Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 33

He paused, and then continued: “Although a sect is composed of several factions, they always have different emphases. In this case, the lower the rank of the sect, the more obvious it is, because they don’t have too many sects. Energy and resources make all factions go hand in hand. Take Fen Yueshan who was present this time as an example, they mainly focus on alchemy in law and external cultivation. The states are all well-known. If people who belong to fire in the five elements want to visit Fenyue Mountain, they will undoubtedly have a greater advantage, because the spiritual power of the element of fire is needed to make alchemy and weapons.”

When he said the last sentence, he glanced at Lu Ye, and the implied meaning was already obvious.

Lu Ye suddenly said: “This is what the senior brother said before, to determine the faction by one’s own attributes?”

“Exactly.” Pang Dahai nodded, “Gold master is sharp, and can follow the path of military cultivation, law cultivation, and physical cultivation. The spirit is soft, inclusive of all things, all factions are not exclusive, the fire is violent, except for medical practitioners and ghost cultivators, other factions are compatible, the earth is thick, and it is most suitable for physical cultivation, so what path do you want to take in the future? , not only depends on your interests, but also depends on your skills, there is a saying among mortals that makes men afraid of entering the wrong business, and this saying is the same in the world of practice.”

“Everyone has been tested right now, and someone will distribute some things to you later. The key is whether you stay or not, but you have to choose carefully. Which sect you want to join, it is best to determine which factions that sect focuses on. Do these factions conflict with your lineage?”

“Understood.” Lu Ye nodded solemnly, clasped his fists and said, “Thank you, senior brother.”

Although Pang Dahai seemed a little greedy for money and took two pieces of ore from him, the words he said were indeed unheard of, enough to offset the value of the two pieces of ore.

Pang Dahai waved his hand: “It’s all common sense, and you have little contact with the outside world, so you don’t know.”

“I would also like to ask my brother, my attribute is mainly fire and gold, which sect is better to choose this time?”

“Well, you…” Pang Dahai looked him up and down, then smiled: “I don’t think it matters which one you choose.”

Lu Ye’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, “Then why did senior brother tell me so much just now?”

Pang Dahai was overjoyed: “I heard that there is a guy with Yiye talent, I’m here to see it! Do you know that I haven’t seen Yiye for so many years… Hahaha!”

The fat all over his body was shaking as he laughed, Lu Ye wished he could rush up and beat him to death!

I don’t know which bastard spread his talent to the outside world. It really is good deeds that do not go out and evil deeds go thousands of miles.

Just when Lu Ye could bear it no longer, Pang Pang Hai suddenly stopped laughing, lowered his voice and said to Lu Ye: “If I were you, I would lower my expectations to the lowest and don’t be half-hearted, so… maybe I might get paid.” wish!”

After finishing speaking, he turned his head to look at Yu Xiaodie, and said with a smile: “Little girl, is there anything you would like senior brother to advise?”

Yu Xiaodie couldn’t get what she wanted, and hurriedly said: “Brother, which sect do you think I should join?”

“Do you like fighting?” Pang Hai asked.

Yu Xiaodie shook her head like a rattle, no girl likes to fight and kill.

“Then let’s go to Baihua Valley.” Pang Dahai said, “Most of Baihua Valley are medical practitioners, so they don’t need to fight and kill, and even if they are captured, they won’t be treated too harshly.”

“Hundred Flowers Valley…” Yu Xiaodie bowed thoughtfully, “Thank you, brother.”

Her five-element main tree is suitable for Baihua Valley, and Pang Dahai obviously knew it before giving such instructions.

Pang Dahai left, leaving Lu Ye standing there in a bad mood.

Yu Xiaodie wanted to comfort him, but didn’t know what to say, so she simply changed the subject: “Senior brother, there is something I didn’t want to understand.”


“Just now you gave that brother Pang four pieces of ore and he didn’t want it. Why did you take two pieces of ore and he asked for it instead?”

Lu Ye explained casually: “In his opinion, those four stones belong to him. He doesn’t know how to cherish what he has, and he knows how precious it is only when he loses it.”

Yu Xiaodie fell into deep thought when she heard the words, and felt that the words made sense.

Of course, this also has something to do with the low value of the two pieces of ore that Lu Ye took away. The real value is the two left over.

Pang Panghai said that someone would come to distribute some things to Lu Ye and the others soon, and let them make some choices. As a monk of Zhengqimen, he undoubtedly knew the following regulations.

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