The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 201-210

Chapter: 201
The Bei Chenying next to him was almost screaming for Su Luo.
This girl is good, it’s too good!
Originally, he was also shouldering the task of creating a comfortable environment for Su Luo.
Unexpectedly, this girl only used a piece of torn paper that I didn’t know where it came from, and she got everything done.
Too high! It’s hard to not admire. It’s no wonder that aloof and picky like Nangong will be overwhelmed by the girl’s fascination, and become infatuated.
At this time, Bei Chenying looked at Su Luo’s gaze, which called a starlight flashing and worshiped.
It’s a pity that the girl who was worshipped by him didn’t have the time to pay attention to him. She still opened her mouth without fear, but her expression was troubled: “Sometimes my daughter wants to go out, but the guard at the door… …”
“It’s okay! Take this token, and go wherever you want to go. It’s absolutely unimpeded!” Su Zian tore the token off his waist and threw it directly to Su Luo.
good stuff! Su Luo secretly praised.
However, if the judges thought that Su Luo would stop there, it would be a big mistake.
There are advantages and no bastard, Su Luo has always believed in this sentence.
The right not to expire and void, this is also the most logical saying that Su Luo has always believed in.
Now, what she requested is far from reaching Su Zian’s bottom line.
Su Luo said hesitantly: “My father promised before that if he didn’t find gold, he would pay me innocence, right?”
Su Zian was eager for Su Luo to raise the conditions at this time, because as long as there were conditions, there was room for maneuver.
“Naturally count!” Su Zi’an replied hastily, staring at the piece of paper eagerly, wishing to rush to tear it up.
“So… is that all the Su family members present have to apologize to their daughter for pouring tea?” Su Luo saw that Su Zian’s face turned dark, and thought for a while, the crown prince and Beichen Ying are both here, too much for Su Zian’s face But it was really not good, so she changed her words again: “Of course, dad tried his best to clarify the facts for his daughter and repay the daughter’s innocence. Naturally, it is unnecessary.”
Su Zian was waiting for this sentence. Hearing it, he was about to speak.
But who knows, Su Jingyu took the lead.
I saw Su Jingyu glaring at Su Luo angrily, and said angrily: “Su Luo, don’t get too far, be careful to spit out everything you eat!”
Threat, the threat of Chiguoguo.
Before Su Luo could react, Beichen Shadow moved to grab the note in Su Luo’s hand: “The officer just didn’t look carefully, take it, and show it to the officer.”
Su Zi’an’s expression changed suddenly and she scolded Su Jingyu loudly: “Nizi! Shut up Laozi!”
Su Zian’s angry expression looked extremely terrifying, and the next son was shocked by Su Jingyu.
Su Jingyu was full of anger, but he could only kick the pillar bitterly, and did not dare to express any opinions.
So, under Su Zian’s supervision, starting from Madam Su, to Su Jingyu, and then to Su Xi, although they were extremely unwilling, they couldn’t hold back the eye-catching Su Zian.
So, those who have hole cards in hand are really good guys.
Madam Su is okay, even if she is angry again, her face is always smiling.
But Su Jingyu and Su Xi were not quite as talkative, and threw the tea cup on the table with a bang, tea splashing everywhere.
Master Beichenying frowned, and General Su Zian immediately scolded him.
As a result, no matter how reluctant Su Jingyu and Su Xi were, they still had to do a good job and respectfully ask Su Luo Yincha to apologize.
Su Zian looked at Su Luo eagerly, “Now, can I return that piece of paper to Daddy?”
Who is a fool.
A calm smile appeared at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth. She slowly tore the piece of paper to powder…

Chapter: 202
Seeing the paper being crushed into powder, Su Zian’s heart really relaxed.
In fact, how did he know that that piece of paper was just a piece of paper that Su Luo used to bluff him.
This farce is finally over.
Before leaving, Su Xi deliberately walked up to Su Luo, her face sullen with anger: “Su Luo, you wait for me! There will be a time when you will look good in the future!”
What happened today was a big blow to Su Xi.
She is a dignified prostitute who is as proud as a princess in front of Su Luo on weekdays, but today, she has to apologize for pouring tea in front of so many people!
