Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 960

Unfortunately, Qian Xueqiu still couldn’t persuade her mother.
After having dinner with her mother in the courtyard, Qian Xueqiu said goodbye to her mother. Shen Aoxueben wanted to stay with him for a while, but she also knew that Qian Xueqiu was very busy recently.
“You have to pay more attention to your body. If it really doesn’t work, talk to the Patriarch, the Patriarch should be considerate of you.” Shen Aoxue is not clear about Qian Xueqiu’s affairs, so she can only care about it.
Qian Xueqiu nodded and left the yard.
He walked out of Qianjia, got on a taxi on the side of the road, and disappeared in the shadow under the street lights.
At a roadside food stall, a few men with big waists were drinking, their voices were loud, they were playing games of persuading drinks, and they were screaming about their usual happiness, but here, everyone is understandable.
It’s just that there are always people who get upset, and the guy at the next table feels very upset while drinking.
“Haha! You fucking lose again, come and drink.”
I don’t know who said this. This guy finally couldn’t bear it. He turned around and stood up and shouted, “Can you be a fucking quieter?”
Four or five people were stunned for a while, they might not have thought that someone would dare to talk to them like this.
Looking at the owner of the voice, he was just a young guy, who didn’t seem to have much energy, but his face was red; he should be a little drunk.
It turned out that Jiu Jin was playing awe-inspiring here.
Four or five people were too lazy to bother, but after taking a look, they continued their topic, talking about how slippery the girl panel they saw last time.
The drunk guy was not someone else. It was Zhao Donglai who had some strength that day. He hurried away after the thousands of family members arrived. He didn’t bother Chen Feng. Chen Feng watched him escape and complained in his heart. For a while.
The things were about to be obtained, but they were still snatched away. He has been in a bad mood these few days, and that’s why he was drinking alone here.
And these few people ignored him, he was uncomfortable at first, but now he is even more annoyed.
He walked to the other side’s table, patted a guy on the shoulder, and said.
“I asked you to keep your voice down, did you not hear me!”
He squinted slightly, looking unconscious.
The guy who was slapped on the shoulder turned his head, but didn’t get angry. He just chuckled, “Brother, I advise you not to cause trouble.”
The others also looked at Zhao Donglai with a smile, seemingly expectant.
If Zhao Donglai is still sober, he will naturally not cause trouble, but now he is completely dominated by emotions, and sullenly said to the person: “Provoke trouble? I will let you know what makes trouble.”
Apart from anything else, going up is a slap to the other person’s head.
The guy couldn’t dodge, his head was buzzing, several of his companions looked at them, and immediately woke up from surprise, stood up one by one, and rushed towards Zhao Donglai.
Originally, Zhao Donglai’s skill was more than enough to deal with these people, but he had forgotten the injuries that day, as well as the current state of drunkenness, and all martial arts moves. A few people surrounded him and just barely supported.
The other people saw that Zhao Donglai seemed to have some skills, but when they were provoked, they couldn’t stop there. They all had enough strength to beat Zhao Donglai to the ground.
Zhao Donglai kicked over, was avoided by the opponent, and kicked over the table where the few people were sitting.
In an instant, those bottles and cans, wine dishes and bowls were overturned on the ground, making a mess.
“I’m going to fuck you.” Some of the people immediately became angry and picked up the folding chairs they were sitting on from the ground, and then patted Zhao Donglai.
With weapons, Zhao Donglai was even more difficult to deal with, and he stepped back several steps.
The others immediately followed suit and picked up the chairs on the ground.
If Zhao Donglai is sober and knows that he can’t deal with it now, it may be as if he turned around and ran when he fought Chen Feng that day, then there would be nothing wrong.
But he just wants to fight to the death with these people.
One piece of the surface of the folding chair hit Zhao Donglai’s head, and it was immediately smashed, and blood slowly flowed from his head.
Those guys were also a little scared when they saw the bloodshed, but they were also afraid that they would actually kill them.
But Zhao Donglai was still reluctant, and he was about to continue rushing over.
Someone behind him stopped him.
Zhao Donglai also regarded this person as a group of people in front of him. He turned around and was about to beat him, but he passed it with a punch and was easily blocked by the other party.
At this time, Zhao Donglai saw the opposite party clearly.
It turned out to be a woman, delicate and charming, pinching his wrist and looking at him with a light smile.
“It’s you?” Zhao Donglai shouted in surprise.
Qian’er smiled and said, “Why, don’t you want to see your sister?”
It was as if Zhao Donglai was suddenly splashed with cold water and woke up from a drunk state. He turned around and wanted to escape, but he knew that if he fell into the opponent’s hands, there would be no good fruit.
But the grasped wrist was pinched tightly, and the struggle was just in vain.
Qian’er looked at the guys at this time, and smiled: “This guy is not very clear in his mind. I will apologize for him. If there is any compensation for him, I will also compensate him. .”
They looked good at first, and they spoke so politely. Those guys looked at Qian’er, but they lost their anger for a while. They looked at each other, and one of the guys said, “This is something we will regard as bad luck. If I meet again next time, I won’t be so lucky.”
Qian’er thanked again and again, and left with Zhao Donglai.
Zhao Donglai naturally refused. He shouted, “You let me go.”
Qian’er ignored him, pulled his wrist, and seemed to easily lead him to a sedan to the side.
She opened the car door and pushed Zhao Donglai in.
Zhao Donglai wanted to escape from the other side, but heard Qian’er sneer and said: “If you want to escape, I will nail the Soul Eater to your heart.”
Zhao Donglai shuddered, but he knew the taste of the needle, and being so threatened, he sat there honestly.
Qian’er also sat in the driving seat, but did not say a word to Zhao Dong. It seemed that she was not the one who came to Zhao Dong.
The place where he came is a club. Zhao Dong has been here several times. He can always be used as a guest, but now he is being escorted. Naturally, he is not able to play anything when he enters. There should be someone waiting here. he.
Most of the people entering and leaving the intersection looked at Qian’er, and even Zhao Donglai was noticed.
He was a little afraid that if he met some acquaintances at this time, he would not be very good at talking.
But soon, Qian’er took him to a private room, which was very large, but there were only three or two people sitting in it, they were talking about something, and there was no entertainment in it.

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