The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 191-200

Chapter: 191
“If it is not possible to find out, the Su family at this scene must apologize to Su Luo pouring tea! No one is allowed to deny!” Su Luo’s beautiful black eyes scanned the surrounding circle, and a slight sneer filled his eyes.
Su Zian’s footsteps stopped. He didn’t expect that Su Luo would offer such a rebellious condition, and he was about to refute it.
However, Bei Chenying squinted at him with a smile, and said with a smile: “Miss Su Si is right. Isn’t the girl’s boudoir a person who wants to enter and search? Is there any king? General Su, what do you think?”
Although Bei Chenying looked carelessly thinking, Su Zi’an’s heart jumped under the pressure from his body. Su Zian’s stiff mouth pulled out a smile: “Master Beichen is absolutely right.”
He tilted his head and sneered at Su Luo: “Okay! Just as you said, if you can’t find it, the Su family will apologize to you for pouring tea! And pay you 10,000 gold coins as compensation! Now, what else do you have? Don’t worry?”
Thousands of gold coins? That couldn’t be better.
Su Luo was very satisfied with the results of such negotiations: “Lord Beichen and His Royal Highness testified together, Su Luo is relieved.”
The implication is that she is not at ease with her cheap father.
Su Zian, who was angry with this sentence, had a pale face, but he didn’t dare to attack face to face. He flicked his sleeves and walked away.
The group came to Su Luo’s courtyard.
Bei Chenying saw the dilapidated low wall, the lime peeled off the wall, revealing the mottled yellow mud inside, and there was no door at the entrance of the courtyard!
With a smile at the corner of his mouth, he pointed to the courtyard and said, “General Su, I didn’t expect that there is such a dilapidated courtyard in your mansion, but it is left as an antique for people to visit?”
Su Zi’an frowned, a tinge flashed across Tieqing’s face, and snorted, “Master Beichen really loves to talk and laugh.”
Bei Chenying’s squinting eyes were pretending to be serious: “Ah? Could it be…Is it really possible to live here?”
Su Zian looked embarrassed, concealed his fist and coughed a few times: “Here.”
Bei Chenying looked back at Su Zian with a little dumbfounded, her beautiful eyes were wide, and she pointed to the courtyard in disbelief: “This…Miss Su Si lives here, right?”
It has to be said that Beichenying is very talented in acting. His face mixed with shock, astonishment, and disbelief is the most embarrassing existence for Su Zian.
Su Zian coughed, avoiding Bei Chenying’s embarrassing topic, Tipao walked in first.
His actions were already obvious, so obvious that he would have turned his face on the spot if it hadn’t been estimated that Beichenying’s family power.
But who is Beichenying? Known as the first dude of the imperial capital, where is he so easy to send?
Moreover, in order to make up for the mistakes Bei Chenying had made in the lobby, of course he had to take a good look at Su Zi’an, so as to let a certain girl on the tip of a certain stingy man vent his anger.
So, I saw him standing next to Su Zian deliberately, Meisou looked around the situation in the yard, and kept shaking his head and sighed: “It’s so shocking, incredible, unimaginable, and my wife is too much. The dignified family, the dignified General’s Mansion, even allowed his girl to live in a house that fell when the wind blows. It’s simply… torturous, yes, torturous!”
Su Zi’an only felt that the blue veins on his forehead burst out suddenly.

Chapter: 192
The fist beside him clenched into a fist.
What he wants to do most now is to punch Beichen Ying flat!
How can there be such a person! When visiting other people’s homes, they don’t say anything nice, but rather ugly things.
Poor Su Zian didn’t know. Now, in his eyes, Lord Beichen, who is high above him, regards pleasing Su Luo as his first goal, taunting Su Zian as the best way to please Su Luo, so poor Su Zian is destined to be tragic.
I saw Bei Chenying pacing slowly in the yard with her hands folded behind her. She shook her head as she walked. Her slender index finger pointed at Su Zi’an, showing her dissatisfaction: “General Su, it’s not this master. Speaking of you, you, this heart is really too biased, the biases have no edge.”
