The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 291-300

Chapter: 291
The host’s words left everyone stunned.
These two, can be the world’s top level luxury cars, usually rare to see, there are not even a few in China, but all at once all by the same person to buy?
You know, a luxury car of this class isn’t something you can buy with just money!
The Aston Martin one77, is only eligible for purchase by members of the Aston brand, and the purchaser must have three or more Aston Martins worth millions of dollars in their name to be eligible.
That’s just eligibility, the car is limited to a total of 77 cars worldwide, in over 200 countries, and there’s not even one in China!
The Bugatti Veyron Hermes Special Edition sports car is even more difficult to buy, because Bugatti itself serves those of the world’s top wealthy, and with the Hermes co-branded customization, it’s outrageously expensive!
The fact that these two cars were bought by the same person shows that this person’s identity and status is so powerful that it’s appalling!
However, Ye Chen’s eyes weren’t on the two cars.
He was looking everywhere in the crowd for Xiao Churan’s figure.
As he searched repeatedly for half a day and couldn’t find Xiao Choran, he suddenly heard a man beside him say, “Choran, come over and take a look at these two cars, these two cars are truly the best in the world, even I have never seen them!” First web site
When Ye Chen turned his head at the sound, he saw Xiao Churan, accompanied by a man and a woman.
The man was dressed in a suit and looked oily, while the woman was dressed coolly and had a slender figure, but compared to Xiao Churan, it was much inferior.
At this time, Xiao Churan, who was following the man, smiled slightly and said, “Mr. Gao, I don’t have much research on cars.”
The person who was called General Manager Gao laughed and said, “I have a deep study of cars, after all, our family, this exhibition center, often undertakes some car show activities.”
Ye Chen was relieved when he saw that Xiao Churan kept a normal distance from the other party and opened her mouth to call the other party General Manager Gao, so he guessed that she might be out to talk about cooperation.
Since his wife was here to talk about cooperation, if he was discovered by her at this time, he might be misunderstood by her instead, so Ye Chen prepared to take the opportunity to slip away.
Unexpectedly, Xiao Choran suddenly looked up and caught a glimpse of him in the afterglow and asked in surprise, “Ye Chen, why are you here?”
Ye Chen didn’t expect to be discovered by Xiao Churan, busy saying, “I came over to see and meet the world, wife, why are you here?”
Xiao Choran nodded and didn’t think much of it, explaining to Ye Chen about the head of the Gao beside him, “Ye Chen, let me introduce you, this is Mr. Gao Junwei of the Gao family, the Jinling Exhibition Center is their family’s property, they were one of the partners of the Xiao group before, now their cooperation with the Xiao group has stopped, it just so happens that the exhibition hall of the exhibition center will be redecorated in two days, That’s why I was invited to talk about cooperation.”
Saying that, Xiao Churan introduced the woman beside Gao Junwei to Ye Chen and said, “By the way, this is Zhang Juan, my former high school classmate who is now CEO Gao’s secretary.”
At this time, Zhang Juan looked at Ye Chen, looked surprised and said, “Choran, I heard from our high school classmates before that you’ve recruited a very lousy door-to-door son-in-law, so it’s him ah, it really doesn’t look good.”
Gao Junwei smiled faintly and looked at Ye Chen with a flash of hostility, but then hid it well.

Chapter: 292
He had always had thoughts about Xiao Choran and knew of Ye Chen’s existence, but had never seen him before.
Knowing that the person in front of him was Xiao Choran’s wimpy husband, Gao Junwei looked at Ye Chen and asked with an air of curiosity, “I don’t know where Mr. Ye is high up right now?”
Ye Chen said indifferently, “I’m unemployed now.”
Zhang Juan said disdainfully at the side, “Isn’t that just a soft job?”
Gao Junwei’s eyes also flashed with a hint of disdain, he used to have a good feeling for Xiao Churan when she was still in the Xiao Clan, but now he heard that Xiao Churan had started her own business, so he deliberately found Xiao Churan, threw out the order for the redecoration of the convention center, and invited Xiao Churan over.
Thinking that he had to build up his image in front of Xiao Churan, he looked at Ye Chen and said with a slight smile, “Ye Chen, actually you shouldn’t have come here today, the people who came to the car show today are all respectable people in Jinling City, don’t you think you’re embarrassing Churan by coming here as a door-to-door son-in-law?”
