The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 211-220

Chapter: 211
In the end, he didn’t say anything, and dropped his hands sullenly. In fact, his hands are really black.
Su Luo glanced at the troubled man, then cast his eyes on Liu Qi, smiling calmly: “Why did Uncle Liu stop? Go on. What if I can’t cut it out? Isn’t it just a gold coin? I’ll just be a girl. Qian asked someone to do a calcite show.”
The man with the sharp-mouthed monkey-gill glared at Su Luo and cursed inwardly: “I don’t know what is good or bad!”
Su Luo didn’t bother to care about this kind of villain. After the facts came out, he would really slap him in the face.
Liu Qi concentrated, and cut twice from the side.
What is disappointing is that the cut is still white and gray, without a trace of color.
“Sneez–” The man with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheek sneered, “Let me just say, Liu Qi, the black hand, can’t cut spar in this life, if he can cut out red spar…”
“If he can cut the rough stone, what are you going to do?” Su Luo glanced at him obliquely. She has never been used to this kind of villain who runs to other people’s door to grab business.
She will not deliberately deal with such people, but if someone else slams into it, don’t blame her for being rude.
The man with the sharp-mouthed monkey cheeks was originally just talking about it casually, but who knew that he was taken by Su Luo. He was also a face-loving person, and he was convinced that Liu Qi could not cut the spar. On the spot, he shot the case and said: “If he cut out the spar, Even if it’s a red spar, I, Hou San immediately swallowed this rough stone!”
Su Luo followed Hou San’s line of sight, and what his finger was pointing at was a rough stone the size of a basin.
Swallowed this rough stone?
“Well, this is possible, and that’s the case, then please be a testimony to everyone present.” Su Luo saw the crowd gradually gather around, smiling slyly, “Of course, I can’t let you suffer. If it’s Uncle Liu If you can’t cut the spar, this girl will immediately pay you a hundred gold coins.”
Regardless of how many gold coins Su Luo did not move, he felt that gold coins were very worthless.
In fact, to ordinary people, gold coins are still very valuable. Many ordinary people have almost no gold coins on their hands, and they are all silver and copper coins in circulation.
“Okay! I Hou San bet with you! Everyone will give a testimony!” Hou San suddenly beamed.
The rough stone in Liu Qi’s shop has not been cut out for a whole year, how could it happen that it was cut out today? And he had already cut three times just now, and he didn’t even have a fart. It was impossible to cut out the spar no matter how he looked.
A hundred gold coins, as long as you agree, it will be a whole hundred gold coins, enough for him to spend a long time, and he will refuse such good things when he is stupid.
At this time Liu Qi was a little nervous, and his hands trembled slightly. He really didn’t have confidence in his black hands: “Girl, or else, or…you come by yourself?”
Who knows, Su Luo waved his hand with a smile, smiling casually and calmly: “It’s okay, you continue to cut, maybe you will come and run now, your luck is not good, but this girl’s luck has always been good. Understand.”
“I hope.” Liu Qi smiled reluctantly, but didn’t believe it very much in his heart, he cut the last knife helplessly.
After cutting so many knives, there is no need to look forward to this last cut.
Liu Qi dropped the cutting knife and was about to apologize to Su Luo, but who knows, he raised his head, only to see everyone around him gasping in surprise.

Chapter: 212
Liu Qi followed everyone’s gaze, only to find that after a stab, a light red trace showed through.
Although this red mark is not very gratifying, the softness is very strong.
On the spot, someone yelled excitedly: “The bet has gone up! The bet has gone up!”
Su Luo smiled faintly. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Hou San. Seeing that he was about to sneak away, she raised her voice and said, “Hey, where is the one who made the bet?”
Most of the people who can gather around are people who like to watch the excitement. They don’t like Hou San’s behavior on weekdays. Seeing this, they couldn’t help but follow.
“Hou San, don’t go anywhere, this hasn’t finished betting yet.”