Su Zian’s face became darker and darker, as black as the bottom of a pot.
His breath became heavy and long, obviously trying to suppress his anger.
Displeased emotions appeared in Mrs. Su’s heart, but she also knew that Beichen Ying could not offend, so she smiled softly and softly, and whispered softly: “Master Beichen shouldn’t say that. If you stay here, you have to suffer. of.”
“Have a lasting pain? Live here?” Bei Chenying smiled with deep meaning, “Mrs. Su, what is the last resort?”
“This…” Mrs. Su is casually talking nonsense. What are the difficulties? Where does she want Beichenying to be so precise? For a moment, I was a little stunned.
Bei Chenying smiled suddenly, and he shook his head and sighed: “Oh, Mrs. Su, everyone understands it. After all, Miss Su Si is not your own person. You send her to a place where no one lives. It’s forgivable for her to fend for herself and die–”
A word made Madam Su’s smile stiffen at the corner of her mouth, making her unable to laugh anymore.
Madam Su’s hands hidden in her sleeves clenched into fists, gritted her teeth, and squeezed out a stiff smile: “Master Beichen…”
“In fact, you don’t have to explain Madam Su. After all, is there a difference between the concubine, right? Everyone understands it.” Seeing Madam Su’s face is almost the same as General Su, Bei Chenying added, ” But, it’s not that this lord said you, no matter how unwilling you are in your heart, you have to do it better on the surface, right? Now you don’t even bother to do it on the surface. Fortunately, the emperor has given you a first-class virtuous lady, tut tut .”
Only Beichenying dared to speak so unscrupulously. After changing someone else, General Su had already let him be beaten to death!
At this time, General Su and Madam Su were very angry, and they tried their best to hold back so that they would not burst out, but it was almost the same, just the last straw.
Su Luo was secretly curious, where is this Beichen Shadow? He said so unscrupulously that Su Zian and Madam Su didn’t happen?
However, what makes Su Luo feel even more strange is that this person is actually facing her everywhere, every word is for her to fight the injustice, why is this?
And every time he ridiculed Su Zian and Madam Su, he winked at himself, with a lovely appearance inviting credit, which made people laugh.
Who is this person? Did she know each other before? Su Luo touched his chin and fell into thought.
The crown prince glanced at Su Zian and Madam Su, then glared at Bei Chenying, and said displeasedly: “You are the most verbose, and no one will say you are dumb.”

Chapter: 193
Beichen Yingsheng fears that one of his biggest hobbies is to fight with the prince. Since the prince takes the initiative to provoke him, wouldn’t it be shameful if he didn’t fight back?
Bei Chenying raised a casual smile at the corner of her mouth, and her eyes flickered ironically: “His Royal Highness is not wordy, but he just doesn’t talk about it. I have done all the wicked things. Be careful that there is nothing to do with a son in the future.”
“You’re looking for death!” The prince didn’t speak, but the guard beside him drew out a long sword and stabbed Bei Chenying.
However, the guard had not yet approached Bei Chen Ying, but saw a black-robed man flashed behind Bei Chen Ying, pinching the guard’s throat with two fingers like iron tongs.
In an instant, the body of the guard fell to the ground, his eyes closed, his body stiff, and he could never wake up.
The black-robed man quietly retreated back to Bei Chen Ying’s back, and seemed to have no sense of existence.
Killing is invisible, killing is like nothing… Killing is like hemp, unscrupulous and unruly!
Bei Chenying still smiled so innocent and kind, and her expression was so happy, it seemed that the man on the ground was just asleep, not losing his life.
His Royal Highness was flushed with anger, but he knew he knew that all the people behind him were not enough for a black robe to kill.
Moreover, Bei Chenying’s methods are fierce, and he will really kill everyone under him without any hesitation.
Su Zian hurriedly came out to round up the field, and said a lot of words before letting the prince go down the steps, rounding up a little bit of face.
Su Luo’s gaze fell on Bei Chenying. She became interested in the red-robed boy who was now in the sunshine and sometimes like Satan. She was very curious about what he would do to make everyone stunned.
