The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 221-230

Chapter: 221
“Your surname is Su too? Ho ho, maybe we were still a family five hundred years ago.” Su Luo smiled and patted his shoulder, “Okay, let’s lead the way. It’s early today. Let’s market this raw material. Give it a go.”
“By the way, did you see that I was in conflict with that young man in Jinyi just now?” As he walked, Su Luo suddenly remembered something and asked Su Xiaoyuan casually.
“Yes, I did see it just now, and I also knew the young man in Jinyi. Does the young lady want to ask his identity?” Xiao Yuan asked seriously.
Sure enough, this child is not stupid. He has carefully observed and carefully selected his guests, instead of rushing forward and asking.
“Well, talk about his information.” Su Luo said quietly.
Seeing the guest’s emotions, Xiao Yuan sternly said, “Speaking of which, the young man in Jinyi’s background is really big. I heard that he is Liu, the second son of Prime Minister Liu’s family, and his name is Liu Chengfeng. But be careful to avoid him. It is said that this man is narrow-minded, and he will be reported.”
In his opinion, the prime minister’s son was a very noble and noble existence, and he could only look up to that kind of existence.
Su Luo raised his eyebrows slightly. Liu Chengfeng? The second son of Prime Minister Liu’s family?
How come these three words, Prime Minister Liu, are so familiar?
Suddenly, Su Luo’s mind flashed, and finally flashed.
Liu Ruohua!
Isn’t Liu Ruohua the third young lady in Prime Minister Liu’s mansion? That Liu Chengfeng is her brother?
Ho ho, it really wasn’t that the family didn’t enter the house, the two second generations of Prime Minister Liu’s family had both feuded her. It seemed that she was incompatible with this Liu Mansion.
But speaking of Liu Ruohua, Su Luo suddenly remembered one thing.
When she returned to her own courtyard that day, Su Wan hurriedly brought her cheap father. Su Wan was sure that she had not returned. Then, who told Su Wan that she did not return?
Moreover, he said with certainty that he and King Jin went down to the Sunset Mountain Range? Also said he had a conflict with Fairy Yaochi?
Who this person is… is almost ready to come out.
Liu Ruohua, there is no one else except her.
Ho ho, then, Su Wan asked the black-clothed killer to insult him in the middle of the night, how much did Liu Ruohua participate in? It seemed that it was necessary to go back and talk to Su Wan, who was detained in Jingsiyuan, to enjoy the moon. Thinking of this, Su Luo’s mouth curled up slightly.
Speaking of it, Su Xiaoyuan is really the local snake here. After passing through the alleys, he took Su Luo to a quaint old street.
He pointed to an old courtyard yard and said to Su Luo: “Miss, this is the old Chen’s house. The old Chen’s house has the richest sources and the most high-end varieties in hidden shops. Of course, the prices are also high.”
Su Luo swept around.
It looks a bit remote and deserted, with few people around, and few people passing by. It looks deserted.
However, this is a bit of a hidden store posture.
Just like Su Luo’s previous life, the most authentic local delicacies are not in the downtown area, but often located in inconspicuous places. If no one leads them, they will often not find them.
Su Xiaoyuan knocked on the door with small knuckles, three long and two short, very regular.
Not long after, the door opened with a creak.
The door showed an old face that looked like an aging orange peel, full of pleats, cloudy eyes, and gray hair. It seemed that he was ten years old.

Chapter: 222
Uncle Chen, I brought the guests here for you. Su Xiaoyuan said respectfully, his expression respectful, and his eyes clear and pure.
Old Chen’s sharp eyes shot at Su Luo like a knife, and he stared at Su Luo so directly.
Su Luo stared back without showing any weakness, his back was straight, his eyes were cold and waveless, and his momentum did not yield.
The two looked at each other for a long time, and the two sides refused to yield to each other.
In the end, Old Chen was defeated first.
It’s just that Lao Chen neither nodded nor shook his head, turned around and walked in with his hands behind his back, only faintly spit out two words: “Close the door.”
Has this passed the inspection? Su Luo looked at Su Xiaoyuan speechlessly.