And not only her, but her brother, her mother…
This is a shame!
The shame of Chi Guoguo!
Such humiliation, she will definitely get it back hundreds of times!
Su Xi stared at Su Luo fiercely, her eyes like a ferocious she-wolf, seeming to pounce on Su Luo at any time to gnaw away even the bones.
However, in the face of her threat, Su Luo just smiled faintly, and his smile appeared so careless: “Okay, I’m waiting, and Miss Su Wu is welcome to take revenge anytime.”
A spoiled eldest lady like Su Xi was actually the best deal, and Su Luo didn’t put her in his eyes at all.
On the contrary, it was Su Qing… to be treated with caution.
Su Xi snorted coldly, “Okay, very good! Su Luo, you said that! Don’t kneel down and beg for mercy then! Humph!”
After saying this, Su Xi proudly turned and left, leaving Su Luo with an arrogant back.
Before Bei Chenying left, he seemed to smile and shook his head: “Tsk tusk tusk, living in such an atmosphere, it really hurts you, Xiao Luoluo.”
Su Luo put his hands around his chest and squinted at him unhurriedly, “Xiao Luoluo? Is this what you can call?”
Like, really like! This expression, this tone, and this posture were almost printed in the same mold as Nangong. I have to say that these two people are really similar.
Bei Chenying took out a folding fan from nowhere, shook it carelessly, raised her chin and turned her head away, and asked proudly, “You are not curious why I have been helping you?”
Seeing his arrogant appearance, Su Luo felt amused in his heart, but said flatly on his face: “Not curious, but…if you can tell me the mystery in the blue booklet, maybe I will listen to him.”
“Huh?” Why do you feel that your identity is reversed? Obviously she should keep asking Cai curiously. Really uncute girl.
“Maybe you can use her to threaten someone in the future.” Su Luo said calmly.
It turned out that she was curious about this.
Bei Chenying reluctantly closed the fan, he knew that it was obviously impossible to get the gossip between her and Nangong from this girl.
“Want to know?” Bei Chenying leaned close to Su Luo with a smile, revealing two snow-white tiger teeth and shallow dimples, looking thief, but very cute.
“Now you can talk.” Su Luo nodded.
“Hehe, I just won’t tell you.” To save face, Bei Chenying proudly and arrogantly, holding his chin, “If you want to know, just ask Nangong, he provided the harm.”
“It turns out that it is really him…” Su Luoyin had this guess, because people who could invite Beichen Ying to dispatch almost did not exist in the imperial capital, except for His Royal Highness Jin.
“Remember to find him.” Bei Chenying chuckled, shook his fan, and walked away like a dude.

Chapter: 203
Are you going to find him? Su Luo’s mind showed the evil and enchanting face of Nangong Liuyun, as well as his domineering temperament.
On the day he came back, he seemed to have something to say, but he was changed by himself. Finally, she hurried back to the yard.
I haven’t seen him for many days.
But do you want to find him?
Su Luo shook his head. She can’t stand side by side with him now. What’s the use of going to him?
Just like what happened today, why are Su Zian and the prince so afraid of Beichenying? Because of his own strength and family background behind him.
After all, it is strength.
Now, she shouldn’t be entangled with the issue of seeing or not seeing Nangong Liuyun, what she should do most is to improve her cultivation level and strive to reach the peak of the strong as soon as possible.
At that time, she had the opportunity to choose and had the strength to keep her happiness.
Su Zian’s action this time is still very fast.
In less than an hour, Zitengyuan was picked up.
Luluo moved in with Su Luo.
Entering the yard, Luluo’s eyes could hardly come over, a pair of star pupils flickered, looking extremely excited.
“Miss! This is where we will live in the future?” Lu Luo was completely absent with excitement. Although she was speaking to Su Luo, her eyes were looking around in surprise.
“It’s just a place to live, what’s so exciting? Wait later…” Su Luo suddenly stopped.
Because she saw a row of four beautiful maids standing in front.
Each of them is fat, thin, graceful, and looks like a beauty pageant, rather than serving people.
“Good morning four ladies.” The four maids all said in unison.
