The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 171-180

Chapter: 171
Under the light of the fire, his originally mighty face turned bright and dark, as black as the bottom of a pot, unable to distinguish emotions.
However, people close to him can clearly feel the bloody feeling of wind and rain.
Obviously, General Su Zian was already extremely angry.
At this time, Su Zian could not wait to choke Su Wan to death! He would rather have never had such a shameful daughter!
If this spreads out, where will Su Mansion’s face go?
However, in front of so many people… Su Zian clenched his fists, his face pale.
In the end, Su Zian didn’t say anything, just a gloomy face, and the temples on his forehead jumped violently. His eyes were dark and bloodthirsty, and he glanced at the people around him.
When his gaze hit him, everyone was silent, and lowered their eyes in awe, even breathing slowly.
“Today’s matter, if anyone dared to mention it, kill without mercy!”
A strong killing intent flashed through Su Zian’s eyes.
Su Mansion is not only Su Wan, an unmarried girl. If today’s matter is spread, how will the other daughters get married in the future? What’s more, Su Xi who is going to marry the prince and become the prince?
“Take it away!” Su Zian stared at the two weak figures in disgust and contempt.
When the words fell, Su Zian threw his sleeves out, but his footsteps were determined and determined.
Captain Li, who had been standing behind him, looked at Su Wan, who was crying on the ground, with a complex expression.
Miss Su San is noble and elegant, she is unparalleled in beauty, and he admires much on weekdays.
Now that he saw this unsightly side, he knew that she turned out to be such a stubborn sex woman!
He subconsciously took off the cloak on his body and gently covered Su Wan’s body.
Su Wan was like catching the last life-saving straw, and she cried bitterly and sharply: “I was wronged! I was really wronged! It was Su Luo, that bitch of Su Luo killed me! She was the one who harmed me! ”
In the light of the fire, her face was hideous and distorted, her eyes were red, vicious and vicious, her expression was crazy and crazy, and she looked like a madman.
Captain Li’s original pity was lost for the most part, and he calmly said, “Miss San, don’t worry, the general is clear about this matter.”
Captain Li hugged Su Wan, who was tightly wrapped in a cloak, and went out with a complicated expression.
“Take it away!” Captain Li only left three words.
Seeing the soldier’s hand lifted the knife and dropped, the man in black suddenly had a different place on his head, blood spraying wildly, spraying continuously…
Soon, his body was kicked into the raging fire, and then burned into light smoke.
It’s as if it never existed.
The team behind Captain Li also filed out behind him.
For a while, everyone walked cleanly.
That night.
The night is as dark as ink.
Su Zian sat in the study room, the lights were flickering and dimming, reflecting on his hazy and hideous face, revealing his violent and uncertain mood.
Mrs. Su came in with the lotus seed soup, and sighed as if Su Zi’an was feeling restless.
The years hardly left a mark on her face.
“General, you haven’t eaten at night, so let’s eat more.” Madam Su’s voice was gentle and pleasant to the ear.
“Don’t eat, take it away.” Su Zian frowned, flatly stubborn.

Chapter: 172
“The general is still worrying about Wan’er?” the lady asked softly.
“Yeah.” Su Zian made a strong nasal sound.
In any case, it was the daughter he grew up watching since he was a child, after all, blood is thicker than water.
He was furious at the time, and for the sake of the Su family, he wanted to put Wan’er to death, but now that he thinks about it carefully, there are still many strange things.
Mrs. Su is the best at observing words and colors. She can see what Su Zi’an is thinking at a glance. She sighs with her, and said with a dazed expression: “General, this matter is too strange, maybe…maybe Waner is The wrongdoer…”
Madam Su knew that Su Zian was in this way, so she deliberately said this, making it seem that she and his thoughts coincided with each other, and that the two of them had a clear understanding.
Sure enough, Su Zian’s eyes widened, “Do you think so too?”
