The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 231-240

Chapter: 231
Su Luo’s words have always been concise but pointed to the point sharply.
This remark was ridiculed, and the tone was not so harsh, but Liu Chengfeng was counted from the beginning to his feet, suddenly making him blush, panting, and almost jumping with anger.
Liu Chengfeng trembling fingers, pointed to Su Luo: “Smelly girl, what nonsense?!”
Who knows, Su Luo is still not angry enough for him, holding the little dragon, slowly said: “Oh, I was talking nonsense just now? It turns out that your second son Liu did not force me to sell the blue spar to you. Huh? I heard that wrong, I’m so sorry.”
With that, Su Luo turned around holding the little dragon.
Liu Chengfeng behind her was half-dead, and he held his breath up and down in his throat, not knowing whether to roar or swallow.
Behind Su Luo, Su Xiaoyuan stared at Su Luo with extremely adoring eyes, his eyes gleaming, as if looking at his most idol.
Handsome! It’s so handsome!
That was the second son of Prime Minister Liu’s mansion. The young lady turned her head and covered her face without mercy as a training session. Not only did the other party’s humiliation face, but also the other party’s misery. This was the highest state of cursing.
Su Xiaoyuan was about to kneel down in admiration.
“Su Xiaoyuan, what do you think? Let’s lead the way. Today’s rough stone has not been selected yet.” Su Luo patted the little guy on the head. I saw Lao Chen just now, but since he solved the spar, he disappeared silently, and now she can only rely on her little guide.
“Ah, oh, oh!” Only then did Su Xiaoyuan come back to his senses, but his eyes still gleamed and stared at Su Luo in worship.
Su Xiaoyuan seemed to be very familiar with this place. He led Su Luo to walk inward, and soon he reached a dilapidated side yard.
The side yard is bare and empty, without even the most basic furniture, and some are just piles of rough stones.
The rough stones are classified into different categories, and each pile has a corresponding price code clearly marked, and there is a lifted stone machine here for guests to stone free.
Just after Su Luo and Su Xiaoyuan left, Liu Chengfeng suddenly recovered like a convulsion.
His eyes gloomily stared at the stone chips on the ground, and his mind gradually became clear.
Today he saw two sides of that stinky girl in total, and twice, she solved the spar…What does this mean?
This shows that either she is lucky, or she is carrying a strange treasure, a strange treasure that can tell whether there is a spar in the rough stone! Yes, it must be so, that’s right!
No way! Must follow her.
Even if she eats meat, how can she pick up some soup to drink. The advantage must not be let her alone.
Thinking of this, Liu Chengfeng regained his expression and took his subordinates towards the side yard where Su Luo had gone.
When Liu Chengfeng arrived, Su Luo was squatting on the ground and carefully observing the rough stones, one by one.
Of course, she was just doing it, and it was the little dragon, not her, who really knew whether the rough stone contained spar.
However, she must not expose the little dragon, otherwise, with her current weak strength, not only cannot protect it, but will also harm it.
Su Luo suddenly felt a hot and sinister line of sight converging on his back.
Su Luo can guess without looking back, that these resentful eyes are definitely Liu Chengfeng’s.

Chapter: 232
What is he doing here again?
Want to buy the cyan spar in your hand? Su Luo thought for a while, but shook his head in denial. At least in this Chen Mansion, Liu Chengfeng didn’t dare to blatantly mess around.
So, what is he doing now?
Su Luo’s gaze swept across the little Shenlong who was bouncing and rolling on the original stone, and suddenly his eyes condensed. Yes, he must have guessed a little bit and ran to add a blockage to himself. In that case, why not…
An evil sneer appeared at the corner of Su Luo’s mouth: Liu Chengfeng, Liu Chengfeng, since you still want to play, the girl will play you to death.
Su Luo pretended to observe the hundreds of kilograms of rough in front of her very seriously. She watched, touched, and knocked inch by inch, and suddenly, a surprise flashed across her face.
However, she was afraid of being seen by others, and her mouth was pressed hard, her expression of excitement suppressed.
After a while, she secretly raised her head and turned her eyes for a while, only to find that no one noticed herself, then she let out a sigh of relief.
The above scenes all caught Liu Chengfeng’s sight.
Su Luo had taken an ink ingot, and was about to write on the original stone, but suddenly stretched out a hand slantingly, and quickly wrote his surname on the nearly 100 kilograms of original stone.
According to Old Chen’s rules, whoever signs the original stone first will belong to the original stone.
