The Amazing Son-in-Law [The Charismatic Charlie Wade]

Chapter: 301-310

Chapter: 301
After the WeChat was sent, Ye Chen received all kinds of messages non-stop.
The first to reply was Song Wanting: “Master Ye rest assured, Wanting will definitely come to congratulate you tomorrow!”
Then there was Qin Gang: “Thank you Master Ye for the invitation, I will definitely go to the venue tomorrow!”
Wang Zhenggang said, “Master Ye, tomorrow I will bring my canine son and nephew to your door to congratulate you, and by the way, I will let these two little brats confess to you in person…”
Everyone was excited about Ye Chen’s invitation, thinking that it was a good opportunity to get closer to Master Ye.
Xiao Choran had some regrets about tomorrow’s opening ceremony, but never thought that her husband had already prepared the grandest show for her!
Back home, Xiao Churan washed up and rested early in the morning to prepare for the opening ceremony tomorrow morning.
Ye Chen also slept early, and all he could think about was how to make his wife the most popular woman in all of Jinling tomorrow.
The following day. Remember the URL
Today was the day Xiao Churan set for the opening.
Because he didn’t have much money and was just starting out, Xiao Chu Ran rented the office address of his company in the somewhat remote Yongxing Mansion.
Although the Yongxing Building is the property of the subsidiary of the Emperor Howe Group, but it’s really not worth mentioning, the Emperor Howe Group is usually too lazy to operate by itself, so it let some intermediaries to take care of it for them.
Originally, Ye Chen wanted to say something to Wang Dongxue, asking her to directly vacate one of the floors of the Wing Star Building and make a studio address for his wife.
But think about it, and afraid of bad and Xiao Churan explanation, so she let her own money to rent a very small office.
Xiao Churan and Ye Chen were now standing at the door of the office, waiting for the guests to arrive.
Yesterday, Xiao Churan had sent invitations to some of her former partners when she was in the Xiao family, and she had even worked up the courage to send one to Wang Feixue of the Emperor’s Group, but she was still a little nervous, not knowing if these guests would come.
Inherently lacking in strength, if even the opening ceremony was deserted, the circle would look down on her company even more in the future.
Ye Chen saw that she looked nervous, so he spoke to comfort her, “Wife, it’s still early, I guess the guests will all be here by the time it’s time, so don’t worry.”
The scheduled opening time was 10:00 am, it was only just after 9:00 am, so it was normal that no one was there.
And not long after, Xiao Churan’s phone suddenly rang.
After picking it up, only to find out that it was a call from the front desk of the building, saying that it was the Xiao family visiting and giving advance notice.
Ye Chen also heard the voice from the phone and asked in surprise, “The Xiao family? What are they doing here? Did you send them an invitation?”
Xiao Choran shook her head and said, “How could I invite them over when I was in such trouble with them before, probably because I wanted to see us laugh…. The receptionist said that grandmother herself came over and brought my uncle’s family with her, so you shouldn’t clash with them later.”
Ye Chen nodded and smiled, “As long as they don’t look for trouble, I definitely won’t go and have a conflict with them on today’s big day.”

Chapter: 302
Xiao Choran nodded somewhat worriedly.
Immediately after that, it was seen that Old Madam Xiao, who was leaning on her crutches, brought Xiao Chang Qian, Xiao Hailong, and Xiao Weiwei over from the outside passage.
Xiao Hailong, who had been brutally beaten and arrested into the police station some time ago, had just been ransomed out with money by the old lady, so now when Xiao Hailong saw Ye Chen, his face was full of resentment towards him.
But Ye Chen didn’t bother to pay attention to him.
Today was the big day of the opening and he didn’t want to start any conflict with them, so as long as this group of people didn’t do anything too excessive, he wouldn’t actively provoke them.
Xiao Weiwei walked forward and said with a sneer, “Xiao Churan, you’re too ungrateful not to even say hello when you see your grandmother, aren’t you?”
Xiao Choran said indifferently, “You’ve already kicked us out of the Xiao family, and it’s reasonable to say that we have nothing to do with each other now!”
“Bastard!” Old Mrs. Xiao’s cane poked the ground fiercely and said angrily, “The blood flowing through your body is the blood of the Xiao family, so you were born a member of the Xiao family and when you die, you are also a ghost of the Xiao family!”