“Yes, the more I think about it, the more I don’t understand it. How could Baner do such a thing? On weekdays, Baner is gentle and dignified, knows etiquette, and understands people’s feelings. Although it is a concubine, everyone mentions Miss Su Jiasan. , All gave a few thumbs up and praised. You said, how can such a Wan’er do insulting things?”
“Do you mean, there is a hidden secret in this matter?” Su Zian’s expression changed slightly. He did doubt it, but because there was no evidence.
“Yes, my concubine feels that the matter of Wan’er… must have been set up secretly.” Madam Su’s eyes were as dark as ink, and they were not bottomed.
Her words and sentences were normal, but step by step she controlled Su Zian’s emotions and guided him to the direction she wanted.
Madam Su has been in favor of her for so many years, so that Su Zian trusts her very much. This kind of subtlety in the gentle wind and drizzle is her strength.
“Framed?!” Su Zian stood up quickly, he walked around the room anxiously, rubbing his hands constantly, showing his inner anxiety and anxiety.
“Yes, it should be framed.” Madam Su’s face was calm, and she frowned slightly: “Look, how can there be such a coincidence in the world? The man in black touched into Ban’er’s yard by such a coincidence? It caught both of them on fire. Didn’t even notice any of them? The fire burns out the clothes and bedding, and they can still feel nothing? This is not right, it is very wrong!”
Su Zian clapped his hands!
Yes, he was so confused at the time, why didn’t he even understand such a simple thing?
No matter how passionate the fire is, how can it not put out the fire? How could it not run away early? In the end, he was still trapped in the house, waiting for them to catch the rape?
This is simply impossible.
What the lady said is right, this matter is quite wrong!
Su Zian’s thick eyebrows were tightly furrowed, his expression was solemn, his eyes were burning with flames, and he said bitterly: “Who framed Wan’er?! If this general finds out, he will be broken into pieces!”
In a rage, Su Zian patted it down, and the table top of the pineapple flowers suddenly turned into powder.
At this moment, his complexion was clouded, his eyes were murderous, and his spirits blazed.
After a moment of contemplation, Madam Su frowned slightly, and slowly said, “Ban’er has always been abiding, never quarreling with others, and never grudges with others. How could anyone frame her?
Su Zian smiled coldly: “You only know that Wan’er behaves well, but you don’t know how arrogant and domineering she is behind others. If others don’t say anything, they just say she is right to Luo’er…”

Chapter: 173
Suddenly, Su Zian’s expression changed, and the words suddenly stopped.
It’s not that Su Wan didn’t make enemies. She and Su Luo obviously had old grudges, and the relationship between the two was very tense.
Last time Ban’er slandered Luo’er and dragged himself to check on Qin, it is hard to guarantee that Luo’er would not hold a grudge.
Su Zi’an thought of this, with a gloomy look on his face.
He was immersed in his own world, and he did not find Mrs. Su who was close at hand, and the clear smile flashed by the corner of her mouth.
It took a lot of effort for Mrs. Su to let Su Zian assign the suspect to Su Luo. Naturally, she made persistent efforts.
She frowned, and whispered: “Luo’er… shouldn’t it? What hate can the two of their sisters have? It’s not that the concubine is partial, but that Luo’er is cowardly and cowardly, and she has a bit of spirit. Without the strength, how can I frame Wan’er?”
Su Zian waved his hand.
His wife is too kind and never thinks of bad things. How does she know that people are sinister.
Luo’er and Wan’er had long-standing feuds, which he had known long ago.
As for Luo’er’s cowardly nature, and as timid as a mouse… Su Zian’s mind suddenly came up with the scenes of seeing Su Luo several times recently.
The former Su Luo may be really timid, humble and cowardly, but when the prince retired that day, her performance was not at all inferior and cowardly, on the contrary, she dared to provoke the prince!
In addition, after being wronged by Wan’er this time, she was able to argue for herself without being humble or overbearing, and her words were sharp and reasonable, and even she was choked by her.
Is this Su Luo really the humble and cowardly Su Luo among her husband? In addition to not being able to spiritually, her whole body temperament is completely new compared to before.