Su Luo looked back and found that the person was actually Liu Chengfeng, and he was furious: “What’s the matter with you? Where did you come from? Obviously I was the first to look at it! When others look at the stone, others Don’t interfere, don’t you understand such a simple rule?”
Unexpectedly, Liu Chengfeng glanced at her coldly, and said with an arrogant voice: “This original stone boy had already taken a fancy to him before. He was just anxious to lay the stone. This was temporarily put aside. If you say it early, that is also I am earlier than you.”
“You–” Su Luo seemed to be very angry, his face flushed, and he wished to rush to strangle the opponent to death.
“What are you? You have the ability to hurry up. Who is to blame for being so slow?” Liu Chengfeng gave Su Luo a scornful look, but excitedly directed his move to move the rough stone away.
“Well, this stone is for you, but you can see clearly, this rough stone is three thousand gold coins, don’t regret it.” Su Luo seemed to be very angry, stomped his feet, and left unhappy.
Three thousand gold coins? Only then did Liu Chengfeng see the price on the list clearly, and suddenly only felt his heart beat.
Such an expensive rough?
But that’s okay. Since that stinky girl wants to buy this rough stone, it means there must be a spar in it, it must be so! That stinky girl must be bluffing and wanting to transfer the rough stone to her.
Liu Chengfeng gave a cold snort, he was not fooled.
after that.
Su Luo was still paying attention, tapping on the original stone carefully, and then every time he was snatched away by Liu Chengfeng when he was almost selected.
Finally, Su Luo became angry: “Liu Chengfeng, what do you mean?!”
Liu Chengfeng said triumphantly: “These rough stones are not yours. I can buy them if I want. What’s up with you?”
“Fine! You can buy them all, you can’t lose you!” Su Luo stomped angrily.
Seeing that Su Luo was jumped with anger, Liu Chengfeng became more interested. If there is really nothing in those rough stones, this stinky girl will be so angry? Obviously, this stinky girl is becoming angry.
Liu Chengfeng shook his fan slowly, but followed Su Luo at every step.

Chapter: 233
“Those seven rough stones are enough for you to earn, why do you follow me?” Su Luo glared at him displeased, letting go of his throat and shouted out: “Uncle Chen, Liu Chengfeng doesn’t follow the rules of betting on stones, you Come and take care of it!”
Liu Chengfeng was so angry that his neck almost crooked. This stinky girl is really old Chen as her uncle, and still shouting?
However, the fascinating old Chen actually appeared this time, a pair of gloomy eyes shot at Liu Chengfeng silently, and his voice was chilling: “Unruly, get out.”
Then, in Liu Chengfeng’s incredible gaze, Old Chen disappeared quietly.
“…” Liu Chengfeng opened his mouth, swallowing hard, his eyes slowly moved to Su Luo’s face. Is this stinky girl really related to Old Chen?
“Huh.” Su Luo glanced at him lightly, picked up a few rough stones, and after paying the gold coins, he got the stone cutter and started smelting the stones.
It was still early at this time, but there were a few more regular guests in the old Chen’s house, and the atmosphere gradually became lively.
Su Luo took the stone cutter from the man’s hand, then fixed the wool, and wiped off the skin layer without much effort. There are white flowers all around, and there is no sign of spar at all.
Su Luo looked the same as before, unhurriedly unhurriedly.
In Lao Chen, there are very few people who lay the stone on the spot. Su Luo’s hand came and immediately attracted the crowd. Slowly, the surrounding was surrounded by people.
Liu Chengfeng’s attention was also attracted by the calcite on Su Luo’s side, and he walked into the crowd involuntarily, observing in secret.
He thinks this stinky girl is very lucky, maybe he can solve the high-end spar again this time.
Su Luo saw Liu Chengfeng’s figure in the corner of her eyes, her eyes drooping, and no one noticed the elusive deep meaning in her eyes.
Rely on skin spar. The rough stone in Su Luo’s hands did contain spar, but it was the worst of the skin spar.
Relying on the skin spar, as the name implies, the spar inside is only leaning on a thin layer of the skin, and the inside is completely empty. This kind of skin spar is actually used to deceive people.
Before Su Luo originally came to see this piece, but the little Shenlong told her to rely on the four words of Pi Jingshi, these four words immediately made Su Luo change his mind. Since it is used to deceive people by Pi Jingshi, if Liu Chengfeng is not taken advantage of, who is left to deceive?
Therefore, Su Luo decided to untie this reliable spar here.
According to the line provided by the little dragon, Su Luo held down the handle of the stone cutter and slowly cut it down, one knife after another.
