The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 1431-1440

Chapter: 1431
When Nanako Ito thought of this, her powerful mind supported her, holding back her pain, and bursting out a powerful explosive force in an instant!
Immediately afterwards, I saw Nanako Ito suddenly jumped on the spot and turned around. Her body turned 270 degrees, her slender right leg was already raised high, and her foot was drawn across Michel’s face!
Michelle is still surprised by Ito Nanako’s abnormal performance today. She didn’t expect that she could suddenly attack herself in an instant!
Moreover, Michelle couldn’t imagine that, because of Ye Chen’s sake at this time, the whole person was stimulated with great potential!
Nanako’s strength in this blow has far surpassed her usual peak state!
Michelle came back to her senses, and when she was rushing to resist, the window of time Ito Nanako left for her has passed!
She only felt that a black shadow was carrying a strong force and struck straight towards her profile. She was shocked and was about to dodge, feeling that the strong force had hit herself suddenly!
She felt that her brain was cut off by this kick, and her mind was stunned, and her whole person instantly lost consciousness and fell straight down!
This… First URL
The scene was shocked!
No one thought that Nanako Ito was in extreme passiveness just now, and was almost pressed and beaten by Michelle. How could she suddenly explode with such a powerful lethality, knocking Michelle out with one kick Up? !
After a moment of silence, thunderous applause broke out on the scene!
Today’s game is really amazing for them!
Two arenas, two games, the winners turned out to be one move to control the enemy!
Needless to say, Qin Aoxue kicked off his opponent’s arms with a single kick, as sharp as a typhoon!
As for Ito Nanako, even though she has been pressed and beaten by the opponent, she has never made a move. Sure enough, it’s deadly if she doesn’t make a move! Just seize an opportunity for the opponent to lose his mind, and immediately defeat the opponent, simply and neatly!
Ye Chen could not help but secretly start to see this scene in the audience!
I thought that Nanako Ito was controlled by others everywhere, but I didn’t expect that after receiving so many fists, this girl would be able to seize the opportunity, reverse all disadvantages in one fell swoop, and win with one move. This forbearance and courage is indeed admirable!
At this time, the referee stepped forward to check Michelle’s situation. After finding that Michelle was unconscious, he immediately called the doctor of the event team. After the doctor came to check, he was indeed unconscious and needed to be sent to the hospital for treatment, so he came. Several staff members directly put the unconscious Michelle on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital.
On the ring, Nanako Ito, looking through the excited and cheering crowd, fell straight on Ye Chen’s face. Seeing Ye Chen’s face was shocked, she was also very excited.
“Ye Chen! After all, I achieved the goal of winning with one move! Did I make you admire?”
Ye Chen faced her eyes at this moment, and for a moment was a little surprised at the perseverance in the Japanese girl’s eyes and the trace of persistence in her expression.
After a while, he gave her a thumbs up from a long distance away.
After a few seconds, he spread out the thumb gesture, waved at Ito Nanako, then turned and left.
Seeing Ye Chen’s back, Ito Nanako was shocked.
But recalling the thumb that Ye Chen had just gestured to herself, she felt a sweet feeling in her heart.

Chapter: 1432
The referee took the microphone and said: “Now I announce that the winner of this game is the Japanese player, Ito Nanako!”
“Today’s game was really exciting. No one wanted to get it. The two winners from both sides of the ring turned out to be directly qualified for the finals by winning with one move!”
“Among them, Ms. Qin Aoxue of China, after defeating Joanna of Brazil by one move in the last match, once again performed the shocking show of winning by one blow. The reality is breathtaking!”
“In addition, Ms. Qin Aoxue, a Chinese player, will also compete with Ms. Ito Nanako of Japan in the finals the day after tomorrow!”
“The losers of the two games, Ms. Victoria from Australia and Ms. Michel from the United States, will compete for the third place, so stay tuned!”
The audience was extremely excited!
Unexpectedly, the Chinese players were able to reach the finals all the way, and they performed impeccably in both games. They were simply the biggest dark horse in this game!
What’s interesting is that the two female players who advanced to the final are both Asian players, and they are both very beautiful and exquisite beauties!
Needless to say, Qin Aoxue’s hot and toned figure is simply superb in the eyes of men.