Ye Chen said coldly at this time, “Certain people are talking too double standard, before they said that they would expel the person who was expelled from the house and never recognize anyone else as a member of the Xiao family again, now they are saying that the Xiao family is responsible for the life and death of others, isn’t this contradicting themselves?”
Xiao Hailong gritted his teeth and said, “When my grandmother speaks, there’s no room for a trash like you to interrupt!” One second to remember to read the book
Ye Chen looked at him and asked rhetorically, “You didn’t get enough beatings last time, did you? Do you want me to loosen you up again?!”
Xiao Hailong’s neck shrank and he immediately wimped out.
The last time he robbed the villa, he had already seen Ye Chen’s strength, not to mention one himself, even ten himself were not his match, so it was better to be quick and honest.
At this time, Xiao Choran pursed her lips, turned to look at Old Madam Xiao and said, “I’m sorry, we didn’t invite you to today’s opening ceremony, so please leave quickly.”
“Opening ceremony?” Old Mrs. Xiao said disdainfully, “Choran ah, you don’t think that when this little workshop of yours opens, you’ll really have guests coming to visit, do you?”
Xiao Changqian, who was on the side, also laughed and said, “I heard that you guys even bashfully sent invitations to the Imperial Group? You don’t even think about how a small workshop like yours could get into the eyes of the Imperial Group.”
“Yes.” Old Mrs. Xiao took the words back again and said with a persuasive face, “Choran ah, a family doesn’t talk about two families, a husband and wife quarrel at the end of the bed, and then they make up, not to mention that you are my granddaughter, you have my blood in your body, why do you need to fight with me?”
She said, “Look at you, you are alone in such a shabby studio, no money, no resources, why don’t you come back to the Xiao Group, grandmother also let you be your director, you follow grandmother well and work together, in the future, I will definitely give you an account of the shares of the Xiao Group, and even let you take over as the helmsman. What do you think?”
The Xiao family has been in a very difficult situation lately.
Di Hao broke off the cooperation with them and blocked them, the Wang family came back to back out of the marriage, and Xiao Hailong is even more rotten.
The only hope Mrs. Xiao has is to bring Xiao Churan back to work within the group to make a breakthrough in the business.
Maybe, Xiao Churan could even get back the contract of the Dihao Group, then, other partners would also come to work with her, and the situation could be turned around at once.
However, Old Madam Xiao did not expect that Xiao Choran would calmly shake her head and speak, “I’m not interested, I just want to do my own thing.”
Xiao Chang Qian coldly snorted, “Xiao Churan, I advise you to be a little more knowledgeable, look at the extent to which your place opened today, how deserted has it become? Did someone congratulate you? That’s all you want to do to start a business? I think you’re 80% likely to go out of business before you even start a business!”
Ye Chen’s expression was full of disdain and ridicule as he said, “Whether there are people here to congratulate or not, it’s none of your business. As long as I think about it, the entire Jinling’s dignitaries will come to congratulate Choron!”

Chapter: 303
Hearing Ye Chen’s words, Xiao Hailong despised a smile and ridiculed, “Ye Chen, just pretend, you just know a few underground scraps, and you really think you’re some big shot? I really don’t believe you can invite any dignitaries!”
Xiao Weiwei, who was on the side, also snorted, “This trash, Ye Chen, is the best at bragging, if no one comes to congratulate you at the opening ceremony today, tomorrow this studio will become the laughing stock of Jinling, I’ll see how you’ll take orders then!”
When Xiao Chu Ran heard her words, although he did not say anything on the surface, he could not help but feel worried.
The opening ceremony, to be frank, was a ceremony that reflected connections.
If there were many guests, it would prove that the company’s connections were strong and its strength could be reflected, especially if big people could come, then many people would be very respectful in the future when they heard about it.
But if there was not a single guest, wouldn’t that tell others that her company, wanting resources but no resources, wanting connections but no connections? How can anyone work with a company like this?
If the Dihao Group could send someone to attend the opening today, it would virtually add a lot of brilliance to your own company, but Xiao Churan was not sure if the Dihao Group would take care of him or not.
Old Mrs. Xiao spoke up at this time, “Churan, it’s about to be 10 o’clock and there’s still not a single customer, I don’t think it’s meaningful for you to open this small workshop, I advise you to come back to work for the Xiao Group and work for the Xiao family in peace and stability afterwards, it’s better than coming out to be treated coldly.”