This five-thousand-gold rough stone seemed to be just an ordinary stone in front of her. Her hands were as steady as a rock, fast as a gust of wind, and her movements were as soft as clouds and flowing water, without a trace of shaking.
Su Luo’s slender and white fingers lifted the slice of thin skin.
Everyone followed her gaze and looked at the original stone. When they saw it, in the next moment, almost all of them gasped.
OMG! ! !
What’s happening here?
There is a spar, there is no doubt about it, but it turned out to be a blue spar!
This girl’s luck is too good, right? Cyan spar! How precious is this? The imperial capital hasn’t heard the news of cutting out the blue spar for quite a while, right?
For a moment, everyone’s mouths opened wide, and the eyes that looked at Su Luo looked like ghosts, and it was difficult to return to their senses for a long time.

Chapter: 234
Liu Chengfeng’s eyes looked at Su Luo almost bleeding.
This, why is this stinky girl so powerful! She just solved a cyan spar, and now it is a cyan spar. She, she, she… In front of her, are these spars the Chinese cabbage in the ground? ?
Liu Chengfeng was so jealous that he was about to vomit blood.
Even Lao Chen, who had always been secretive, appeared silently behind Su Luo at this time. He looked at Su Luo’s figure, and a complex light flashed under his eyes.
This section is not big, to be precise, only a small piece of a baby’s palm is exposed, but the gratifying cyan luster seems to be gushing out, crystal clear, and the rich aura is refreshing.
“Thirty thousand gold!” Someone among the crowd shouted first.
The man squeezed in as desperately as he talked, the crown cap on his head was a bit crooked, and finally he squeezed to Su Luo’s side. Without a word, he squatted down and carefully observed the rough stone.
Yes, that’s right, this refreshing spiritual energy can’t be faked, it is undoubtedly the cyan spar.
Now Su Luo had only cut out a small piece, and no one knew what was hidden in the rough stone behind. Therefore, this Lao Li quickly bid, because once Su Luo cut out a complete spar, its value would be incalculable.
However, no one here is a fool.
Since Lao Li can see it, how can they not see it? What’s more, high-grade spar like cyan spar has always been in short supply on the mainland, but it can be hard to find, and there is no market.
“Forty thousand gold!” Another person desperately squeezed into it and made a loud price, “Little girl, the old man gave forty thousand gold, do you want to make a move?”
“Forty-four thousand gold!” Before Su Luo could reply, another person followed the price.
“Five thousand gold!” Someone rushed to bid.
“Forty-six thousand gold!”
“Fifty thousand gold!” Boss Li slapped his palm and shouted, “Everyone, the market price of a blue spar cut out is fifty thousand gold. It still hasn’t been cut out. No one knows what is inside. What, you guys, don’t be too arrogant.”
Su Luo Yuguang caught a glimpse of Liu Chengfeng standing aside excitedly, and the corner of her mouth twitched slightly.
Liu Chengfeng, just waiting for your bid. Su Luo thought this way, and she made another cut to the side along the incision.
A knife fell and opened the small skin layer, and sure enough, it was still a blue spar.
For a while, everyone was excited, boiling, and making a sensation.
Yes, it is the cyan spar! There is absolutely nothing wrong! Since this knife can cut cyan spar, there will naturally be another one!
Su Luo saw Liu Chengfeng’s eyes flashing red, and his hands clenched into fists, excited again and again, and his heart suddenly opened with joy.
Okay, very good, Liu Chengfeng, it’s not someone else who is going to pit you, come on.
As Su Luo expected, Liu Chengfeng strode towards Su Luo. He glanced at the blue spar and directly said: “80,000 gold coins!”
Originally, the market price of cyan spar was only 50,000 gold, but now Liu Chengfeng has increased it to 80,000 abruptly, which made people look at each other for a while.
Old Li frowned, and after carefully observing the incision, he gritted his teeth and offered another price: “Ninety thousand gold coins.”
Liu Chengfeng raised his chin arrogantly, “The blue spar is hard to come by. I, Liu Chengfeng, on behalf of Prime Minister Liu’s mansion, give out one hundred thousand gold!”

Chapter: 235
The old man of the Liu family has been trapped in the sixth rank for many years. It is the time when the spar is most needed. This cyan spar is very likely to help him climb to the seventh step in one fell swoop. Then the entire Liu Mansion will become the first family of the imperial capital. His Liu Chengfeng is the number one hero!
So, compared with the future of the Liu family, what is this mere 100,000 gold? Liu Chengfeng thought arrogantly.