And Nanako Ito is as gentle as water and extremely soft, which forms a great contrast with her strength, and is the object of all men’s fascination! Remember the URL
These two top beauties compete for the championship, and the championship game will be very beautiful!
In the audience, Jiro Kobayashi was so excited!
I never dreamed that the two games were so beautiful.
There is no doubt that this top 4 competition has pushed the heat of this game to a new peak.
Then Xiaolin’s Weisan will soar into the sky with it!
When Ye Chen walked out of the gymnasium, Qin Aoxue also changed into plain clothes and walked out with her father and younger brother.
When she saw Ye Chen, she was excited to come forward and talk to him, when she suddenly discovered that a large number of reporters had emerged around her, surrounding her to a point.
Qin Aoxue is now the most concerned object in Jinling. Of course, the reporters can’t wait to interview her in depth.
Qin Aoxue was besieged by the reporters, and suddenly became a little anxious, so she was a little absent-minded to ask the reporters’ questions.
At this moment, Ye Chen saw this scene and sent her a WeChat message and said to her: “Aoxue, please accept the interview with the TV station. This is good for you in the future. I have something to do first. gone.”
Qin Aoxue saw this WeChat and looked out of the crowd with her feet in her arms. She saw that Ye Chen had already gone far, and she couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed.
But when he thought of what Ye Chen had just told him on WeChat, he put his mind away obediently, and patiently answered the reporter’s question.
At this moment, Ye Chen had just arrived in the parking lot and saw Chen Zekai’s Rolls Royce, parked in front of his old husband’s BMW.
Seeing Ye Chen coming, Chen Zekai hurriedly got out of the car and said respectfully to Ye Chen: “Master, I have brought the cosmetics you want. It is in the trunk. You open your trunk and I will put it directly for you. go in.”
“Well, you can help me put it in the car.”
Ye Chen said, took out the BMW car key and opened the trunk directly.
Chen Zekai also hurriedly opened the trunk of Rolls-Royce and took out three huge and luxurious gift boxes from it. This gift box is very valuable at first glance. Even the luxury brand Hermès, which starts at hundreds of thousands, may not be packed. it.

Chapter: 1433
The size of each gift box is comparable to a business suitcase, and the whole is in black and gold tones, which is luxurious and low-key and calm.
Ye Chen couldn’t help being curious: “Why is a suit so big?”
Chen Zekai hurriedly explained: “Master, the gift set I chose is the most complete and most expensive one in their family. The price is 388,888. It contains all their products, and their most classic face creams and eye creams are all Very large quantity.”
Ye Chen nodded: “Thanks for your hard work.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Master, this should be all!”
Ye Chen gave a hum and said, “By the way, Lao Chen, I am going to Yanjing next week. Jinling will be left to you and Hong Wu, especially my wife. You must send someone. Secretly protecting, the Wu family is still lingering, I guess they are still unwilling to give up.”
Chen Zekai exclaimed: “Master, are you going to Yanjing? Are you going back to Ye’s house?”
Ye Chen shook his head: “I have no plans to go back yet.”
Chen Zekai asked in amazement, “Master, please forgive me for talking about it. Why are you going to Yanjing this time? If you don’t return to Ye’s house, then you must be careful of Kong Delong from the Kong family! I heard that he After the operation, I was resting in bed at home for half a month. I hate you for getting into the bone!”
“Hate me to the bone?” Ye Chen sneered, “A young master from the Kong family dared to bark in front of me. I have my own serious business to do when I go to Yanjing. If he doesn’t have eyesight, he dares to come. If you mess with me, then I won’t make him feel better.” Remember to read for a second
Chen Zekai asked again: “Master, should I inform the family so that they can receive you there, which can also provide you with some convenience.”
“No need.” Ye Chen said, “I don’t want the Ye family to know about this when I go, so you have to keep it secret for me.”
“Good young master.”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Old Chen, I want to ask you something.”
Chen Zekai hurriedly said, “Master, please do not hesitate to ask.”
Ye Chen asked, “Do you know what happened to my parents’ death back then?”
Chen Zekai said embarrassingly: “Master, when your parents passed away, I was not working for the Ye family. I was studying at the time. After graduation, I applied for a company under the Ye family, and then I was gradually promoted to the spokesperson of Jinling. Parents’ matters were absolutely forbidden to discuss in the Ye’s family at that time. People who were older than me were silent on it, so I didn’t follow up on the details.”