“Master Beichen, since the search is here, can we start now?” Su Zian said coldly.
Being slapped repeatedly, even if Su Zian wants to please Bei Chen Ying again, he will definitely feel uncomfortable.
Bei Chenying’s white jade face showed a smile, and there was a trace of mystery in his smile. I saw him put on his wide sleeves and said casually: “This is the General Mansion. When the search starts, it is natural that General Su has the final say. Yes, how can I ask this officer?”
Su Zian almost fell down with anger.
What kind of person is this! He has been a guest since he entered the Su Mansion until now? Now it’s better to be a guest!
Su Zi’an was annoyed, but a smile appeared on his face: “If that’s the case, let’s start.” Send the evil star back early, and Su Mansion will restore peace sooner.
Su Zian gave an order, and a group of soldiers rushed toward the dilapidated courtyard.
A sneer appeared at the corner of Madam Su’s mouth.
I received a lot of anger today, but if you can get rid of Su Luo in one fell swoop, what is this little anger?
A total of thirty soldiers entered, turning the contents of Su Luo’s house, even planing the corners, but–
Soon, the soldiers came out, and the head of Captain Zhao was obviously not pretty. He walked up to Su Zian a few steps, but Yu Guang confronted Madam Su, and he shook his head slightly invisibly.
Madam Su’s face became ugly in an instant!
Su Zian didn’t know the face-to-face conversation between Captain Zhao and Madam Su. He had a dignified manner and said in a cold voice, “Can you find it out?”
Although Captain Zhao didn’t want to say anything, he still shook his head: “Return to the general, there are no gold coins in the room.”
“Then there are other valuable treasures?” Madam Su interjected.

Chapter: 194
“No.” Captain Zhao felt a bit of sympathy for Su Luo in his heart. In that broken house, all the valuables together, it was less than ten taels of silver. This is the young lady from General Su’s Mansion.
Madam Su’s expression became ugly, how could this be!
Obviously… Madam Su’s gaze glanced at Jianmei, the maid standing behind her, and the cold light that burst from her eyes made Jianmei shiver.
Jianmei was about to explain, but she heard Madam Su lower her voice and gave a warning: “Shut up!”
Here, the martial arts cultivation base is higher than Jianmei. Even if she lowers her voice, it is hard to guarantee that she will not be heard… Especially the mysterious but hostile Master Beichen Ying to Su Mansion.
Madam Su’s gaze turned towards Beichen Ying, but unexpectedly, Bei Chen Ying also happened to look at her at this moment.
His beautiful eyes are as dark as ink, like a clear spring, clear to the bottom. At this time, there is an undisguised playfulness in these water eyes.
Madam Su’s heart suddenly shocked!
What does the deep meaning of his eyes… mean?
So clear and bright eyes, like a sharp sword, can pierce the deepest secrets of people’s hearts.
For the first time, Mrs. Su actually had an inexplicable sense of horror slowly climbing up from the bottom of her feet.
Su Zian’s expression was a little uncertain. He regretted again and again at this time. He regretted that he should have listened to Su Jingyu’s words and searched Su Luo’s yard.
There is nothing here now, as if slapped him hard.
It would be fine if it was normal, but now, Master Beichenying is here, and he is here to take revenge this time, holding on to trivial things, embarrassing him again and again… Su Zi’an is really suffering at this time. Unspeakable.
Perhaps, even the Lord couldn’t see it.
Suddenly, among the soldiers searched in the courtyard, one of them made a slight surprise.
“What’s the matter?” Su Zi’an couldn’t bear the mocking eyes that Beichen Ying cast on him, and hurried forward.
“Return to the general, this underground seems to be weird!” The round-faced soldier pointed to the ground with a positive expression.
Su Zian looked at the ground, then at the big locust tree, suddenly, a hint of surprise flashed under his eyes.
Over a hundred years ago, in the war in the imperial capital, Elder Su secretly ordered people to bury gold in the ground, just in case, in case of emergency. Later, after the war ended, gold was dug up one after another, but there were always omissions.
Big locust tree?