“Hundred thousand gold…” Su Luo’s index finger weighed his chin with a look a little embarrassed, “Mr Liu, you know, this girl has never liked selling spars…”
The implication is that this one hundred thousand gold hasn’t been taken seriously yet?
Liu Chengfeng’s expression condensed, and a haze flashed under his eyes.
However, before he could scream out, Su Luo had already changed his tone: “But Young Master Liu has convinced me with this price, so let’s transfer the 100,000 gold to you.”
Liu Chengfeng smiled triumphantly.
I thought it was a stubborn stinky girl, but the price before was not enough to impress her. Sure enough, everything in the world has a price, and money can be bought.
Under everyone’s eyes, after Liu Er Gongzi handed over one hundred thousand gold, the rough stone went to him.
Today’s Liu Chengfeng can be said to have spent a lot of money.
First I was deceived by Su Luo of a cyan and green spar, and then I was taken away by Su Luo for a thousand gold coins. Million gold.
In one day, Liu Chengfeng spent almost one year’s income from Prime Minister Liu’s mansion, which was really a big buck. However, for this money. At the moment Liu Chengfeng felt that the flowers were very worthwhile.
So, what did he get in return?
At this time Liu Chengfeng was squatting on the ground, looking at the refreshing blue spar with joy. He was dreaming about it. When he returned to the mansion with the blue spar, the admiration of the people around him and the old man A pleased smile.
Thinking about it happily, Liu Chengfeng couldn’t help but laughed out loud.
The people around them were a little impatient and urged loudly, “This second son Liu is not Le stupid, right? But this spar hasn’t been completely cut out yet, who knows if the following is true? Cyan spar?”
“That’s right, second son Liu, don’t be happy, cut it quickly, it won’t be too late to cut it out.”
Only then did Liu Chengfeng recover from his sweet dream. He wiped the unintentional salivation from the corner of his mouth, coughed, and said in a serious tone: “Okay, my son will solve the stone himself, so that you can see the blue spar with your own eyes. How brilliant it is.”
Liu Chengfeng held the handle of the knife, concentrating on holding his breath, looking at the rough stone in front of him, but his expression seemed a little hesitant.
Su Luo didn’t bother to pay attention to him anymore.
Anyway, no matter how he cuts, the cut is all gray and white from the inside out, no matter which angle he cuts from, the result is the same.
Because, the only place with spar has been cut out by her.
Moreover, this cyan spar has only a thin layer of the epidermis. Is it worth? Probably not more than a few thousand gold.
After successfully pitting Liu Chengfeng again, Su Luo’s mood improved, and she hummed a little song and Su Xiaoyuan went inside.
Because just now when Old Chen disappeared, he left her a word and told her to go to the basement to see the goods.
Su Luo didn’t know that she was the only one who could be called by Old Chen to see the goods in the basement for so many years.

Chapter: 236
Asked Su Xiaoyuan, the kid didn’t even know that Old Chen had a basement warehouse.
Su Luo held the candle in his hand and walked down the winding steps, while Su Xiaoyuan, as early as the entrance of the basement, was stopped by someone.
When Su Luo walked into the basement, Old Chen stood up and down, looking at her quietly.
For some reason, Su Luo suddenly felt a hairy feeling when he looked at it like that, as if some of his secrets had been exposed in front of him.
Old Chen only glanced at her, then turned away, and said quietly, “Curious why the old man looks at you differently?”
His voice was dull, hoarse, with years of wind and frost.
Su Luo nodded and couldn’t deny that compared to Liu Chengfeng, Lao Chen did always stand on her side intentionally or unintentionally. Moreover, he could see the mystery of the little dragon at a glance…this made Su Luo very curious.
Old Chen still looked indifferent, and only said, “There is a blue spar in it. If you can choose it, the old man will tell you.”
After speaking, he took a deep look at Su Luo, then turned and walked out of the basement.
What a mysterious old man. But it doesn’t matter, she can’t choose the rough stone, but the little dragon can.
Su Luo looked around in the basement, and as her eyes moved slowly, a strange feeling appeared in her eyes.
The light in the basement was a bit dim, but it had no effect on Su Luo.
She looked at it carefully, but she was also more surprised, because the basement in front of her was exactly the same as the old man’s cave house in terms of size and layout.
It was at the old man Zihuo’s place that she got the first batch of rough stones, and for the first time knew about the spar.
Unexpectedly, the furnishings displayed here are so similar to that of the cave.