Until now, Su Xiaoyuan’s suffocated breath escaped, patted his chest and panted, but smiled brightly: “Let’s go, Uncle Chen promised us to go in.”
“Someone who drives the guests out?” Su Luo felt a little weird.
Xiao Yuan raised his head and said to Su Luo proudly: “Of course. Uncle Chen is withdrawn and doesn’t like seeing outsiders on weekdays, so he doesn’t like outsiders to disturb him. Those who can come here usually have done business a few times. The cooperation is happily. Very few, very few people are welcomed in for the first time like a young lady.”
“That’s not thanks to you?” Su Luo smiled.
“No, I also brought guests the previous few times, but without exception, they were all driven away by Uncle Chen.” Xiao Yuan constricted and said sternly, “There are three kinds of people who can come to this yard. One is a happy cooperation. Businessmen, one kind is the destined person in Uncle Chen’s mouth, and the other is…”
“What is it?” Su Luo asked curiously.
“Take advantage.” Xiao Yuan covered his mouth and smiled.
“Take advantage?” Su Luo was a little hard to accept, “Then you say, do I belong to the second or the third?”
Xiaoyuan smiled and glanced at Su Luo: “My sister is naturally destined. As for being taken advantage of, for example…” Su Xiaoyuan pointed his finger towards a young boy in jinyi. However, when he saw the person turning around, His smile suddenly stiffened at the corners of his mouth and turned into a cry of crying: “Miss, I didn’t mean it… I really didn’t know he would be here…”
It was no one else who frightened Xiao Yuan out of his soul. It was Young Master Jin Yi who wanted to buy Su Luo’s red spar, but was driven away by the management guard of the raw material market, that is, Liu Ruohua’s older brother, Liu Chengfeng.
Seeing this face, a sentence flashed in Su Luo’s heart: It’s really Yuanjia Luzhai. With such a large raw material market and so many hidden shops, I happened to run into him again.
At this time, the young master Liu Chengfeng was cutting stones one by one.
Su Xiaoyuan couldn’t help but widened his eyes when he saw the stones. He was a little unbelievable: “Oh my God, these rough stones are all the most high-end, each of which is more than 50 gold, he actually cuts randomly like vegetables. It would be a shame if this cut the spar badly.”
The broken spar aura will escape. If it is not refined, as time goes by, the aura will decrease… until it disappears. Therefore, the price of damaged spar generally cannot be sold.
Su Luo leaned comfortably on the mahogany pillar with his arms around his arms, watching Liu Chengfeng cut the stone indifferently.
At this time, Liu Chengfeng hadn’t noticed the existence of Su Luo, and his entire attention was focused on the rough stone in his hand.
A look of anger flashed across Liu Chengfeng’s face looking at the pieces of rough cut hopefully but disappointed.
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Chapter: 223
Liu Chengfeng’s luck seemed very bad. He cut nine rough stones in succession, but let alone the high-grade spar, even the red spar was not produced.
At this time, what was placed in front of Liu Chengfeng was an oval rough stone about the size of a football. Just looking at the appearance, the performance was indeed very good. The banded pythons have them, and they are clear and clear, otherwise they will not be affected. Liu Chengfeng picked it.
I just don’t know what’s inside.
After all, for humans, no matter how powerful it is, it is impossible to detect the inside through the shell of the rough stone.
This is the last piece of rough,
Liu Chengfeng hesitantly held up a specially-made cut stone, drawing strokes up and down, left and right, the blade daring not to fall.
Today, he spent a thousand gold coins and carefully selected ten rough stones, but the nine pieces cut out before were all scraps. If this last piece still fails, then his one thousand gold coins can only be bought and heard.
One thousand gold coins, that is ten thousand silver coins. Although Liu Chengfeng is expensive as the second son of the Prime Minister’s Mansion, he can’t get it out easily.
Therefore, at this time Liu Chengfeng was undoubtedly nervous. He put down the stone cutter, took out the stone cutter from the side, and cautiously began to rub the stone in the left side slowly along the direction of the snake belt.
After rubbing for about ten minutes, Liu Chengfeng was obviously a little impatient. He directly changed the stone cutter without making any gestures, and cut directly from the middle to both sides.