Madam Su saw Su Zian frowning, she sneered in her heart, but said calmly on her face, “General, Wan’er has been framed like this. The rest of her life has almost been ruined. You can no longer ruin Lao’er. Yeah. Even if this matter was done by Laoer, let’s…believe that we haven’t seen anything.”
After being a husband and wife for many years, Mrs. Su completely grasped Su Zian’s pulse.
With these remarks, she is advancing with retreat.
Sure enough, Su Zian did not disappoint her.
“How can this be done! Absolutely not!” Su Zian said with an indifferent expression, and said, “If this is really what Su Luo did, then she must pay for this time! This general will definitely not be half-hearted!”
“Come here!” Su Zian roared loudly.
The guard at the door came in quickly.
“Start the investigation from the man in black. Be sure to investigate this matter thoroughly!” Su Zian shouted loudly, “No, this matter must be investigated, but remember, you must investigate it secretly, and you must not investigate it with fanfare. ”
“Yes.” Zimo bowed and led the way.
The suspected factor is planted, and it is waiting for it to take root. Madam Su looked at Su Zi’an’s gloomy expression, but she was in a good mood.
Back to the main room, Mrs. Su ate a bowl of lotus seed soup with great interest.
Madam Zhao, who was next to Madam Su, leaned forward flatteringly and said in a low voice: “Madam, I have ordered to go down, and they will act tonight.”
Mrs. Su said with a smile but a smile: “Okay, remember, you must be careful about this matter, and never reveal the slightest rumors.”
Seeing Madam Zhao’s departure, Madame Su’s eyes flashed with madness.
These concubines, one by one is really disgusting.

Chapter: 174
Their existence reminded Su Zian of infidelity to her time and time again.
In the past, for the sake of face, she could tolerate them dangling under her nose, but now Su Wan has been ruined for most of them, and she will not be able to get up for the rest of her life.
However, her ultimate value still needs to be used.
Now, there is only one Su Luo left.
Thinking of Su Luo, the viciousness in Madam Su’s eyes became more intense.
Back then, the woman was taken into the mansion by the general, and she loved her every day and was always in favor.
If it weren’t for the last shot to kill her, maybe the position of the general’s wife now belongs to that bitch.
I don’t know if the little bit of Su Luo is lucky or bad.
If she looks like that little bitch, she has already killed her.
But because she didn’t look like that little bitch, she had never been liked by the general.
If it weren’t for her to be a girl, she would really doubt that the slut had replaced the child.
It’s unbelievable that there are mothers and daughters that look completely different.
Mrs. Su was enjoying the tea in a leisurely manner. As long as she thought that she could get rid of the two concubines at once, her mood was extremely cheerful.
That night.
At night, it’s as dark as ink.
Su Luo’s dilapidated courtyard.
Su Luo was not affected by the Su Wan incident at all, and she didn’t know that she was actually targeted by Madam Su.
She still slept day and night, slept dimly.
But in the space, she is arduously repairing the big void handprint.
Since practicing on the man in black last time, Su Luo has been extremely optimistic about this big void mudra.
She continued to practice hard, and now, the small black spots that were originally like tadpoles have grown a lot, and when they were condensed, they were already the size of an apple.
Su Luo had tried it, and the power had doubled compared to the time when Little Black Spot.
This discovery immediately made her ecstatic.
However, at the same time, she also found sadly that her spar had almost been consumed.
After the rough stone obtained from Old Man Zihuo was stripped by the little Menglong, most of the finest spar was used to save Nangong Liuyun.
At that time, she only left a few small ones in her hand.
And these are not only for her to use alone, but also for Xiao Menglong as snacks.
Su Luo discovered that the little cute dragon can grow and advance by swallowing spar.
Therefore, what she lacks most now is spar. If there is a spar, her chain repair speed will increase by leaps and bounds.
Without the spar, her chain repair speed would be greatly reduced and stagnated.
However, how can spar be easily obtained? Didn’t you see that the big families don’t give up?