“Yeah! It’s too late for you to leave until it’s all popular.”
“If you run away, the monk can’t run to the temple, Hou San, if you leave, we can get the seeds in your store at will.”
There are ridicules, ridicules, and roars.
For a time, Hou San’s complexion was red, but the onlookers deliberately blocked him in the middle, making him unable to leave if he wanted to leave.
Liu Qi carefully solved the crimson spar, his eyes flashed with excitement, and his hands holding the original stone trembled slightly.
Although it was a hundred-gold crimson spar, he did not hesitate to deliver it to Su Luo, and said earnestly: “Girl, your crimson spar, please take care of it.”
Su Luo took it at will. Before she kicked her into her arms, someone on the side asked loudly, “Girl, can you sell this red rough stone?”
When I saw someone asking, I was afraid I couldn’t get it when I was too late, so someone immediately followed and shouted: “Girl, I will pay a hundred gold, you can sell me this red spar!”
Crimson spar is very beneficial for people below Tier 3 to repair chains, but even if it is a crimson spar, there are still not many on the whole continent.
“I pay one hundred and ten gold!”
“I pay 120 gold!”
“I pay one hundred and fifty gold!”
Suddenly, the value of this red spar rose steadily.
Although the market price of Crimson Spar is 100 gold, it cannot stand the price and the market is in short supply. Therefore, the transaction price of Crimson Spar is higher than 100 gold.
Su Luo smiled slightly and was about to speak. However, before she could speak, someone shouted: “Our son gives three hundred gold! Who else dares to follow!”
Su Luo looked up.
A young boy in brocade and beautiful clothes approached in front of him. He was about seventeen or eighteen years old. He had watery peach eyes and extremely handsome facial features, but the whole body exuded superior arrogance, which made Su Luo look at him for the first time. Just a little unhappy.
The fellow next to him is also arrogant, arrogant, and arrogant.
With the arrival of the young man in Huafu, almost all the people present were silent, and dared not make any bids. What’s more, some people had already slipped away quietly.
At this time, Liu Qi also glanced at Su Luo with a slightly worried look.
But Su Luo glanced at the young man in Chinese clothes with a smile, and said concisely, “Sorry, this red spar is not for sale.”
“Not for sale? Do you know who our son-in-law is?” The arrogant servant raised his chin and glanced at Su Luo contemptuously. What their son-in-law is fond of is not unavailable.
Su Luo swept around, and suddenly, she smiled lightly: “So this rough market advertises free trading, it’s all fooling people? The real situation turned out to be strong buying and selling?”
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Chapter: 213
Young Master Jinyi’s expression condensed, he glanced at Su Luo contemptuously with his arrogant eyes, and said dignifiedly: “Smelly girl, what a great little mouth, but, did you come here and didn’t ask, this Who is the master of the raw material market?”
Who is the master of this raw material market? I haven’t really asked about this, but is it important?
Su Luo’s eyes raised a joking smile: “Oh, did your house open it?” If it was his house, how could he buy it with himself because of a small red spar? This is not scientific at all.
Young Master Jinyi smiled contemptuously, opened the folding fan with a snap, raised his chin triumphantly, and glanced at the dog minion next to him proudly.
The slave was arrogant again, and pointed at Su Luo with a sneer, “Hoho, prick your ears to understand! Although this raw material market is not opened by our son, it is similar to our son! ”
almost? It looks a lot worse. Su Luo smiled coldly: “Oh? I would like to hear the details.”
“Hmph! Let me tell you! This raw material market is opened by the mercenary union!” The dog minion looked on your knees with fear.
Mercenary union? Who knows, when Su Luo heard these four words, he burst into laughter. If someone else opened her, she might still be a little bit jealous. If it’s Beichenying’s mercenary union, then…
Su Luo squinted at the young man with a smile, “Oh? It turned out to be a mercenary union. It’s disrespectful, but I don’t know who this young man is from the mercenary union? Branch president? Vice president? Or… the president? ”
Su Luo was very uneasy and buckled a big hat on Young Master Jinyi’s head.
