Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 46

Lu Ye picked up the bottle and looked at it, and found that the panacea contained in it was very different from the Qi and blood pill he took. He had checked these things before, but because he didn’t recognize them, he didn’t dare to take them rashly.

Who would have thought that the Qi and Blood Pill I thought was not Qi and Blood Pill, the real Qi and Blood Pill was something else.

“Then what is this?” Lu Ye asked, pointing to the bottle of stuff he was going to take.

“Residues from refining qi and blood pills.” Elder Tang explained, “The refinement of spirit pills is not successful every time. If it fails, it will become residues. The residues are basically useless, but there are still some residues left. The effect of the medicine, this is what happens after the failure of refining the Qi and Blood Pill.”

After listening to Mr. Tang’s explanation, Lu Ye’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot, and he said that when he took Qixue Pill before, why he always tasted a sticky smell, he thought it was the smell of Qixue Pill itself, but now It seems that it is not at all, what he takes is just the residue, and it will inevitably have some peculiar smell.

“What are the cultivators of Evil Moon Valley doing with these things?” Elder Tang was puzzled.

“It’s for our miners.” Lu Ye explained the contribution exchange mechanism on the mine.

Elder Tang understood it, and put away the residue: “This thing cannot be taken, it will affect your future practice.”

Lu Ye suddenly became nervous: “What impact will it have?”

“It is three-point poison of medicine. The elixir we use for cultivation also has erysipelas. The lower the quality of the elixir, the worse the erysipelas, not to mention the waste refining residue, the erysipelas is the most violent. Pills, but don’t rely too much on them, if you take too many spirit pills, the erysipelas in your body will accumulate too much, at the slightest, the spiritual power will be obscured, the technique will not work, and at the worst, the foundation will be shaken, and the cultivation base will be damaged.”

Lu Ye was panicked when he heard this. You must know that he had taken two or three hundred pills of Qi and Blood Pill before. According to what the head teacher said, wouldn’t he be dead?

He swallowed his saliva, and asked anxiously: “Headmaster, is there a standard for taking spirit pills to assist in cultivation? How can I know how much erysipelas has accumulated in my body?”

Tang Laodao: “Look at the spiritual power, as I said just now, once the erysipelas accumulates too much, the spiritual power will become obscure. The purer the spiritual power of our monks, the more beneficial it is for fighting and practicing, otherwise it will be harmful. I just saw that your spiritual power is still pure, so don’t worry too much.”

When he helped Lu Ye locate the second orifice just now, spiritual power flowed through Lu Ye’s source orifice, so he knew the situation of Lu Ye’s spiritual power very well.

As soon as these words came out, Lu Ye couldn’t help feeling weird.

The head teacher didn’t know about his situation, but Lu Ye knew about his own family affairs.

Not to mention that in the previous year, he had taken 30 pills of Qi and Blood Pill from Steward Yang one after another, even in that cave, he took two to three hundred pills in more than ten days.

Under normal circumstances, taking so much medicine dregs will definitely bring great hidden dangers to oneself.

But the head teacher actually said that his spiritual power is still pure?

The head teacher shouldn’t make a mistake about this kind of thing. Lu Ye doesn’t know how high his cultivation is, but since he is the master of the ninth-rank sect, he should be in the Yunhe state anyway.

In other words, I am afraid that there is really nothing wrong with my spiritual power.

But what went wrong? Lu Ye immediately thought of the talent tree. When he was in the mine before, he had a faint feeling that the talent tree was more than just carrying the spirit patterns. Now it seems that his pure spiritual power must also be related to the talent tree. Otherwise, there is no way to explain my current situation.

It’s not easy to tell the head teacher about this matter. After thinking about it, Lu Ye said: “Head teacher, if the erysipelas has accumulated too much and the spiritual power is obscure, how should we solve it?”

“Naturally, we can only suspend the practice and slowly dissolve the erysipelas. This will take a lot of time. Therefore, relying too much on spiritual pills for practice will not only fail to increase the speed of practice, but will have the opposite effect. But you don’t have to worry, use the elixir appropriately There is no problem with assisting, the key is to grasp the speed well.”

“The disciple understands.”

“Well, your current cultivation level is still shallow, so it is understandable to use pills to practice, but since you have Yunling Pill, why don’t you use it? Instead, you need to use Qi and Blood Pill to refine and transform Qi. It can assist in cultivation, but more importantly, the latter is to replenish qi and blood, strengthen the foundation and cultivate the vitality.”

Lu Ye was shocked: “The disciple doesn’t recognize Yunling Pill…”

Just now he was habitually taking out the Qi and Blood Pill, only thinking about recovering his spiritual energy as soon as possible and hitting the barrier of the spiritual orifice, without thinking too much about it.

Elder Tang laughed in surprise, and pushed a bottle in front of him: “This is Yunling Pill. Although it is the lowest level of Yunling Pill, its quality is not so good. It is suitable for you.”

Lu Ye poured out a pill from the bottle, saw the appearance of Yunling Pill clearly, and thought that Guanshi Yang also had Yunling Pill, he had seen this kind of spirit pill in Guanshi Yang’s storage bag before. Dan, just dare not take it casually.

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