Ye Chen frowned and nodded lightly.
From this point of view, there must be hidden secrets about what happened to the parents back then, but this may be highly confidential in the Ye family, and it is difficult to touch it as Chen Zekai.
So he didn’t ask any more questions, just told him: “Lao Chen, just remember our conversation just now, remember not to talk to anyone, if the Ye family asks about it, absolutely can’t disclose it.”
Chen Zekai gave a startled expression and blurted out, “Master, don’t worry! I will never reveal a half word!”
If this matter was placed before Ye Chen slayed the Eight Heavenly Kings at the foot of Changbai Mountain, Chen Zekai would naturally be more inclined to the Ye family. Ye Chen was just a young master living outside the Ye family, and the Ye family talent was his master.
But when he saw Ye Chen’s powerful supernatural powers at the foot of Changbai Mountain, he made up his mind and bowed his head to worship Ye Chen in this life!
In other words, in the eyes of Chen Zekai now, he has only one master, Ye Chen.
If Ye Chen asked him to draw swords against the Ye Family, he would follow suit without hesitation.
Farewell to Chen Zekai, Ye Chen drove away from Jinling Stadium alone.
Instead of going home immediately, he called his old father-in-law Xiao Changkun and asked him, “Dad, where are you?”
Xiao Changkun grinned and said, “Good son-in-law, I am at a senior university. Our lecture was very successful. Now everyone is eagerly discussing it. Don’t you know, the atmosphere at the scene is really great!”

Chapter: 1434
Ye Chen nodded and smiled and asked him, “Is Aunt Han here?”
“Of course!” Xiao Changkun smiled and whispered: “Your Auntie Han is sitting next to me, and I’m teaching her how to taste Yan Zhenqing’s writing!”
“Yes, dad!” Ye Chen said with a smile, “have you studied Yan Zhenqing?”
“Xiao Changkun said cheerfully: “I am not only studying Yan Zhenqing?” What Wang Xizhi, Huang Tingjian, Liu Gongquan, Ouyang Xun, your father and I have researched each! ”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Okay, I have to learn more from you another day.”
Then he said: “By the way, Dad, I have already got the skin care products you want, or I will send them to you now and take them home. If mom finds out that there is an extra set, it will be difficult to handle. .”
The reason why Ye Chen asked Chen Zekai to prepare three skin care products was that in addition to rewarding Ma Lan, he naturally had to prepare a set for his wife Xiao Churan, and Xiao Changkun also wanted to give a set to Han Meiqing.
However, if she brought these three sets home, in case Ma Lan saw that in addition to Xiao Churan’s set, the remaining two sets, she would definitely find a way to take them for herself.
Therefore, first take out the set that Lao Zhangren is going to give to Han Meiqing, so as not to have many dreams at night. First URL
Just now the old man is with Han Meiqing, this opportunity couldn’t be better.
When Xiao Changkun heard this, he immediately said excitedly: “Oh, my dear son-in-law, you are so capable! I just said this in the morning, and you can get it done so quickly. The efficiency is really amazing. !”
Ye Chen smiled indifferently: “It’s just a small matter, it’s nothing, you wait for a while, and I will pass.”
Xiao Changkun hurriedly said: “Then you will call me at the gate of the University for the Elderly, and I will go down.”
Ten minutes later, Ye Chen came to the gate of Jinling University for the Aged.
Pulling the car over, he made a call to Xiao Changkun.
Soon, Xiao Changkun ran out, leaned to the window and asked with a smile, “Good son-in-law, where are the skin care products?”
Ye Chen got out of the car, opened the trunk, took out a gift box from it and handed it to him: “Dad, this is it, you can take it.”
Xiao Changkun took the gift box and exclaimed: “Oh, so big and heavy? How many things are there?”
Ye Chen said: “There are probably more than a dozen products, all of which are in the same series and have everything.”
Xiao Changkun nodded: “If the portion is so large, selling for hundreds of thousands is not too expensive.”
Ye Chen smiled and said: “This is not hundreds of thousands, this is their most expensive suit, priced at 388,000!”
“I wipe it!” Xiao Changkun’s eyes almost fell on the floor: “Just such a gift box, nearly 400,000? This is enough for a BMW, and it’s a 5 series BMW! Buying an Audi a6 is enough!”