Immediately, Young Master Jinyi became anxious. He glared at the dog minion, and then the dog minion glared at Su Luo, pointing to her angrily: “Ignorant stinky girl, don’t you know that our prince and President Beichen are A good friend? This raw material market was opened by Mr. Beichen, which is equivalent to our son! Talking to an ignorant and idiot stinky girl like you really lowers our grade!”
Shrimp? Talking to her will lower their grades? Su Luo suddenly felt a little messy…
“Oh? Since this raw material market was opened by President Beichen, and since your son and Lord Beichen are good friends, then, presumably the spar is a big one, and presumably I don’t like this little red spar. ?” Su Luo commanded the opponent from the source.
“You–” I didn’t expect this stinky girl to speak so sharply, that dog minion was choked immediately, he glared at Su Luo angrily, and turned his head to ask the young man in Jinyi for help.
Young Master Jinyi also couldn’t hold on his face at this time, but now that the matter has reached this point, if he retreats, it would seem that he is afraid, how can he gain a foothold in this raw material market in the future? I saw Jin Yizi’s icy eyes staring at Su Luo coldly: “The spar in my son’s house is piled up like a mountain, but what about it? My son wants to buy the piece in your hand, do you sell it or not?”
At this moment, only an invisible coercion spread from him instantly.
This is the coercion belonging to the third-order martial artist, for ordinary people, it is simply an existence against the sky.
For a moment, everyone backed away with horror, leaving the scene far away, for fear that they would be unprovoked.
A hint of cold light flashed in Su Luo’s eyes!
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Chapter: 214
A hint of cold light flashed in Su Luo’s eyes!
Is this using force to force her to compromise? Really think she is a bully who can’t fight back?
Su Luo stood motionless, his eyes cold as ice, and his thin eyebrows were like frozen frost, with a chill.
She just looked at Young Master Jin Yi with such a smile. Although she was attacked by his spiritual power in her body, she was not as good as anyone, calm and calm, and seemed to be okay.
There was a flash of astonishment on Young Master Jinyi’s face. He didn’t expect that this stinky girl was actually a bit real, but because of this, his interest in Su Luo grew.
However, at this moment, a middle-aged man in a black robe suddenly appeared out of thin air.
His sullen gaze glanced lightly at Young Master Jin Yi, then raised his hand lightly. Suddenly, the powerful pressure released by Young Master Jin Yi became invisible, and the condensed and suppressed air returned to its original state.
When Young Master Jin Yi saw the middle-aged man in black robe, his eyes shrank slightly, and there was a trace of awe in his expression.
“The raw material market will never force buying or selling.” The middle-aged black-robed man looked at Su Luo and said calmly, then turned his head to look at Young Master Jin Yi, with an unpleasant expression: “It is not allowed to use force to intimidate him. .”
Before he finished his words, there seemed to be a thin cold sweat on Young Master Jinyi’s forehead. It seemed that at this moment, he was under unspeakable pressure. His legs seemed to have been kicked heavily. It’s going to kneel.
However, he clenched his teeth tightly, holding back tightly not to let himself kneel down, his gritted teeth creaked, and everyone who listened fell down.
“Yes.” Young Master Jinyi trembled, as if he couldn’t help it anymore, gritted his teeth and squeezed out a word.
“Don’t get out of here.” The middle-aged man in the black robe frowned, seemingly unhappy, but when he raised his hand, the condensed pressure on Young Master Jinyi’s body, which made people feel impenetrable, dissipated.
Young Master Jinyi was like being dragged up from a pool. His whole body was soaked with cold sweat, and his face was dripping with sweat.
“Yes.” Young Master Jinyi replied weakly, clamped his tail instantly, and ran away with a group of evil servants griefly without looking back.
Just like that… without looking back… ran away…
Everyone looked at Young Master Jin Yi and was dismissed in a few words. Some were shocked, some were puzzled, but more were unbelievable!
