The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 181-190

Chapter: 181
It is a pity that no one except Su Luo herself knows her soaring chain repair speed.
Her cheap father didn’t even know it.
However, Su Zian’s remarks involved Su Luo, and the prince only turned the topic back to the topic, only to see him smile lightly: “General Su, the house seems to be very lively?”
With the prince present, Su Zian no longer wanted to interrogate.
Because the ugliness of the family cannot be publicized.
If the prince is to know what happened to Su Wan, then…maybe it will be involved in the matter between him and Su Xi.
After all, although they have intentions for each other, they haven’t really made a decision to get married.
Su Zi Anqing coughed to cover up his embarrassment, and said with a dry smile: “Let His Royal Highness laugh. In fact, it’s not a big deal. It’s just girls fighting and squatting at home, just laugh and laugh.”
Su Zian’s hint is already obvious. He doesn’t want this matter to continue. At least, when the Prince and others are present, he hopes to stop here.
However, the prince didn’t seem to hear the hint in his words, and saw him sitting in a high position, raising his eyebrows at Su Luo with a smile: “Oh? Is it the fourth lady in the mansion again? It seems that General Su was instructed. The female is still lacking.”
“Yes, yes, let His Royal Highness laugh.” Su Zi’an took the conversation quickly, he was about to change the subject.
But who knows, the prince said one step earlier: “The palace was at the door just now, and I heard this Mr. Mo seems to be accusing someone? My palace heard it right?”
His Royal Highness has obviously grasped this matter and will not let go.
Su Zian miscalculated.
He did not expect the prince to be so narrow-minded.
Because Su Luo said “the prince does not lift”, our prince was completely annoyed by Su Luo.
It’s fine if I didn’t see it on weekdays. I just met now. If you don’t take advantage of falling into the hole, then it’s not your Royal Highness.
With a cold sweat on Su Zian’s forehead, he gestured to Mr. Mo with a gloomy face, and he hoped that Mr. Mo would avoid him.
But who is Mr. Mo?
The most adept speculators.
The General Su had previously been able to bluff him, but now compared with His Royal Highness, the level of General Su was lower.
And Mrs. Su didn’t know what the psychology was, she didn’t even mean to stop Mr. Mo.
Therefore, Mr. Mo pretended not to receive the suggestion from General Su, and bowed to His Royal Highness and said, “Return to His Royal Highness, the person the villain wants to testify is…the fourth young lady just mentioned!”
Su Luo? She really is!
The prince’s phoenix eyes were raised high, and his eyes were filled with cold murderous aura, and he slowly said: “Oh? You want to accuse us of the fourth lady? What do you accuse her of?
Su Zi’an felt depressed in his heart. He knew that no matter what he did now, he couldn’t keep it anymore.
Since you can’t keep it, that’s okay, take advantage of this to almost clear the door.
Anyway, he has no shortage of daughters, no lack of talents to bring his proud daughter.
Therefore, Su Zian just looked faint and kept silent.
Seeing that all his gaze was focused on himself, Mr. Mo raised his eyes, and his eyes were firm and clear, and said with a serious face: “His Royal Highness did not know. Someone came to the mercenary union to issue a mission to defile Miss Su San. The person with the task is Miss Su Si!”
“Wow–” Mr. Mo just finished speaking.
I only heard a uniform sound of gasp around.

Chapter: 182
Miss Su’s Fourth Miss went to the Mercenary Union to issue a mission, and asked someone to defile Miss Su’s Third? This, if this spreads…
“Wan’er has been a few days ago…” Madam Su saw that the shocking effect had been created, so she added the last straw.
“What? Third sister, she has been…” Su Xi couldn’t believe it!
Although Su Wan killed her into the water last time, in the end, she carefully apologized for a long time, and the grudge between herself and her had been eliminated.
At this time, Su Xi thought in her heart that it was all Su Wan’s good, but where could she still want to get her bad side?
She saw she rushed towards Su Luo angrily, pointing to Su Luo and shouting angrily: “Say! Is this true?! You actually posted a mission to ask someone to defile the third sister?!”