Ye Chen nodded: “It’s really enough.”
Xiao Changkun smacked his lips and said, “Oh, such expensive cosmetics, Ma Lan’s stinky lady is not worthy of use! Hey, I said good son-in-law, or you can take this set and give her a one hundred thousand suit , It can save you two hundred thousand!”
After a pause, Xiao Changkun persuaded: “These two hundred thousand, just use it for anything, is not better than spending it on Ma Lan? Over two hundred thousand, let’s buy some antique calligraphy and paintings to hang at home, which can set off our home. The compelling style of the scholarly family can continue to appreciate, isn’t it good?”
Ye Chen said jokingly: “Well, it’s better to return this set, and spend a few thousand dollars to buy a set of high imitations, let alone save 380,000 yuan.”
As soon as Xiao Changkun heard this, he slapped his thigh suddenly, and blurted out: “Good son-in-law, this is a good way! Take this set back and give her a fake, I’m sorry for her!”

Chapter: 1435
Ye Chen knew that Lao Zhangren was dissatisfied with Ma Lan’s 11 million.
These dissatisfactions have been accumulated over the years in the married life.
Especially after Han Meiqing returned to China, the old husband saw that Han Meiqing was stronger than Ma Lan, and his dissatisfaction became even stronger.
He even wanted to divorce his mother-in-law Ma Lan, but Ma Lan did not give him this chance, so he naturally didn’t like Ma Lan now.
However, he was so careful that, in Ye Chen’s view, he really couldn’t make it to the stage.
It’s just a set of cosmetics, and it would be too embarrassing to get a fake set of Ma Lan.
It doesn’t matter if Ma Lan found out, if his wife Xiao Churan knew that she would get fake skin care products for her mother, then she would definitely feel a little bit dissatisfied.
So he said to Xiao Changkun, “Dad, don’t worry about this, and quickly send this set of skin care products to Aunt Han.”
Xiao Changkun nodded and said, “By the way, Ye Chen, I won’t go back for dinner at night, just have a dinner with the senior college.”
Ye Chen replied: “Okay, then I’ll go back first.” Remember the URL
Afterwards, Ye Chen drove back to Tomson Yipin’s home alone.
As soon as he drove the car into the yard, he saw his wife Xiao Churan’s car had been parked at home.
It seems that my wife has already finished work.
Ye Chen parked the car and walked into the house with two sets of skin care products. Ma Lan was sitting cross-legged on the sofa in the living room watching TV. Xiao Churan had just washed some strawberries picked from his vegetable garden and brought them out of the kitchen. .
Seeing Ye Chen, Xiao Churan asked him, “Husband, why did you go? I left early in the morning and came back so late.”
Ye Chen raised the two gift boxes in his hands, and said with a smile: “Didn’t I go to get skin care products for you and mom, and I also showed them Feng Shui by the way.”
In fact, Ye Chen didn’t want to lie and deceive Xiao Churan.
It’s just that there are too many secrets hidden in him, and I can’t tell her for the time being.
Therefore, I must have a reasonable reason to explain the origin of these two sets of cosmetics.
Now that I am in front of my family, I have set up a person who can show others Feng Shui, so I simply set this person to the end.
Seeing that he had come back with two sets of caviar skin care products, Xiao Churan exclaimed, “Are you really going to show others Feng Shui for cosmetics?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “I don’t want to exchange two sets, prepare one for you and mom, and let you use this top skin care product.”
When Xiao Churan was about to speak, Ma Lan jumped up from the sofa with excitement, ignoring wearing slippers, ran over barefoot and limped, and said with excitement: “Oh, my dear son-in-law. , Did you really get that caviar skin care product for mom?”
Ye Chen nodded and handed her a gift box.
Ma Lan took the gift box over, and without a word, sat down on the ground and opened the gift box excitedly.
After opening it, seeing the huge gift box filled with all kinds of cosmetics, she became ecstatic and said, “Damn! So many things?! This…this will be the most expensive in their house. That luxurious suit, right?”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “Mom is quite eye-sighted, this is indeed the most expensive suit in their family.”
Ma Lan’s eyes flashed with excitement, and even a little trembling said: “Oh, I drop a boy, this is really the top platinum suit?! My goodness! This set costs nearly 400,000 yuan, right?”