Su Luo frowned slightly.
When she was in the courtyard, only Luluo and her depended on each other, and things were simple. But now there are more of these girl servants, and… Su Luo’s eyes swept over them.
Don’t think too much, there must be Mrs. Su among these four girls.
Asking Lu Luo Duo to be more mindful, Su Luo went into the inner room by himself.
At night, Su Luo was lying on the bed, his thoughts spreading out.
She has now reached the second-order bottleneck in repairing the chain. If she is relying on her own efforts, she doesn’t know when she will stop at this stage. But if there is a spar to help, it’s a different matter.
Spar… Su Luo’s beautiful eyes became brighter and brighter.
With Xiao Menglong, an automatic treasure hunter, is she still afraid of losing the bet on Spar?
What’s more, the gold coins planed out of the pit before are still warm. Since they were kindly given by others, they don’t need to be used for nothing.
The corner of Su Luo’s mouth raised a sardonic smile.
Mrs. Su, Su Xi, Su Jingyu… Wait, the days to come will definitely be very exciting!
Early the next morning, Su Luo got up early.
After grooming, Su Luo established Luluo’s unique status as a maid in front of all the servants, and then walked out holding the little Menglong.
Because of the secret of space, Su Luo didn’t plan to go with Luluo girl.
In the garden, hundreds of flowers contend for beauty.
A gust of breeze came slowly, and the fragrance was pungent and refreshing.
Seeing the gracefully flying butterflies among the flowers, Xiao Menglong struggled to get out of Su Luo’s arms.
The dazed little Menglong thinks best to guess. Su Luo thought of the butterfly that had been inadvertently destroyed by the little cute dragon before, and the corners of his mouth twitched and rubbed its head: “Oh, stop making trouble, go back and play again, okay?”
If someone saw a snow-white puppy spouting flames from its mouth… Su Luo held his forehead, a little speechless at the result.

Chapter: 204
“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo as its -” Xiao Menglong rolled in Su Luo’s arms, rolling around coquettishly, but his little paw excitedly pointed at the little butterfly.
When one person was playing with each other, Su Luo suddenly felt a dangerous line of sight locked her.
This sight seemed to contain unforgettable hatred, and her back was burning hot.
Who will it be?
Su Luo turned back subconsciously.
Not far away, Su Xi walked up with a beautiful woman in her arms.
Today’s Su Xi wears a red silk robe, and his small face is as white as beautiful porcelain, with a pair of watery jet black eyes embedded on it, lively and pretty.
If she didn’t show her pampering and willful side, she would be a lovely little beauty.
That beautiful woman is Su Qing.
I saw her look indifferent, giving people a cold and noble feeling.
Su Xi walked up to Su Luo, raised his chin proudly, and looked at Su Luo arrogantly and critically up and down, “Oh, that’s not bad. Just when I live in the new yard, I have a leisurely mood and come out for a walk?”
Su Luo looked indifferent, just glanced at her with a smile, holding the little cute dragon in his arms, and caressing its fur in a leisurely manner.
The little Menglong leaned back into Su Luo’s arms comfortably, revealing a chubby belly. It was sleepy and snoring, looking naive and indescribably cute.
Seeing that Su Luo did not respond, Su Xi completely ignored her words. An irritation appeared on her face. Her slender index finger pointed to Su Luo: “You are just a rubbish trampled on the soles of your feet. Why are you proud? Don’t think that dad gives you a mansion yard because he values ​​you, ho ho, Su Luo, I think you can stay in that yard for a few days!”
Su Luo shrugged indifferently, and faintly replied, “Done?”
She was so calm after being scolded by someone pointing her nose? Su Xi was stunned, but had to admit that Su Luo now was much more difficult to deal with than she was before.
Before she, she only glanced across it, and she just didn’t even know what to do with her hands and feet.
What kind of ambition and courage did she have now that she dared to be confident?
Su Xi’s face flushed red, and she pointed to Su Luo, “Don’t think I dare not deal with you! Tell you, I can do everything!”
Su Luo smiled faintly: “Welcome anytime.” Dogs that can bark do not bite, and dogs that bite usually don’t bark much.