Yes, it is absolutely incredible.
It’s very simple. Based on their experience of visiting the original market for many years, Lord Jinyi has done evil in the original market many times, but there has never been a black robe person to stop him, let alone drive him away.
Because everyone knows the identity of Young Master Jin Yi, such a family, not everyone can offend.
But today, the black-robed man appeared so quickly, and he mercilessly attacked Young Master Jinyi… Then, is it a coincidence? Or deliberately?
If it’s a coincidence, it’s fine, if it’s deliberately… everyone’s eyes are all focused on Su Luo, if it’s deliberately, then this girl’s identity will only become bigger.
For a moment, everyone only looked at Su Luo in a daze, with many thoughts in their hearts and complex and dazed expressions.
At this moment, while everyone was in a daze, one person wanted to run with oil on the soles of their feet.
Su Luo shouted, “Hou San, stop for this girl! I just want to run now? It’s too late!”

Chapter: 215
Hou San was the one who had bet with Su Luo before, and if he lost, he would gnaw off the entire rough stone. Now, when he saw that Su Luo was even able to force Young Master Jinyi away, he immediately became excited to escape, but who made Su Luo’s eyes sharp?
“Ho ho, what the girl said, I say Hou San’s words, who is going to run away?” Seeing that the road was blocked by the crowd in all directions, Hou San had no choice but to stop, turning around, he smiled flatteringly at Su Luo .
Su Luo put his hands around his chest, and stepped on the block as the raw material on the soles of his feet. He squinted at Hou San with a smile but a smile: “You count? That would be great. Come on, eat this rough stone.
Really chew the rough stone? His teeth are not so hard, OK? Hou San had a bitter face, and begged Su Luo again and again: “Girl, you have a lot of adults, so just forgive the small ones. This rough stone is so small that it can’t be gnawed. If the small ones move, this Where does Jieshi need a machine?”
Su Luo hadn’t planned to really let him chew. After all, the thick skin of the rough stone is not something that can be shaken by teeth. What’s more, according to the detection of the little dragon, the contents of this rough stone are not bad, so she couldn’t bear to be like Hou San. The villain swallowed for nothing.
But if you ask her to be so simple, let Hou San go? Javier must be reported, how could Su Luo agree with his eyes smaller than the eyes of a needle?
She slowly raised her toes, put the original stone in her hand, and tossed it up and down to play, with a playful smile at the corner of her mouth: “Then what should you do?”
When Hou San heard Su Luo’s words, it seemed that there was a possibility of loosening. He immediately opened his eyebrows and smiled flatteringly. “Girl, your luck is so good, you can’t waste it, or else, this rough stone will be given to you. Okay?”
“It’s so easy, do you think it’s possible?” It’s really not easy to make Su Luo satisfied with the lion’s open mouth.
“So… how does that girl feel? You said, as long as it can be done, as long as it is not against the conscience and morality, I will agree to Hou Sanyi!” Hou San patted his chest with awe-inspiring appearance. Can it be easy for a girl who can force the young man to run away? If she insists on forcing herself to swallow, what can she do?
“I won’t ask you to violate your conscience and morality.” Su Luo smiled faintly, “This rough stone weighs about ten kilograms, so let me pick nine pieces out of your pile of stones, and make a total of ten pieces. The original stone, then we will settle the two accounts, how?”
Give ten rough stones for free? This raw material costs five or six gold coins! However, in order to be able to honor the bet, Hou San had no choice but to agree: “Okay! Just do what the girl said!”
Su Luo’s face was faint, but his heart was happy.
Where did the poor Hou San know that because of the existence of the super cheating device, Xiao Shenlong, Su Luo has already learned all the wool in the Hou Sanjia stall. Let her choose, she will naturally pick all the good ones, and the rest Those are all waste.
Hey, isn’t Hou San a joke that Liu Qi couldn’t cut a spar in one year? Then let you taste the taste of not being able to cut a spar for a year, and see if you dare to mess with black people in the future.
