Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 27

Seeing her reaction like this, Lu Ye immediately understood.

Does this talent of mine really seem unsatisfactory?

“Miss Yu, what’s your talent?” Lu Ye asked.

Yu Xiaodie said: “It’s almost the same as Brother Lu.”

Lu Ye waved his hand: “You don’t need to comfort me, I probably understand the situation, does it mean that the smaller the number, the lower the talent?”

Yu Xiaodie pursed her lips, intending to comfort Lu Ye, but she didn’t know how to speak, so she could only nod in the end: “Yes.”

“No wonder.” Lu Ye thought of the last sentence that the third senior brother said, secretly thinking that monks are also very realistic.

Yu Xiaodie said: “Brother Lu, don’t be discouraged. Today’s test is not accurate, and the magic circle used is not advanced, and there are occasional mistakes.”

Lu Ye smiled: “Although I don’t know what the name of the magic circle is, but since the result came out, I can only face it calmly.”

Yu Xiaodie looked at him curiously: “Brother Lu really thinks it’s okay?” Lu Ye’s free and easy attitude didn’t look like an act, and most people would definitely feel disheartened after getting such a result.

Lu Ye looked not far away, and smiled slightly: “Compared with those people, I am very lucky to be able to get enlightened.”

Following his gaze, a large group of dejected people gathered over there, all of whom were eliminated without cultivation qualifications.

The Liu brothers were among them.

“By the way, what’s your talent?” Lu Ye turned around and asked.

Although looking at Yu Xiaodie’s expression, she knew that her talent was not too bad, but Lu Ye couldn’t help but want to compare it. He had to know how bad his talent was, which caused the three senior brothers to speak differently. .

Yu Xiaodie was holding her jade token in her hand, but when she heard Lu Ye’s words, she instinctively flinched. It wasn’t that she wanted to hide anything, but she didn’t want to hit Lu Ye too hard.

Lu Ye teased, “Didn’t you look down on me? Creatures like men, the more they are hit, the more motivated they will be!”

Yu Xiangdie said helplessly: “Brother Lu really wants to see it?”

Lu Ye smiled and said, “Anyway, the result has already come out, no matter how bad it is, it won’t be too bad.”

Yu Xiaodie thought for a while and said, “That’s right, Big Brother Lu is really a free and easy person.” She was full of admiration.

Lu Ye had already talked about this point, how could she refuse, the information recorded on the jade plate was not something that should not be revealed.

He stretched out his hand and handed his jade token to Lu Ye.

Lu Ye took it, and fixed his eyes, only to see Yu Xiaodie’s name engraved on the side facing him. He turned to the other side, and on it was her attribute line, a wooden character, it seemed that Yu Xiaodie was the master of five elements. Wood, there is a number under the wood characters.

“thirty eight?”

Lu Ye looked a little dumbfounded, it seemed…somewhat different from what he thought?

He then asked, “No, Miss Yu, how could it be thirty-eight, isn’t the highest eight?”

He remembered very clearly that there were only eight small saplings on the disk, how could there be such an outrageous number as thirty-eight.

“The highest is sixty-four.” Yu Xiaodie was a little confused by Lu Ye’s words. She pinched her fingers and murmured: “Eight trees and eight leaves, it’s sixty-four. In theory, the highest is sixty-four.” The talent is sixty-four leaves.”

Lu Ye looked up at her, his eyes slowly lost their luster…

Yu Xiaodie was startled, and called softly: “Brother Lu? Are you okay?”

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