Royal Dragon Husband

Chapter: 969

Under the gaze of the man, the girl looked at nearly two-thirds of the glass of red wine, her entire face wrinkled together.
But she closed her eyes and drank the wine directly.
There was still a lot of wine in this glass, and the girl drank it for a long time before finally swallowing it.
The corners of his mouth also flowed out, dripping on the white shirt on his chest, dyeing him red.
“Okay, very good.” The man clapped his hands and laughed.
The girl stood there stubbornly, as if she had succumbed, but she knew she didn’t.
At this moment, I thought that everything was over. The store manager was also relieved, and was about to say something sweet, but he didn’t expect the man to say, “Although you drank such a glass of wine, I admire it, but I asked for it. But you sit down and drink with me, what do you mean when you finish drinking by yourself.”
The face of the shop manager who had just laughed froze again, and even the girl looked at him at a loss.
“However, I don’t mind. You sit down and let’s talk. I can completely ignore the things you did wrong before.”
He said so, but if the girl was allowed to sit there, the whole nature changed. It was an insult to a girl with a bit of chastity.
But in the face of this customer, even the store manager can’t help but what else the girl can do, she is a little desperate.
Chen Feng thought that this matter would end like this, and he didn’t even need to stand up, but it seemed that he still had to help the girl.
He walked over and said, “If you continue to be so savage, be careful I throw you out.”
Chen Feng is also very direct. He is not afraid of the other party, so the solution is even more rude.
The man was a little surprised and looked at Chen Feng in astonishment, but then he also angrily said, “You don’t mind your nostalgia.”
Looking at him, Chen Feng had to say to himself, “I still have to do it.”
Not much nonsense, and walked to his side. The man wanted to retreat with a little fear, but Chen Feng went up and grabbed him by the collar and threw him to the ground.
“What are you doing, I can sue you like this.” The man was still yelling, and the originally peaceful western restaurant was now completely noisy.
But Chen Feng’s hand had been changed to the collar of his back neck, and he dragged him out of the dining room.
After dragging him to the door, Chen Feng threw him out and said, “If I see him once in the future, I will hit you once.”
As he said, he stopped paying attention.
And the other party was really scared, at least Chen Feng said so, he didn’t dare to go in again, patted his butt, and left dingy.
But the atmosphere in the restaurant was different. They all looked at Chen Feng with strange eyes, seemingly a little afraid.
Perhaps in their hearts, Chen Feng was the strange person. How stupid it was to force his way out for a nameless waitress, and he didn’t know what the identity of the proud man just now was.
If you encounter an identity that you can’t afford, then you can really lose your wife and break the army.
But it was the shop manager who was relaxed. Anyway, the contradiction now is at least not the problem in the shop. The man who was just thrown out was looking for Chen Feng first.
So when Chen Feng returned, he thanked Chen Feng with a smile on his face.
Chen Feng ignored him, even just glanced at the girl before returning to his seat.
The girl wanted to say something to Chen Feng, but looking at Chen Feng’s attitude, she had to hold back the words.
When he returned to his seat, Chu Qingwan took a sip of wine and asked Chen Feng, “Do you know the girl just now?”
Chen Feng was a little surprised, but since Chu Qingwan saw it, he didn’t intend to deny it, saying: “I met her once, but I didn’t expect that she would be a waiter here.”
“You help her in this way, it seems that she doesn’t even look at you in the same way.” Chu Qingwan smiled lightly.
Chen Feng also smiled: “Why do I feel jealous when I hear this? Don’t you want me to do this.”
Chu Qingwan seemed to be really being talked about, and even became red, but she denied it: “Who is jealous, what you do is up to me.”
Chen Feng persuaded: “Okay, I invited you out specially, but it wasn’t her. It was just accidental when I met. Let’s continue eating.”
But Chu Qingwan frowned and said: “How to eat, those are all looking towards here.”
Chen Feng looked over and found that it was really like this. He didn’t want to stay any longer, so he said, “Then let’s go. If we are not full, go to other places to get some more food.”
Chu Qingwan nodded.
When checking out when he left, the store manager was simply grateful that Dade wanted to save Chen Feng’s meal.
However, Chen Feng declined, and he really didn’t pay, and when she left, the girl watched Chen Feng leave.
But looking at Chu Qingwan standing aside, she just felt that some things were not something she could look up to.
After leaving, the two wandered around some more places, and finally Chen Feng sent Chu Qingwan back.
And at this time in a warehouse in Lanshi.
A dozen or so people are surrounding the three people sitting in the middle of playing cards. One of them is Brother Yang. The bandage on his face is still there, he is holding a card in his hand, and a cigarette is still in his mouth.
One of the guys sneered and said, “What’s wrong with you, you have been punished.”
Brother Yang looked at each other irritably, and said, “You fucking fart, I accidentally fell.”
Naturally no one would believe this.
“If you fell so badly, I think it was just thrown out.” Another guy also said timely.
Then the two laughed loudly.
Brother Yang was not upset, so he threw the card away: “Stop playing.”
Watching Brother Yang get angry, the other two people asked in a good voice, “What the hell is going on here, Brother Yang, this brother is here. If you have anything to say, in the northern suburbs, no one has dared to touch our brother. several.”
Brother Yang was upset when he heard them say that, after thinking about it, he also felt that this matter could be told to them.
So I said everything that happened today.
After listening, the slightly fat guy exclaimed, “Fucking it, but I can’t bear it anyway, Brother Yang, I’ll take someone over and tie that kid to you and let him give it to you. Kob your head and admit your mistakes.”
With that said, it seems that he really wants to leave.
Brother Yang yelled at him, “Fart, do you know who that guy is? Where is he now, do you know?”
The guy immediately lost his voice and sat firmly in his seat before asking, “Then Brother Yang, this is not easy to do. If you don’t even know it, it’s not easy for brothers to avenge you? ”
Brother Yang thought for a while, and saw that there were more than a dozen people around, plus those who hadn’t come, it should be no problem to pool dozens of people.

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