“Okay, just these ten pieces.” Su Luo seemed to point at nine pieces at random, but in fact, Su Luo had already picked all the rough stones full of spar.

Chapter: 216
But to be honest, the performance of Hou San’s stones is not bad, two spars can be found out of thousands of seeds.
As for the remaining eight pieces, Su Luo used it to play sloppy eyes. The reason why she chose these scraps was because she had something to spare.
Hou San watched Su Luo picking up the high-end seed material, and almost drew it with distress. He kept saying forgiveness: “Girl, be merciful, please accept mercy…”
The most central position was originally only five or six yuan, but she was taken away by four yuan in a daze, really heartbroken him.
Su Luo narrowed his eyes and said nonchalantly, “Let’s do it, just so much. Come on, since Hou San, you’re lucky, cut all of these.”
Su Luo brazenly kicked the pile of rough stones under her feet, and she didn’t have the time and effort to take them all back, and she had other calculations in her mind.
Hou San’s heart was throbbing, tangled half-dead.
Because Su Luo gave him a big problem.
Let him cut the rough stone himself, if he cuts out the spar, he won’t be jealous and go crazy?
But if he can’t cut it out, wouldn’t it be a hack for him?
Therefore, whether he can cut it out or not, his heart will not be happy. Hou Sanzhen couldn’t understand. This girl looked only fourteen or five years old, so she had such a peculiar mind. She gave herself a conspiracy, an honest conspiracy.
Hou Sanyu died for a while, but the noise around him was really lively, and with Su Luo’s seemingly mysterious identity, Hou San couldn’t, so he could only cheer up and cut the rough stone for Su Luo.
Still look forward to the spar, if so, the rough stones in this shop today can be sold at a good price. Hou San had figured it out. He kept praying for a spar, but the knife fell with his hand, and the first knife cut through it like a watermelon.
The two exposed halves were all gray, without a trace of spar color.
Hou San was not reconciled, and cut it into silk ribbons with a single cut… But there was still no trace of spar.
“Hou San, your kid is not as lucky as Liu Qi. You see, they cut out a spar just after cutting a rough stone today. What’s the matter with you?”
“That’s right, Hou San, you have to stand up. If you cut out the spar, I will pack the rough stone in your shop, Zhao!”
The people around love to join in the fun, and constantly put pressure on Hou San.
Hou San was annoyed, but there was nothing he could do. He picked up the second piece and cut it. However, even if he cut it into powder, there was still nothing.
The third block, the fourth block…There is still no trace of spar.
Hou San was a little anxious, the cold sweat on his face came out one by one.
He glanced at Su Luo, but saw that the girl was still calm as the wind, standing by hand, looking casual, seeming careless.
That’s right, it’s not her money that cut the rough stone! She earns money when she cuts it, but she can’t cut it, but loses her reputation, she won’t lose it anyway, no wonder she is so confident. Thinking of this, Hou San felt annoyed for a while, regretting it in his heart.
The little girl looked so light, who would have known such cunning! In the future, he was given another ten thousand courage, and he didn’t dare to fight against this little witch anymore.
Hou San felt frustrated, but he didn’t stay in his hands. He raised the knife and fell. The fifth piece…still nothing.
The sixth piece… Hou San was hesitant.

Chapter: 217
It shouldn’t be. It is said that this girl chooses materials that perform very well. How could there be none? It’s incredible.
“Hurry up, what are you doing in a daze?” Someone was anxious.
“If you have it, you don’t have it. If you hesitate for a while, if you don’t have it, you suddenly become something. So, hurry up and get the sword.” This one clearly meant to die early and resurrect.
Hou San felt extremely entangled in his heart, but in full view, under pressure, he still cut…
“No…Even if I cut six seeds that performed well, I didn’t find a single spar.”
“Yeah, if we buy it in Hou San’s shop, we will die. Fortunately, I just took a look and didn’t buy it randomly.”