Su Qing’s gaze fluttered towards Su Luo, then frowned and opened his eyes.
In her opinion, she could look at Su Luo, which was the blessing of burning incense in her eight lifetimes.
As for speaking, she seemed to think that speaking to Su Luo would lower her own style.
But how could Su Qing allow Su Luo to bully her sister?
I saw Su Qing smiling faintly, pointing to the little cute dragon in Su Luo’s arms, with a hint of majesty in his cold voice: “It’s just a rubbish, and it’s ridiculous to learn from others to play with spirit pets!”
Su Xi’s gaze fell into Su Luo’s arms. When she saw the sleeping puppies, she suddenly smiled, and she leaned forward and backward and couldn’t stop.
For a long time, she panted and said intermittently, “Su Luo, hahaha, laughed to death, and only you, a rubbish, can raise a dog with the same rubbish animal. Hahaha, what kind of owner do you have? What kind of pets are there, hahaha, laugh me to death!”

Chapter: 205
Su Xi laughed loudly and arrogantly, and awakened the little cute dragon who had finally fallen asleep.
Xiao Menglong rubbed his sleepy eyes and sat up in Su Luo’s arms warmly.
At this time, Su Xi said to Su Qing: “Second sister, let’s let Su Luo see what a real spiritual pet is like, OK?”
Su Qing’s spirit pet is a Tier 4 fierce leopard, wild and hard to train, cold and arrogant, but the combat effectiveness is really strong.
Su Qing glanced at Su Luo. She felt that it was necessary to teach this concubine who had no distinction of good or bad, so she nodded lightly, closed her eyes and meditated.
Soon, a mighty and mighty cheetah ran from far to near.
I saw that its body was extremely large, and it looked like an elephant. Its black-brown fur was smoothly attached to its body, with a faint luster. The fangs are sharp and sharp, shining with a cold light.
Those eyes were indifferent and cold, staring at Su Luo as if looking at a dead person.
Su Xi smiled very proudly. She took Su Qing’s hand and urged: “Sister, let’s let Su Luo see what a real spiritual pet is, and let her open her eyes, OK?”
The insights in her mouth are more than literal.
Seeing Su Qing’s noncommitment, Su Xi shook her sleeves and said coquettishly: “Second sister, we are also doing this for Su Luo? Let her see the world, lest she always go out and embarrass our house.”
Su Qing’s cold and arrogant eyes fell on Su Luo again, and she nodded almost invisibly: “Also, Liebao will be short of people to play after returning home.”
Lack of people to play? Su Luomei raised her eyes slightly, and the corner of her mouth evoked an arc of irony.
Su Qing really deserves her name, and she is nowhere to be seen.
She was also her nominal sister anyhow, she asked him to send herself to Liebao to play? Dignified people play for Liebao? It’s really a great spiritual pet!
Su Luo laughed in anger, and glanced at Su Qing contemptuously, “Lack of people to play? Then I am disabled by others, do I need to pay?”
Su Qing hadn’t spoken yet, Su Xi was clutching his stomach and laughed again: “What are you talking about? Playing with the broken cheetah? Hahahahaha, I am really laughing at me. Cheetah is a Tier 4 Warcraft, Tier 4! You think you are. Who? You are just a spiritual force and there is no waste!”
Su Qing glanced at Su Luo contemptuously. She was really lazy to talk nonsense with people below her level.
“Leopard, go, play with her.” Since Su Luo, this stinky girl is looking for death, no one can blame her.
It just so happened that the mother and the others suffered from this girl’s idleness yesterday, and now they can just vent their anger. I believe my father knows it and won’t say anything.
Liebao heard the master’s order, and immediately, his sturdy four hooves shook the ground, a pair of indifferent eyes instantly lit a bloodthirsty light, and the majestic aura filled his body.
“Howl–” The Leopard suddenly uttered a howl that shook the sky, and the strong and huge body suddenly pressed towards Su Luo.
The thick shadows, the overwhelming murderous aura, those cold, bloodthirsty eyes, the open mouth of the blood basin…
Su Luo believed that Liebao would never show mercy!
I can’t say, I can only expose the fact that I can martial arts.