If you buy it, the price is terrifying.
Therefore, the only way is to gamble on rough stones.
But… Su Luo sighed, she is definitely a beggar among beggars, because she didn’t even have a gold coin all over her body.
How can you bet on stones without gold coins?
It’s really a penny to stump the hero.
Su Luo tossed on the bed and couldn’t sleep, constantly thinking about how to make the first pot of gold.
After having the first pot of gold, relying on Xiao Menglong’s ability to recognize treasures, she is absolutely unbeatable in playing rock betting.
The night is getting deeper.
There was nothing but the sound of wind blowing.
Suddenly, Xiao Menglong didn’t know what corner it came out of, and there was still a gleaming thing hanging in its mouth.

Chapter: 175
Su Luo snatched it over and took a look, suddenly a little dumbfounded.
Does God care for her especially?
Is she really the illegitimate daughter of Goddess of Luck?
At this moment, even she herself believed a little.
What Xiao Menglong held in his mouth was nothing else, it was just gold coins, shiny, like fake exchanges, gold coins minted by the empire.
Strangely, this gold coin still carries the moisture of the earth.
“Where is it? Is there any more?” Su Luo stood up from the bed, held Xiao Menglong enthusiastically, and poked it on the head.
This baby is so cute, it can help her every time she gets into trouble.
Su Luo found that it had amazing insights into the baby.
In short, it is an instinctive treasure hunting ability.
Within the scope of its body, no treasure can escape its unusually sensitive nose.
In this ruined little yard, it can find gold coins, which is too powerful.
“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-“Xiao Menglong’s eyes shined, biting Su Luo’s trouser tube, motioned her to follow it.
This gold coin has the smell of wet earth, and it is obviously digged out from the ground. Could it be that this small broken courtyard is actually buried with gold coins?
Countless questions flashed in Su Luo’s heart, but his feet automatically followed the little cute dragon, and it led the way.
The little thing only ran for a while before it stopped, and it lowered its head and yelled towards the pit.
This is a big locust tree, and it is in Su Luo’s yard.
Su Luo leaned forward to take a look, and his eyes shone like Xiao Menglong.
A box filled with glittering gold coins, visually estimated there were tens of thousands of gold coins.
How come there are so many gold coins in this place? Su Luo was not dazzled by wealth, she kept thinking about it, always feeling that something was wrong.
She carefully twisted the soil, placed it under her nose and smelled it carefully.
He picked up the gold coins and examined them carefully.
There is no problem with the soil, nor with the gold coin… However, Su Luo looked at the year number behind the gold coin, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.
The wooden box is obviously old and has a faint decay atmosphere. All this seems to indicate that this wooden box has been buried in the ground for a long time.
But the years behind the gold coins…hoho, they were actually minted this year. Is this possible?
In her yard, a pile of gold coins of unknown origin appeared… for what?
Who is making the layout? Who is designing her again?
Su Luo looked at these gold coins, and a dangerous sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.
Don’t discard these gold coins for nothing.
Su Luo originally wanted to put the gold coins in the space, but she suddenly remembered the last time she was chased by goose… Space matters are still more careful and subtle. If she is accidentally known by others, she will never have a birthday.
So Su Luo deliberately went back and forth several times, slowly moving the gold coins back to his yard in batches.
Finally, she took the shovel to fill the small hole and restore it to its original shape.
Behind the wall, a pair of sharp eyes stared at Su Luo silently, watching her glowing greedy look when she found the gold coins, watching her move the gold coins away in batches…
A venomous light flashed under her eyes, and a cold smirk floated around her mouth.
Then she turned around and left quietly.
I saw her figure quickly flashed by, and soon arrived at a dignified courtyard.
This is the main house where Mrs. Su lives.

Chapter: 176
“Return to Madam, the fourth lady really dug back all the gold coins, and none of the gold coins are left.” The mysterious girl stood with Madam Su’s face and said respectfully.