Too vicious! It’s so vicious!
With countless gazes of contempt, accusation, ridicule, and ridicule, Su Luo could still keep the smile on her face unchanged. I have to say that her psychological quality is too strong.
There was a slight arc in the corner of Su Luo’s mouth, and he slowly shook his head: “There is nothing wrong with the crime you want to add.”
“Don’t you admit it? Wouldn’t the manager of the mercenary union still wronged you?” Su Jingyu looked like he hated iron and steel. He pointed to Su Luo and said bitterly, “Su Luo, Su Luo, when will you change? You have to be so cruel? How can you do this? No matter how you say Wan’er, it’s all your sister!”
Su Qing didn’t say a word, but her raised eyes showed unabashedly that she had contempt and disdain for this concubine.
It was just a concubine who even gave her straight eyes, and an ant that could step on her feet at will, and she could not attract the slightest interest of the ice beauty Su Qing.
“I didn’t do it, how can I admit it?” Su Luo spread his hands and shrugged helplessly.
What she said was true. The person who posted the mission was Su Wan. As for why the retribution would be on Su Wan in the end, this… I can only say that God has eyes.
“Okay! Okay! You dare to be hard when you die! If you have been accused, you still dare not admit it!” Su Jingyu was trembling with anger, and the fingers pointing at Su Luo couldn’t restrain the trembling. It seemed that he was extremely angry. He tilted his head. Turning to Mr. Mo: “Mr. Mo, the mercenary union’s release of tasks has always been recorded, right?”
Mr. Mo sighed, nodded, and silently took out a booklet from his arms, and handed it to His Royal Highness.
His Royal Highness took it, and according to Mr. Mo’s instructions, his slender fingers slowly turned to a certain page.
“It’s really there. But the handwriting looks pretty smart, and the character is really different from the character.” The prince threw the booklet to Su Jingyu, and stared at Su Luo with a smile, his eyes shone with a devouring smile. .
He looked at Su Luo as if he was looking at a prisoner who was about to be executed in a cage but had nowhere to escape.
It’s not bad to be able to deal with this stinky girl without his own hands.
After everyone had circulated it, the final booklet fell into Su Zian’s hands. He threw the booklet at Su Luo angrily: “There are all witnesses and evidence, what else can you say?”
The certification is naturally Mr. Mo.
Material evidence…
Su Luo pointed at the booklet with a smile, and read aloud: “The signatory, Su Luo…”
Suddenly, she burst into laughter, holding her belly, almost out of breath.

Chapter: 183
And everyone in the room looked at Su Luo speechlessly, and Su Zian frowned, and shouted, “What are you laughing at?”
Su Zi’an secretly said in her heart, could it be that this stinky girl knew that she could not escape her death and was actually frightened?
Su Luo finally stopped laughing, she raised the booklet in her hand, her eyes swept over everyone present, and finally, her pitch-black eyes met Su Zian.
The sarcasm in her eyes was so obvious.
“Father, since you’ve seen it, what is the name of the person who signed it?” Su Luo raised his eyebrows and asked unhurriedly.
It seems that in this room, the mighty majesty deliberately exuded by these warriors did not cause her even any pressure.
“You don’t even recognize your own name?” Su Zian frowned, “Su Luo, I warn you, it’s useless to pretend to be crazy and be stupid, you’d better stop it in moderation.”
Su Luo shook his head with a smile, and said slowly: “Yes, the two characters above are indeed the two characters Su Luo. But the biggest flaw lies in the two characters Su Luo.”
There is a flaw?
Both Mr. Mo and Mrs. Su frowned slightly at this moment. In their opinion, this matter has been prepared for nothing. How could there be flaws?
“What flaw?” Su Zian frowned.
“A very simple reasoning. Let me put it this way, Father, if you go to the mercenary union to post a mission to assassinate others, would you write the three characters Su Zi’an in the sign?” Su Luo raised his eyebrows with a smile. Watch them.
This is a misunderstanding of thinking.
The other party wanted to plant her, so she deliberately wrote her name as evidence to prove that she was a criminal.