When Xiao Churan heard this, her face immediately looked ugly, she didn’t expect Gao Junwei to ridicule Ye Chen, naturally she was a little indignant in her heart.
Just, before Xiao Churan opened her mouth, Ye Chen’s eyes became cold and said indifferently, “Is this kind of exhibition very cool? If my car wasn’t here, please I wouldn’t even be here.”
“Your car’s here? Don’t you see what status you have?”
Zhang Juan shouted from the sidelines, saying, “Don’t you know that all the luxury cars on display here start at a million? I don’t think a slinger like you can even afford a wheel!” Remember the URL
Gao Junwei was even more disdainful of Ye Chen and said in a proud tone, “Ye Chen, I know what you’re thinking of this door-to-door son-in-law, isn’t it just eating soft food? You want to eat with a little dignity, so you want Hatsura to buy you a car to drive, right?”
Xiao Choran said with a cold face, “Mr. Gao, Ye Chen doesn’t need me to buy him a car, the car I drive is still the one Ye Chen bought for me.”
Gao Junwei looked stunned, he didn’t think that a hangdog like Ye Chen could afford to buy a car for Xiao Churan.
Zhang Juan, on the side, looked at Ye Chen and laughed disdainfully, sneering, “You’re the only one who can still afford to give a car away?”
After saying that, he turned his head to Xiao Churan and asked, “Churan, what kind of car did your husband give you? It can’t be a Cheryqq, right.”
Xiao Choran said, “Ye Chen bought a total of two cars, one is a BMW 520 for me and one is a BMW 530 for my dad.”
Zhang Juan yin and yang said, “Yoho, I didn’t expect your husband to have two dollars.”
Gao Junwei shook his head and laughed contemptuously, “BMW 520?This kind of car is driven by servants in our family, how is it worthy of Choran.”
He then looked at Ye Chen and coldly said, “Ye Chen, a BMW 520 is very cheap, if you take out a loan, the down payment is only 100,000 yuan, but the luxury cars here are all in the millions and you can’t afford them, the BMW 5 series doesn’t even qualify to come in, the least is the BMW 740, and there are two of the world’s top luxury sports cars at the auto show, you this time around You can open your eyes properly.”
Ye Chen smiled calmly and pointed at the two top luxury cars on the platform, asking rhetorically, “You said that here are luxury cars that I can’t afford, so let me ask you, can you afford these two of the world’s top luxury sports cars?”
Gao Junwei sneered, “I can’t afford every other car in this showroom except for these two cars, can you? A slinger like you, I don’t think you can afford to buy any of them!”

Chapter: 293
The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on a number of new products for the past two years. The top end is nearly two million, powerful, and very worthy of you!”
Gao Junwei has been coveting Xiao Churan for a long time, and this time he invited Xiao Churan over, originally wanting to use the name of decorating the car show center to take Xiao Churan with a money offensive.
The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea if I could get it out of my system.
Xiao Churan refused in a row, “Thank you for your kindness, but the gift is too expensive, I can’t take it.”
Gao Junwei laughed, “Two million Audi rs8 only, this amount of money is nothing to me, as long as you like it Churan, I’ll buy it in full and give it to you now.”
Ye Chen looked coldly at Gao Junwei and said indifferently, “No need, we have a car at home, we don’t need you to give it away, besides, it’s not your turn to give it away.”
“Just you?” Gao Junwei said disdainfully, “It’s not that I despise you, which car in here can you afford to send?”
Ye Chen looked at him playfully, pointed at the two Aston Martin one77, and the limited edition Bugatti Veyron on the stage, and said with a smile, “How about giving you the two you can’t afford?”
“Grass!” Gao Junwei thought that Ye Chen was deliberately sarcastic that he couldn’t afford to send such an expensive car, and said coldly, “Kid, don’t be too arrogant, I’ve already said that I can afford to send all the cars in the exhibition hall today except for these two, can you?!”
Ye Chen said, “I also said, I’ll give these two away!” One second to remember to read the book
“Hahahahaha!” John Gao laughed in exasperation and took off, “Do you know what kind of car that is? You’re just blowing off steam? It’s not that I despise you, these two cars are guarded by security and a slinger like you can’t even touch them, let alone buy them!”
Ye Chen smiled, “I think the one who can’t really touch it is you, right?”