“Very well, continue to monitor, she must not be allowed to have the opportunity to transport the gold coins out.” Madam Su’s beautiful eyes showed a vicious smirk.
Sure enough, Su Luo still couldn’t make it to the table, only a small amount of gold could fool her.
Ho ho, Su Luo ah Su Luo, these ten thousand gold coins, you can take it as a funeral, anyway, you won’t live long.
As long as Mrs. Su thinks that after the matter is over, she will never see these two concubines again, her mood is particularly good, and the corners of her mouth are filled with a pleasant arc.
After a few days, the days were calm.
On this day, in the study.
Looking at the results of the investigation in his hand, Su Zian’s brows were deeply furrowed, and his face looked very ugly.
The thick investigation report clearly stated that Su Wan’s matter was inextricably related to Su Luo.
Su Luo has the motive for harming others.
Because Su Wan had targeted her before, she held a grudge against her, so she reported it to Su Wan.
And there is a strong iron proof attached to this investigation report!
Su Luo unexpectedly released a task in the mercenary union. The content of this task is to let a man rape the third lady of Su Mansion, Su Wan!
Seeing the dragon and phoenix dancing at the inscription place, Su Zian’s expression suddenly clouded over.
This is Su Luo’s handwriting, absolutely correct.
Originally, he would not recognize it, but the last time Su Luo copied the Diamond Sutra for him, he read it a few times and found that Su Luo’s handwriting was surprisingly strong, so he had an impression of her handwriting.
Mrs. Su looked at General Su, and then at the investigation report in black and white. She frowned and said softly, “Is this investigation report true? The concubine feels that Luo’er is the most heart-warming, and she can’t do this.” The general should not make a decision lightly, right?”
“That’s because you are too kind, you don’t understand the sinister heart, madam.” After Su Zian comforted Su Mansion, he mentioned Su Luo, his complexion turned green, and there seemed to be two clusters of flames jumping under his eyes. “This investigation report How can it be fake if the husband personally supervises it?”
Mrs. Su’s face remained silent, but she sneered in her heart, sneered again and again.
How could there be no fake? This investigative report was clearly manipulated by her behind the scenes.
She can fully prove that this investigation report is absolutely false.
However, Madam Su would certainly not speak out stupidly behind manipulating the BOSS behind the scenes, and she had to add oil and jealousy to make Su Zian’s anger even stronger.
“But, Luoer, she… shouldn’t be?”
“Huh! Come here, go and tie Su Luo to this general to the lobby!” Su Zian raised angrily.
This matter must be clarified, otherwise, with such a vicious-minded girl, Su Mansion should not have a good life!
In the lobby.
On the luxurious and magnificent grandmaster’s chair, Su Zi’an sat on the head with solemn eyebrows.
Madam Su sat beside him kindly, a touch of sadness and helplessness appeared on her delicate face.
Su Jingyu stood at the bottom, unable to see her expression in her calm face.
Su Luo was taken to the main hall by the guards.
“Ni Nu! Don’t hurry down on your knees!” Su Zian’s cold voice did not contain a trace of temperature, and there seemed to be two clusters of flames hidden under his eyes.
Su Luo frowned slightly, saluted properly, then glanced around, and asked quietly, “Daddy put on such a position and used strong means to invite his daughter over. I wonder what’s the lesson?”

Chapter: 177
Su Zian’s complexion was majestic, not angry or arrogant, and his eyes were cold without a trace of temperature: “Smelly girl, what else can you say?”
Su Luo didn’t change his expression on his face, but he was secretly wary in his heart. It’s really not easy to make Su Zi feel like this, but she really doesn’t know what is going on.
I saw her look calm and calm, and asked calmly, “Daddy, what are you angry about?”
After doing all these things, she even looked at herself with a completely unaware look! Su Zian roared angrily: “Say! Did you do the thing about your third sister?”
So it was Su Wan’s business? Su Luo’s mind flashed a little doubt. She remembered clearly that when the fire was first set, there was no physical evidence to prove that she did it. Then this cheap old man vowed to impose the crime on herself, is it bluffing? she was?