With a soft sound of “哢嚓”, the rough stone cracked on both sides, the knife edge was neat and smooth like tofu, but it was a pity… the inside was gray and white, and no spar shadow was seen.
“Pop!” Liu Cheng was so angry that he dropped the stone cutter, but when he raised his eyes he just saw Su Luo who was smiling but not smiling at him.
Yuanjia has a narrow road.
The enemy was jealous when they met.
Not to mention in the current situation.
“It’s you–” Liu Chengfeng recognized Su Luo at a glance, and his gloomy eyes are now full of haze, staring at Su Luo coldly.
Su Luo’s mouth evoked an indifferent sneer, raised his eyebrows slightly, and said casually: “Well, it’s this girl, how are you doing?”
Before Liu Chengfeng spoke, the dog minion next to him rushed over and arrogantly said to Su Luo, “Do you know who our son is? How can you talk to our son with this attitude?”
As a small servant, Su Luo was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, so he ignored him and shook his head contemptuously at Liu Chengfeng: “Luck, second son Liu, tut tut…”
“Shut up!” Liu Chengfeng was in a bad mood, and when he met Su Luo’s ridicule, his heart was burning like a fire.
“This is Chen Mansion, but it’s not your Liu Mansion. Put away your Prime Minister’s affiliation. It’s not shameful.” Su Luo sat leisurely on the wicker chair under the wisteria frame on the edge, his eyes lightly swept Liu Chengfeng glanced, the expression in his eyes was so careless.
Liu Mansion, Prime Minister’s son… So she knew that she was the second son of Prime Minister Liu’s mansion, so she dare to treat herself this way? What is her origin? Where is the confidence that she dares to ignore herself like this? Liu Chengfeng’s eyes were slightly narrowed, and a hint of light flashed under his eyes.
At this moment, Su Luo was stroking the naive little Shenlong sleeping in her arms.
The little dragon had no consciousness of being a noble golden dragon. It lay on Su Luo’s arms on all sides, with a bulging belly and a trace of saliva hanging from the corner of its mouth, obviously sleeping extremely deep.

Chapter: 224
However, out of instinct for safety, it clutched the two small paws of Su Luo’s clothes tightly, for fear of being thrown away.
“You little dog is pretty good.” Liu Chengfeng dropped the abandoned rough stone. He stopped cutting his hands behind him. He walked slowly to Su Luo’s side, condescendingly looking at the little dragon in her arms. Let’s talk about how much this little thing costs, my son has accepted it.”
Want to buy a little dragon? An arc of Su Luo’s mouth slowly bloomed, and he glanced at Liu Chengfeng playfully.
The little dragon is something people want to buy, can they buy it? I’m afraid that Prime Minister Liu will be the prime minister for a hundred years, and he won’t be able to pool money to buy a piece of the little dragon’s hair.
Su Luo said lightly: “Not for sale.”
“Smelly girl! Our prince wants to buy your puppy, that’s what you are looking at! You don’t know how to raise it!” The dog minion didn’t know where he came from again, and pointed at Su Luo’s nose arrogantly.
Suddenly, I saw a white light flashing in front of me, and then sprayed out a mist of blood——
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! The yard was running wild.
“You, you, you–” Liu Chengfeng didn’t expect this stinky girl to be so cruel, he did it before he said it! He roared loudly, “Why are you such a vicious woman! It’s damnable!”
“What? Young Master Liu hopes this girl will also cut off his smelly tongue?” Su Luo slowly gestured to the blood-stained dagger, and glanced at Liu Chengfeng carelessly.
This woman… Liu Chengfeng’s heart is a bit chilly, but on the face she resists it, and said angrily: “Since you know who I am, that’s great. If you dare to hurt the Liu family, then wait for the Liu family’s. Take revenge! The Liu family will never be bullied so in vain!”
Su Luo smiled contemptuously: “Keep retaliating in the name of the Liu family? Liu Chengfeng, are you still unable to fight the kid who went home and called the elder?”
How dare to despise him! Liu Chengfeng choked half to death by Su Luo’s second sentence! He angered, “Okay, very good, you are fine! If you have the kind, please sign up!”