After knowing that Xiao Choran’s company was going to open, the Xiao family had also had exchanges with some of their previous partners who had good relations, and after they knew that Xiao Choran was from the Xiao family, they all said that they would not come to the opening ceremony and would not work with Xiao Choran’s studio in the future.
Therefore, Old Mrs. Xiao dared to vouch for the fact that there would not be a single powerful customer here today. The first website
By then, when Xiao Choran sees that her studio is unsupported, she’ll naturally be disheartened, and she’ll be better able to hold her in the future!
At this time, Xiao Churan’s heart was also really anxious, biting her lower lip and worrying.
Ye Chen, who was next to her, shook it on her hand and said seriously, “Wife, even if there isn’t a single customer today, what can you do? It’s enough to have me here!”
Xiao Choran looked at him movingly and nodded gently, feeling much more solid throughout.
However, Old Mrs. Xiao sneered, “Ye Chen, you’re not taking yourself too seriously, what’s the use of you being here? Can you get some big names for Choran’s studio? Can you get a collaborative order for Choran’s studio? Without the Xiao Clan behind you, you’ll have to push yourselves to the brink sooner or later!”
Ye Chen arrogantly said, “Choran’s company will definitely run better and better! Not to mention a Xiao Group that was already on the verge of bankruptcy, even the previous heyday of the Xiao Group was nothing in front of Choran! How hard is it for the first time to surpass you?”
“What a mouthful!”
When Old Mrs. Xiao heard that Ye Chen had even said that the Xiao Clan was on the verge of bankruptcy and that Xiao Choran could easily surpass the Xiao Clan in its heyday, she felt that her entire person had received a huge insult!
She angrily pounded her cane on the ground and said angrily, “You’re just a piece of trash who has joined our Xiao family, and you dare to speak out here?”
Ye Chen smiled slightly, “Are you saying that I’m big talkers? Oh, I’m just telling the truth, if you don’t believe me, just wait and see!”
Xiao Hailong sneered a few times and said, “Fine, Ye Chen, I’ll wait for you to become a big company.”
Time passed by minute by minute, and the time to leave the business was getting closer and closer.
Xiao Churan’s heart also became more and more panicked, constantly looking at her watch and looking out with her eyes.
When Ye Chen saw her in this situation, he comforted her a few times, but it didn’t have any effect.

Chapter: 304
But he was in no hurry, since he had sent an invitation to the Emperor, then Wang Dongxue could not and dared not come.
The reason why he hadn’t arrived yet, he was probably preparing a congratulatory gift!
Xiao Chang Qian acted like he was leaning on his old man and said, “How about it, do you guys still feel like you have connections now?”
It was almost ten o’clock, and if any customers would have come, they would have come long ago.
And now that the door was empty, it was obvious that the dust had settled and no one would appear again.
Xiao Weiwei was also gloating and said, “Dad, but this loser has said that it’s okay if there’s not a single guest, it’s enough to have him alone, I really don’t know how high his status can go, he doesn’t really think he’s some kind of Jinling dignitary, does he?”
And at this moment, there was suddenly a deliberately raised voice from the front desk in the distance.
“Li Tailai, the richest man in Ocean City, Li is visiting…”
Li Tailai?
Ye Chen was a bit puzzled, since the last time the Wang family brought Yu Jinghai to form a game and he caused lightning to strike Yu Jinghai on the spot, he hadn’t seen Li Tai come, today his wife opened his business and he didn’t invite him, why did she come? Remember the URL
The Shaw family was dumbfounded as well!
Lee Tai Lai? The richest man in the sea city next door is very powerful, how did he get here?
And after Li Tailai came in, he trotted straight to the office where Ye Chen was standing.
The Xiao family was momentarily surprised, glancing at each other, Xiao Chang Qian took a step out and spoke, “I just got acquainted with a businessman from Hai Cheng a few days ago, it is said that he has been close to Li Tailai, could it be that he introduced me to Li Tailai?”
After saying that, Xiao Chang Qian tidied up his clothes and went forward to welcome him.
The few people of Old Madam Xiao did not dare to act big and followed behind.
As soon as the fat-headed Li Tailai approached, he even made his way to Ye Chen’s side, not paying any attention to the welcoming Xiao Changqian and said with great surprise, “Ye…. Mr. Ye…. Finally, we’ve caught up.”