Gao Junwei sneered, “The convention center is my home, the managers of both have to give me face, if I want to touch this car, I won’t be able to?”
Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t think you’re any different from me, I can’t touch it, you can’t touch it, we’re actually similar.”
When Gao Junwei heard this, he blew up and gritted his teeth, “You’re fucking worthy of being compared to me too?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “Of course it matches, I told you, there’s no difference between us, don’t believe me, go try it?”
“Yes!” Gao Junwei was now about to be provoked by Ye Chen and said in a cold voice, “Wait, I’m going to touch you!”
Saying that, he stepped forward and walked towards the crowd.
Ye Chen’s expression now carried a bit of a chill.
The two cars that Qin Gang and Wang Zhenggang had sent themselves were, according to them, specially paid to hire security guards from the money transport company to guard them.
In order to absolutely ensure that these two cars were not touched by anyone else until Ye Chen got his hands on them.
If this Gao Junwei really touched in these two cars today, then he would go and settle the score with these two, or at least punish them for the crime of doing something unfavorable!
But even if John Ko touched it, so what? When he touches it and shows off to himself, he’ll just pull out his bracelet and sit in it to see what kind of face he’ll make when he sees it.

Chapter: 294
Gao Junwei now stepped forward to pick apart the crowd surrounding the car, then went to the security guard and opened his mouth, “Several people, I am the deputy general manager of the Jinling Exhibition Center, this exhibition center is my family’s property, can you let me go in and admire these two cars up close?”
“No!” One of the security guards, who had joined the money transport company after retiring from the army, said very firmly at this point, “Our leader has orders that no one is to approach except the owner of the car!”
Gao Junwei’s face was a little too embarrassed.
Damn, you really won’t let me touch it?
That’s a bit disgraceful, isn’t it? You know this is our family showroom!
If he couldn’t touch the two cars, wouldn’t he really be the same as that stinking hangman Ye Chen!
No, I can’t lose face like this no matter what I say!
Gao Junwei suppressed the annoyance in his heart and said to that security guard in a good voice, “Buddy, I also love cars, give me a hand, and I will definitely not treat you badly in the future.”
The security guard was, after all, a retired soldier with a rigid personality, so he sternly refused, “This gentleman, I’ll tell you again, if you are not the owner of the car, you will never be allowed to take half a step near this car!”
When Gao Junwei saw that the other party was always disrespectful, he became anxious and gritted his teeth as he threatened, “The whole convention center is my home, you a security guard dare to confront me, don’t you want to mix it up?” First web site
The other party said indifferently, “Excuse me, I’m a security guard of the Zhen Yuan Money Transportation Company, not the Jinling Exhibition Center, even if you are the owner of the Jinling Exhibition Center, you have no right to control me!”
“You!” Gao Junwei was annoyed and said, “You’re shameless!”
Saying that, Gao Junwei toned down his anger, “Do you believe I’ll make you get out of my exhibition center right now?”
The other side said emotionlessly, “We have signed a contract with your venue, and today this place is rented by us, so you have no right to let me out, and my job is to guard the safety of this car, if you have any other opinions, you can go talk to our leader.”
Ye Chen then walked up to Gao Junwei and asked with a smile, “Oh my grandson Gao, what’s going on? You’re not allowed to touch it? Hey, I’m not allowed to touch it and I’m still in a hurry, what a shame!”
Gao Junwei was looking at Ye Chen furiously, and then he whirled around to glance at Xiao Churan, his face red like a monkey’s butt.
Just now, he was raving, but now the other security guard really did not even give himself any face, did not even give himself a chance to touch the two cars, simply give face!
Zhang Juan saw that Gao Junwei was repeatedly frustrated and couldn’t help but help him to dislike Ye Chen: “You stinky hanger-on, why are you fighting with our Gao? Do you believe I’m going to have security throw you out?”
At this time, a reporter with a camera said to Gao Junwei, “This friend, if people don’t let you touch them, please don’t mess around here, we are affected by you taking pictures.”
Others echoed, “That’s right, can you afford to touch such an expensive car? Just look at it!”
“I guess I wanted to touch and take a picture to send to my friends! I’ve seen a lot of such vain losers!”
Gao Junwei’s face became extremely ugly, if he couldn’t go over and touch these two cars, wouldn’t he become the same as Ye Chen, the stinky hanger-on in everyone’s eyes?