Yes, that’s right! It was marked by the locust tree!
Could it be… there is actually gold buried under the ground?
Su Zi’an was suddenly excited. He waved his big hand and said loudly, “Dig!”
So, a group of soldiers brandished shovel and iron pickaxe and dig down along the centuries-old locust tree.
Soon, the facts made Su Zian excited.
I saw the round-faced soldier shout loudly: “There is something! There is something under here!”
“Take it out! Take it out quickly!” Su Zian said loudly.
But at this time, there was a touch of worry on Madam Su’s face. For some reason, she always has a bad feeling, she always feels weird here.
Because, according to Jianmei’s report, Su Luo moved all the gold into the house at that time, there should be no gold in this pit.
So Mrs. Su secretly stopped and said: “General, it is better to be careful…”
Su Zian waved his hand and pushed Mrs. Su away: “What can you do? The kindness of a woman!”

Chapter: 195
In fact, Su Zian was not without anger towards Madam Su. Bei Chenying is very right. Madam is good at everything, but her heart is too biased. She has let Su Luo live in the broken yard for so many years. No matter how she doesn’t like it, that is also his Su Zian’s daughter!
Su Zian, who had never doubted his wife, had a crack in her heart for the first time in her trust in her.
When the doubtful factors are planted, as for when they take root, it depends on how others water and fertilize. Obviously, Su Luo is such a master.
She watched Su Zian’s interaction with Madam Su, her eyes narrowed slightly, and a playful smile appeared in her eyes.
“General! Dig something!”
“Hurry up!” Su Zian stood by the pit, staring anxiously at the bottom of the pit.
This is a major matter of his face, so sloppy.
However, when he saw the red sandalwood brocade box, doubt flashed under his eyes.
I only heard that the old man sold gold back then, but I never heard of burying jewelry…
When Mrs. Su saw the brocade box, there was a sense of anxiety in her eyes…This brocade box was definitely not buried by her. What’s weird in it?
In fact, Su Luo’s expression also flashed with a trace of astonishment.
Obviously, this incident was also unexpected to her.
Yes, after she guessed Madam Su’s thoughts, she did bury something again, but she didn’t use such a brocade box… Obviously, the things she buried were dropped.
Who the hell is it? What is the other party’s strategy? Who will be introduced?
Su Luo’s eyes were dangerously narrowed, even though he was full of doubts, his face was still calm and calm.
Bei Chenying looked at Su Luo like this, a touch of appreciation appeared in her black eyes.
Suddenly, Su Luo’s pair of Gujing Wubo black eyes shot sharply towards Bei Chenying, and when they met his gaze in the air, Bei Chenying jumped.
However, Bei Chenying quickly recovered, he smiled at Su Luo, and there was a kind of appeal in that smile.
Call for credit? Could it be that the person changing the brocade box… is it him?
Su Luo twitched the corner of his mouth slightly and glanced at him with a smile. She wanted to see what tricks the Beichen Master was playing.
The soldier held the brocade box respectfully, not knowing who to pass it to.
Ordinarily, as the head of the family, Su Zian should be presented to him.
But among the people present, the most noble is His Royal Highness.
But the most arrogant one is none other than Beichen Shadow.
The prince glanced at Bei Chenying coldly, with his hands folded behind his back, a faint sneer at the corner of his mouth.
Bei Chenying had the same posture and actions as the prince, and even the expression on his face was learning from the prince. With this action, the prince was almost angry.
Su Zian thought for a while, then said: “Come here.”
He turned out the rosewood brocade box in the hands of the soldiers.
For a while, all the eyes of all present were betting on this rosewood brocade box.
The brocade box is about the length of two adult palms, and the width is the length of one palm. The outside is exquisitely carved and painted with gold and phoenix. You can see that it is very valuable.
Is it really jewelry inside?
With the thought of expectation, Su Zian’s hand slowly opened the sealed brocade box. When he saw the contents of the box, Su Zian found a hint of doubt on his face.
It’s not jewels, but…a thin book.
The booklet is the most common kind of blue cover, and there is no book title on the cover.