In the incomparably surprised gazes of the crowd, Ye Chen nodded slightly and said, “How did you get here?”
Li Tailai panicked and respectfully said, “Mr. Ye, your wife is opening today, how can I not come to the party!”
At this time, Xiao Chang Qian walked forward and interjected with an excited face, “Mr. Li you are here, let’s go inside and chat, with your identity, it’s not appropriate for you to stand here and talk…”
Li Tailai was getting close to Ye Chen, but he was suddenly interrupted, his smiling face suddenly darkened, and a long-standing air of a person in a high position exuded, glancing at Xiao Changqian with a sidelong glance and saying coldly, “What are you? Can’t you see I’m talking to Mr. Yap?”
Embarrassed and stunned, Xiao Chang Qian subconsciously asked, “I’m Xiao Chang Qian of the Xiao family…. May I ask if it was Ma from Ocean City who introduced me to you?”
Li Tailai frowned slightly and said disdainfully, “I don’t know you, let alone any CEO Ma, I came here today to congratulate Madame Ye on the opening of her company!”

Chapter: 305
Li Tai Lai’s words shocked the Xiao family.
He had actually come over and congratulated Xiao Chu Ran?
This is the richest man in Haeju!
Ye Chen and Xiao Choran, when did they hitched up such a line!
Xiao Chang Qian was incomparably shocked and also did not expect that the other party would be so rude to him, opening his mouth and scolding him, he couldn’t hang on to his face and hurriedly took a few steps back and stood to the side.
Xiao Weiwei was full of doubts and asked Xiao Hailong beside her in a low voice, “Is this fatty really the richest man in Sea City? Why does it feel like an actor was hired, what kind of richest man is still respectful to a loser…”
Xiao Hailong shook his head and whispered back, “I don’t think it’s quite like that either…”
None of these people here had ever seen Li Tai Lai before.
But the Li Tai Lai who was kneeling in front of them and licking Ye Chen was not at all the same person as the Li Tai Lai who was acting ruthlessly in the rumors.
At this time, Li Tai Lai pulled out an exquisite box from his bag and handed it to Xiao Churan, smiling and respectfully saying, “Congratulations on the opening of Mrs. Ye’s company, this is a little gift from me, please be sure to accept it.” One second to remember to read the book,
Xiao Churan was a bit overwhelmed, she didn’t invite Li Tai Lai, she didn’t even know Li Tai Lai, and she didn’t know whether she should accept this gift or not.
Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “Wife, this is a piece of Mr. Li’s heart, you just accept it…”
Only then did Xiao Churan received the box, and after thanking her, she wanted to put the gift away.
But then I heard Xiao Weiwei say, “Xiao Choran, General Manager Li has given us a gift, so you let us see it too?”
“Yeah, Li is always a hundred billionaire boss, the gifts he gives are definitely not ordinary.” Xiao Hailong also interfaced.
Xiao Choran looked at Ye Chen before opening the gift box in front of everyone’s gaze.
Inside the exquisite gift box, there was a crystal clear jade jade pendant.
This pendant did not have any impurities and was emerald green, and under the light, it was incomparably transparent.
Old Mrs. Xiao was also staring at this pendant, her two pale eyes already completely caught up in it.
She had already seen that this pendant was the one that had been auctioned at the Yanjing auction some time ago, the “Clear Wind Bright Moon”!
It had fetched a high price of fifty million dollars, and it was said to have been bought by a mega-rich man in Ocean City, but I didn’t expect it to be Li Tai Lai.
Her eyes were red as she looked at the pendant.
If the Xiao family could have such a pendant, it would be enough for a fight to turn over a new leaf!
Xiao Weiwei was also a little jealous and said, “I didn’t think anyone would really come, I don’t know what kind of luck I had to get to know Mr. Li…”
As soon as she finished speaking, she heard the front desk of the building shout out, “Ms. Xiao Churan has a congratulatory gift arriving!”
Immediately afterwards, there was a rumbling sound from outside.
Everyone walked out of the building together, and when they looked up and out, they saw that the plaza of the building had been cleared, and a large helicopter was slowly descending.
Immediately afterwards, the entire building staff was busy.
Basket after basket, gift after gift, was moved from the helicopter to the entrance of Xiao Choran’s office.