“Yes, it seems that Hou San’s batch of materials is not correct.”
The sound of discussion came into Hou San’s ears, and he almost yelled with anger. Who is the most aggrieved here? How about counting him Hou San?
You don’t spend money just to watch the fun, but I want to spend money to invite you to watch the fun, so that you can laugh at me, who is I offending?
Of course, Hou San only dared to say these things in his heart, really let him say it, if you dare?
Su Luo frowned at this time, seeming to be a little unhappy. She raised her sleeves and said casually: “Forget it, your luck is really bad. When a good rough stone is in your hands, there is not even a spar. , Forget it, don’t cut it, don’t cut it.”
Hou San suddenly became anxious and cried: “Grandma, it’s not that my hand is bad luck, it’s that the rough stone doesn’t produce spar, what can I do!” He is also very innocent, OK?
Su Luo raised her eyebrows like sarcasm, and said slowly, “Oh, what do you mean is, the quality of your batch of rough stones is not good?”
Hou San suddenly became speechless, why is this girl so sharp?
Yes, I have been commanded again. This girl is really, using his spear to attack his shield. Anyway, it is his Hou San who is unlucky!
“But, girl…you have to cut this stone for the little one, right?” Now Hou San is not afraid of being taken advantage of by Su Luo, he just wants to be able to cut out a spar and find it for the customers of his shop. Some confidence.
Su Luo raised her eyebrows slightly: “After the cut? What if you cut it all off? Forget it, you don’t feel well, then cut another piece.”
Su Luo kicked a piece of rough stone with his toe and rolled it into his arms and said, “Okay, don’t worry about Lori, just cut this piece, if you have it, you will have it, if you don’t have it, you won’t have it.”
Hou San was overjoyed when he encountered this rough stone that seemed to behave very well, “Okay! That’s it!” This rough stone has all the variegated python bands, and the lines are clear. You can tell at a glance that the spar is born. The probability is very high, and this girl is clearly selected from the highest-end batch.
At this time, Hou San became a little cautious. He carefully and carefully observed the rough stone for a long time before placing it on the stone cutter and fixing it.
All gestures made up and down, left and right, and finally, he finally decided to start cutting along the python belt from the upper left.
Generally, the direction of the python belt is the vein direction of the spar.
The people around were also infected by Hou San’s cautiousness, all of them concentrating and holding their breath, their eyes were very energetic, and all their expectations were placed on this rough stone.
With one cut, the dust flew up.
After wiping away the dust, almost everyone’s eyes focused on the neat incision.
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Chapter: 218
“Oh…” Then there was a sound of regretfulness.
The cut was flat, but what was disappointing was that even though it was cut along the python band, there was still nothing in this rough stone. The two walls were gray and gray, which made people feel distracted.
“No… how could… how could this be…” Hou San looked at the two and a half large rough stones in despair, his face gradually turned pale. He did not expect that he had cut seven pieces in a row, and all of them were gray. Stone has no value.
“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!” Hou San came up in one breath, and the stone cutter in his hand cut the two halves of the rough stone into powder like a mopping, but there was no rough stone the size of a fingernail.
Seeing Hou San’s hand touched the rough stone on the ground again, Su Luo interrupted: “Stop!”
Hou San woke up with a crisp shout, he looked at Su Luo in a daze.
Su Luo said in a bad tone, “You have wasted my seven rough stones, and now you still want to cut? What you want is really beautiful!”
Hou San was almost choked with blood in his throat.
What is her rough stone? They were all brought by him from the far southwest for gold coins, OK?
Su Luo hummed coldly, and slowly put three fist-sized rough stones into a brocade bag, and then hung them around his waist. Finally, he glanced at Hou Sanyi lightly: “You have bad feng shui in this shop. I’ll take the girl home and cut it slowly.”
A joke, these three pieces are all genuine spars, how could Su Luo let Hou San cut them, and how could he leave him a chance to comeback?