Xiao Churan on the side asked dumbfounded: “Four hundred thousand?! Why is this thing so expensive?!”
Ma Lan immediately said: “You don’t understand! The most basic suit of this brand costs hundreds of thousands, and the most expensive is this platinum suit! No, I have to take a picture of the circle of friends to show off!”
After speaking, he immediately jumped back to the sofa with one foot and took out his mobile phone.

Chapter: 1436
Xiao Churan pulled Ye Chen aside and complained a little bit: “Mom just said casually in the morning, why did you really get her such expensive skin care products…a set of 400,000 yuan, which is too scary. Now, why are we such a family…”
Ye Chen smiled and said, “Isn’t there a special channel, you don’t need to care too much.

Xiao Churan whispered: “I’m afraid that my mother will look for this in the future. If she keeps asking you to buy her such expensive skin care products, what can you do?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly: “No, haven’t you noticed that your mother has converged too much now? Just treat it as a reward for her convergent time, so that she can converge a little bit later.”
Just as he was talking, Ma Lan had already taken a small video of Moments with her mobile phone, and said excitedly: “Look at the two sets of caviar skin care products that my good son-in-law bought me. They are all platinum. Suits, the two sets add up to at least more than 700,000!”
When Ye Chen heard this, he immediately said, “Mom, these two sets are not for you, you and Chu Ran are the same!”
“Huh?” Ma Lan said distressedly: “How young is she at first, she is naturally beautiful, and she can’t find a wrinkle all over her face. Why does she need to use this anti-aging skin care product now! Moisturizing is actually enough! ”
Ye Chen immediately resolutely said: “No, it was originally a set of the two of you, and you can’t take the Churan set as well.”
Ma Lan still felt 10,000 reluctant, but now she dare not yell at Ye Chen. Remember to read in one second
Stop clamoring, even if she talks back, she dare not.
So I can only nodded angrily: “Well, mom listens to you, these two sets of skin care products, Chu Ran and I have one set!”
Xiao Churan said, “I can’t bear to use such expensive things…”
Ma Lan’s eyes lit up and he was about to say that you are reluctant to use it. Ye Chen took the conversation and said, “My wife, if you are reluctant to use it, then I will withdraw both sets.”
“Oh, don’t!” Ma Lan panicked, and said hurriedly: “Chu Ran, this is Ye Chen’s intention. You are not allowed to be a donkey liver and lungs!”
Xiao Churan wanted to say something, Ye Chen picked up a set, handed it to her, and said seriously: “If your husband gave it to you, you can use it with confidence! When it’s used up, your husband will buy it for you again!”
Xiao Churan felt Ye Chen’s deep love for him, and he felt sweet in his heart, and finally nodded and agreed.
Seeing this, Ma Lan said excitedly: “I have to go back to the room and wash my face, and then use it first, I can’t wait to feel it!”
After speaking, she took the cosmetics and took the elevator to the third floor.
Xiao Churan looked at her back and sighed helplessly.
It seems that my mother’s vanity-loving character cannot be changed in this life.
However, the current mother is not without progress, at least she treats Ye Chen better than before, and at home is not as aggressive and aggressive as before, and the home environment is therefore much more stable.
At this moment, her mobile phone suddenly received a call, and it turned out to be her mother Ma Lan.
“Hey mom, what’s the matter?”
Ma Lan said anxiously, “Chu Ran, come to my room! Come by yourself, don’t let Ye Chen follow!”
“What’s the matter, mom?”
“Say it when you come!”
Xiao Churan had no choice but to say to Ye Chen, “Mom let me go.”
Ye Chen didn’t think too much, and nodded gently.
Xiao Churan took the elevator to the third floor and came to Ma Lan’s room. As soon as he reached the door, he was pulled in by Ma Lan. Then Ma Lan immediately locked the door and said nervously, “Good girl! I doubt it. Ye Chen cheated!”
“Ah? Derailed?” Xiao Churan frowned, “Why?”
“Why?” Ma Lan immediately took out a shopping receipt and blurted out: “Look at this! This receipt shows that Ye Chen bought three copies of the same platinum suit, why did he only get two back?! much What about the one that came out? It must be given to the vixen outside!”

Chapter: 1437
Xiao Churan instinctively did not believe what his mother said.