When Su Luo came to this raw material market, she was afraid that things would have an uncontrollable side, so she dressed up specially, so she was only a three-point like her true face, even if Su Xi stood in front of her, it might not be Can recognize her.
She was hiding her face, how could she report her real name? Is this Liu Chengfeng’s brain burnt?
At this moment, suddenly, the little dragon in Su Luo’s arms woke up.
He opened his misty eyes and looked at Su Luo sleepily. The little paw on his right was rubbing and rubbing around his eye sockets. That innocent and confused expression was really cute.
Su Luo’s heart was softened when he looked at it. Such a cute little thing, I really don’t want it to grow up.
At this moment, Liu Chengfeng saw that Su Luo’s attention was actually attracted by the puppy, completely ignoring the prime minister standing in front of her, and suddenly became angry. He pulled at the little dragon and said coldly: “If so, then This little dog is an apologetic, now it belongs to me!”
Actually, Ran, Dare, Rob, Little, God, Dragon!
Tired of living?
Before Su Luo could start his hand, he saw that the hand reaching out to the little dragon suddenly burst into a bloody mist, and then Liu Cheng screamed violently, “Ahhhhhhhhhh~”

Chapter: 225
How sharp are the teeth of the little dragon? At the beginning, Fairy Yaochi’s arrow contained the power of heaven and earth, and it was gnawed away like sugarcane, let alone Liu Chengfeng, a flesh and blood body?
However, the little dragon is still in a state of waking up, so his movements are much gentler than normal, so he only took a small bite of meat.
Liu Chengfeng looked at the lack of meat on the back of his hand, and the blood rushed out, suddenly furious: “Smelly girl! Today, you are dead! Don’t want to get out of this door!!!”
There was too much movement here, which caught the attention of Old Chen inside the house.
At this moment, he frowned, straightened his back, folded his hands behind his back, and walked out step by step, his eyes flashed with impatience: “Don’t make noise! ​​Get out of noisy!”
If Mr. Chen is just an ordinary hidden shop owner, but he is not. Everyone knows that Mr. Chen is inextricably related to the boss behind this raw material market, so in Mr. Chen’s mansion, no one dares. presumptuous.
If Chen Lao is offended and listed as a blacklist, then this raw material market will not even be able to enter the gate.
Therefore, even though Liu Cheng was screaming in anger, he didn’t dare to do it in front of Old Chen.
However, his sullen eyes were full of viciousness, and he stared at Su Luo sullenly to prove how anger in his heart was so high.
Su Luo only smiled faintly, as if not caring about his anger.
At this moment, suddenly, the little dragon in Su Luo’s arms moved.
It landed lightly from Su Luo’s arms, elegantly like a civet cat, and saw it quickly jump towards the place where Liu Chengfeng cut the rough stone before, and finally it stayed on the piece of rough stone Liu Chengfeng cut out last.
The elliptical rough stone has been divided into two by Liu Chengfeng, into two hemispheres of the same size.
And the little dragon quickly jumped on the half of the rough stone on the right, wailing in his mouth.
Su Luo was overjoyed!
What is the little dragon? That’s a portable spar detector. Where will the spar that excites it go?
However, just as Su Luo was excited, Liu Chengfeng also recovered. He strode towards the rough stone and was about to wave the little dragon away.
But the little dragon grinned at him.
Su Luo paused, holding his forehead with some annoyance.
Non-humans are non-humans, even if it is a dragon species, this IQ… really makes people worry about it.
This rough stone originally belonged to Liu Chengfeng, but now that the little dragon is so eager, everyone knows that there is a problem. Although Liu Chengfeng didn’t know that the little dragon would detect the spar, this also indicated a good omen, and everyone would cut it out to see what happened.
At this time, Liu Chengfeng smiled again and again, and greeted his men: “Shoot this puppy away! Then, lift the half of the rough stone to the cutter. This son must cut it carefully to see if it is genuine inside. There is a spar!”
Su Luo sighed with some regret: It seems that this time he has to make clothes for others.
It’s just that Liu Chengfeng was cheap for nothing, he had already discarded what he didn’t want… Hey, this tone was really aggrieved.
However, at this moment, things went against the sky.
