Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 23

The slave did what he said, but the crystal ball didn’t respond.

The monk behind the table shook his head: “No cultivation qualification, next one!”

The slave suddenly lost his mind, and hurriedly said: “I’m not ready, let me try again.”

“Next!” The monk waved his sleeve robe, and the chattering slave was rolled aside and fell to the ground.

This scene made all the slaves who were still queuing feel sorry for each other, knowing whether their fate could be changed or not, they just had to look at the crystal ball, and they all choked up their energy immediately.

The slaves came forward one by one, all without the qualifications for cultivation.

When the thirteenth person covered the crystal ball with both hands, the crystal ball that had not responded suddenly lit up with a light blue light.

“Finally there is one!” The monk behind the table smiled and looked up at the slave: “Name.”

The slave blushed with excitement, and answered truthfully.

The cultivator behind the table took out something that looked like a jade card, and activated his spiritual power. Soon, the name of the person was revealed on one side of the jade card.

Passed the jade card to him, and said: “Put it away carefully, you will need it later, now go to that tent over there and ask my third senior brother to check your talent.”

“Yes, thank you, my lord.” Holding the jade plaque, as if holding the most precious treasure, the slave trotted towards the back, behind which stood a simple tent.

Seeing this scene, Lu Ye immediately understood that this test is divided into two levels, one is to check whether there is aptitude for cultivation, and the other is to check the level of talent.

Qualification and talent are different. The former determines whether a person can practice and has the qualifications to practice, while the latter determines how high the person’s future achievements will be. Theoretically speaking, the better the talent, the better the future achievements will be. high.

Of course, due to limited conditions, the talent test here is just a general test, and it is not guaranteed to be completely accurate, but it is always close to each other, and the deviation will not be too large.

In terms of aptitude, Lu Ye is not worried, he has already enlightened, and he must be able to practice.

As for the level of talent, it’s not sure, he doesn’t know what his talent is, and he has to go to the tent behind to test it before he can find out.

The first person with the aptitude for cultivation has appeared, adding a bit of vitality to the originally silent queue, and immediately gave birth to a feeling that I can do it again.

However, the reality is cruel after all.

In the next test, more than ten people were eliminated, and finally one person with cultivation qualifications appeared.

Like the previous scene re-enacted.

The long queue keeps shortening, one slave after another goes from expectation to disappointment…

Generally speaking, among the ten or so people, there will always be one who has the aptitude for cultivation, and this ratio is similar to what Lu Ye knows.

He was standing in the second half of the queue, but because the detection speed was very fast, he was standing in front of the table in less than an incense stick.

“Have you ever enlightened?” The monk behind the table asked in the same way.

“Opened a hole.” Lu Ye replied honestly.

That cultivation base immediately raised his head, looked Lu Ye up and down, smiled and said: “Okay, finally someone has enlightened.”

Although there were seven or eight people who passed the aptitude test before, those seven or eight people didn’t have enlightenment. In the queue here, Lu Ye is the first one who really opened the spiritual aperture!

“Come on, put your hands on it.” The monk pointed to the crystal ball on the table.

Lu Ye was puzzled, isn’t this thing a qualification test? I have opened my spiritual aperture, what else do I need to test?

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