Is it the secret of martial arts?
Su Zian opened the booklet and just turned a page, his face suddenly changed!

Chapter: 196
This page, black and white, turned out to be…
Seeing that Su Zian’s expression changed drastically, the prince flashed a little doubt in his eyes. He took a few steps and stood beside Su Zian, looking sideways.
However, Su Zian’s movements were like a frightened bird, and he bounced back quickly like lightning.
His Royal Highness is depressed!
The suspicious Crown Prince’s eyes were dark and gloomy, staring at Su Zian displeasedly, a trace of irritation appeared in his heart.
This Su Zian is simply too bold!
Su Luo also stared curiously at the blue booklet in Su Zian’s hand, but it was a pity that she was far away from Su Zian and couldn’t see the words on it.
At this time, the most calm person in the field was Master Beichen.
His beautiful eyes gleamed with scorching light, and the corners of his eyes were lightly raised, with an unexpected look at the theater.
However, he seemed to think that the scene was not exciting enough, and saw him winking at the black robe man beside him.
The black-robed man knew, nodded, and then disappeared directly into place.
When he reappeared, he was only one arm away from Su Zian.
The black-robed man’s thin, withered hands were as fast as lightning, and straightly pinched Su Zian’s throat.
In Su Zian’s mind, the situation where the prince guard was pinched by the black robe man’s two fingers appeared in Su Zian’s mind. He subconsciously and instinctively attacked the black robe man with a palm.
However, the black robe man’s move was just a false move. He didn’t intend to kill Su Zian, but to snatch the blue booklet in his hands.
Therefore, when Su Zian fought back, he dodged sideways, holding Su Zian’s veins with two claw-like fingers.
Su Zian’s hand suddenly didn’t have the slightest strength, and the blue booklet clasped by his fingers fell weakly.
I don’t know what the black robe man’s mentality is, he took the blue booklet with one hand, and seemed to intentionally pinch the seal line of the blue booklet. Of course, apart from Bei Chenying, who had been instructed, and Su Luo, who had been paying attention to the black-robed people, no one noticed.
“Return me soon!!!” Su Zi’an was in a hurry!
The contents in there must not be taken by Bei Chen Ying, otherwise, not only him, but the entire Su Mansion will die without a place to be buried!
The black-robed man was silent. He stood quietly behind Bei Chen Ying, his whole body shrouded in shadow, as if indifferently non-existent.
Seeing that it had no effect on him, Su Zi’an turned his head and glared at Beichen Ying angrily: “Master Beichen! That is my Su family’s… martial arts secrets! The secrets that are not passed on! You must not fall into the hands of outsiders, so please make sure to put the booklet. Return it to the old man! Otherwise–”
“Otherwise?” Bei Chenying folded his hands behind her back and squinted at him condescendingly, her expression quite disapproving.
“Otherwise…” Su Zian bit his posterior molars, his iron-blue face was firm, and saw him coldly shouting word by word: “Otherwise, my Su Mansion will hunt down to the end!”
Before Bei Chenying was so arrogant and not giving face, Su Zi’an could bear it, but now he is fighting for a small book. There is…the strangeness in it.
What was written in the blue booklet that made Su Zian anxious?
As for Su Zian’s so-called martial arts secrets, Su Luo didn’t believe it.
At this time, Su Luo was a little curious, what exactly was written in the blue booklet?
When Beichen Ying heard this, he laughed, he seemed to be out of breath, and finally stopped his laughter: “Kill to the end? Hahaha, I’m so scared.”
Everyone could tell that Bei Chenying was talking irony.

Chapter: 197
However, unexpectedly, Bei Chenying raised his sleeves and waved his hands, and said casually: “Phantom, if this is the case, you go back.”
The Phantom Man is just like the name, his figure is like a ghost, he is silent, keeping his silence is golden.
An afterimage flashed across his right hand, and the blue booklet shot towards Su Zian in a parabola.
Everyone’s eyes were focused on the blue-skinned booklet in mid-air, and the eyes contained complex light, shining brightly, and each had their own thoughts.
The change happened in the next second.