I saw that the little dragon hugged the original stone tightly and did not let go for a long time. Seeing everyone surrounding it, it suddenly became anxious, so anxious that it stood on the half of the original stone and turned around.
In the end, it’s anxious and intelligent–

Chapter: 226
He raised his little butt high, raised his thin right hind leg, aimed at the half of the rough stone, and sprinkled a bubble of yellow urine…
Su Luo’s mouth twitched, and she couldn’t bear to turn her face away… As its owner, did she really feel embarrassed?
Liu Chengfeng’s mouth twitched, his brow furrowed disgustingly with a constipation look on his face.
At this moment, Mr. Chen’s sharp eyes were as sharp as a knife, and a slight smile seemed to flow through the eyes of the accustomed ancient well, like a deep pool.
Because this little guy is really…too speechless.
Other small animals can protect food, but I have never heard that they will snatch rough stones… It is really an alternative puppy full of magical colors.
After a moment of silence, Liu Chengfeng was the first to react. He stared at Su Luo insidiously, with a wicked sneer at the corner of his mouth: “The half of the rough stone was contaminated by your pet. Now, what should you do? .”
Listen to him…seems to rely on her? However, this is not bad.
No one noticed the fleeting gleam of Su Luo’s eyes as his eyes turned.
Su Luo frowned, glared at the little dragon without worry, then frowned and said to Liu Chengfeng, “Isn’t it just a pee on the surface of the original stone? Just cut it out.”
Now that Liu Chengfeng has decided to rely on him, where is it so easy to pass? He is also ready to extort a sum of money to earn back the money he lost in buying rough stones today.
Liu Chengfeng looked calm and smiled coldly: “You said cut it out, then cut it out?”
“What else? Would you like to ask someone to wash it before returning you?” Su Luo looked very annoyed, and argued.
“Huh! The epidermis can be washed clean, so what luck? Maybe there is a ten thousand catties worth of green spar inside. Your little dog pissed a pee and all the luck was gone. This account, what are you going to do? Forget it!” Liu Chengfeng raised his chin proudly, aggressively.
“You, why are you so unreasonable! There is something in it, and there is nothing in it. It is a spar formed thousands of years ago. It will be scattered by my little dog and puppy in a pee? You? Who are you lying to? If you want to blackmail you, make up a good reason!” It seems that Su Luo was so angry with him, his face flushed, and he stamped his feet with anger.
And the more Su Luo was like this, the more complacent Liu Chengfeng was. He smiled again and again, pointing at the little dragon who was still barking at the half of the original stone: “Is that your dog?”
Su Luo nodded.
Liu Chengfeng took the opportunity to approach: “Did he pee a pee?”
Su Luo nodded again.
Liu Chengfeng was proud: “Then, do you accompany this gold coin?”
Su Luo frowned, shook his head and said, “Your half of the original stone is just discarded. How can you find me to accompany you? It’s unreasonable!”
“Huh, who said that my son doesn’t want the half of the rough stone? Why don’t I use the rough stone I bought with gold coins? Does my son have the money to burn?” Liu Chengfeng said that the more vigorous he became, he approached Su Luo step by step. Do you accompany? If you don’t accompany, my son will pull out the puppy’s hair one by one to make a barbecued pork bun with dog meat!”
Su Luo seemed to be angry, but helpless, finally gritted his teeth and said, “What do you want!”
“A thousand gold coins.” Liu Chengfeng snapped on the folding fan, slapped it comfortably, raised his chin triumphantly, and glanced at Su Luo from the corner of the light. “A thousand gold coins, two silver coins, no credit.”

Chapter: 227
He bought ten rough stones from Lao Chen for a thousand gold coins, but he didn’t get any results. Now it happens that he has been taken advantage of, so who will not blackmail her?
Liu Chengfeng shook his fan, with an unusually evil smile on his face.
Su Luo’s brows seemed to be frowning tightly, and he looked frustrated and anxious: “One thousand taels? No! Up to one hundred taels!”
“One thousand gold coins, no price!” Liu Chengfeng hummed coldly, raising his eyebrows proudly.
“How can you make such a random price? Obviously the nine rough stones in front are cut out, and there are no two farts, why do you want me to pay for you? I really think I am a fool!” Su Luo stared at him very unconvinced. .