But forget to start from the hearts of normal people. Who dares to sign his real name openly when doing bad things? What’s more, it is an extremely evil thing that tarnishes Miss Su’s third family?
Su Zian was asked all of a sudden.
In fact, what Su Luo said is correct. If he wants to do bad things, who dares to sign his name in a fair manner? Who didn’t go sneakily?
Ask yourself, if he were to publish such a mission, he would never be able to sign his real name.
So, Su Luo was innocent? Could someone plant the blame?
Su Zi’an’s expression was cloudy for a while, bright and dark, unable to see the true thoughts in his heart.
How could the prince be so easily escaped by Su Luo?
I saw him curl up the corners of his mouth sullenly, “Or, because you are confident, so you sign your name openly?”
Su Luo almost rolled his eyes.
Is her IQ so low? Will do this kind of little tail thing?
Her habit of acting is to calculate every step and deploy everything before taking action, so she will not be as stupid as Su Wan, with many flaws.
However, Su Luoben didn’t expect to pick himself up in one sentence.
This sentence can shake Su Zian’s psychology and has achieved the desired effect.
“And–” Su Luo Gujing Wubo’s black eyes slowly scanned the surroundings. Finally, his eyes were fixed on Mr. Mo, his voice was cold and said: “Mr. Mo, may I ask, it was me who went to the mercenary union that day? Did you see it with your own eyes? ”
Mr. Mo hadn’t first arrived at Su Luo’s unwavering sight to be so aggressive and menacing. Under her gaze, he unexpectedly felt an uncontrollable sense of guilt.
How could this be? Didn’t Grandma Zhao say that the four girls in the Su Mansion are very easy to deal with?

Chapter: 184
Mr. Mo took a deep breath and suppressed the inexplicable fear. He raised his eyes, his gaze fell deeply on Su Luo, and said in a low voice, “Miss Su Si, don’t quibble anymore, it’s useless.”
“So, you admit that you saw me with your own eyes?” Su Luo lightly smiled and stared at him for an instant.
“Why should Miss Su Si take her own humiliation anymore? If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, how dare the villain accuse you?” Mr. Mo looked distressed.
Su Luo suddenly laughed, smiling like a flash of light in the pan, so glamorous.
“So, did you wear a cloak that day, or was I just like this?” Su Luo asked him with a smile.
She hasn’t done it yet, of course she is not afraid of confrontation.
The deeper the question, the more flaws the opponent will have.
Because the evidence produced is not true after all and cannot stand scrutiny at all. This is also one of the reasons why she has always been confident in the eyes of everyone.
Wearing a cloak or the real face? Mr. Mo hesitated, but this detail has not been discussed.
Mr. Mo’s gaze secretly glanced at Mother Zhao. Mother Zhao stood behind Madam Su, her face calmly, but she nodded slightly invisibly.
After receiving the prompt, Mr. Mo made a righteous expression: “Miss Su Si came here without any cover, but there is a villain who can’t tell the matter.”
“Okay, just when Su Luo is as stupid as a pig, I don’t know how to hide my face when doing bad things, and I leave my autograph carelessly. So now I ask you, when I saw you that day, did I wear the scent of jasmine or peony? Su Luo smiled faintly.
However, her pair of clear black and white eyes stared at Mr. Mo deeply, and those eyes looked like the ancient well without waves, but they were so intimidating that people did not dare to look directly.
Jasmine or peony floral?
Mr. Mo really remembered this. The girl who came that day had a seemingly scent of jasmine, and the smell lasted for a long time, so he was more impressed.
But how do you answer now? Does the peony flower smell?
Mr. Mo inadvertently raised his eyes and looked into Su Luo’s ridiculous and ironic eyes, but he couldn’t react to it all at once.
Although he was in charge of a mercenary union that had seen him around the world, for some reason, in front of Su Luo, he would always unconsciously exude an unprecedented panic and fear.
Obviously this girl is nothing but a waste of waste, but every word makes it difficult for him to answer, almost revealing it?
Mr. Mo wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, not knowing what to answer.