With that in mind, he darkened his face and said to the security guard, “I’ll give you thirty seconds, and if you’re still in my way, I’ll kick all of you and your cars out and you won’t have to do your car show anymore!”

Chapter: 295
At this moment, a suit-dressed manager heard the brawl over here and came over in a hurry.
Behind him was a group of brawny men dressed as bodyguards, all with fierce eyes, all hardened.
“What’s happening? Who’s making a racket here?”
When Gao Junwei saw the manager, he looked arrogant and said, “Are you the person in charge here?”
“Right.” The man nodded and said, “I’m the executive manager of the show, Lemuel, and who are you?”
Gao Junwei snorted coldly and said, “I’m Gao Junwei from the Exhibition Center.”
Li Mo said indifferently, “So it’s Mr. Gao, I wonder what you’re doing here making a racket?”
Gao Junwei coldly said, “Your men are so bad at doing things, I want to go up and see those two cars up close, he didn’t even let me get on, what do you mean? Despise me?”
Li Mo smiled slightly and said, “I’m sorry Gao Junwei, these two cars have been bought by a guest and are now waiting for a guest to pick them up, our superiors have also explained that these two cars are too noble and cannot be touched by anyone but the owner.”
Gao Junwei frowned and asked, “So that means you’re not giving me face?” Remember the URL
“Sorry.” Li Ming Mengzhen said, “This face can’t be given to anyone, not to mention Gao Gongzi, even if the King of Heaven comes, as long as he’s not the owner, he can’t touch these two cars!”
The first time I saw it, I thought it would be a good idea for me to tell you about it.
Then don’t blame me for being fucking mad!
So he immediately shouted in anger, “OK! Since you guys are so powerful, this temple in our convention center is too small to accommodate you, so please also clear out and leave!”
Li Mo said, “Gao Gongzi, that would be too much, wouldn’t it? We did sign a lease after all, and we’ve already paid for it, so how can you break it?”
“So what if you break the contract?” Gao Junwei said in exasperation, “I’d rather compensate you for the breach of contract and kick you dogs out!”
Zhang Juan rushed to persuade him at this time and whispered, “Mr. Gao, if we default on the contract, the penalty is three times the total amount, if the chairman finds out, he will definitely be shocked and angry…”
At this instant, Gao Junwei suddenly wimped out again.
Ye Chen, who was watching very happily from the side, laughed and added, “Mr. Gao, with your status, you still can’t touch these two cars, is it so hard to touch them? Oh, what a shame, the CEO of the Convention Center!”
Gao Junwei said angrily, “Who the hell told you I couldn’t touch it?”
After saying that, he turned his face and directly pushed Li Mo away, saying in a cold voice: “Today this car I have touched, don’t come over to look for trouble if you don’t want to die, or I’ll make a phone call and immediately find someone to exterminate him.”
Seeing that Gao Junwei was going to rush towards that Aston Martin Limited Edition ONE77, Li Mo was a little anxious and he hurriedly called the security guards to stop him.
Gao Junwei didn’t think that a few stinky security guards would actually dare to stop him, and immediately shouted, “All the security guards of the convention center, come here!”
All these security guards guarding the cars are from outside, but the convention center itself has a lot of security guards, and they are no less numerous than each other, so let’s see who’s afraid of who?
Li Mo saw a few convention center security guards running over, possibly about to start a conflict, and quickly called Qin Gang.

Chapter: 296
“Mr. Qin, Mr. Gao from the Jinling Exhibition Center insisted on touching that Aston Martin ONE77, and now it’s all about a fight, what should we do?”
Qin Gang was so shocked that he blurted out, “That car was given to Master Ye! I don’t care what tall gentleman or short gentleman, except for Master Ye, if anyone dares touch that car, let security cripple his hand!”
Li Mo hurriedly said, “Mr. Qin, the Jinling Exhibition Center is owned by the Gao family, isn’t this a bit too much?”
“What the hell is a high family?” Qin Gang stormed out, “The Gao family is not even a fart in my eyes, and I’m telling you, as long as that kid surnamed Gao gets his fingers on the car I bought, you better get the hell out of Jinling and never let me see you again!”
Qin Gang only got two divine pills from Ye Chen yesterday, excited and awake all night, and suddenly he heard that someone dared to touch the car he bought for Master Ye, isn’t this a fucking death wish?