Liu Chengfeng shook his fan and said unhurriedly: “My son admits that you have said a lot, but now my son wants you to pay a thousand gold coins, otherwise, your little dog will pay my son. , Hum, now, you choose.”
Su Luo seemed to be entangled. He hesitated and then hesitated, and finally asked weakly, “Can it be cheaper?”
“No!” The weaker Su Luo’s momentum is, the stronger Liu Chengfeng’s momentum will be. He glared at Su Luo aggressively, “A thousand gold coins, no bargaining! Now you are quick to say whether you want to pay out gold coins or pay a little bit. dog?”
Until this moment, Liu Chengfeng really believed that Su Luo was afraid of him.
Su Luo was secretly happy in her heart, but she made a look of weeping on her face. After thinking about it again and again, after all, she reluctantly took out a purse and handed it to Liu Chengfeng.
When Liu Chengfeng took over, Su Luo withdrew his hand again.
“What are you doing?” Liu Chengfeng’s eyes widened, glaring at Su Luo.
Su Luo turned to look at Old Chen, and said to him, “Uncle Chen, please be a witness?”
After digging out the spar from the rough stone, what should Liu Chengfeng do? Don’t doubt that with a character like Liu Chengfeng, doing this kind of thing is really a piece of cake.
Just now, when Old Chen was able to shock him with a word, Su Luo could see clearly that Old Chen was his nemesis Liu Chengfeng.
Old Chen glanced at Su Luo faintly. Those eyes that had become turbid in the course of the years suddenly flashed with a clear light.
He just looked at Su Luo quietly, with a complicated look in his eyes.
Su Luo’s heart was a little hairy just looking at it like this. She had a faint feeling. Ever since she stepped into this mansion, Lao Chen has always held a mindset of scrutiny and exploration towards herself, which made her secretly curious. .
After looking at it for a while, he didn’t know that Lao Chen’s old head turned a few times. Finally, he nodded hard and said coldly, “Yes.”
Liu Chengfeng was startled for a while, it was incredible.
Su Luo didn’t know the origin of Old Chen, but Liu Chengfeng knew something vaguely, otherwise he, a second son of the prime minister’s mansion, would not be so afraid of an old man in the market.
In his impression, this bad old man was always unsmiling. For a long time, he thought the bad old man was dumb, because he had never seen him speak to anyone.
Later, many people came, and occasionally I could hear a word or two from him, but most of the time I ignored others, even if that person was the chairman of the mercenary announcement, Mr. Bei Chen.
But, but this stinky girl… could she ask this bad old man to testify?
And this bad old man even agreed?
Here… Liu Chengfeng was a little confused.
What is the origin of this stinky girl?
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Chapter: 228
She is of noble origin, but she obviously looks like a waste, and her face is sallow, and her face is ordinary. She really can’t see the aloofness that hides the family.
She was born in the grassroots, but in the raw material market, even the captain of the guard came over to help her, and this bad old man treated her differently.
Therefore, Liu Chengfeng was entangled.
“Then write an essay,” Su Luo said with a smile.
“Document?” Old Chen glanced at Liu Chengfeng, his turbid eyes narrowed dangerously, and there was a chill and aura of a sword being unsheathed.
“No, no, no need to use it, what paperwork is needed, with your old man’s guarantee, who dares to go back, don’t you want to get mixed up in this raw material market?” Liu Chengfeng waved his hand repeatedly and smiled forcefully.
Then Old Chen turned his gaze to Su Luo, nodded, and said coldly: “Don’t worry, even if you cut out a green spar, no one will dare to greet you.”
A smile appeared in Su Luo’s eyes: “Uncle Chen said so, I naturally believe it.”
Before he could finish his words, Su Luo took out a bag from the wide sleeves and threw it to Liu Chengfeng: “A thousand gold coins, no more, no less, now the silver goods are gone, right?”
Liu Chengfeng thought that Su Luo had bowed his head to admit defeat because of his intimidation.
Because of this, all the gold coins he lost today have been earned back.
Liu Chengfeng weighed the bag full of gold coins, looked at Su Luo with a sneer, and waved his hand: “Okay, now that waste stone covered with urine is yours.”