At this time, Su Xi was irritated, glaring at Su Luo, and inserted a sentence: “The fourth sister is so funny, it depends on you, did you buy the rouge pollen? What kind of fragrance do you still use, it is ridiculous!”
These words just reminded Mr. Mo, and saw a stiff smile from the corner of his mouth: “Miss Su Si’s question, I am afraid it will be difficult for the younger one to answer, because after many days, the younger one can’t remember the day. Miss Fourth, have you put some powder on it?”
Mr. Mo reacted quickly and did not fall into his first trap.
However, if he can escape the first question, how he can avoid the second question.
Su Luoman glanced at Su Xi carelessly, then cast his gaze on Mr. Mo’s cold sweaty old face.
“Fifth Sister is right, I am a concubine who can’t even buy powder, how can I have gold coins to go to the mercenary union to post tasks? Oh, yes, Mr. Mo, that task cost a lot of gold coins, right?” Su Luo looked on Calm, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Chapter: 185
From beginning to end, she has always used that kind of theater, with a little joking look at the people around her.
At this time, the faces of the people around were also not good, and they suddenly realized.
Indeed, look at the old clothes on Su Luo, the plain face without powder, and he hasn’t even worn any accessories on his head. He looks like a poor and sour face. How can he take out gold coins to release the mission? ?
This is impossible, right?
Even His Royal Highness frowned.
Although he had seen the sharp teeth of this stinky girl last time, he did not expect her to be so calm and sharp.
Everyone in the field is better than her at this time, no matter who is pulled out, she can easily slap her to death.
In such an atmosphere, when almost everyone was hostile to her, she was still able to talk freely, step by step, set up bureaucracies everywhere, calmly and calmly wash away her grievances.
Such Su Luo is really a legendary waste material straw bag?
If this kind of her is a waste of materials, then what is the so-called squad of them who are forced by her to retreat and unable to fight?
His Royal Highness raised his sword eyebrows slightly, and thought flashed in his black eyes…To be honest, Su Luo like this really made him a little interested.
At this moment, a clear footstep suddenly heard outside the door.
A handsome and handsome boy in a red robe walked into the door.
What a beautiful boy!
Su Luo took a breath.
I saw him wearing a big red brocade robe, so delicate that he couldn’t find a trace of flaws, a pair of black and clear eyes, and a beautiful strange mark between his eyebrows, which made him look mysterious and beautiful.
What’s more peculiar is that he seems to have a strangely pure temperament like a child.
He has been laughing, and the arc of his mouth has not gone down since the moment he walked in.
When he saw that person, the prince’s sword eyebrows were slightly frowned, and a dark color flashed under his eyes, which seemed to be quite jealous for him.
Su Zian’s complexion instantly turned black when he saw the boy, and quickly returned to the original state, and then greeted him with a smile.
What really changed his expression was Mr. Mo, who was already cold and sweaty. He looked at the red robe boy at the door, his feet slipped, his feet soft and weak, and he knelt down.
“I don’t know if President Beichen is coming here. I would have missed a long way to welcome him. I hope to forgive and forgive my sins.” Su Zian laughed and enthusiastically bowed his hands.
Beichen Ying, from the mysterious Beichen family, is now the president of the Dongling Kingdom Mercenary Union.
He always smiled.
Of course, the harder he murdered, the brighter he smiled.
Only the people who knew his merits were not his closest brothers, or countless dead bodies.
Bei Chenying stood in the hall calmly with his hands crossed behind his back. After looking around, he glanced at Su Zi’an with a smile but nodded slightly: “General Su don’t have to be polite, ho ho, you are really lucky. , I gave birth to a good daughter, and she will soon become so prosperous. The future is limitless. Congratulations.”
When the words fell, Beichenying patted Su Zian’s shoulder optimistically.
This is the attitude of the superior to the subordinate.
In the empire, the president of the mercenary union and the general protector of the country are of the same level, and there is no such thing as a high or a low.
However, because of the family’s reasons, Bei Chenying’s position is high. Although Su Zi’an is uneasy, he does not dare to resist.
Because the Beichen family is too mysterious, too detached, too high to be reached…This surname, once it appears, is a desperate existence.