The strength of the Gao family was far below the Qin family, not to mention that Qin Gang had such a great god as Master Ye behind him, little Gao Junwei, he didn’t even look at it.
When Li Mo heard this, he was in awe, and when he looked up again, he found that Gao Junwei had brought a few security guards with him, choking up with the hired security guards on his side!
Gao Junwei was still so arrogant and said coldly, “If you don’t get out of my way, I’ll have someone do it!”
Li Mo’s hands are shaking with anger, damn, do you really think these security guards I hired are just for show? These are usually experts at escorting cash vans. How can you, the gatekeeper, compete with them?
Plus, he had just received instructions from Qin Gang, and he was also afraid that these two cars would make any mistakes, so he pointed at Gao Junwei and gave an order to his hired security guards, “Damn it, shameless thing! Give me a shot! Hit it hard! Beat the hell out of me with General Manager Qin covering me!” One second to remember to read the book
The security guards of the money shipping company had long been unable to stand Gao Junwei’s bad attitude and held back their energy to teach him a lesson, as soon as they heard Li Mo’s order, they immediately acted like chicken blood, and the one leading the security guard burst out, “Brothers, give me a fight!”
Saying that, he smacked Gao Junwei directly in the face with a slap and cursed, “I’ve been wanting to beat you for a long time, son of a bitch!”
Gao Junwei was slapped with a slap to the face and shouted lustily, “This is my Gao family’s chassis and you dare to hit me?”
“Get the fuck out of here!” The retired security guard immediately lifted his foot and kicked Gao Junwei in the waist.
The kick was so powerful that it directly caused Gao Junwei to roll on the ground, covering his stomach.
The other security guards from the convention center were no match for the money transport company’s security guards, and in a short while, they were all beaten to pieces.
Zhang Juan rushed to the front of Gao Junwei, while protecting him, while cursing angrily: “You guys are looking for death, right? You’re finished! How dare you hit Mr. Gao! The Gao family will not let you go!”
Li Mo said in a cold voice, “The Gao family? For your information, this car was bought by the owner of the Qin family! He said that since you Gao’s family dared to look for trouble, he dared to beat up your mother and not recognize you!”
“The Qin family…” Zhang Juan was dumbfounded upon hearing this.
Gao Junwei was lying on the ground in pain, and his heart was also terrified.
The Qin family?!
The Qin family was second only to the Song family in Jinling!
Besides, the Qin and Song families always seemed to have a good relationship!
In comparison, the Gao family is nothing more than running an exhibition center, more than a hundred thousand miles away, how can they mess with the Qin family!
Gao Junwei, unable to ignore the pain all over his body, said with an apologetic face, “Sorry, sorry! I really didn’t know this was the car that Mr. Qin bought, I’m sorry, but I was blind…”

Chapter: 297
Gao Junwei was sincerely terrified at this time, but his heart was so angry that he almost wanted to kill someone.
He had been beaten in his own home convention center, and as a result, he had to kneel down to apologize to the person who had beaten him, and what’s more, he had even been beaten in front of Xiao Churan, which was simply the greatest humiliation he had ever encountered in his life!
However, the Qin family he couldn’t afford to provoke, so he could only vent his anger on Ye Chen in his heart.
He felt that it was all because of Ye Chen, the stinking hangman, that he had to touch that car, and as a result, he had been beaten and humiliated in front of Xiao Churan, and this revenge, he must avenge himself!
At this point, when Li Mo saw that he was still sensible, he said to the people around him, “Okay, everyone stop fighting!”
A group of money transport company’s security guards only then stopped, but the security guards of the convention center, one by one, had been beaten to the ground.
Ye Chen stood at the side, looking at the wretched Gao Junwei on the ground with a scowl on his face, and asked with a smile, “Mr. Gao, it seems that these two cars, you, a hangman, really can’t even touch them!”
Gao Junwei already hated him with an itch, but he didn’t expect him to dare to take the initiative to provoke himself, and then he scolded with a haze on his face, “Ye Chen, you caused me to lose face today, I will definitely not spare you!”
Ye Chen smiled, “What? Did I say something wrong?”
After saying that, Ye Chen asked Xiao Churan beside him, “Wife, am I right?” First web site
Xiao Churan was a little embarrassed at this time, just now Gao Junwei kept ridiculing Ye Chen, she was indeed a little annoyed in her heart, but she didn’t expect things to turn out like this.