Chapter: 306
The whole building was boiling, but it was just a company opening, and it was such a big deal, even the helicopters were out!
The crowd poked their heads around, sizing up the few people standing in front of the company.
Xiao Churan looked dazed, although she had invited some people, those people didn’t have much friendship with her, besides, she didn’t know anyone who had the ability to start a helicopter.
In the crowd, someone exclaimed, “Isn’t that flower basket the legendary Tiffany limited edition? It seems like this one basket is worth over a million dollars!”
“Wow, look at all the flowers in these baskets, like you’ve never seen them before! That’s too pretty!”
“That’s a Dutch tulip! Dutch top tulips, similar to our domestic orchids, very expensive, any plant also costs thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars, as well as blue devils, Juliet roses…. All of them are the world’s top expensive flowers! These flowers can’t be cultivated in our country, they can only be flown in from overseas!”
“No wonder the helicopters were deployed! I guess it was shipped from overseas to the airport and then shipped directly here by helicopter!”
“Look at it this way, a basket of Tiffany’s alone would cost a million dollars, and the expensive flowers inside might cost a million too…”
“Here’s a total of…. There are twenty baskets in total…. The total price, over forty million?”
“Oh my God, that’s the real ho! An opening ceremony and you gave away over forty million dollars just in flower baskets?!” First web site
“Yes! And these flowers won’t survive for long, I’m afraid they’ll wilt after a few days, this is too spread out…”
Old Mrs. Xiao at the side couldn’t help but gulp a bit.
She was also fond of growing flowers, and had planted quite a few flowers of all kinds in the courtyard of the Xiao family villa.
However, she had been reluctant to buy the world’s most expensive flowers.
In particular, the most classic red and white tulips in the Netherlands cost nearly ten thousand for a single plant.
Xiao Weiwei’s eyes also looked straight and whispered, “Grandmother, that Dutch tulip I remember you particularly liked, but in the end, I still couldn’t be bothered to buy it, I could only buy the Henan tulips that cost several hundred dollars a piece, how can these people send such an expensive congratulatory gift to Xiao Choran!”
When the old lady thought about her Henan tulips, they were a million miles away from someone else’s Dutch tulips!
So, she was even more jealous, and wondered, if only she could take a few with her when she left, and plant them all in her garden to see if they could survive….
And at that moment, someone outside shouted loudly.
“Ms. Wang Dongxue, Vice Chairman of the Emperor Group, Ms. Song Wanting of the Song family, Wang Zhenggang, owner of the Wang family, Qin Gang of the Qin family, and Doctor Shi Tianqi, congratulate Madame Ye on the opening of the company and wish the company prosperity and prosperity!”
Not only was the Xiao family shocked, even the entire staff of the Wing Sing Mansion was shocked!
Although they were the property of the Emperor’s Group, the Emperor’s Group rarely asked questions, but I didn’t expect that this time, the group’s vice chairman, and so many other Jinling bigwigs, had come to this insignificant building for the opening of Xiao Choran’s company!
With so many big names gathered at the Wing Star Mansion, it was also an event of humble glorification for the Wing Star Mansion.
It also made many people wonder in their hearts: what was the background of this newly opened company, and how could so many big names congratulate it at the same time.
The Xiao family was also dumbfounded, and everyone wondered in their hearts: how much face did this Xiao Choran have!
Xiao Churan herself was also stunned, just hearing these names already made her very panicked.
After all, the entire Xiao family was now in a downward spiral, and Xiao Churan was also very clear that she could only be considered a newcomer who had just started her own business and was destitute, and didn’t even have half a foundation in Jinling.
Therefore, how could these big names personally attend the opening ceremony for her?
Is it……. It was because of your own husband, Ye Chen?

Chapter: 307
At this time, the crowd of onlookers had quickly made way for a passage.
Only the two beautiful women, the beautiful Wang Dongxue and Song Wanting, each wearing a very decent formal dress and with a smile, came side by side from outside.
Behind them, Wang Zhenggang with Wang Yunfei and Wang Yunkai, Qin Gang with Qin Aoxue and Qin Aodong, and Shi Tianqi with Chen Xiaozhao, also stepped in.
Hong Wu, on the other hand, followed behind all of them.
Xiao Weiwei’s face was filled with incredulity as she watched this scene.
No matter which one of these people was, they were all big personalities that were normally rare to see.
