Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 44

“Twelve layers?” Lu Ye was surprised, he had never heard of the twelfth layer of Lingxi.

Tang Lao smiled and shook his head: “It’s still the ninth floor.”

Lu Ye puzzled, “Why?”

Elder Tang explained: “Because of practicing different exercises, the number of spirit apertures corresponding to the same realm is different. This Golden Cicada Xiaoyao Jue only needs to open the nine apertures to achieve the first level of Lingxi, but if you practice the heavenly rank In terms of kung fu, you need to open eighteen apertures to reach this level. If a monk who practices earth-level kung fu opens one hundred and eighty orifices, he will be the ninth floor of Lingxi. , it’s just the sixth floor of Lingxi.”

Lu Ye faintly understood: “What Elder Tang means is that the higher the level of practice, the more spiritual apertures need to be opened to reach the same level?”


“So, the level of cultivation among monks can’t be used as the basis for judging the strength?”

A ninth floor of Lingxi who practiced earth-level exercises only opened 180 orifices. If he met a seventh-layer of Lingxi who practiced heaven-level exercises, he would definitely not be an opponent, because he opened more than 180 orifices .

Lu Ye immediately understood the meaning of Tang Lao’s previous words. If this is the case, then the level of cultivation skills is different, and there will often be a big gap in strength under the same realm, and even the future will be affected.

“Headmaster, since the Heaven Rank exercises are so good, why doesn’t everyone practice the Heaven Rank exercises? What’s the point of the existence of the Earth, Xuan, and Yellow Rank exercises? Could it be that the Heaven Rank exercises are difficult to obtain?”

Tang Lao said with a smile: “Although it is not easy to obtain the heaven-level exercises, as long as you have enough perseverance, even casual practitioners have the opportunity to obtain them. The reason why everyone does not practice the heaven-level exercises is because every monk Everyone has their own limit, the limit of opening the spirit aperture!”

“Open the limit of the spiritual aperture?”

“At the beginning of the practice, it is difficult to open up orifices, but as the number of spiritual orifices increases and the cultivation level improves, it will become relatively easy to open orifices, and eventually reach a limit. Once this limit is reached, monks want to open more spiritual orifices. It is very difficult, even if there is the best exercise in front of you, so what? A monk with a limit of 180 orifices, it is meaningless to practice heavenly exercises, so practice should be done according to your ability .”

“I see.” Lu Ye understood.

“Besides, it’s actually better to practice the Huang-rank exercises at the beginning of practice.”

“Because it’s simple?”

“That’s right, if you open the nine orifices of the Huang-rank exercises, you can become the first level of Lingxi, but if you practice the Heaven-rank exercises, you need to open the eighteen orifices. Let the spiritual power penetrate the spirit orifices as soon as possible, and achieve the Lingxi level sooner.” Improve the efficiency of practice, so whether it is those helpless casual practitioners in the practice world, or those disciples from famous schools, when they first practice, they basically start with the yellow-rank exercises. When the practice of the yellow-rank exercises is complete, It’s the same if you modify other exercises.”

In fact, Mr. Tang didn’t say a whole lot about the modification of the exercises.

Only those casual practitioners who don’t have much foundation or the disciples of small families who are not well-known will start with the yellow-rank exercises when practicing.

Although there is not much hidden danger in modifying the exercises, it is still a bit troublesome. Those with a little background will choose the mysterious level or the ground level, because whether it is the yellow level or the ground level, the requirement for the first floor of Lingxi is to open the nine orifices. the difference.

Only when the cultivator has opened his spiritual aperture to the extreme, will he change to the heaven-level exercises when necessary, and those who do not have that ability can only try to break through.

But his old man considered that Lu Ye was only a talent, and he might not be able to open many spiritual apertures in this life, and a book of yellow rank exercises was enough for him.

Of course, Elder Tang didn’t say anything about this, and he didn’t look down on Lu Ye because of it. As a head teacher, he taught Lu Ye, a registered disciple, carefully and without patience.

“As for what you said before, you were worried that this exercise is an evil exercise…” Old Tang raised his eyelids and looked at Lu Ye solemnly, “Remember, there is no right and wrong in the law, and people divide good from evil. No matter what it is Cultivation techniques are only used for cultivation, and what truly determines good and evil is a person’s heart, there are many people with evil hearts in the Haotian League, and there are also many people with high moral character in Wanmo Ridge.”

“Remember, disciple.” Lu Ye said respectfully.

“Xuantianzong never taught this before?”

After some exchanges, Elder Tang found that Lu Ye basically had only a half-knowledge of common sense in practice, which was a bit strange.

Lu Ye couldn’t explain the truth, so he could only say: “I used to be young and ignorant, with a stubborn personality. Although the elders in the sect taught me, my disciple didn’t listen to it.”

Elder Tang laughed: “That’s okay, you’re still young, and you’ll have to practice better in the future.”


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