Therefore, I would rather offend a gentleman than a villain, especially a little woman like Su Luo, who is bound to pay.
Hou San watched the girl with a small brocade bag hanging around her waist swaying out, trying to call her, but found that she was poor… Hou Sanyue wanted to regret more and slapped herself straight.
The people watching the excitement suddenly disappeared.
Hou San was anxious. If these people were allowed to leave, today, seven consecutive incidents of no spar in his store exploded, which would be very detrimental to the reputation of his store.
“Hey hey, don’t go, hello–” Hou San kept pulling these people together, “Isn’t this cut? You look again, maybe you can cut out a piece.”
“What, Hou San, do you still dare to cut?” The dragged old man kept shaking his head to persuade him, “Forget it, don’t be arrogant, your luck today is really bad.”
No, you can’t just let them go!
Hou San shouted: “Stop! I Hou San cut ten more stones today to see if there is a spar!”
As soon as there was excitement to watch, everyone’s footsteps stopped and their eyes turned to Hou San again.
Hou San bit his head and ran to the store to pick out a rough stone. He patted the rough stone and said proudly, “Betting on the stone. Since it is a gambling on the stone, then just bet on it. Now let’s bet. If you buy a spar, the odds are one hundred, and you can’t buy a spar. The odds are one.
Hou San lost to Su Luo’s three rough stones. By luck, he suddenly came up with this gambling method.
However, poor he didn’t know at all. Because of the existence of the little dragon, the three pieces of the original stone in his shop had all been taken away by Su Luo, and the rest were all…scrap!
If he knew, he would definitely not use this kind of gambling method, because it was definitely a way of losing money without making money, but it was a pity… he didn’t know.
Therefore, I really can’t offend the sister paper, especially the smart sister paper.

Chapter: 219
Su Luo left early. Naturally, she didn’t know that Hou Sanhou came from the smart hand. If she knew it, I’m afraid she would be leaning forward and backward with a smile. Because she could fully expect that after pressing down the bet and cutting the rough stone, Hou San’s face was like a palette.
The raw material market here is huge, but Su Luo came here for the first time, and he had no choice but to try his luck if he was unfamiliar.
However, based on Su Luo’s experience, each line has its own rules.
For example, gambling on rocks, if there is no referral from insiders, she would not even know some senior hidden storefronts. Even if she has a little dragon that can sense spar, it is useless to get in without a door.
While Su Luo was wandering around while worrying, suddenly, two little boys ran towards her.
However, Su Luo was vigilant and avoided it sideways.
The two little boys didn’t seem to expect that Su Luo’s reaction would be like this. They were a little dazed, but they quickly returned to their original state, and they continued to run away.
A slight smile evoked at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth. Even in ancient times, the sixth sense she was proud of was still accurate.
Just now, she felt that the two little boys who were chasing and screaming were strange, so she avoided them. As expected, the subsequent reaction fully confirmed her guess.
The two little boys were deliberately pretending to be a mess, but in fact they approached her and stole her purse.
Sure enough, this rough market has to be careful everywhere. If you don’t pay attention, you will lose your money. Even such a small child knows that the group is cheated. Su Luo smiled and continued to walk forward, but she stood still after a few steps.
Because a little boy with old clothes but clean and tidy stood in front of her and spoke to her solemnly.
“The most expensive lady, do you need a guide? Don’t think I’m young, but my house is just behind the market and only a few tens of meters away. I grew up in this gambling market since I was a child. Familiar, I can tell you all the information you need to know, and I can also take you to hidden shops.”
Although the little boy was dressed in old fashioned clothes, his good trousers were worn into cropped trousers, and the cloth shoes on his feet had a hole in it, showing his big big toes.
Seeing Su Luo’s gaze swept over his worn pair of rubber shoes, he moved his feet back anxiously, but no matter how he moved it, what happened to the big big toe under the short trousers? Can’t hide it.
Su Luo’s gaze fell on the little boy’s face again, judging from his age, the boy was definitely not more than ten years old.