Unexpectedly, they would gather here and celebrate Xiao Choran, this really made her feel bad!
Before, she also had her own pride, she was also a lady’s daughter, a lady of luxury, and one of the most outstanding group of youths in Jinling City.
With her outstanding looks and beautiful figure, she was also a proper goddess when placed in Jinling’s upper class society.
She has been competing with her cousin in every way for so many years. Remember the website
Originally, she thought that she had found a good husband and could crush her cousin in every aspect, but now, everything she had was compared to Xiao Choran, and the family she was proud of was like trash in front of the guests Xiao Choran had invited.
Now, she was actually different from her in the clouds!
“Xiao Choran, what kind of luck have you had?!” Xiao Weiwei looked at Xiao Choran with the slightest bit of undisguised jealousy.
Xiao Choran ignored her, as she herself was in a state of confusion at this point.
She couldn’t help but look towards Ye Chen and asked in a low voice, “Did you invite these people?”
Ye Chen nodded and said, “These people, I’ve shown them all feng shui and pointed out their fortunes, so it’s more or less a friendship.”
Xiao Choran felt incomparably big-headed….
How many times had he told Ye Chen not to get that set of things to deceive people anymore, but instead of listening, he was getting more and more deceived, and they were all big names that couldn’t be messed with.
Wouldn’t it be bad luck if this were to be discovered one day?
She wanted to persuade Ye Chen, but before she could open her mouth, Wang Dongxue and Song Wanting had already stepped forward.
The first to speak was Song Wanting.
She unobtrusively sized up Xiao Churan before smiling sweetly, extending her hand and saying, “Congratulations on the opening of Mrs. Ye’s company, if the Song family has any design needs in the future, please help Mrs. Ye more!”
The Xiao family was simply dumbfounded, what on earth could Xiao Churan do to make the Song family’s eldest daughter so humble?
Xiao Choran nervously stretched out her hand and shook it with Song Wanting, flattered, and said, “Thank you Miss Song!”
As she spoke, Song Wanting was sizing her up at the same time.
Song Wanting was similar to Xiao Churan in both looks and figure, but the innate nobility of the other party was something that Xiao Churan could not compare to no matter what.
Thinking of this, Xiao Churan could not help but feel a little inferior.
Song Wanting said at this time, “Madam Ye, you are Master Ye’s wife, you are my Song Wanting’s benefactor, so you and I must not be polite!”

Chapter: 308
It really was looking at Ye Chen’s face….
Hearing this, Xiao Churan could not help but look at Ye Chen who was on the side serving others, some of her heart was even a little jealous….
This husband of his own can actually make the Song family’s eldest sister pay so much attention to him, he really is becoming more and more difficult to see through .
Subsequently, Wang Dongxue also came up and shook Xiao Choran’s hand, smiling, “Mrs. Ye, congratulations on your auspicious opening, we have several projects in the Imperial Hero Group, waiting to cooperate with you!”
“Really?!” Xiao Chu Ran was shocked!
In the first place, it was enough to make the entire Xiao family excited if they were able to get a six million dollar contract from the Diablo Group, and I’m afraid they would all be burning incense!
Wang Dongxue smiled slightly at this time and said, “Of course it’s true Mrs. Ye, we now have a total of almost three hundred million dollars in renovation projects, if Mrs. Ye can eat it, then it’s all signed to you!”
The Xiao family next to him was going crazy with jealousy!
A $300 million renovation project?
It’s all for Xiao Chu Ran? One second to remember to read the book
What’s the matter with Empire State Building?
You’re such a big company and you come to kneel down and lick a little Xiao Chu Ran?
Even if we could give the Xiao family 30 million out of this 300 million dollar project, it would be enough to turn the family around!
Old Mrs. Xiao felt so bad, had she known that Xiao Choran was so capable, she would have kept her in the Xiao family even if she kneeled down to her!
With that in mind, she vowed in her heart: this time, she’d do whatever it took to get Xiao Churan back! Take back the Di Hao project!
Just at this moment, Wang Zhenggang also came up with his son Wang Yunkai and nephew Wang Yunfei.
As soon as Wang Zhenggang arrived, he cupped his fists in respect and said, “Mrs. Ye, we also wish you great luck and prosperity in your business! In addition, if Wang has any renovation business in the future, it will definitely all be given to you here!”