Speaking of which, this girl is really a fool. He just gave out a thousand gold coins with a little threat. At the first glance, six words are engraved on her forehead: People are stupid and money comes quickly!
Liu Chengfeng was very happy, humming a small song, sat comfortably under the wisteria trellis, raised Erlang’s legs, and looked at Su Luo contemptuously.
At this time, Su Luo’s heart was overwhelmed with joy.
One thousand gold coins can be exchanged for this rough stone with just one thousand gold coins, which is simply a bargain. Little Shenlong’s words were not understood by others, but she did. She made up her mind early in the morning to get this rough stone anyway.
Su Luo glanced at Liu Chengfeng, who was still arrogant and crooked. Seeing that he was looking like a good seller at the moment, he couldn’t help but feel funny.
Liu Chengfeng won’t leave, right? Very good, let him see with his own eyes what he missed, so that his intestines were blue with regret.
Su Luo was about to untie the rough stone. Never thought, Old Chen walked up to her quickly, grabbed the half of the rough stone, and said solemnly, “Girl, let the old man lay the stone for you this time. it is good?”
Su Luo was a little embarrassed: “Uncle Chen, it would be great if you can help me lay the stone, but the puppies soaked urine on the rough stone. How am I embarrassed to let you solve it?”
Old Chen glanced at Su Luo with a faint smile, lowered his voice, and said every word: “It is an honor for this rough stone to get a urine from the little golden dragon.”
Huh? Su Luo Petrochemical on the spot!
This old Chen… how did he, he, he know that the puppy is not a real puppy, but a dragon, and can also point out that it is the most noble royal family of the dragon-the golden dragon?
This is simply terrible!
Seeing Su Luo’s face full of surprise and astonishment, Old Chen seemed to have a shallow arc at the corner of his mouth, and snorted coldly, “What are you afraid of? The old man doesn’t have the time to talk nonsense.”

Chapter: 229
“No, no, how could your old man…” How did you see it? Su Luo picked up the little guy and looked up and down. From her naked eyes, it was clear that it was a pure white milk dog. Where could there be a little dragon?
Old Chen didn’t laugh, he only took a deep look at Su Luo and Xiao Shenlong, and then focused all his attention on the rough stone wet with urine.
Old Chen didn’t choose to use a stone cutter at the beginning, but used a grind knife to slowly wipe from the outside to the inside.
During the whole process, his expression was serious and solemn, careful and cautious, for fear of wearing the top spar because of his rude movements.
At this time, besides Su Luo, there was another person standing next to Lao Chen watching.
This person is not someone else, but Liu Chengfeng, who was still happy just now.
He really couldn’t find Bei happily at first, but when he saw that Old Chen actually took Su Luo’s hand to lay the stone himself, he became a little uncomfortable and hurriedly stood up and ran over.
Old Chen Jieshi’s hands are like moving clouds and flowing water, very beautiful.
However, as the rough stone became smaller and smaller, it was as small as a goose egg, and there was still no trace of spar.
Liu Chengfeng’s breath was immediately relieved. Seeing Su Luo’s look of expectation, he immediately laughed happily: “Hey, don’t you think there is really a spar here? It’s really a laugh. I said it’s a waste, where will there be spar? Look, the old Chen who was in vain worked hard for you.”
Su Luo put his arms around his arms and glanced at him coldly, “What? Do you think there is no spar in it? Do you want to bet?”
Su Luo’s gaze stayed on the purse hanging around Liu Chengfeng’s waist.
One thousand gold coins is not a small amount. It is understandable to spend on the rough stone, but if Liu Chengfeng is pleased, Su Luo must be a little unhappy.
“Gamble, gamble, who is afraid of whom?” Liu Chengfeng hated that he pulled out the gold coins from Su Luo. Because he saw Su Luo very upset, as long as he saw her unlucky, he would be sincerely happy.
“That’s fine, just gamble on the bag of gold coins just now.” Su Luo raised his hand and said casually, “If there is nothing in that egg-sized rough stone, even if you win, otherwise, even if I win, how about? ”
“Good!” Liu Chengfeng threw the bag of gold coins on the table.