What is the relationship between Old Zihuo and Old Chen? Old Chen treated himself differently, did he find that he inherited the mantle of Old Man Zihuo, that’s why? Su Luo’s heart was full of questions.
There are not many rough stones in the basement, only some piled up in the corners.
In accordance with Su Luo’s instructions, the little dragon picked out all the rough stones in the basement that contained spars. This challenge surprised Su Luo.
Is the ratio of this spar too high?
Among the 30 rough stones, there are 20 containing spar, and the worst is orange, and the best… is blue.
There really are blue spars? Old Chen didn’t lie to her?
“You really found the blue spar.” Old Chen appeared silently. When he saw the blue spar, a strange color flashed under his eyes.
Su Luo stared at him with some caution, the old man was so fascinating, he didn’t know what was going on.
Old Chen waved her hand to signal her not to be nervous: “Little girl, don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.”
Seeing Su Luo frowning, a smile appeared in Old Chen’s eyes: “Don’t the little girl think this place is familiar?”
really! Su Luo held the little dragon, stroked its soft fur, and looked at him faintly: “Uncle Chen seems to be very familiar with Old Man Zihuo?”
The four words of Old Man Zihuo seemed to have a kind of magical power, which instantly made Old Chen’s cloudy eyes burst into a strange light.
Although trying to suppress it, Su Luo could feel the excitement of Old Chen at the moment. He was excited because he heard the words Old Man Zihuo.
Su Luo saw Lao Chen’s hands trembling slightly in his sleeves.

Chapter: 237
“You have inherited the mantle of his old man?” Old Chen’s gray and yellow eyes stared at Su Luo closely, with a strange look in his eyes.
Su Luo could feel Lao Chen’s heartfelt respect and admiration for Old Man Zihuo. Subconsciously, she felt that there was no need to conceal any more, so she nodded lightly: “Yes, I accidentally broke into the cave and got Old Man Zihuo. Inheritance, but how do you see it?”
In fact, this is what Su Luo is most curious about.
How did Lao Chen see that she inherited the mantle of Old Man Zihuo? She didn’t show anything at all.
At this moment, Old Chen was completely immersed in his own world. He raised his head and could see tears flickering faintly.
“I have waited for many years. I thought I could not wait in this life. I didn’t expect that at this last moment, I really waited.” Old Chen sighed, his expression filled with infinite memory.
“What do you mean?” Su Luo was even more puzzled.
“My grandfather used to be a personal waiter next to Old Man Zihuo.” Old Chen looked at Su Luo lightly. “In addition to being the top pharmacist on the mainland, Old Man Zihuo is also one of the few stone gamblers. It’s not the most amazing. The most amazing thing is that his old man actually refined a potion, a kind of—”
Speaking of this, Old Chen’s expression flashed with a strange light, but suddenly it dimmed: “This medicine is very magical. After taking it, it can open the sky at a specific time. The so-called sky-opening is through the rough stone. The epidermis sees whether it contains spar.”
“Huh?” Su Luo was bluffed.
There is even this kind of medicine? Can you see the internal structure of the rough stone after taking it? How can there be such a heaven-defying medicine in the world? Isn’t that going against the sky?
Old Chen looked at Su Luo lightly, and said: “The most amazing thing is not here, but that the Chen family has been passed on from then on, and every direct descendant can open the sky.”
“What?” Su Luo was even more unbelievable. How evil is the old man Zihuo? He could…
Following that, Old Chen’s expression gradually dimmed: “There shouldn’t be such a heaven-defying potion in the world, so the Chen family is destined to be backlashed by time.”
“Backlash?” Su Luo wondered.
“Each generation of the Chen family must serve Elder Zihuo or his descendants. From generation to generation, he will never betray.” Old Chen said clearly, “If he did not serve them, he would not survive.” 100 years old.”
“How could this be…” Su Luo couldn’t figure it out.
“Girls don’t believe it, but my grandfather and father did indeed die on their centenary birthday. No one can be an exception.” Old Chen’s cloudy eyes dimmed for a moment, and he added, “When they died, Take peace, without any scars on his body, and passed away in his sleep, exactly the same as the ancestral instructions said.”
Seeing Su Luo staring at Su Luo incredulously, a wry smile flashed across Old Chen’s eyes: “So, the biggest wish of the Chen family for generations is to find Old Man Zihuo, or his inheritor, and serve by her side.”
“But…” Su Luo stretched out his hands helplessly, “I am not a pharmacist yet, so I can’t undo the curse on you.”