Xiao Churan was flattered and hurriedly said, “Thank you, Mr. Wang.”
Wang Yunfei and Wang Yunkai also stepped forward, bowing deeply and respectfully and said, “Mrs. Ye, congratulations on your opening!”
These two had already been honest and obedient now, their liver trembled in fear when they heard Ye Chen’s name, plus the fact that the entire family was now under Ye Chen’s protection, so they really respected Xiao Choran from the bottom of their hearts.
At this time, Xiao Weiwei, who was not far away, watched the Wang family’s few people approaching with an extremely torn expression.
When she saw Wang Yunfei, whom she had always loved, her heart was bitter and unbearable, originally, she should have married him, become his wife and daughter-in-law of the Wang family by now.
However, now, he was a stranger to her, not only pulling all of her contact information black, he didn’t even bother to look at her.
What was even more unacceptable to her was that even Wang Yunfei, whom she loved dearly, had to bow his head and speak respectfully to Xiao Choran, so much so that she was simply thrown into outer space by Xiao Choran!
Seeing this, Xiao Weiwei finally couldn’t hold back and walked forward, pulling Wang Yunfei’s arm and speaking with tears streaming down her face, “Brother Yunfei! Brother Goofy! Why haven’t you been contacting me lately…”
Wang Yunfei’s face turned cold, he pulled his arm out of Xiao Weiwei’s hand and said coldly, “Sorry, we don’t have any relationship anymore, I’m here today to congratulate Master Ye, and Mrs. Ye, please show some respect!”
“Me? Put respect?!” When Xiao Weiwei heard this, her entire body nearly collapsed, her tears popping and falling, and she yelled, “Wang Yunfei! I’ve been with you for so many years, your fiancée, and pregnant with your child, and now you’re telling me to show some respect, you toyed with me and dumped me, do you respect me?!”

Chapter: 309
Xiao Weiwei’s heart was extremely sad and pained at this time.
The beautiful sustenance of the rest of her life had all been placed on Wang Yunfei alone.
But she never expected that Wang Yunfei would push herself into the abyss with his own hands!
What was even more unacceptable to her was that not only had Wang Yunfei toyed with and abandoned her, he had even shown such strong disgust for her in front of so many people!
It almost made her go berserk!
Wang Yunfei confronted her crying questioning with a gloomy expression and coldly said, “Don’t mess around here, it’s normal to break up in love, what’s there to respect or not respect?”
Ye Chen then saw that Xiao Weiwei seemed to be making trouble, so he stepped forward.
As soon as Wang Yunfei saw Ye Chen, he was frightened white, afraid that Ye Chen was not happy with this scene, he even explained, “Don’t take offense, Master Ye, this shameless bitch, she insisted on pestering me and shouting here…”
Xiao Weiwei really didn’t expect that in the past, Wang Yunfei was quite fond of her, but now, she was abandoned to her attitude.
Moreover, Wang Yunfei was calling himself a shameless slut in order to suck up to Ye Chen, a dangling silk! First web site
It made her extremely indignant!
All of her patience had completely breached its limits at this moment, and she roared in hysterical rage, “Are you people blind and mistaken?! Who is he, Ye Chen? He’s just a useless son-in-law! Why do you all have to kneel down to him one by one! Why?!”
Wang Yunfei was shocked and slapped her across the face, scolding her, “Bitch shut up! Who the hell are you to comment on Master Ye? Believe it or not, I’ll kill you right here!”
Old Mrs. Xiao, seeing her precious granddaughter being humiliated, was also very dissatisfied inside and came forward and said coldly: “Mr. Wang, restrain your nephew! Don’t bully people too much!”
“Bullying?!” Wang Zhenggang looked at her askance and sneered, “To tell you the truth, if it weren’t for the fact that it’s not advisable to see blood on today’s opening of Mrs. Ye’s company and the big day, I would have broken her leg with the words she just said!”
After saying that, Wang Zhenggang stared at Old Mrs. Xiao again and said in a cold voice, “And, what are you? Let me restrain my nephew? Don’t think I don’t know that you’re the old hag who allowed Xiao Hailong to rob the villa I gave to Master Ye! I’m not bothering you, I’m giving face to Master Ye and Lady Ye, if you say one more word of nonsense, do you believe I’ll beat you up along with me?”
Old Mrs. Xiao’s back was cold and her legs began to tremble at once.