Su Luo didn’t fall behind, she just raised a bag of gold coins and appeared on the table.
Then, both of them turned their eyes to Old Chen’s compartment, their eyes fixed on Old Chen’s wrinkled but flexible hands.
As the rough stone becomes smaller and smaller, in the end, only the egg is left…
With a brilliant smile on Liu Chengfeng’s mouth, he glanced at Su Luo contemptuously, “You are determined to lose.”
“The outcome is not yet known, so wait patiently.” Su Luo looked at the small piece of rough, and answered vainly.
The spar that can excite the little dragon must not be a low-grade spar. It is most likely above the green spar, right? Su Luo weighed his chin, thinking silently.
“Hmph, the dead duck has a hard mouth, wait for you to look good!” Liu Chengfeng snorted coldly. There will be spars in such small stones? Who are you lie to? He would not believe it.
But soon, the facts slapped Liu Chengfeng loudly.
Liu Chengfeng couldn’t laugh anymore, the smile on the corner of his mouth that was too late to fade instantly stiffened at the corner of his mouth.

Chapter: 230
Because he actually saw that a faint blue color appeared on the edge of the egg-sized rough stone…
Green or cyan? Some are not clear, but there is definitely color!
At this time, Lao Chen’s gaze also became a little dignified, he could slow down the speed of the grinding stone, and carefully wipe the corners.
Soon, the spar covered by the grayish white color appeared in front of everyone——
Spar, the greenish spar?
This, this… is terrible!
The original green spar was already very rare. It was hard to find on the mainland, but this one was not only green, it also had a strong blue color.
The cyan is green and can generally be sold as a cyan spar, which is worth fifty thousand gold!
Liu Chengfeng only felt the soles of his feet soft, his eyes turned black, and he almost fainted.
How is this possible! It’s incredible, it’s incredible! This is obviously the waste he discarded!
Oh my God, he actually sold the greenish rough stone worth 50,000 gold to others at a low price of 1,000 gold coins… At this moment Liu Chengfeng really regrets that his intestines are all blue, he can’t wait to pounce on it Take the spar back into his arms.
“Uncle Chen’s skillful hands, so formidable luck, if it weren’t for you to cut this spar, it would definitely be destroyed.” Su Luo’s expression was calm, and his smile remained the same, not at all because of the high-end crystal. Stone and forget the shape.
Old Chen saw Su Luo’s calm and calm appearance, and compared to Liu Chengfeng’s chest beating, his eyes narrowed slightly: “It’s finished.”
“Yeah.” Su Luo took the spar in his hand and admired it carefully.
This greenish-green spar is only the size of a pigeon egg, lying on the palm of a white palm, it looks radiant under the sunlight, and can clearly feel the rich aura flowing on it.
Liu Chengfeng stared at Su Luo stubbornly, but those eyes that were originally gloating are now full of cold and gloomy chills.
Su Luo raised his eyes and glanced at him coldly, without saying a word, just put away the two money bags on the table in front of him, and said lightly, “You lost.”
Liu Chengfeng’s face became even more ugly!
The thousand gold coins that were finally won back were so easily taken back by this stinky girl.
What’s more… Liu Chengfeng’s gaze was fixed on the blue and green spar, wishing to grab it and take it as his own.
This was his… No, it was originally his!
Liu Chengfeng gritted his teeth and said, “Girl, you can bid for this spar.”
“What are you doing?” Su Luo gave him a blank look.
“Sell it to me, no matter how much you pay, sell it to me!” Liu Chengfeng bit his back molar, spitting out these words one word at a time, and those red eyes that contained raging fire stared at Su. Luo, it seemed that once Su Luo refused, he would pounce on him without hesitation and strangle him to death.
Su Luo sighed helplessly and looked at Liu Chengfeng speechlessly: “I said Second Young Master Liu, what’s the matter with you? Why do you always want to buy things from me?”
Su Luo broke his hands and the index fell: “First, he forced me to sell you the red spar, and then forced me to sell you my spirit pet. Now it’s okay, and threatened me to sell you this blue spar. I said Second Young Master Liu, You are also the son of the Prime Minister’s mansion anyway, how come you look like you have never seen the world?”

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