At this critical moment, the little cute dragon, who had just been awakened and rubbed his eyes with sleepy eyes, suddenly raised his head, and the clear water eyes that were used to being cute and cute suddenly seemed to be covered with a layer of golden light.

Chapter: 206
It’s just that it stood on Su Luo’s shoulder, facing the oncoming Liebao, its face was majestic and serious, and it roared loudly and loudly: “Aooo-oooo-oooo -”
Its small appearance with a tight and serious face, and its small paws pointed at the fierce leopard. Of course, it seemed that it was not a Tier 4 monster, but the servant who committed the crime.
When Su Xi saw the serious appearance of the little dragon, he suddenly leaned forward and backward with a smile.
Oh my God, that little dog and her owner are of the same virtue, they are so self-defeating. Could it be that it thought it could call a Tier 4 Warcraft Leopard with just a puppy?
Su Qing’s mouth also sneered arrogantly.
idiot! The mayfly shakes the tree and does not know what to do!
Was it really overkill? Soon, things were clear.
Just when the Leopard was almost one arm away from Su Luo, suddenly, its huge body turned abruptly on the spot.
But how easy is it to reverse a huge body in midair?
As a result, only a loud bang was heard, and the huge fierce leopard fell to the ground abruptly, splashing a ground of yellow mud, and smashing itself into a haze.
This move stunned everyone instantly.
Shouldn’t Liebao go to Su Luo? How can you fall for no reason? Moreover, will you throw yourself so embarrassed?
Seeing that it couldn’t get up for a long time, Su Qing’s eyes were red, and his angry eyes shot at Su Luo instantly: “What did you do?!”
Su Luo spread his hands indifferently, “Did you see what I did?”
She is really innocent and did nothing. If you want to say what she did, she should be the little dragon. But it is a pity that in everyone’s eyes, the dignified little dragon is just a little milky dog ​​with no hair.
Su Qing was immediately asked.
Indeed, she just watched carefully, Su Luo’s expression was serious and guarded, and she didn’t do anything at all…So, what is going on?
Could it be that Liebao suddenly had a convulsion?
If Su Qing believed that Liebao did this because she was angered by the little milk dog, she would not believe it even if she was killed.
At the same time, Su Xi opened his mouth in surprise, and did not recover for a long time.
This, what is going on? Liebao is Tier 4, Tier 4!
How many Tier 4 monsters can be found in the entire Tanglin Kingdom? But… But, how did Su Luo do this stinky girl? What a hell.
In fact, Su Luo was also a little unexpected for this result.
Although she knew that Little Menglong was the most noble little dragon among the dragons, and knew that its dragon might be very powerful, she did not expect the effect to be so amazing.
Su Luo rubbed Xiao Menglong’s head, while the latter licked her fingers affectionately.
One person, one spirit pet looks very intimate.
“Leopard! Get up! Stand up for me!” Su Qing was angry. How could her Leopard lose to Su Luo? How could her Su Qing lose to Su Luo that muddy? It was more difficult for her to accept than killing her.
Liebao was stunned by its own fall. It shook its head and stood up staggeringly.
“Wow!” Xiao Menglong glared at him with a cold eyebrow, and shouted at it.
The small face, majestic and awe-inspiring appearance, just like the arrogant little prince angrily scolded the people.
So high above, so of course.
Hearing the sound, Liebao’s huge body that finally stood up shook and almost fell down again.
I have been asking myself why this book is not in the bookstore. In fact, there is one. The title of the book has been changed a little.

Chapter: 207
The Leopard finally got up, but even if it stood up, it was in front of Su Luo, no, specifically in front of Xiao Menglong, its huge body shrank, and its two front legs knelt down. Ground, a prostrate and respectful surrender appearance.
This… this is simply… shame! Su Qing looked at Liebao, his eyes almost spitting out fire.
She worked so hard, spent countless manpower and material resources, and finally asked Master for help to tame the leopard. Who knows, it turned out to be a silly leopard!
what is that? Puppies, puppies! An ordinary little milk dog whose teeth have not yet grown! What is it afraid of? Still trembling all over? Does it think it is a dragon? Is it the Golden Dragon?