She was used to making a name for herself in the Xiao family, and when she came out, she wanted to put on a show of being the head of the family, but….
But now…. I’ve lost my own power ah!
What’s more, even if he hadn’t lost his momentum, he wouldn’t be in a position to tell Wang Zhenggang what to do in front of him….
If Wang Zhenggang really wanted to rush up and beat himself up now, he really wouldn’t be able to do anything at all….
Old Mrs. Xiao was so panicked that she hurriedly blurted out, “Mr. Wang…. It’s the old lady who was in a hurry Meng Long, please don’t be so mean to me…”
Wang Zhenggang looked at her in disgust and said, “Hurry up and get out of the way!”
Old Mrs. Xiao immediately walked away with good sense.
However, Xiao Weiwei suffered a series of blows and had lost her mind by now.
She suddenly threw herself in front of Wang Yunfei and hugged him, crying and begging, “Brother Yunfei, why are you being so cold to me?! I’ve always loved you. I love you so much! My body, my heart, my everything is yours, why did you withdraw your marriage to me? I’m begging you, give me another chance, okay, let’s start from the beginning, okay?”
Wang Yunfei was annoyed when he saw her suddenly pounce on him and hastily struggle without breaking free.

Chapter: 310
He knew very well in his heart that he was compelled by these retarded things of the Xiao family and almost offended Master Ye, but fortunately, Master Ye was so generous that he did not continue to target himself, or else he might have harmed the entire Wang family.
Now, this Xiao Weiwei had the nerve to come and get herself back together?
Isn’t that like pulling yourself into a fucking pit of fire?
Thinking of this, Wang Yunfei pushed Xiao Weiwei down to the ground and went up to kick her in the stomach, cursing angrily, “Xiao Weiwei! From now on, get as far away from me as you can, and if you keep pestering me, I swear to God I’ll kill you!”
Xiao Weiwei was struck by lightning and her entire body was confused.
Looking at Wang Yunfei, how could she not connect with the previous one, the one who was in love with her.
Although Xiao Choran had always been somewhat unhappy with Xiao Weiwei, but after all, she was her cousin, and she could not see past such an insult to her, so she said to Wang Yunfei, “Mr. Wang, you and Weiwei are at least in love, even if you can’t be lovers, you can’t be enemies, can you?”
As soon as this was said, Wang Yunfei immediately bowed in sincere fear, “Madam Ye you have taught me a lesson! It was mishandled by me, and I beg your forgiveness!”
Xiao Weiwei didn’t expect Wang Yunfei to be so fierce and ruthless to herself, yet she respected Xiao Choran so much….
She turned to look at Xiao Churan, and not only was she not half grateful inside, but she hated her for entering the stock! Remember the URL
A voice in her heart shouted: it was that bitch Xiao Choran! It’s all because of this bitch that I’ve come to this point!
If it wasn’t for this bitch and this bitch’s trashy husband, she would have married Wang Yunfei long ago!
I should have lived the happy life of the Wang family’s rich wife a long time ago, and at the same time helped the Xiao family to move up a level, and the entire Xiao family would not have fallen to such a state!
It’s your fault!
It’s all your fault!!!
It’s all your fault!!!!
You bitch!!!!
Thinking of this, the caped Xiao Weiwei violently jumped up, filled with hatred and suddenly strangled towards Xiao Choran.
“Bitch! I’ll strangle you! It’s all your fault! I’m going to strangle you!!!”
Xiao Choran was shocked to see her suddenly storm out, her eyes all filled with blood red, and she dodged backwards.
Ye Chen’s face was cold, and he was about to make a move against Xiao Weiwei, but he saw that Hongwu had already rushed out at this time and slapped Xiao Weiwei’s face with a slap, knocking her to the ground.
Hong Wu was extremely angry and opened his mouth. How dare you hit Lady Ye, I’ll kill you now!”
As he spoke, Hong Wu greeted him at the back, “Someone, pull this bitch who offended Lady Ye out for me, give her a half death first!”
As soon as Hong Wu’s voice fell, two strong men dressed in black immediately ran out from behind, pulling Xiao Weiwei up and dragging her to go outside.
Xiao Chang Qian even jumped over and begged, “Little daughter is ignorant, please spare her.”
Hong Wu’s eyes were riddled with killing intent: “What are you again! If you keep whining, I’ll kill you too!”

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