I saw that the sealing line of the blue booklet in midair broke, and countless snow-white papers fell to the ground like snowflakes…
For Su Jingyu and the others, it was not daring to snatch, but since it was scattered on the ground, it was completely fine to take a peek by picking it up.
Therefore, Su Jingyu bends over to pick it up next.
However, before his fingers touched the paper, he saw a flame suddenly hit his hand! Menacing, don’t leave your hands!
Su Jingyu turned around and turned around, only to find that it was not someone else who had attacked him just now, but his most respected father!
“Daddy!” Su Jingyu is incredible!
He couldn’t think that the person who attacked him would be Su Zian, his biological father!
Su Zian roared angrily: “Don’t move! Don’t move anyone!”
Everyone was stunned by Su Zian’s rage, and they all looked at him stupidly.
At this time, Su Zian seemed to not care about everyone’s gaze. His task was to resolutely not let a piece of paper remain in the world.
Su Zian’s palm condensed countless small fireballs and swept toward the ground.
The paper on the ground was suddenly turned into light smoke and disappeared into the air…
Seeing the destroyed paper, Su Zian’s expression slowed down, and he took a long breath slowly.
However, if there is no one else, he will burn it. But now, there is His Royal Highness the Prince, and the President Beichen on the left, and Su Zian’s move is too much to cover up, so Su Zian has to face a series of question.
The prince first showed an unpleasant look on his face, his face was gloomy, his face was green, and his deep eyes stared at Su Zian for an instant.
In his opinion, Su Zi’an is too arrogant to be innocent!
Su Zian’s face was bitter, but she could only swallow the bitter water into her stomach. What can he explain? What can he explain?
When Beichen Ying saw that Su Zian was at odds with the prince, he was already happy, but he still feigned angrily: “General Su! What do you mean? Is there anything we can’t see? You deliberately stood in front of the prince. Will it be destroyed in the face? Do you still see His Majesty the Empire? Is there His Royal Highness?!
That anger in Su Zian’s heart!
If there is no one in the eye, you Bei Chenying admits that it is second, no one dares to recognize the first, but now it turns the blame on himself.
Although Bei Chenying’s words were unacceptable, they completely hit the prince’s weakness. He stared sharply at Su Zian, his face was like frozen frost, gloomy and terrifying.
Su Zian gritted his teeth and knelt down quickly. There was an idea in his mind, but there was a look of fear on his face: “His Royal Highness, that thing is really offensive. I am afraid that it will stain the eyes of His Highness, so I quickly destroyed it. what.”
“Huh!” The prince waved his sleeves, skeptical.
Will Beichenying let Su Zian pass so easily? Obviously not.

Chapter: 198
I saw him staring exaggeratedly with an expression of disbelief, “General Su, how can you lie to His Royal Highness? Just now you clearly said that it was your Su Mansion’s martial arts secrets, how could it suddenly become a sick man? Is it a photo album? You can’t talk nonsense with your eyes open.”
At this moment, Su Luo felt that Lord Beichen was quite cute, at least in front of Su Zian, that lethality was simply unmatched.
In Su Luo’s yard, I dug up an offensive atlas. Obviously, if it were passed out, it would hurt Su Luo’s boudoir reputation and make her the laughing stock of the entire imperial capital.
Obviously, Su Zian intended to let himself pass the test, but he did not care about the harm it would cause to Su Luo.
In his mind, probably only use and benefit… I wonder if Mrs. Su and others are also pawns that can be abandoned at will when he is in trouble? For this, Su Luo expressed his expectation.
But said Su Zian.
With Bei Chenying’s sentence, Ming Huanghuang was slapped him, and still slapped him mercilessly in front of everyone.
Su Zi’an’s expression instantly darkened, his sharp eyes were burning with two clusters of flames, and he stared at Bei Chenying gloomily.
He was completely certain now that Beichen Ying came to Su Mansion to find fault.
Seeing the prince’s expression of displeasure, Su Zian hurriedly said: “His Royal Highness, that is really an unscrupulous atlas. If it is a martial arts secret book, how can the general be willing to burn it? The reason why the general is so anxious is that I’m afraid that it will be unfavorable for my family to spread it out at this time.”