The reason why she didn’t get angry with Gao Junwei just now was mainly because she wanted to talk about the cooperation of the exhibition center.
However, seeing Gao Junwei’s original form, she also had some disgust in her heart, so she looked at him and said seriously: “Mr. Gao, this matter itself, you provoked the first, it was you who started the conflict with others and took a beating, what does it have to do with Ye Chen? I hope you discern right from wrong and don’t trouble him!”
Gao Junwei sensed that Xiao Churan was looking down on himself somewhat, and was resentful, staring at Ye Chen and gritting his teeth, “Stinky hangman, you wait!”
Ye Chen looked at him in surprise, “What did you call me?”
Gao Junwei cursed angrily, “I call you a stinking hangman! Are you deaf?”
Zhang Juan beside her also added fuel to the fire, scolding angrily, “Ye Chen, you soft rice eating son-in-law of the door, calling you a sling is lifting you up.”
Ye Chen wasn’t angry, and said with a smile, “You say I’m a slinger, but you yourself can’t even touch the sides of these two cars, and you were beaten up, so many people are watching, so who do you think we are slingers?”
The surrounding crowd watching the fun let out a chuckle.
Gao Junwei’s face was extremely ugly and he gritted his teeth, “Speak as if you can just touch it, have the guts to touch one for me to see?”
As he said this, Gao Junwei was thinking of giving Ye Chen a provocation.
If he fell for it and went to touch the two cars, then he would definitely not be spared a violent beating.
If he doesn’t fall for it, that is, if he admits to it in front of everyone, then he can somewhat save a little face.
However, I didn’t expect Ye Chen to say very calmly, “What’s the point of just touching? Do you want me to show you a test drive?”
“Hahaha!” Gao Junwei scoffed loudly, “Test drive? You deserve to test drive a car this expensive? You can touch the doorknob, I’m counting you as winning today!”
Junwei Gao felt that Li Mo had so many people guarding the place anyway, if Ye Chen tried to touch it, he would take a beating like himself!
Ye Chen smiled and pointed at the Aston Martin one77 in front of him, asking Xiao Churan: “Honey, do you want to take this car for a drive? I’ll take you there if you want!”
Xiao Choran hurriedly pulled him out and whispered, “Ye Chen, don’t mess around, can’t you see what will happen to Gao Junwei?”
At this time, Gao Junwei struggled to stand up and sneered, “Ye Chen, what the hell are you pretending to be with me for? Do you know how cool this car is? Limited to 77 units worldwide, available at a price! Not even my dad has been in this car and you want to take a ride in it?”
But Ye Chen shrugged his shoulders and said, “My own car, can’t I take a ride in it?”

Chapter: 298
Gao Junwei was furious and laughed back, “Ye Chen, the more you pretend, the more addicted you are, right? You don’t even take a piss to look at yourself, what are you, qualified to ride in this car?”
Zhang Juan also said disdainfully on the side, “Choran, it’s really hard for you to marry such a bragging loser.”
Xiao Churan’s face was very helpless, and she looked at Ye Chen with some disappointment.
Saying such irrelevant words in this kind of situation, is this guy brain damaged?
Ye Chen didn’t bother to explain, taking out two wearable bracelet keys from his pocket, holding them in his hand, shaking them at Li Mo, who was in charge of the car show, and saying indifferently: “Do you know these two things?”
When Li Mo saw the smart bracelet key that Ye Chen took out, his entire body was confused.
When he remembered what Qin Gang had said on the phone, his heart thudded.
This young man, was he Master Ye Chen Ye?
Right! Remember the URL
It seems they call him Ye Chen!
So he hurriedly bowed deeply and humbly said, “Greetings, Master Ye! Li Mo bowed to Master Ye, meet Master Ye!”
After saying that, he hurriedly flashed over, pointed at the two supercars behind, and said respectfully, “Master Ye, your two cars are ready to drive away at any time, if you don’t want to drive them, we can transport them to the house for you!”
The surrounding people were all stunned.
Gao Junwei’s eyes were about to fall to the ground, while Zhang Juan’s heart was tremendously shaken!
The man who even dared to beat up Gao Junwei saw Ye Chen and bowed and saluted like a grandson, and called him Master Ye?
What was even more unbelievable was that, from what he said, these two supercars were both Ye Chen’s!
What’s going on here?
Xiao Churan was also dumbfounded and didn’t understand what was going on for a while.