Chapter: 186
Su Zi’an thought that Beichen Ying was referring to the prince and Su Xi’s affairs, and a smile appeared on his cold face, “Thanks to the love of the prince, this is indeed Xi’er’s blessing.”
Unexpectedly, Bei Chenying is used to screaming, frowning, and said unhappily, “What’s the matter with the prince?”
“Huh?” Su Zi’an was stunned.
He said before that he was flying in the future. Didn’t it mean that the prince and Su Xi were involved? Then… what would it be?
Beichen Ying patted Su Zian’s shoulder comfortingly: “The first person in the capital, who have you forgotten?”
“His Royal Highness, King Jin?” Su Zian blurted out subconsciously, and he even stammered.
But after saying this, he immediately realized that something was wrong, because above this hall, it was His Royal Highness who was sitting high on the top…
His Royal Highness has been secretly competing with His Royal Highness Jin. Although outsiders know that he is inferior to His Royal Highness, no one dared to speak in front of him.
For a moment, Su Zian’s regret turned blue when he saw the sullen complexion of His Royal Highness.
Seeing that the atmosphere is not right, Madam Su hurriedly came out to relieve her siege, smiling gently, and whispering softly: “Master Beichen really loves to talk and laugh. His Royal Highness King Jin has never contacted our Su Mansion. I don’t know what kind of joy you respect?
His Royal Highness King Jin is aloft, that is the banished immortal in the Nine Heavens, and an extraordinary person can desecrate.
Su Mansion has always been aware of current affairs and knows that His Royal Highness Jin is difficult to follow, so in this world, they can only follow in the footsteps of His Royal Highness.
With a word from Madam Su, His Royal Highness King Jin and Su Mansion were separated.
Because of this, His Royal Highness’s face that was as dark as the bottom of a pot gradually eased. Although it was still stiff, it was not as violent as it was at the beginning.
However, Bei Chenying seemed to have an enemy with His Royal Highness.
From the time he came to the present, he had never even said hello to the prince, and he was completely invisible as the prince of the empire. In view of the mysterious and terrifying family background behind Bei Chen Ying, His Royal Highness could only swallow this breath.
Bei Chenying glanced at the prince slantingly, turning his head to Su Zi’an and said with a smile: “General Su, Madam Su, your message is really blocked, don’t you know that His Royal Highness King Jin gave your lady… ”
Sweeping his eyes, he saw everyone’s attention and curiosity being lifted high by him, but Bei Chenying seemed to leak his mouth again, and laughed a few times: “Ho ho ho, do not say, do not say… Don’t reveal it.”
Although he stopped the conversation in time, the hint of the previous half sentence was obvious enough.
His Royal Highness King Jin to the young lady in your house… plus Bei Chenying’s left sentence of congratulations and another congratulatory sentence, even the fool must have heard what it means here.
Is this true? Su Zian and Madam Su instantly raised their hearts to their throats.
If His Royal Highness King Jin really loves their daughter, what a blessing? To be able to win over to His Royal Highness King Jin, this is a step to the sky for Su Mansion!
Su Zian was excited.
Madam Su was also excited.
Therefore, both of them subconsciously cast their sights on Su Qing at the same time.
The second young lady from the Su family has a distinguished status and beautiful appearance. What is more rare is the amazing talent, and the speed of repairing chains is one of the few in the entire empire.
What’s more, Su Qing was born as Master of Blue Ocean.

Chapter: 187
As the protector of the empire, Master Lan Hai enjoys a high right to speak before His Majesty. His Majesty will consult with Master Blue Ocean for many things. It is rare that this matter is not matched by Master Blue Ocean.
Based on the above, if His Royal Highness Jin really liked the Su family girl, then it would be Su Qing.
Therefore, Su Zian and Madam Su both focused their gazes on Su Qing’s face. The complex eyes that mixed hope, expectation, and longing made no secret of it.
With Su Zian and Madam Su taking the lead, everyone followed their line of sight and looked towards Su Qing…
Is it her? It should be her, right? If you really choose from the few ladies of the Su family, it is definitely the second Miss Su. Oh my God, that is His Royal Highness King Jin!