Su Qing was really pissed off by this silly leopard. She couldn’t figure out why things had turned around like this.
However, there was someone around her who poke her heart.
I saw Su Xi leaning forward, pulling Su Qing’s sleeves, and asked incomprehensibly, “Sister? You Liebao…are you stupid?”
stupid? Will the Leopard who can repair the chain to Tier 4 be the silly Leopard?
“Shut up!” Su Qing was obviously in a bad mood. Her beautiful eyes projected onto Liebao, with all her spiritual power condensed in her eyes. She only heard her point to Su Luo, faintly, but majestic. The voice commanded: “Go, tear her apart!”
The spoiled and wayward Su Xi didn’t dare to treat her in public, but Su Qing directly ordered Liebao to tear herself apart?
Ho Ho, Su Qing is Su Qing. I didn’t expect you to be the first among your brothers and sisters when it comes to being cruel.
Su Luo looked at Liebao indifferently. She believed that Liebao would definitely help her avenge her without having to fight back.
Sure enough, Liebao did not disappoint Su Luo.
It was blindfolded, looking back at Su Qing, a confused color flashed in its eyes, as if it didn’t understand her instructions.
“I said-kill her!” Su Qing became angry from anger, pointed at Su Luo, and gritted his teeth.
Whether Su Luo died or not was not important to her. In her opinion, Su Luo was just an ant and didn’t need to bother at all.
However, the fierce leopard that she spent countless efforts to tame had a problem, which made her feel frustrated and sad.
Although Xiao Menglong is still a baby dragon, and although it is slurred, human language is its innate talent, and it can naturally understand it.
When Su Qing pointed at Su Luo and ordered the Leopard to kill Su Luo over and over again, as Su Luo’s spiritual pet, Xiao Menglong expressed very angry.
And to make a golden dragon angry, even if it is a baby dragon, the consequences are still very serious.
Little Menglong climbed onto Su Luo’s shoulders, her little cheeks tense, her little paw pointed at Su Qing, and he yelled at Liebao, “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!”
No one understood what this little thing was saying, but obviously, Liebao understood.
On the side, Su Qing continued to yell at Liebao, ordering it to stand up, rush over, and there are no bones left to bite Su Luo.
The orders of the little dragon and Su Qing’s orders were issued at the same time, intertwined in Liebao’s mind.
Liebao’s expression gradually became anxious, his aura became thicker and heavier, his expression became ferocious and ferocious, the dangerous aura on his body became stronger and more terrifying…
“Roar–” A deep and heavy dragon roar uttered from the little dragon’s mouth, its small body shook, and then fell into Su Luo’s arms.

Chapter: 208
The little dragon fell softly, as if the roar just now used all its strength.
Su Luo hugged it distressedly, and quickly took out a cup of Heavenly Spirit Water from the space and fed it to the little dragon.
After a cup of Tianling Water was fed in, the spirit of the little dragon obviously began to improve.
However, with the roar of the little dragon, a dazzling golden light flashed across Liebao’s body. Its face was extremely ferocious and its fangs were sharp and sharp. It seemed to have completely lost its reason, and its expression was violent and ferocious!
Suddenly, it rushed forward–
It is not Su Luo, but Su Qing.
Su Qing took a horrified step back by this sudden attack and instinctively made a counterattack.
Her heart was suddenly shocked!
Liebao is her favorite! How could a spiritual pet attack his owner? Let alone Tanglin Kingdom, there is no such precedent on the entire continent!
Su Qing was angry and anxious, and completely lost the arrogance and arrogance he had before. The panic at this time was almost on the verge of collapse.
At this time, Liebao seemed to lose his mind, and the whole person fell into a state of madness. Su Qing’s counterattack decisively pulled away all the hatred points. Therefore, although there were many people present, Liebao only bites Su Qing. Hold on.
Su Qing was almost upset, but had to fight back to protect himself.
Being embarrassed by one’s own spirit pet, this is really a horrible thing.
It was enough to lose an invaluable Tier 4 monster, and now this monster attacked her in turn! This is almost… it made her gritted her teeth with hatred, almost vomiting a mouthful of blood.