Who would have thought that a little boy who was in poverty would have a face made of jade? It was just because of the hardships and winds and frosts of life that this little face looked serious, a little old-fashioned.
However, this is really dozing off and someone gives a pillow, which is just right.
Just now, Su Luo was still thinking about how to find someone in the circle to take him to find the shops hidden in the market, because often those shops will have good seed materials that have been stored for many years. These small shops really can’t enter her eyes. .
Just now, the little boy came to the door automatically.
However, Su Luo was not always willing to come. She glanced at the little boy indifferently, and asked faintly, “Why are you not with them? Seeing their appearance, they have lived better than you.”
Su Luo was referring to the two little thief boys who ran into her before.

Chapter: 220
The little boy in front of him shook his head somewhat disapprovingly: “As soon as I enter the door, it is as deep as the sea. From then on, my conscience is a passerby. My mother has always taught me that whenever I fall into any situation, I must be true to my heart. Do things with conscience.”
Seeing the little boy’s serious preaching appearance, Su Luo suddenly felt funny, with the urge to pinch his pink cheeks, she followed up and asked, “Oh? You really didn’t steal it? I don’t believe it.”
“I…I only stole steamed buns once! It was my sister who was gnawing at the corner of the table when she was so hungry, I can’t help…” The little boy’s eyes were a little red, and he was afraid that Su Luo would lose his job because of his disgust. , Explained anxiously: “But I made money the next day, so I returned the money for the steamed buns, really!”
Seeing him flushed with anxiety, Su Luo couldn’t help but smile: “What anxious, I am not the one who sells steamed buns. Okay, let’s talk about your price. This girl will see if you are suitable.”
Su Luo could see that the little boy’s genes are excellent, which may be the reason for the fall in his family. Even if his life becomes poor, his quality is still good, just like he said, keeping his heart. It is very rare to be able to keep your heart in poverty, let alone being a child.
The little boy didn’t know that Su Luo had a good opinion of him. For fear of being rejected by his employer, he blushed and said anxiously, “I, I’m cheap! Only ten copper coins a day.”
Seeing that Su Luo did not answer, he thought it was too expensive, so he hurriedly changed his mouth: “Five copper coins, five copper coins are fine! Mother needs at least four copper coins to grab medicine, and she also needs to buy some fine grains for her sister. She has a small throat and drinks coarse grains. Just vomit.”
His big dark and clear eyes looked at Su Luo non-stop, with prayers, longings, and hopes in them…It was very complicated and heavy, and it made people feel sad.
Su Luo couldn’t help feeling a little bit in his heart.
At such a young age, it is not easy to take care of a sick mother, a frail sister, and still keep one’s heart.
Su Luo patted his little head: “Okay, ten copper coins are ten copper coins. If my sister has something to do today, I will reward you more.” Su Luo put his hand into his sleeve, originally wanting to pay him five copper coins first. Deposit, suspend his enthusiasm.
However, she suddenly remembered that she was really wealthy compared to Xiao Yuan, because the currency in circulation on her hand was only gold coins, not even a small copper coin.
Well, let’s talk about it when the time comes, if she passes her test, she can give more than ten copper coins or ten gold coins, but a life with a boundless future for the little boy.
However, even if Su Luo did not give the deposit, the little boy was already very grateful.
The little boy was very happy, bowed and thanked again: “Thank you, Miss, thank you, Miss, you are a good person! A big good person!” Because very few patrons will hire a child like him, and they don’t want delicate eyebrows. The beauty is a broker with many connections.
He is very satisfied to be hired.
Seeing that he didn’t mind, Su Luo didn’t mention it, “By the way, what do you call it?” She wanted to observe the child carefully to see if he was worth raising by herself.
“Su Xiaoyuan, the girl calls me Su Xiaozi, or Xiaoyuan, Yuanzi, whatever you call it.” Su Xiaoyuan smiled crookedly and looked very excited.

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