When this statement came out, almost half of the people believed it, including the prince. Because this reason is very strong and necessary.
In order to protect the reputation of his daughter, a father burned all traces anxiously.
Well, it really is a very high-sounding reason. A faint sneer appeared at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth.
Su Zian is really not stupid. His ability to pull out this at a critical moment is enough to show his cruelty and quick response, but, obviously, he underestimated the strength of a girl he framed.
He really didn’t have a chance to see Miss Su’s insidious cunning.
However, Su Luo planned to let him take a closer look this time.
Everyone’s gaze was unanimously focused on Su Luo. Those gazes were full of contempt, ridicule, ridicule, and other complex meanings. The prince even mocked Su Luo up and down with profound gazes. Such gaze made Su Luo. Very uncomfortable.
However, Su Luo only smiled faintly.
She looked at her cheap daddy with a faint smile. I don’t know when there was a thin sheet of paper in her hand, with white and black letters on it, but it was far away and everyone couldn’t see clearly.
Su Luo shook the piece of paper unhurriedly, with a casual smile at the corner of his mouth, “Father, do you mean the vulgar things you just said just now refer to this piece of paper?”
“Boom–” Su Zian felt the blood from the soles of his feet rushing to his forehead for an instant, his head was baffled.
Seeing Su Luo’s mocking face, Su Zi’an suddenly stiffened.
Why, how could there be another one? When was this stinky girl picked up? !
Such a dramatic side suddenly appeared and caught everyone by surprise!
Just now, almost all the paper was destroyed by Su Zian in an instant, so everyone can only listen to his nonsense.

Chapter: 199
But now, Su Luo actually still has one in his hand, so he still has a chance to know the truth?
In fact, Su Luo did a really beautiful job.
She just shook the piece of paper and was able to wash off the dirty water that Su Zi’an splashed on her.
Since she dared to blatantly take it out in public, it showed that this thing was not something that Su Zian was talking about.
After all, if it is true, the person who most wants to destroy the paper is not Su Zian, but Su Luo.
Su Zian stared at Su Luo, his face solemn and solemn: “Luo’er, obedient, I will destroy that thing soon!”
Su Luo raised his eyebrows with a smile, “Daddy, what is it? My daughter is curiously curious. What is this vulgar thing?” Then, Su Luo glanced around and looked at Su Zian. He whispered, “Looking at everyone’s expressions, they seem to be very curious, dad, let’s let everyone see if you want to, and all comment, what do you think?”
Su Zian almost fell down with anger.
This is not an unfilial girl! Really mad at him!
Su Zian was so angry that he almost went straight to strangle Su Luo, but the facts did not allow him to do so.
Mrs. Su and Su Zian’s husband and wife have understood his psychology most thoroughly for many years. She only smiled at Su Luo quietly and said, “Luo’er, don’t be angry with your father. What about Qiu? Besides, your father is also for your good, isn’t it?”
As Mrs. Su said, she approached Su Luo.
At this moment, almost everyone on the field focused on Su Luo and Madam Su, and almost no one saw Su Zian winking at Captain Zhao secretly.
Captain Zhao knows, he hides behind Su Luo, quietly approaching Su Luo…
Three steps, two steps, one step…
At the moment when he was able to grab the paper in Su Luo’s hand, suddenly–
A dark shadow brought a gloomy cold wind, and the wind blade cut along the wrist!
In an instant, Captain Zhao’s wrist and arm were separated!
“Ah-” Because of the severe pain, Captain Zhao fell to the ground, holding his bloody arm in pain, his face twisted fiercely because of the pain.
On the ground, blood is pouring.
A strong smell of blood permeated the air.
Su Luo frowned slightly and looked straight at Su Zian. The mockery at the corner of his mouth was so obvious: “Father, you won’t kill your daughter for this little piece of paper?”
Su Zi’an was so angry that she scolded angrily, “What nonsense! Just shut up!”