Su Qing is Tier 4 and Liebao is Tier 4 too. According to the established practice on the mainland, monsters of the same level are better than human beings.
What’s more, the current Liebao is in a violent state, and its strength has doubled upwards.
Is Su Qing its opponent? She didn’t check her, and Liebao threw her entire body to the ground.
The Liebao who was close at hand, the big head that was close, and the open mouth of the blood basin, suddenly bit at Su Qing’s head——
Su Qing screamed in fright. The scream cut through the sky and resounded throughout the Su Mansion compound.
At this time, Su Qing’s hair is messy, his clothes are ragged, and he looks embarrassed. Where is there a trace of cold and noble?
Seeing this, Su Luo couldn’t help clapping his hands and exclaiming!
The hand of the little dragon is simply wonderful. Its final roar destroyed the spirit of the leopard. The leopard who lost the sense of God no longer remembers who its owner was. Its attack was based on instinct.
Therefore, Su Qing, the nearest to it, is a tragedy.
Seeing that Su Qing’s head was about to fail, Su Luo secretly cheered.
For this femme fatale who has always wanted to take her life, she has no good feelings at all, so naturally she will not help, not to mention that she has no such ability.
This aloof, peacock-like Su Qing, if he loses his head…tsk tut.
However, Su Luo’s emotions were not over yet, but suddenly there was another person in the court. This person was not someone else, but Su Luo’s cheap daddy Su Zian.
Su Zian rushed in time and rescued Su Qing, who was scared and fainted at the last moment.
Su Luo knew that with Su Zi’an, Su Qing could not die this time.
But the fierce leopard in the violent state is not easy to deal with, even the fifth-order Su Zian, it will take a lot of effort. What’s more, today’s Lie Leopard has gone crazy, rushing around the entire Su Mansion, ruining things when he sees things, and Su Zi’an almost jumped in anger.

Chapter: 209
She should not participate in this kind of chaos…
Su Luo thought of this, and stepped back slowly.
While Su Zian concentrated on fighting Liebao, she oiled the soles of her feet and quickly slipped away.
Can make the proud Su Qing feel embarrassed so far, presumably, it is more uncomfortable than killing her, right? Thinking of this, the corners of Su Luo’s mouth raised up, obviously in a good mood.
Su Mansion was horribly disturbed by Lie Leopard, but Su Luo swaggered out the door holding the little dragon.
Su Luo thought of the gold coins piled up into Xiaopo in the space, and she decided to just gamble on spar.
When the spar is mined, there is a thick layer of weathered skin. Even a person with a high level of cultivation cannot sense whether there is a spar in it through the skin, only after cutting it.
Thus, this gave birth to the industry of gambling spar.
In the spar mine, the chance of a bet increase is higher, perhaps as much as one in a thousand.
But if you leave the spar mine, the chance of gambling will become very low, and the probability of one in ten thousand will not be reached.
In the business of gambling on spar, if the gambling goes up, you can get rich overnight, and if you lose the gambling, you may go bankrupt.
And gambling on spar is basically ten gambling and nine losses. Even if the gambling goes up, it may not necessarily be a big increase. But Su Luo was very confident. She was confident because of herself, but from her little dragon.
Little Dragon has an automatic treasure hunting function, it can sense whether there is a spar in the rough stone, and the grade of spar is not high.
Su Luo is not a good gambler, and desperately needs a spar to repair the chain, so she will naturally not let this kind of good thing of completely missing.
Asking along the way, Su Luo went directly to the largest rough and wool market in the Imperial Capital.
The market is huge, about ten times bigger than a football field.
Whenever a new batch of rough stones arrives, the market is always the busiest, crowded and constantly flowing.
Today, it just so happens that it is the day when the new rough stone arrives.
Su Luo was a coincidence.
Su Luo took out a gold coin from his arms and played with it as he walked. She intends to use this gold coin to win back the rough stone that can last for a while.
But a gold coin can only enter a small shop, and even a large shop can’t even enter it.
Su Luo watched all the way, and there were also many small-scale shops here, and some shopkeepers set up stalls directly.