Su Luo flashed a pair of confused, pitch-black pupils, and looked puzzled: “How could I do the Third Sister’s matter? Daddy, you too looked at me too much, right?”
At this moment she stood calmly, there was no trace of guilty conscience or confusion between her eyebrows, some were just innocent and confused, and some were unbelievable… The tepid performance of her was just right.
Su Zi’an snorted heavily, and he threw a stack of paper at Su Luo with a snap!
The sharp Chengxintang paper has a sharp edge like a knife. If you are not careful, your delicate cheeks are easily cut.
Su Luo calmly avoided, and calmly picked up the scattered papers, gathered them in his hands, and read them one by one.
With a self-satisfied expression, she turned the pages of the book without anyone else… She actually used this place as a study, not the scene of the trial!
It’s utterly defiant!
Su Zian’s anger was suffocated in his chest, and he couldn’t get up, what really made him blush and his neck was thick.
He stared at Su Luo with eyes like copper bells.
After reading one by one, Su Luo took a stack of paper in his hand and raised his eyes to look at Su Zian. There was a light in his eyes: “Daddy, do you believe the words on this?”
“Humph!” Su Zi’an snorted, “What do you have to say now?!”
His meaning has been very obvious, he just believes in this investigation report, and he is 100% sure.
Su Jingyu’s expression was cold, her eyes fixed on Su Luo with endless reproaches on her face: “Su Luo! How can you do such a cruel thing? Even if Wan’er is wrong, she is also your sister! By doing this, you have ruined all the rest of Ban’er’s life, do you know?”
Su Luo’s eyes lightly shot towards Su Jingyu.
If he didn’t say anything, she would have almost forgotten this brother who had a completely eccentric heart.
Mrs. Su whispered softly on the side: “Jingyu, how do you speak? Your father decides everything.”
Madam Su looked at Su Luo sadly again: “Don’t be afraid of Luo Luo. This may be a man-made rumor. As long as you tell everything you know, your father will not wrong you.”
Su Luo had no waves on her face, but she sneered secretly in her heart.
Mrs. Su has a good talking mouth.
Although she scolded Su Jingyu on the surface and comforted herself on the surface, she did not leave her cheap father every word and deliberately provoked the anger he was already ready to anger.
A master is definitely a master.
As expected, Su Zian patted the armrest repeatedly: “Su Luo! Do you recognize it!”

Chapter: 178
If she pleaded guilty to this charge, Su Luo knew that she would definitely not be expelled from Su Mansion as simply.
How could she be alive by Mrs. Su’s means?
Moreover, it sounds good to carry such a charge? Su Luo wasn’t a fool, she naturally wouldn’t recognize it.
When she did this, she conceived the causes and consequences step by step, but what she didn’t expect was that Madam Su would be involved in this, so that the simple matter became complicated.
But it doesn’t matter, she wants to fight against Madam Su, just look at her details.
“I haven’t done it yet, how do you recognize it? What do you recognize?” Su Luo was neither humble nor overbearing, with a calm expression on his face.
“It’s still a duck with a hard mouth!” Su Zi’an was angrily turned back and smiled, “Okay! Since you are so hard, you can come up and see how you quibble!”
“Come here, bring Mr. Mo up!” Su Zi’an stared at Su Luo with a cold gaze, his eyes almost full of murderous aura.
Mr. Mo is about fifty years old, wearing a medium silk shirt, pointed-mouthed monkey cheeks, and his eyes are shining shrewdly.
Let such a person testify? A ridiculous light flashed across Su Luo’s eyes.
“Mr. Mo, what exactly happened that day, please tell me carefully.” Su Zian was a little crazy about this matter in order to find out the black sheep.
Mr. Mo is the deacon of the mercenary union, and he is in charge of issuing the hunting mission.
Without squinting his eyes, Mr. Mo respectfully saluted Su Zi’an and said in a loud voice: “Return to Lord General. According to the rules of the mercenary union, it is not allowed to disclose customer information casually, but since it is a general, the mercenary union must also investigate thoroughly. I have to cooperate.”