At this time, Su Qing, under a pair of dazzling gazes, her accustomed cold and arrogant eyes drooped slightly, and her white and jade face showed a clearly visible crimson.
She could feel her cheeks hot like fire, but the corners of her eyes and brows couldn’t hide the joy.
His Royal Highness… Thinking of the immortal perfect man, Su Qing felt that she was about to suffocate when she heard him fall in love with herself. She was nervous and didn’t even know what to do with her arms and legs.
“You, what are you doing looking at me like this!” Su Qingyuan wanted to shout out angrily, but there was a hint of sweetness in her voice that could not be concealed.
“Qing’er, you… Your Royal Highness Jin…” Su Zian asked nervously and expectantly.
“You…too hateful, I ignore you!” Su Qing picked up her skirt shyly and ran out quickly.
She didn’t expect that a glimpse of Feidu Bridge a year ago, His Royal Highness would never forget her, and sent someone to represent him on the first day of her return… This, this is simply too shameful. !
As Su Qing ran, her heart was sweet as honey, and the curvature of the corners of her mouth could not be smooth.
Su Qing’s run, but the “innocence” between her and His Royal Highness Jin was confirmed.
However, Su Zian and Madam Su were both happy to see the result, and the corners of their eyes couldn’t hide the smile.
But the face of His Royal Highness turned black again in an instant!
His sullen gaze swept towards Su Zian, Su Zian’s complexion became stiff, and he forcibly concealed the joy on his face.
Of course, these people were not the only ones who changed their expressions.
The important thing to mention is the president of the mercenary union.
He dumbly watched Su Qing shyly put on his skirt and ran away, and dumbly watched Su Zian and Madam Su’s joy… His forehead twitched, and a look of annoyance appeared in his expression.
He seems to be…good intentions to do bad things, what to do?
What is Su Qing doing? It’s none of her business. Why is she running shyly? Is it easy to misunderstand?
Now that she is running, isn’t it true that there is an ambiguity between Nangong and her?
That, that… Beichen Ying glanced at Su Luo nervously, nervously, and secretly.
He is guilty, and he really doesn’t have the courage to look at her face.
how come?
Bei Chenying found that Su Luo at this time seemed completely unaffected by this incident.
She stood there indifferently, her expression as light as the wind, a slight smile at the corner of her mouth, and her dark eyes like an ancient well, and she couldn’t see the depth.
After seeing this look, Bei Chenying felt even more regretful. He, he was really mean, now, he couldn’t explain why.

Chapter: 188
Judging from his years of experience rolling in women’s piles, the more calm a girl like Su Luo cares, the calmer her complexion.
Just like himself, the more excited he is when he kills, the brighter his smile will be.
Looking at the calm, self-sufficient face, Bei Chenying stroked her little heart, very sad.
It’s over, it’s over… She must be angry, she will definitely spread her anger on Nangong, and Nangong will definitely transfer the damage to herself.
At this time, Bei Chenying wanted to hit the wall depressed.
Su Luo couldn’t help but feel a little strange when he saw the bright and dark face of this Master Beichen accidentally changing its color like a palette.
Bei Chenying noticed that Su Luo was staring at him, and he blinked at her secretly, with words in his eyes: Wow, sister-in-law, misunderstanding, it is pure misunderstanding! There is no one but you in Nangong’s heart! Don’t misunderstand it! ! ! !
However, not everyone has a tacit understanding with him.
When Su Luo saw his beautiful eyes blinking and blinking at himself, why couldn’t he stop, he muttered in his heart: This Master Beichen’s eyes twitched, right? Or is it a brain convulsion?
Seeing Su Luo sinking into thought, Bei Chenying thought she understood what she meant. She also considered whether to forgive Nangong, so he blinked at Su Luo again, saying: Sister-in-law wow! They are all small mouths, you must not abuse Nangong, once you abuse him, he will abuse us ah ah ah ah~~~
Su Luo saw that the beautiful eyes of the Beichen Lord blinked and blinked at him again, and couldn’t stop why he couldn’t help but be full of sympathy: How could such a beautiful face be ruined on these eyes? What a pity.