“Girl, do you want to buy wool? These rough stones are all directly pulled from the southwest mining area, and I haven’t stopped all the way. Look, the red dark lines on this are most likely to be red spars.”
When Su Luo passed by a stall, a fat middle-aged man called Su Luo to sell his rough stone without losing the opportunity.
His location here is a bit off, and the supply of goods is not available. Many rich people go directly to the big shops, and rarely stop.
However, Su Luo stopped short, because the little dragon who rested in her arms suddenly woke up.
“Chi-Chi-” The little dragon pointed at the rough yellow-skinned stone in the middle-aged man’s hand and yelled at Su Luo, but its eyelids were drooping, and it seemed that he was not very interested in it.
“You mean the crimson spar?” Su Luo was excited for a moment, and asked the little dragon in his mind anxiously.
Little Shenlong nodded his head disapprovingly.
What Su Luo was excited about was not the scarlet rough stone, but… the little dragon was actually spitting out human words, although it simply jumped out word by word, but it was much better than the previous wailing.

Chapter: 210
But why does it start to talk at this time?
Could it be related to the last roar when it ordered the Leopard?
If this is the case, it is really a blessing in disguise. Su Luo was happy in his heart and rubbed its little head vigorously.
It is great that the little dragon can speak, which greatly facilitates her gambling. Otherwise, they would talk to the duck and it would be inconvenient to communicate.
“Girl, seeing you are so beautiful, your luck must be beautiful too. Or, try cutting a piece? If you don’t know, there is a red spar. This rough stone is not expensive, only one gold coin.” The middle-aged man saw Su Luo Stopped, and sold harder.
Su Luo smiled lightly, and said, “Since you are so optimistic about this big brother, why don’t you cut it open and take a look? Maybe it’s really a red spar inside, so you can make a profit.”
Although the crimson spar is the lowest grade among spars, there are not many, so the price is not cheap, at least one hundred gold coins start.
The middle-aged man sighed, “My hand is too dark. Obviously others can cut out rough stones from me. I have sold rough stones for decades, but I can’t cut out a piece by myself. Is it black?”
It’s dark, and it’s extremely dark, and the black has no edges.
Su Luo held the little dragon, and handed the middle-aged man a gold coin with the other hand: “Okay, that’s it, please cut it out, uncle.”
The rough stone weighed more than ten kilograms and was inconvenient to carry, so Su Luo chose to lay the stone on the spot.
The middle-aged man smiled naturally when he saw a deal done, but he looked at Su Luo sadly: “The girl really wants me to cut it? My hands are very dark.”
The implication is, don’t blame me if you can’t cut the spar.
Su Luo smiled and waved his hand at will: “It’s okay, if you cut it out, uncle don’t take it as your own.”
But a red spar, she was not in the mood to cut the stone.
“Why then? Look, no, it’s written in the white and black capitals, both silver and cash.” The middle-aged man handed Su Luo a receipt.
Su Luo smiled: “Then cut it.” The little dragon said that there was a red spar in it, and that was absolutely correct.
The middle-aged man adjusted the position of the stone, first made a trial cut, and suddenly a burst of dust filled it.
The cut part of the rough stone was still white and gray, and there was no sign of spar.
The middle-aged man looked at his hands, then raised his head and looked at Su Luo a little sorry.
“It’s okay, continue cutting, I believe your luck.” Su Luo smiled calmly, with a hint of encouragement in his eyes.
The fact is not to believe in his luck, but to believe in the treasure hunting ability of the little dragon. This time he cut the rough stone, and he can wash his black hands by the way.
At this time, a person suddenly came up to the side, and saw him wearing a cloth robe, a melon hat on his head, and a face with a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek.
He looked at the middle-aged man coldly and sneered: “Liu Qi, do you dare to cut rough stones? Are you afraid of bringing your bad luck to the guests?”
When the words fell, the man who saw the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks smiled at Su Luo jokingly: “This is the first time the girl has come? You don’t know, Liu Qi hasn’t cut out a spar in this stall for a year. You won’t buy it at his house, girl, you are fooled.”
Liu Qi’s expression changed slightly, and the hand holding the original stone trembled slightly. He glared at the man——

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