“Well, just say, this general will naturally greet your chairman.” Su Zi’an waved his hand to let him relax, just say.
“Yes.” Mr. Mo looked down and said respectfully: “A girl came to post a reward task that day. The general also knew that the mercenary union could release any task, only if people dared to take it. The girl at the time Almost no one dared to take up the task of “, but in the end, it was picked up by a member who was extremely short of money.”
“What task is that?” Su Zian asked quietly.
Mr. Mo hesitated for a moment. He glanced at Su Luo with a sneaky look that he wanted to say but he didn’t dare to say. In the end, he seemed to have finally made up his mind, clenched his fists, his expression became solemn, and his tone of voice became cautious: ” It’s… tarnishing the third Miss Su Family!”
“The girl who posted the task…who is it?!”
Su Zi’an bit his posterior molars and asked Mr. Mo word by word, but his eyes burst out with thousands of years of ice, staring at Su Luo like a sword.
He secretly guessed that Su Luo was not deeply involved in the world, and in this case, no matter how she pretended, she would definitely panic.
However, what disappointed him was that not only did Su Luo not panic, her expression was the same as before, and her eyes were as dark as ink, and she was still shining with curiosity.
She, curious, what?
Shouldn’t it be uneasy?
Su Zian was speechless.
Su Jingyu and Madam Su were secretly wary.
Originally thought that Su Luo, this stinky girl would be easy to deal with, but now it seems a bit difficult.
Su Luo narrowed his eyes slightly, and sneered in his heart.
It’s really hard for them to perform such a wonderful scene in front of them in order to deal with her.

Chapter: 179
Only pity her cheap father, who thinks he is in control of everything, who just becomes the knife in the hands of others and is killed by the knife. Not only did he know it, but he also thought it was. Really pathetic. But the poor must have something to hate!
Others didn’t notice, but Su Luo, who had always observed meticulously, noticed that when Mr. Mo was speaking, his eyes occasionally glanced at Madam Zhao next to Madam Su, and there seemed to be some unknown tacit understanding between the two.
What is the tacit understanding… It is really puzzling, puzzling.
“Mr. Mo, don’t hesitate to say, who was the girl who posted the task at the time!” Seeing Mr. Mo, Su Jingyu seemed a little hesitant, and suddenly looked awe-inspiring and said righteously.
Mr. Mo looked at Su Jingyu and Su Zian again. Unexpectedly, he and Su Luo’s eyes met.
In an instant, he seemed to be frightened, and subconsciously avoided it.
“Yes…Yes…” Mr. Mo kept lowering his head, not daring to raise his eyes, and his voice was intermittent.
“Don’t worry, all your own generals are in charge for you! This matter will never be spread, and it will definitely not cause any trouble to your position in the mercenary union!” Su Zian promised.
He is a great general, who has been in the top position for a long time, and he has a domineering attitude that is not angry and presumptuous.
“Papa–” A clapping sound suddenly came from the door of the lobby, and the sound seemed to be quite interesting.
Su Zi’an raised his eyebrows coldly, and shouted to the outside: “Who is outside?!” The next sentence to Zixi, who was guarding the door, shouted: “What’s the matter? Didn’t you tell anyone not to come in?”
In any case, this matter is the ugliness of Su Mansion, and Su Zian will never let this matter spread out. But now, an outsider is here?
However, with the sound of footsteps, Su Zian’s expression slightly changed.
A group of people gathered around the man who looked like a god and stepped into the inner hall slowly.
He stood habitually in the front, his purple eyes indifferent.
I saw him elegant and noble.
It turned out to be the prince!
How could he come here at this time?
Moreover, there were two young women behind him. Su Zian recognized them. One of them was Su Xi and the other was…
“Qing’er, are you out?”
Su Zian hadn’t spoken yet, Madam Su had already stood up excitedly, her body seemed to be trembling slightly, it seemed that she was too happy.