If Bei Chenying could understand Su Luo’s heart, he would probably vomit blood directly.
Therefore, it is really very bloody to meet someone who is unreliable.
In fact, the interrogation meeting held today was quite unsuccessful.
First, His Royal Highness and others interrupted, and then Bei Chenying struck a bar. The original interrogation would stop and then stop, and there were branches.
However, Bei Chenying didn’t come to wander around all right today. He brought someone’s order to help Su Luo, but Ke La had helped.
He didn’t need Su Zian to ask him to sit, he walked over calmly, and sat down in Su Zian’s place with ease.
His movements are so unrestrained and free, as if that position was originally his.
This Beichen shadow relied that he was a member of the Beichen family, and had a bigger frame than the prince!
He was leaning on the red sandalwood chair, his legs cocked, he waved his hands at random, and turned back to the subject with a smile: “General Su, don’t talk about gossip, isn’t it a trial? Go ahead, just as Master Ben is also listening.”
Su Zi’an was annoyed, but he didn’t dare to have an attack on his face. He secretly suppressed the breath, and squeezed a smile on his face: “This matter, let’s stop here…”
“How can this work? No, it must be investigated, and thoroughly investigated!” Beichenying disagreed.
He came under the command of the boss. If he returned without success, where would he put his face?
“This…” Su Zian thought for a while, feeling a little upset in her heart.
So many people in the lobby know about this, how can you hide it? The only plan for the present is to deduct all the crimes on Su Luo’s head, and in the end, he will have another righteous killing of his relatives, which may be able to save a bit of face.

Chapter: 189
Thinking of this, Su Zi’an constricted his face, glared at Su Luo, and said with a serious face: “When things are up to this day, you still dare to sophistry? Come, cross her out!”
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth was sneered.
She could clearly see that Su Zian was irritated, and he wanted to use her as a victim, and he didn’t even give her the last chance to argue.
Such a father is simply terrible.
Such a mansion, smelling the air made her feel sick.
Had it not been for secretly investigating her life experience in Su Mansion, she would have left the wolf den with a wave of her sleeves.
However, before Su Luo could speak, Bei Chenying frowned. He raised his hand and waved: “Hold on!”
It’s not good to move anyone, but if you want to move the cusp of Nangong’s heart, you will die, right? !
Bei Chenying then turned his head and frowned at Su Zian: “General Su, this is what you are wrong. Only then Mingming, Miss Su said, how can she go to the mercenary union to issue tasks? I haven’t found out about this. , Why did you directly impose charges on her? This is too arbitrary! Isn’t it true that General Su always tried the same way in the army?”
Bei Chenying didn’t speak, and Su Zi’an was dumbfounded when he spoke.
Although there was a faint smile on his face at this time, everyone could see that the president of the mercenary union was unhappy.
Bei Chenying’s accusation was too great. If he was taken seriously, it would be the accusation of abandoning an official and abandoning a nobleman. How could Su Zian dare to take it?
He could only wipe off the cold sweat from his forehead, quickly spread a smile, and said with a dry smile: “Master Beichen said and laughed, but this is something in the general’s family, so…”
However, Bei Chenying seemed to be competing with him, and saw him raise his eyebrows coldly: “If the small family affairs are unclear, what qualifications do you have to be in charge of the imperial soldiers and horses? Lord Su, are you right?”
A trace of anger flashed through Su Zian’s eyes!
Everyone is of equal rank. If it were not for the Beichen family’s face, Lao Tzu would have long since killed you, and now I dare to teach the old man!
Of course, this was just Su Zian’s psychological activity. On his face, he smiled more happily than anyone else, and nodded vigorously: “Yes, yes, Master Beichen said it is extremely true.”
Bei Chenying let him go, and turned his head. He smiled almost flatteringly and said to Su Luo: “Miss Su Si, now you can defend yourself. Don’t worry. No matter what, there is no one in this inner hall. Dare to bully you.”
Before Su Luo could reply, His Royal Highness first became displeased. He sneered and sneered: “Master Beichen, don’t be partial.”