She felt that Ye Chen was sincere to herself, how could it be derailed?
So she seriously said to Ma Lan: “Mom, you think too much! Ye Chen can’t be cheated!”
“Impossible?” Ma Lan raised her eyebrows, and asked, “Then tell me why Ye Chen bought three sets of skin care products? And only one set was brought back. Where did you go?”
Xiao Churan said: “Maybe it was bought for a friend, or maybe it was bought for a friend.”
“Friends?” Ma Lan said with a look of hatred for iron and steel, “It’s just that a brainless person like you will believe it! This kind of thing is obviously bought for a woman. You said he is an orphan and does not have a mother. There are no relatives, except for the vixen, who else would you buy it for?”
Xiao Churan’s expression was also a little unnatural.
She knew that what her mother said was not without reason.
Ye Chen really has no relatives and no female friends in the local area. So who did he buy the extra skin care products for?
Could it be Song Wanting, the daughter of the Song family? First URL
In the impression, that woman seemed to be a little different to her husband.
However, Xiao Churan couldn’t believe that Song Wanting was the eldest of the Song family after all, and she had just become the head of the Song family not long ago. Her status is extremely honorable. In Jinling, or even in Jiangnan, I’m afraid I can’t find any stronger than her. Woman.
And his husband is a married married man, so from a common sense, a woman like Song Wanting will most likely not have a special relationship with her husband.
However, the receipt in my mother’s hand clearly shows that this order does include three sets of skin care products, and who is the other set for?
Just when Xiao Churan was lost in thought, Ma Lan hurriedly asked her in a low voice: “Girl, tell your mom, where are you now with Ye Chen?”
Xiao Churan asked subconsciously, “What step?”
Ma Lan hurriedly said: “It’s those things between men and women! Mom won’t go around with you, did you give Ye Chen your body?”
Xiao Churan’s face turned red in an instant, and he kept saying, “Not yet”
Ma Lan suddenly exploded: “Ah?! Not yet?! Are you stupid! Until now, you are still holding on to him, so what are you waiting for?”
Xiao Churan lowered his head and said embarrassingly: “I don’t know, I just think the situation between us is very delicate. At the beginning, we got married at the request of grandpa, so I never went there. Develop from above”
Ma Lan immediately said seriously: “Girl! You are stupid! A man has needs, you can’t always satisfy him, then what if he turns his head to find someone else? Ye Chen is also worth over 100 million. Man, I don’t know how many coquettish bitches are lining up to come next to him!”
Speaking of this, Ma Lan said hurriedly: “Listen to your mother’s advice, hurry up and find a chance to take Ye Chen down. It is best to conceive the child as soon as possible, otherwise one day Ye Chen lets the fox go away. One family is over!”
“Also, don’t forget, this villa belongs to Ye Chen’s name! If he changes his mind and wants to divorce you, doesn’t he want to drive us out? I tell you, I don’t want to come back again. The old house in the past, this Tomson first-class villa, I will never leave!”
Xiao Churan is even more embarrassed

Chapter: 1438
It is not that she has not considered this issue, but because of her personality, she has always been a little scared and shy, so she has never taken the initiative.
But now listening to her mother say this, she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous.
Ma Lan sighed and sighed: “Hey, I used to look down on Ye Chen in various ways. I always thought he was a trash. But now, if you look at it, this guy is still a little capable. Look at how many big people make him fool around. Ability! Look at this large villa of more than 100 million yuan. Living in it is really refreshing and refreshing. If he grows up his skills in the future, he might be able to fool a Maldivian island!”
“This” Xiao Churan said awkwardly: “Mom, don’t you daydream all day long.”
Ma Lan said solemnly: “Dreams are still necessary! Because it might happen suddenly one day!”
As she said, she hurriedly said in a low voice: “You, hurry up and tell Ye Chen the truth about the husband and wife, and also have to find an opportunity to ask, who is the skin care product he bought more? You must not take it lightly. If Ye Chen really wants to cheat, he must be stifled in advance! If he has cheated, he must be brought back first!”
Although Xiao Churan was a little nervous in his heart, he still said very seriously: “Mom, don’t make any guesses here. I believe that Ye Chen’s personality will not be what you think.”
“Hey, kid, it’s always good to be cautious!”