The Qing’er in Su Fu’s population is Su Qing, the second Miss of the Su family, and Su Xi’s sister.
Because of her great talent, she was accepted as a closed disciple by Master Lan Hai since she was a child, and she was brought by her to teach her carefully.
Six months ago, when she reached the stage of the third-order bottleneck, she listened to Master Lan Hai’s words to close the door and repair the chain.
Now she comes out, isn’t it?
Both Madam Su and Su Zian stared at Su Qing expectantly. At this time, they had completely forgotten about Su Luo.
Compared to Su Qing, the proud girl of the day, what is Su Luo?
“Father, mother.” Su Qing stepped forward to meet his parents.

Chapter: 180
“Qing’er, you…” Su Zian and Madam Su pressed their lower lips, nervously but expectantly looking at Su Qing, hoping to get the information they wanted from her.
Su Qing lightly smiled, and nodded slightly: “Fortunately, Qing’er did not humiliate his life. This time in the retreat, he finally advanced to Tier 4.
Her words were light and indifferent, but she had a condescending arrogance.
Indeed, being able to advance to Tier 4 at her age is simply incalculable.
You know, apart from the talent of His Royal Highness that is so perverted that he can reach the seventh rank before the age of twenty, looking at the entire Tanglin Kingdom, there are almost few people at this age who can reach the fourth rank, only a handful of them. That’s it.
Hearing this, Su Zi’an was surprised!
“Okay! Good! Good! It’s amazing! Su Zi’an really has accumulated good fortune and virtue in my entire life, and I hope to have such a good daughter! Hahahahaha—” Su Zian laughed happily, her expression very proud.
Madam Su was even more happy. She took Su Qing’s hand and smiled constantly, nodding her head and admiring her again and again.
Su Qing Yuguang glanced at Su Xi next to her, and saw her pretty little face pursed with red lips, Su Qing cast her gaze on Su Zian, and smiled: “Congratulations, father and mother, double happiness is here.”
“Oh? Except for you, are there other happy events?” Su Zi’an let out a soft voice.
Now he feels heartbroken to Su Qing.
“Daddy doesn’t know, right? Xi’er had better luck this time. She had an adventure on the road. Now she is Tier 3.” Su Qing smiled lightly.
“Third-tier? Xi’er, is this true?” For this, Mrs. Su was the happiest person.
All of her children are very successful, which makes her very pleased.
“Yeah!” Seeing that all eyes were focused on herself, Su Xi’s originally proud expression became a bit shy for a while, she acted like a lady and nodded her head.
“Okay! That’s great! It’s so great! God bless my Su family!” Su Zian couldn’t help but laughed triumphantly, “As expected of my Su Zian’s daughter, I’m so good at fighting Laozi !”
He tilted his head and smiled softly at Madam Su: “Madam, all the good daughters you gave birth to are good, this general is very happy. Unlike those two concubines, one is more useless than the other. People are bored. Haha, the ancients sincerely don’t deceive me. It’s really a world of difference between concubine and concubine!
Su Zian didn’t worry about Su Luo’s mood at all at this time, and in front of everyone, he unabashedly expressed his love and partiality for the other two daughters.
A seeming sarcasm flashed through Su Luo’s eyes.
The third-order Su Xi?
The fourth-order Su Qing?
It was really powerful, and the chain repairing speed was so fast, she was really envious.
Compared with them, she is decisively the second-order little waste, the lowest-ranked one in the family.
However, if Su Zian knew that Su Luo was promoted from zero to the second rank in just one month, I was afraid that he would be scared to death.
Because even Su Xi’s little genius, whom he has always regarded as a genius, began to repair the chain at the age of five, and she has been repairing the chain for eight years, but she is only the second-order peak. If it weren’t for this coincidence, I don’t know when she will break through.
However, it only took Su Luo to reach the second order in a short period of one month and thirty days.
This kind of chain repairing speed, but looking at Tanglin Kingdom, even looking at the entire continent, there is no chain repairing speed that can compare with her.

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