
Chen Feng still said, “Hmph, if you are so sincere, then we don’t need to talk about cooperation. I don’t think I need to talk about the situation of Qianjia at this time.”

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