Xiao Churan faltered and said, “Oh, I won’t tell you anymore, I will go down first.
Ma Lan hurriedly grabbed her, stuffed the shopping receipt into her hand, and said: “Hold the evidence, and you must ask Ye Chen clearly if you find an opportunity!” Remember the URL
Holding the small ticket, Xiao Churan turned and ran out.
Ye Chen was sitting on the sofa on the first floor, watching TV.
On TV, there are overwhelming reports of Sanda matches.
The dark horse Qin Aoxue naturally attracted countless attention and made Chinese audiences feel extremely proud.
But the performance of Japanese player Ito Nanako also won the audience’s admiration and admiration.
At this time, the TV announcer said: “It is reported that Nanako Ito is not only an outstanding young fighter in Japan, but also a top student of the University of Tokyo. His family, the Ito family, is one of the top four families in Japan. One, it can be said to be a super white and rich and beautiful born with a golden key, but who would have thought that such a super white and rich and beautiful, without living a luxurious life of rich clothes, but becoming a powerful and hard-working fighter!”
Ye Chen couldn’t help but sigh secretly when he heard this.
He really did not expect that Nanako Ito would still be the eldest lady of Japan’s top family!
At this time, through the high-definition close-up shots taken by the camera, Ye Chen saw the scene of Ito Nanako being repeatedly attacked by American player Michel, and saw her delicate and cold face being injured by Michel, but his eyes were extremely firm. I couldn’t help but feel a touch in my heart.
I have to say that Ito Nanako’s character is really appreciated by him.
Strong, but not awkward, with a tough personality, and knows how to forbear and dormant.
At a certain moment, he even felt that Nanako Ito was somewhat similar to himself!
This made him sigh in his heart that if such a good girl is not of Japanese nationality, then he is really willing to accept her as a disciple and let her go further in the martial arts.
It’s a pity that the nationality and blood of Ito Nanako are here. Ye Chen firmly believes in the words of the ancestors: If you are not of my race, your heart must be different!

Chapter: 1439
When Ye Chen was watching TV, Xiao Churan stepped up to him.
Seeing him watching TV, he sat down beside him.
Afterwards, Xiao Churan hesitated for a moment, and asked him in a low voice: “Ye Chen, I ask you one thing, you must answer me truthfully and don’t lie to me.”
Ye Chen nodded: “My wife, please ask.”
Xiao Churan handed the shopping receipt in his hand to Ye Chen and asked, “Why are there three sets of skin care products written on it? It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I just hope you can explain the situation to me.”
Ye Chen was stunned when he saw the shopping receipt, but quickly realized that it must have been placed in a gift box by Chen Zekai after buying skin care products.
So he looked around and saw that Ma Lan hadn’t come, and he whispered: “I’ll tell you the truth, my wife, that set of cosmetics is actually what Dad wants.”
“My dad?” Xiao Churan asked dumbfounded: “My dad is an old man, why does he want this top-notch skin care product?”
Ye Chen smiled awkwardly and said, “I shouldn’t have told you, but after all, you are my wife. I definitely can’t lie to you, but you have to promise me that if I tell you, you must never go to dad again. Confrontation.”
Xiao Churan gave him a blank look: “You don’t want me to confront my dad, what if you want to lie to me? What if you let dad be your backer?” Remember to read for a second. ://
Ye Chen said hurriedly, “Do you think that your husband and I are that kind of person? I have always done things with the courage to do things, how can I let Dad take care of me?”
Xiao Churan nodded: “Okay, then I promise you, you can tell, what is going on?”
Ye Chen explained: “In the morning, Mom said she wanted this brand of skin care products, and I agreed at the time. Then when I drove away with my dad, my dad asked me if I could do more. , Saying that I want to give it to Aunt Han.”
“Aunt Han?!” Xiao Churan exclaimed: “Is that his first love, Han Meiqing, Aunt Han?”
“Right.” Ye Chen smiled: “Apart from this Aunt Han, who else is Aunt Han?”
Xiao Churan said angrily, “Is my dad still in touch with that Aunt Han?! Mom was missing at the time. I didn’t say anything when he met Aunt Han for dinner. Mom is back. How can they both Where is the lotus root broken?”
Ye Chen said: “For this kind of thing, the best thing for us to be children is to leave it alone. After all, parents and parents are separated now.”