Bei Chenying smiled satisfied and waved at will: “Don’t worry, this official never avenges private revenge, never bullies the weak, never bullies weak women, presumably His Royal Highness doesn’t bother to do such boring things, right?”
These three never… Obviously, when the prince came to Su Mansion to withdraw from his relationship, Su Luo framed the prince in his words.
These three sentences are never down to nothing, but the last unspoken words…the word “no lift” is what Beichen Ying said.
“Huh!” His Royal Highness was poked at the center of the matter, and he glared at Su Luo angrily, then turned away with a cold snort.
It was this stinky girl who made him the laughingstock of the enemy! He will never let her go easily!
He has always been at odds with King Jin, and Beichenying is the first minion of King Jin, and the two have been fighting each other for a long time. Just talking about the quarrel, is the self-reliant prince the opponent of the cheeky Bei Chenying? Therefore, every time the prince can only glared.

Chapter: 190
Su Luo glanced at Bei Chenying with some playfulness. She could directly feel that Bei Chenying seemed to be smiling at everyone, but his smile didn’t reach the bottom of her eyes, and sometimes she looked like an old fox with unpredictable depth.
However, he didn’t seem to be malicious to himself, but he meant to help? Why is this?
However, Su Luo would not let go of such a good opportunity if there are advantages that do not take the bastard.
I saw Su Luo bowing to Beichen Yingying, and smiled lightly: “Master Beichen, do you think that dressed in me is the person who can release the mission?”
Beichenying cooperated very tacitly, and saw that he touched his chin, looked up and down Su Luo a few times, shook his head and said, “I saw the task. It costs three thousand gold coins. I sell you for ten times Can’t afford it.”
Of course, it also depends on who dares to buy… Beichen Ying dared to slap his chest to ensure that if anyone dared to buy Su Luo, it would be guaranteed that there would be an extermination within a quarter of an hour.
No one noticed that Beichenying would only claim to be me in front of Su Luo, and always arrogantly claim to be the Lord in front of others.
The two of them sang and got together, it seemed that they wanted to clear Su Luo’s charge.
At this time, Su Jingyu interrupted, “Huh, who knows if she pretends to be poor? In my opinion, it’s better to go to the courtyard to search for it. Maybe there is a pile of gold coins hidden in that house! ”
It turns out that the pile of gold coins of unknown origin that day turned out to be here. Su Luo sneered repeatedly in his heart.
However, Su Luo looked at him calmly, and an imperceptible panic flashed under his eyes: “I will search my yard for no reason? Humph! What is the truth!”
Obviously, Su Jingyu caught the panic in Su Luo’s eyes and the pretentious composure on his face, and he saw him grinning and said, “Since you think you are innocent, why are you afraid that everyone will investigate? Humph, your yard clearly hides the origin Unknown stolen money!”
“There is nothing wrong with the crime!” Su Luo argued hard, but her body seemed to tremble slightly because of fear.
Su Jingyu was even more proud. He saluted Su Zian and looked up and said: “Father, since Su Luo is not willing to admit his death, the only way now is to search her yard! If you want to search, please father decide. !”
The prince stood up suddenly and said in a lazy voice: “I have been sitting for a long time. It’s not bad to go out for a walk.”
This is an agreement.
Su Zian looked at Beichen Ying again, who knows that Lord Beichen, who has always regarded the prince as his duty, stretched his waist: “Since the prince is going to leave, the official will accompany you to walk.”
The two big shots have spoken. Where can Su Zian refuse?
He stared at Su Luo sullenly, and condensed his voice, “Okay, let’s search! After the search results come out, see how you quibble!”
“Wait—” Su Luo stopped a group of nobles who were about to move, and sneered: “What if you find out? If you can’t find out, what about?!”
Want to check gold? Oh, I’m really embarrassed. Those golden girls did dig away, but now they are piled up in this girl’s space. Do you want to search? Go dreaming.
For a while, all eyes were on Su Zian’s face.
Su Zian thought for a moment, his face condensed, and said with a serious face: “If it is found, then from then on, you Su Luo will be removed from Su Mansion! If it is not found…”

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