Bei Chenying stroked her palms and smiled: “General Su, this scene is really interesting, my lord is very interested in watching it.” Then, he walked towards Su Luo step by step and raised his eyebrows at her and smiled: ” Miss Su, is it convenient for me to show this piece of paper? I can be curiously tight…”
Su Luo’s expression was faint, her gaze shot towards Su Zian, and she couldn’t help shaking her head when she saw his black face. His eyes were as sharp as swords, and they seemed to pierce her heart.
If the eyes can kill, I believe that Su Luo has been dismembered many times at this time.
Meeting those sharp eyes like a falcon, Su Luo faintly curled up the corners of his mouth, and said to Beichen Ying: “Master Beichen wanted to see it. I shouldn’t have refused it, but my father seems reluctant…”
Besides, this brocade box is clearly that you Beichenying put it in by yourself, no one knows what is inside better than you.

Chapter: 200
Bei Chenying’s talent for acting is absolutely natural. He swept over the piece of paper in Su Luo’s hand, and his brow furrowed with just one glance, and then looked at Su Zian with a complex expression.
With that solemn and unbelievable look, Su Zi’an was so frightened that his heart was thumping and throbbing.
There is also Bei Chenying’s hesitant appearance that hesitated and stopped, as if to say nonsense, and didn’t know what to say, it was like a claw that was scratching Su Zi’s body everywhere.
Su Luo’s mouth twitched and he was speechless.
Oh, what should I say?
In fact, Su Zian’s actions just now were really fast, and when the evidence was destroyed, it was almost too late for people to react.
And she was so far away. As usual, she couldn’t catch the scattered white paper. Of course, this is also true in fact.
Then why did the paper appear in her hand again? In fact, this is due to Su Luo’s flickering nature.
She pulled this piece of paper out of the space, and this piece of paper must be familiar to Su Zian, because it was written on the “Diamond Sutra” copied last time.
Just let her squeeze it in her hand, no one found it to be fake.
The poorest thing was her cheap father, staring at the paper, almost his eyes protruding. If he knows that this piece of paper is actually fake…Should he have a pretty face, right?
“Luo’er! Get that piece of paper soon!” Su Zi’an was anxious.
In fact, Su Luo was really curious, what kind of secrets were written on the real paper that would make Su Zi’an anxious?
However, of course Su Luo would not return the note. Once returned, wouldn’t people know that she was fooling?
Su Luo frowned slightly, looked at Beichen Ying, and then at Su Zian. She seemed to hesitate. After a while, she said quietly, “Actually, shouldn’t the topic of today be the search for stolen goods? Father. , Are you right?”
Su Zian can climb to the position of the general, but where can he be stupid?
He immediately noticed: “What thief? Nonsense! Your yard is clean and there is nothing!”
Su Luo hesitated again: “But…mother, elder brother and fifth sister, don’t they all accuse the daughter of finding someone to frame the third sister?”
Su Zian waved a big hand and said with a serious face: “There is absolutely no such thing! It is your mother and the others who are talking nonsense and selfishly making you feel wronged. For this, Dad will let them make you a compensation.”
What… Mrs. Su only felt that the sun was so blazing today, which made her head dizzy and almost collapsed.
After being married for many years, she really did not expect that he would accuse her of talking nonsense and selfishly in front of so many people…this, what a serious accusation is this? Obviously, all these decisions were made by him.
Not only Mrs. Su, but Su Jingyu and Su Xi also looked bad. They stared at Su Zian in disbelief, then looked at Su Luo angrily.
Unexpectedly, even if Su Zi’s lowered his body so far, Su Luo was still not satisfied.
I saw her looking at the chaotic house that was turned over, and sighed faintly: “Oh, this yard has been tossed like this now, but it will take a while…”
“It’s okay! Daddy will ask someone to help you…” Seeing Su Luo’s mouth with a faint irony, Su Zi’an suddenly woke up, waved his big hand, and said arrogantly: “Daddy immediately ordered someone to sort out the wisteria in the east. Yuan comes to live for you. Don’t worry, you will have everything in there. If your five sisters have something, they won’t lose you.”

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