Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 43

Lu Ye was stunned!

Just when Lu Ye was shocked, Elder Tang had closed the reading material in his hand, and suddenly, the picture and sound disappeared.

Looking at each other, Lu Ye said: “Master, this book…”

Elder Tang looked solemn: “This is a dual/cultivation technique, and it has some merits, but you are still young, so it is not appropriate to get in touch with it too early.”

“It’s not the headmaster, it’s not mine, it’s a spoil I seized from a disciple of Xieyue Valley.” Lu Ye quickly defended.

Old Tang nodded: “That’s good. You are still young, so I will keep this thing for you first. I will return it to you when you are a little older.”

Lu Ye inexplicably felt that these words sounded familiar…

Elder Tang had already put away the wonderful book, and he didn’t see a storage bag on him, and Lu Ye didn’t know where he received it.

“Then what about the Golden Cicada’s Happy Way?” Elder Tang broke the silence.

Lu Ye hurriedly took out the Golden Cicada’s Xiaoyao Jue from the storage bag and handed it to Mr. Tang.

Elder Tang took it, flipped through it, and nodded slightly: “It’s a very common Huang-level kung fu method, which can open twenty-seven orifices when practiced to perfection.”

Lu Ye can understand the twenty-seven orifices in Tang Lao’s mouth. He discovered this when he studied the Golden Cicada Xiaoyao Jue before.

But Lu Ye didn’t understand the Huang Jie he was talking about, and immediately asked out his doubts.

Tang Lao explained: “There are three hundred and sixty spiritual orifices in the human body, which is in line with the meaning of the Great Zhou. There are so many cultivation methods in the Kyushu practice world. Different exercises have different numbers of spiritual orifices that can be opened. It depends on the ability to open the spiritual orifices. The number of skills is also divided into grades. It is designated as the fourth level of Tiandi Xuanhuang. Only the heavenly level skills can open 360 orifices, and the earth level skills can only open 180 orifices, and there are 81 orifices below. Mysterious-rank kung fu…” He tapped the Golden Cicada Xiaoyao Jue in his hand, “The lowest level is this yellow-rank kung fu that only has twenty-seven orifices, and this kind of kung fu is also the most numerous.”

Hearing Mr. Tang’s words, Lu Ye suddenly realized.

Originally, the Golden Cicada Xiaoyao Jue was just the most rubbish exercise in Kyushu, no wonder it was carried by Manager Yang.

It’s also fortunate that he didn’t treat this thing as a treasure, otherwise it would be ridiculous.

“Different grades of exercises not only determine the number of spiritual apertures that practitioners can eventually open up, but also create a big gap in the strength of monks in the same realm. At the same time, the future prospects of monks are also different.”

“A monk with a higher level of practice will have stronger strength and a brighter future?” Lu Ye asked.

“That’s exactly the reason.” Elder Tang nodded, “Do you know why?”

“Please ask the teacher to clarify the confusion.” Lu Ye asked humbly.

Elder Tang sorted out his thoughts for a while, as if he was thinking about how to explain to Lu Ye more clearly. He hadn’t told anyone about these things for many years, so he asked in a short while, “Do you know the division of cultivation realms?”

“Lingxi, Yunhe, True Lake, and Shenhai are the four great realms.” Lu Ye replied, Yu Xiaodie told him this.

“Then what is Lingxi?”

Lu Ye recalled what Yu Xiaodie said to himself before, and replied: “Open enough spiritual apertures, so that one’s own spiritual power can flow through these spiritual apertures, forming a cycle of the sky, flowing like a stream, it is a spiritual stream. territory.”

“Of course!” Elder Tang reached out and stroked his beard, “How many spiritual apertures are enough spiritual apertures?”

“This…” Lu Ye couldn’t answer.

Elder Tang smiled slightly, and tapped the Golden Cicada Xiaoyao Jue in his hand: “If you practice this exercise, you can reach the first level of Lingxi by opening the nine orifices, the second level by the eighteenth orifices, and the third level by the twenty-seventh.” territory.”

Lu Ye immediately sensed something was wrong: “Doesn’t Lingxi have a ninth level?”

“The Huang-rank kung fu can only be practiced up to the third level of Lingxi, so its grade is the lowest. If you practice the Xuan level, you can go to the sixth level of Lingxi. As for the ground level, you can go to the ninth level of Lingxi. If you practice the sky level Cultivation method…”

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