Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 28

What did you just say that the more a creature like a man is hit, the more motivated it is, why was it hit like this in a blink of an eye?

Sure enough, she shouldn’t have shown him her jade token, Yu Xiaodie secretly blamed herself.

“Cheer up, Brother Lu.”

“Let me be quiet!” Lu Ye waved his hand at her, and looked up at the sky with blank eyes.

He probably understood that the word engraved on the back of his jade badge did not represent a sapling, but a leaf on a sapling!

In the talent test, each sapling can produce eight leaves, a total of eight, and the limit is sixty-four leaves.

The thirty-eight of Yu Xiaodie’s jade card means that she made those young saplings produce a total of thirty-eight leaves in the talent test, but he only had one leaf, not a tree!

Lu Ye was really hit hard this time.

He had tried his best to lower his psychological expectations, but in the end he realized that the expectations he thought were the bottom line were nothing at all.

Being the bottom of the eighth gear and the bottom of the sixty-fourth gear are completely different things.

“Brother Lu…” Yu Xiaodie looked at him worriedly, only feeling that Lu Ye was shrouded in a gray atmosphere, and the vitality just now disappeared completely. “Although talent is important, it doesn’t mean Everything, Brother Lu, I have heard someone say a word, called heaven rewards hard work…”

“Then you must have never heard people say that the world is not benevolent and treats all things as straw dogs…”

“Huh?” Yu Xiaodie felt something strange.

Lu Ye has already taken a deep breath and recovered. Although he still feels a little uncomfortable, as he said before, the result has come out, so he can only face it calmly.

What’s more, he also has a talent tree!

Even if his talent is not high enough, this magical talent tree should be able to make up for it.

“Tell me about the basis of this talent test?” Lu Ye asked. Although he tested it in the tent just now, he didn’t know how to test it. He closed his eyes during the whole process.

Yu Xiaodie didn’t explain immediately, but looked at him seriously.

There was still some worry in her eyes, Lu Ye smiled and said, “I’m really fine.”

Yu Xiaodie sighed, and said, “Since Big Brother Lu wants to know, then I’ll tell you what I know.”

She immediately explained the principle of the magic circle and the testing process one by one.

Lu Ye finally understood: “That is to say, it is difficult for spiritual energy to be introduced into my body? So my talent is very low?” He couldn’t help but think of his own feelings during the test. The external spiritual energy penetrated into his body hard, but He couldn’t get in, and his whole body hurt from the stabbing.

Yu Xiaodie nodded and said, “Exactly.”

“So that’s how it is!” Lu Ye probably understood, and then he was puzzled: “But what can these explain? How can we judge a person’s talent level from these appearances? Miss Yu, don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about myself My talent is low, I just want to know why.”

Seeing his swearing expression, Yu Xiaodie couldn’t laugh or cry, and patiently explained: “Brother Lu, do you know what channels monks rely on to become stronger?”

Lu Ye said: “Take the elixir, breathe out the spiritual energy, refine and transform the energy, and use the spiritual stone?”

“That’s right.” Yu Xiaodie nodded, “However, the most important thing is to absorb spiritual energy and use spiritual stones. The other two methods are only auxiliary means. If it is difficult to introduce external spiritual energy into the body, the efficiency of practice will naturally be low, and the talent will be low. With the same time and resources, a monk with high talent can open more spiritual apertures, and his achievements will naturally be higher in the future. Since Big Brother Lu has already opened the spiritual apertures, he also feels the difficulty of practicing.”

Lu Ye remembered those days when he was in the dark in the mine. He ate Qi and Blood Pills every day, and then refined and transformed Qi. He felt that he was getting stronger little by little.

Yu Xiaodie said that monks practiced mainly by absorbing spirit energy and spirit stones, and taking spirit pills and refining energy to transform energy were auxiliary means, but she seemed to be… the other way around.

He vaguely sensed that something was wrong, so he said, “Miss Yu, how long did it take you to open the first spirit orifice until it was full?”

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