“Hey” Xiao Churan sighed: “Even if you are separated, you still haven’t got a divorce. If you don’t have a divorce, you have to be loyal to your relationship!”
Ye Chen shrugged: “You don’t know the situation of Mom and Dad. The relationship between them is different from that of a normal couple, so”
Xiao Churan believed that Ye Chen was not deceiving himself, and he felt helpless, and said, “If Dad asks you for something and give it to Aunt Han, you must not agree to it. We will treat him or not. Asked, he definitely cannot help the abuser.”
Ye Chen immediately agreed: “Good wife, I know! Don’t worry!”
At this moment, Jinling People’s Hospital.

Chapter: 1440
When Nanako Ito was visiting Master Kazuki Yamamoto, he heard news that in today’s match, Australian athlete Victoria, who was defeated by Qin Aoxue, was also receiving treatment at Jinling People’s Hospital.
Koichi Tanaka specifically went to inquire about it and told her a result that shocked her.
It turned out that Victoria was kicked off by Qin Aoxue’s arms in both hands during the match. Now she has been put in a plaster and officially announced her withdrawal from the third place competition the day after tomorrow. She handed over the title of third place in this competition to Ito Nanako’s men. Michelle defeated.
Moreover, Victoria not only withdrew from this competition. And there is a great probability of complete retirement.
Because for a Sanda athlete, the arms are very important. After the arms are broken, it is difficult to recover even if they recover.
For a professional athlete, the impact may be lifelong.
It is very likely that she will ruin her career.
Nanako Ito was stunned by the news.
She knew about Victoria, injured both arms in the game, but she didn’t know that Victoria was injured so badly.
Victoria is also a top-level Sanda player, but Qin Aoxue kicked her arms off, which proves that Qin Aoxue’s physical strength and strength are far beyond what normal people can match. First URL
Although Nanako Ito is stronger than Victoria, she is strong in skills and experience, but her physical fitness is even slightly worse than that of the tall white Victorian.
Even Victoria couldn’t resist Qin Aoxue’s blow, so when she faced Qin Aoxue the day after tomorrow, she was afraid it would be very dangerous.
After hearing this, Yamamoto Kazuki couldn’t help but sighed and said, “Nanako, according to me, you should abstain from the game the day after tomorrow.”
Nanako Ito asked in surprise: “Master, what do you mean? Why do you want me to abstain at this time? Didn’t you say that the real strong will never surrender without a fight?”
Yamamoto Kazuki sighed: “That’s just a normal situation! But now you can see that this Qin Aoxue is extremely strong. If you fight against her, you are very likely to be seriously injured. Then, you won’t lose a game. In the game, you lose your entire career!”
Nanako Ito pursed her mouth and murmured, “But if I retreat without a fight this time, what face will I have to continue practicing martial arts in the future? Isn’t there an old Chinese saying that you know that there are tigers in the mountains, and you should go to the mountains?”
Yamamoto Kazuki eagerly said: “There is an old saying in China! It is called to stay in the green mountains, not afraid that there is no firewood! If you are really seriously injured, your future career may be abandoned!”
Nanako Ito resolutely said: “Master, I finally made Ye Chen look at me with great difficulty today. If I give up the game, he will despise me, so I will not escape, on the contrary, I must try my best in the finals. If I go forward, even if I must lose, I will lose with dignity!”
Yamamoto Kazuki sighed heavily: “Hey! If Ye Chen is willing to accept you as a disciple, everything is easy to say, but Ye Chen’s current attitude is that he is unwilling to accept you. Even if you show up in front of him, Okay, so what? In his eyes, you are a foreigner, an alien!”
“It doesn’t matter.” Nanako Ito smiled slightly and said softly: “It doesn’t matter whether he accepts me as a disciple, I just don’t want to be looked down upon by him or looked down upon him!”
Yamamoto Kazuki understands Ito Nanako and knows that her current attitude is very determined, and it is impossible for him to change his decision.
So she looked at Koichi Tanaka next to her and said, “Tanaka, on the court at that time, if Miss Ito is injured, you must throw a towel to the referee in time, understand?”
Tanaka was about to nod, and Ito Nanako scolded with a cold face: “Tanaka! You must not lose your towel at that time! In this game, I can accept any defeat, but I just don’t accept the initiative to give up!”

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