However, thinking that Wang Zhenggang had also gifted Ye Chen a large villa, she suddenly guessed something in her heart.
This Ye Chen, must have gone to read feng shui for the rich and fooled people again!
At this time, Gao Junwei hurriedly said to Li Mo, “Manager Li, you must be mistaken, this person is called Ye Chen, he is the famous wimp son-in-law of the Jinling Xiao family, he is not Master Ye at all.”
Zhang Juan also looked at the manager obsequiously and said offhandedly, “Manager, look at Ye Chen, a poor pimp, how does he look like someone who can afford such an expensive sports car? I think he probably just bought two Xiaomi bracelets on Taobao and dared to come to the car show to mess around, you don’t want to be fooled by him.”
Ye Chen grinned and pulled Xiao Churan, who was being silly in the same place, and stepped towards that Aston Martin ONE77.
The security guard who had to vow to protect this car just now and not let it be touched even a little by others, saw that Li Mo was so polite to Ye Chen and naturally gave way.
Ye Chen held Xiao Churan’s hand and walked to the driver’s seat of the Aston Martin ONE77, the bracelet was only just close to the door, and then a drip sound was heard….
Immediately afterwards, the lights like shark eyes instantly lit up!
The LCD screen and ambient lighting in the cockpit also lit up at the same time.
The iconic pair of scissor doors on the Aston Martin one77, surprisingly, also went up slowly and automatically!

Chapter: 299
The moment Ye Chen unlocked the Aston Martinone77 with his smart bracelet, everyone on the scene was stunned!
Everyone was in awe: this Aston Martin one77, it was really Ye Chen’s!
Gao Junwei is also dumbfounded, what the hell is going on here?
Isn’t Ye Chen a dangling son-in-law?
How could he possibly afford such an expensive car!
Zhang Juan was even more stunned, “This…. This is too incredible, this man who eats soft food can afford to buy an Aston Martinone77?”
At this time, Ye Chen brought her, to the passenger door, and said with a smile, “Honey, get in, I’ll take you for a ride!”
Xiao Churan was filled with doubt and asked, “Is this car really yours?”
Ye Chen nodded, “Of course, the key is right here, can’t my husband still lie to you?”
After saying that, Ye Chen hurriedly whispered in her ear, “Wife, this car is actually lent to me by Qin Gang for fun, saying that I can come and experience it, I just deliberately pretended to be a pimp with Gao Junwei, don’t poke me!” One second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen himself wasn’t very interested in these two too flamboyant cars, if he hadn’t heard Wang Daokun say that he saw his wife here today, he wouldn’t have even bothered to come over to collect them.
Moreover, he also knew his wife’s personality, she would never be willing to drive a car like this on a daily basis, it was just too flamboyant.
So, that’s why he made up this lie, after bringing his wife to experience something, he’ll bring the car back and hand both cars over to that Li Mo together for safekeeping .
Xiao Churan came to a sudden realization and was also relieved at the same time.
She was really afraid that Ye Chen would continue to deceive those big people and the more he deceived, the more he would definitely cause big trouble that way.
Since it was someone else who had lent him the car to experience it, then she didn’t have to worry so much.
Thinking of this, she was much more relaxed and curious about this Aston Martinone77.
Although Xiao Churan was not a woman who was greedy for vanity, she still wanted to sit in such a top-notch sports car and experience it.
So, she gently bent down and sat in this super luxurious Aston Martin ONE77!
Ye Chen didn’t rush to sit in, but looked at the stunned Gao Junwei and Zhang Juan and said with a sneer, “A hanging wire is a hanging wire, go back and earn more money before you come out and act like a pimp, so as not to embarrass yourself!”
After saying that, not bothering to pay attention to the two people’s sauce-filled expressions, he unrestrainedly sat in the cab and pressed the engine start switch.
In a split second, the incomparably powerful engine roar of the supercar resounded throughout the showroom.
Xiao Churan, who had never driven a luxury car of this level, sat in the driver’s seat, swallowed hard, gripped the steering wheel excitedly and started the car.
The top luxury car Aston Martin one77, in everyone’s sight, slowly started up, drove down the ramp from the other side of the booth, and then drove out directly from the showroom.
The powerful atmosphere caused a stir.
Gao Junwei’s entire person was confused, is this car really this waste? What the hell is going on here!
