Sage of Humanity

Chapter: 48

It’s not easy to go out to find food, but fortunately there is some food in Zhou Cheng’s storage bag, and Lu Ye doesn’t care too much, so he takes it out and eats and drinks with clean water.

After eating and drinking enough, Lu Ye continued to practice.

Half a day later, the spiritual orifice barrier of the third orifice was broken.

After two more days, the third orifice was full.

Still consuming six Yunling Pills.

He still wanted to continue to practice, but as soon as he relaxed his mind, he felt tired. He knew that it was because he had practiced for too long, so he had no choice but to rest first.

Taking out the bedding from the storage bag, Lu Ye fell asleep and soon fell asleep.

Lu Ye was woken up gently by the head teacher. When he opened his eyes, he saw the head teacher standing beside him, so he got up quickly.

“Teacher.” Lu Ye rubbed his eyes, patted his face, and immediately regained consciousness.

“It’s time to get off the boat.” The teacher said with a smile.

The ten or so sects of the Haotian Union evacuated from the Xieyue Valley together, and now they have reached the territory of the Haotian Union, so they naturally went back to their respective families. Several sects had already left one after another before.

Lu Ye packed the bedding, stuffed it into the storage bag, tidied up his appearance, and followed the head teacher out of the cabin.

After a while, they came to the deck, and someone was waiting, a middle-aged man with a majestic appearance and a tall stature.

Lu Ye didn’t recognize this man, so after a little scrutiny, he felt that this middle-aged man seemed to have the smell of an iron horse.

The head teacher stepped forward and had a few words with that man.

The man suddenly turned his head, looked at Lu Ye who was standing next to the head teacher, and said, “You were lucky to be able to join the Jade Blood Sect, but you must cultivate well, and don’t insult the Jade Blood Sect’s lintel.”

Lu Ye quickly responded, “Yes!”

The head teacher cupped his fists: “The old man will leave first.”

“Please!” The middle-aged man stretched out his hand.

The head teacher flipped his palms, took out something out of nowhere, threw it casually, and suddenly had a flash of inspiration, and there was a double-armed carriage on the deck.

The two horses pulling the cart were all white and handsome, snorting lightly and pawing restlessly with their hooves.

Before Lu Ye could see clearly, his figure floated into the carriage involuntarily, and it was the head teacher who urged his spiritual power to envelop him.

“Open the formation!” The middle-aged man shouted loudly, following his order, a gap was opened in the protective formation of the flying dragon ship, and the strong wind howled in, making the clothes of everyone on the deck rattle.

The head teacher and the middle-aged man clasped their fists to greet each other, and as the two horses pulling the cart raised their heads and neighed, clusters of aura burst out from the hooves of the horses, and rushed out from the gap in the protective formation, galloping away at an extremely fast speed.

Watching the Shuangrong carriage disappear from sight, the middle-aged man turned around, strode towards the cabin, and left a sentence: “Bring me that bastard Pang Dahai!”

“Yes!” Several monks of the Haotian League took the order, with gloating smiles on their faces. Although I don’t know what Junior Brother Pang did to make the deputy leader angry, but seeing the deputy leader like this, Junior Brother Pang must lose a few catties meat.

On the Shuangrong carriage, Lu Ye looked at this and touched that with great interest, eyes full of surprise.

Having been in Kyushu for more than a year, he didn’t realize until the last few days that the Kyushu he knew was not the true face of this world at all, and there were so many things in this world that he couldn’t imagine.

For example, the previous flying dragon ship, such as this pair of military chariots, this huge gap in cognition made him really feel one thing.

This is a world of practice. Joining the Jade Blood Sect gave him the capital to integrate into this world of practice. As his cultivation continues to increase, the splendor of this world will eventually be revealed little by little.

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