Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 968

“They are all scum. If I’m afraid of causing any trouble, I want to sink them into the Yellow River.” Seeing Chen Feng, Bai Xing said angrily.
Chen Feng didn’t doubt that Bai Xing would do this, and he didn’t say anything.
In the evening, he made an appointment, so he separated from Bai Xing.
Evening stars fell into the night, and Lanshi entered the dark night when the lanterns first came on. Chen Feng is going to see Chu Qingwan today, so he also wears more regular clothes, which seems to have added a bit of brilliance.
The western restaurant would appear quiet and suitable for heart-to-heart talks, so Chen Feng asked Bai Xing to reserve a seat for him.
As a symbol of Lanshi, although this western restaurant is better than the magic capital, it is also the favorite of the upper class. Seats need to be reserved in advance, and even if you are not a member, you cannot enter.
Then Chu Qingwan came to this restaurant.
At this time it was dinner time, and there were still a lot of people eating, almost mostly a pair of men and women, with red wine, white napkins, and waiters in black and white uniforms serving them.
In the corner of the restaurant, a Steinway upright piano is slowly playing soft music, lacking liveliness and adding a sense of demure.
Chen Feng took Chu Qingwan to the seat.
Chu Qingwan was still a little surprised. She didn’t expect Chen Summit to bring her here.
“This seems to be a membership system, are you also a member here?” Chu Qing asked Wan.
Chen Feng shook his head and said, “I don’t think the membership is the best if I drag the relationship with a friend, but it will be quieter than other places, and maybe it will be more suitable for chatting.”
The floor-to-ceiling windows on the side can see the night view of Lan City, such as the streamer lights of colored ribbons and the dots of lights dotted with high-rise buildings, which are especially refreshing.
“But it’s too expensive, you take me here…”
Chen Feng interrupted Chu Qingwan’s worry and said, “Can you not worry about money? If you really say it, I can’t tell you clearly that these are nothing to me.”
Chu Qingwan had no choice but to stop arguing with Chen Feng.
Soon, a waiter will come over.
“What do you two want to order?”
Chen Feng heard the voice familiar, just looked up, only to find that it was the older sister of Wu Cheng that she saw during the day, but she didn’t expect that she would actually work here.
When the other party saw Chen Feng’s face, she was also surprised, but her good professionalism kept her from being too disgraced. She still had a smile on her face and handed the menu to both Chen Feng.
And the girl didn’t mention him, Chen Feng would naturally not take the initiative to do so, he was just here to eat tonight.
After ordering a meal with Chu Qingwan, the girl left with the menu, but then came back again with a bottle of red wine.
Pour the wine into the decanter and make some preparations before she leaves.
“After getting to know you, I still don’t know what you do?” Chu Qingwan asked.
“By the way, you can treat me as a businessman, just an ordinary businessman.”
Chu Qingwan naturally didn’t believe it: “But I have seen a lot of businessmen, but they don’t seem to be as mysterious as you. It can make thousands of families respectful, and this kind of place will come casually. You won’t be super rich. The second generation.”
Chen Feng smiled and said, “Don’t you look down on the rich second generation?”
Chu Qingwan really thought about it, thought about it, and said, “It just doesn’t seem to be a good word, it’s always associated with absurdity and willfulness.”
But while I was speaking, I felt that I was afraid that Chen Feng would misunderstand that he was talking about him, so he explained: “I’m not talking about you, but the current society has always been like this. The feeling you give me is very real, like a a good person.”
Chen Feng smiled and nodded. Good people and very good people always have different meanings when they come out of a woman’s mouth.
“Unfortunately, I am also a rich second generation in a sense, um, or more generations. But my attitude towards money is still very simple. He is always just a tool and cannot be superior to others. superior.”
Chu Qingwan looked at Chen Feng with some fascination, and said, “It would be great if everyone thought of you like this.”
Chen Feng said: “This may not be realistic. Although I think people should be above money, some people prefer to put themselves below. For money, anything can be done.”
As he was talking, there was a hint of noise in the originally quiet restaurant.
Chen Feng frowned. He thought it would disappear soon, and the restaurant staff also passed by, but after eating for a while, the voice continued.
“What happened?” Chu Qingwan asked curiously.
Chen Feng looked over, but didn’t want to just see the girl in the whirlpool.
There was a gentle-looking man standing there saying something, while the girl’s petite face looked aggrieved, as if she wanted to cry.
Chen Feng thought for a while, and said to Chu Qing gently: “I’ll go over and take a look.”
Chu Qingwan was a little weird, but he didn’t ask further. Although most people would not get involved in this kind of quarrel, there would naturally be kind people who preside over justice.
Chen Feng walked over. The well-mannered man with gold glasses and shiny face looked like a very educated person.
It’s just that the eyes are really domineering and don’t put others in the eyes.
“Apologize, just apologize?” Chen Feng just passed by when he heard him say.
The girl was silent, but another man who resembled a store manager was mediating: “I’m really sorry, sir, if there is any loss, our store will bear it.”
The man disdainfully said: “Come to your boss.”
It seemed to say that the store manager didn’t deserve to talk to him.
The store manager reluctantly explained: “I’m sorry, sir, our boss is not there, you can just tell me what you need.”
The man immediately sullen his face and said angrily: “Tell you? What are you?”
This is already a curse. If the store manager has a temper, he can just curse it back.
But he could only hold back and explained with a smile: “Sir, our boss is really not here, I will ask her to apologize to you. If you are not satisfied, you can mention it again. As long as you don’t disturb other guests eating.”
The manager seems to be under a lot of pressure, and the people who can come here are not simple people, so neither can offend the guests in front of him, nor can he offend other dining guests.
The man looked at the girl and said, “Let her sit down and have a drink with me, and I will let her go.”
This request is too simple. The store manager seemed to be grateful to the other person, and then quickly said to the girl: “What are you still waiting for? You are not going to accompany this customer for a drink.”
The girl looked wronged, but knowing she had no choice, she picked up a cup on the dining table.

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