Zhang Juan was also pale, if both cars were Ye Chen’s, then wouldn’t she have just greatly offended him?
She couldn’t help but get it: “That’s impossible, isn’t he the Xiao family’s wasteful son-in-law? Where did you get the car keys?”
Gao Junwei could not accept, dead or alive, that Ye Chen could really afford this Aston Martinone77, so he gritted his teeth and said, “That hangman must have stolen the car keys!”
Manager Li Mo was furious as he heard this, these two idiots, and they dared to insult Master Ye? What the hell!
He turned his head to look at Gao Junwei and Zhang Juan and cursed angrily, “How dare you bark here after offending Master Ye!”
Saying that, he gave a direct order to the bodyguard, “Give me a good beating!”
Junwei Gao was knocked to the ground again by the bodyguard with three punches and two kicks, followed by being grabbed by the hair and slapped in the face as hard as he could, quickly becoming a pig’s head.

Chapter: 300
Zhang Juan was also beaten with a cape and a crooked mouth, while Gao Junwei was also limping and in pain.
After beating them both up, Li Mo directly had them thrown out of the exhibition hall.
Gao Junwei lay on the concrete floor, cursing in anger, “Damn it, who the hell is this Ye Chen!”
Zhang Juan angrily said, “He’s just a superfluous son-in-law, I think he’s just a chauffeur at most, there’s no way he’s some kind of Master Ye.”
Gao Junwei was frothing at the mouth and said, “Stinking hangman, I’ll never fucking let him go!”
After saying that, his expression was cold and he gritted his teeth, “And Xiao Churan! And don’t try to escape from me!”
Over here, the Aston Martin ONE77 has been driven out of the convention center.
The super-luxurious sports car has triggered the close attention of countless people on the street.
The first time to ride in an Aston Martin one77, Xiao Chu Ran felt very new.
After all, it was the world’s top-class supercar, and almost all young people wished to have the opportunity to experience it. The first website
But Xiao Churan’s curiosity about it was just superficial.
Before Ye Chen drove far out, Xiao Churan said to him, “Let’s drive the car back, don’t give people a problem with General Manager Qin.”
Ye Chen said, “What’s the fear of that, General Manager Qin is a very easy person to talk to.”
“That’s not appropriate either.” Xiao Churan said seriously, “Anyway, we’ve already experienced it, let’s return the car and go home.”
Ye Chen saw her insistence and nodded gently.
Whirling around, he drove the car back to the showroom and parked it on the stand.
As soon as he got out of the car, Li Mo greeted him respectfully and asked after him, “Master Ye, how does it feel? Still satisfied?”
Ye Chen nodded and whispered, “You can help me find a place to store these two cars properly, and I’ll ask you to pick them up when I need them in a few days.”
Li Mo didn’t dare to ask more questions and nodded hurriedly, “Don’t worry Master Ye, I’ll help you keep them properly!”
Ye Chen smiled in satisfaction and said, “Then I’ll go back with my wife first.”
“Master Ye I’ll see you off!”
“No need!”
On the way back, Xiao Churan couldn’t help but sigh, “I originally said that I would try to negotiate down the list of the convention center and invite them to the opening ceremony tomorrow again by the way, but now it’s gone down the drain again.”
Ye Chen curiously asked, “Wife, is your studio ready to officially announce its opening?”
“Right.” Xiao Churan said, “After so many days of preparation, it’s almost ready for official business.”
At this point, Xiao Churan said somewhat forlornly, “It’s a pity that I can’t invite any dignitaries to come over to hold the show, I’ve only invited a few students, so you and your parents will come along then.”
Ye Chen nodded his head, but in his heart he thought, “Can’t find any respectable and dignified people to hold the party? Hubby will help you find him!
Imperial Hero Group Wang Feixue, Miss Song Wanting, Qin family head Qin Gang, Wang family head Wang Zhenggang, underground king Hong Fifth, and Treasure Pavilion Master Bao Fugui….
He knew a lot of big people who were among the best in Jinling, and they were all going to address themselves as Master Ye, and when the time came, as long as he gave the order, he would be able to get them to come over and give his wife’s studio a boost, and take care of her business, and then his wife’s studio would definitely be a sensation all over Jinling.
Thinking of this, he immediately edited a message and sent it to these people in a group on WeChat.
“My wife’s studio opens tomorrow morning, so please take the time to come over to the address…”

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