“No, you don’t need to untie it.” Old Chen knelt down on both knees and said solemnly: “I just ask the girl to accept Old Chen. Old Chen is already grateful.”

Chapter: 238
Seeing Old Chen, who was able to bluff Liu Chengfeng, kneel in front of him, Su Luo felt a little complicated for a while.
If it’s like what Old Chen said, wouldn’t he get a big help in vain? Old Chen’s strength is not low.
However, Su Luo still didn’t think about it, so he simply asked, “How do you recognize me as the inheritor of Old Man Zihuo?”
She felt that she had never revealed any flaws.
Old Chen smiled bitterly and handed over a piece of jade slip, saying: “Old man Zihuo left the jade 玨 back then, saying that if his inheritors come, this jade 玨 will definitely shine. And today, when the girl arrives. , It really shines.”
Is there such a miraculous thing? Su Luo took the blue jade pendant, and looked from left to right, looking up and down carefully. No matter how you look at it, it is an ordinary jade pendant.
Su Luo handed the jade slip back, “Then you collect it.”
“No, let the girl take it.” Old Chen said with excitement, “I have found the girl. This jade slip is useless to me, maybe it will be useful to the girl.”
Su Luo pushed but had to accept it.
“These rough stones were specially left for the master, and I hope the master will not dislike it.” Old Chen has automatically changed the title, and his expression also shows respect.
“Yeah.” Su Luo was not hypocritical, and naturally accepted his kindness.
Since Old Chen was already his own, Su Luo did not hide from him, and with a wave of his hand in front of him, he put all the rough stones into the space.
Old Chen’s pupils shrank slightly, and he stared at Su Luo in disbelief, “Kong, Space Mage? The master is actually Space Mage?!”
Su Luo smiled faintly and glanced at him: “Is there a problem?”
“No problem, no problem at all, but I didn’t expect the master to be a rare space mage.” Old Chen couldn’t get through.
To be able to get the mantle of the purple fire old man, it must be a wood and fire dual element, but besides his own master, he is also the almost extinct space mage on the mainland…what a powerful talent is this? I really look forward to it after thinking about it.
Originally, Old Chen was a little bit awkward about his going to serve a little girl, but after Su Luo revealed this hand, he completely surrendered.
He is looking forward to how much his little master will grow in the future.
After putting all the rough stones into the space, he put the little dragon into the space to peel the spar, and Su Luo walked out of the basement with Old Chen.
When I arrived at the front yard, I found it was noisy and it seemed very lively.
In the crowd, Liu Chengfeng stood dumbfounded. He looked at the rough stone in front of him dumbly, and he refused to believe that it was true.
Rely on Pi Spar! He actually spent one hundred thousand gold coins to buy a piece of cyan skin spar? !
One is worth a few thousand gold, and the other is worth 100,000 gold. The gap during this period is so great that the big Liu Chengfeng simply can’t respond.
“How could this…how…how could it rely on the skin spar…” Liu Chengfeng’s bloodshot eyes stared at the fragments on the ground, and he muttered to himself, almost completely stupid.
The few people around kept shook their heads, some rejoicing, some sympathizing, and some mocking.
“I didn’t think it turned out to rely on Pi Jingshi. Fortunately, the old man didn’t take the photo just now, otherwise he would lose miserably now.” Mr. Li said with lingering fear. Yeah.”

Chapter: 239
“Yes, but this one hundred thousand gold is indeed too high, you know, even if it is a blue spar that has been cut out, the market price is only fifty thousand gold.”
“Yeah, this price is indeed ridiculously high. Only a fool would pay such a high price.”
“The most ridiculous thing is that it was cut out and relied on the skin spar in the end.”
Everyone is an afterthought, everyone keeps playing after the fact.
But the voices of each one were like sharp thorns, and Liu Chengfeng’s heart was twitching.
No, no, he can’t just fall down like this. Didn’t he still buy some rough stones in his hand? Those rough stones snatched from that stinky girl will definitely not be bad, and they will definitely be able to cut out good spars.
Yes, cut, must cut!
Liu Chengfeng raised his hand with a big hand, and said, “Take out all the seven rough stones I bought before, and this son will continue to cut the stones!”
Need to cut? The people around were all whispering, but Liu Chengfeng ignored them. He had to cut out a blue spar now, otherwise, how could he explain to his family?
He spends money like water, and he spent nearly 150,000 gold coins in one day today!
The first rough stone was cut in one fell swoop…nothing.
Cut the second rough stone with a cross…No.
Cut the third rough stone vertically…nothing.
The fourth rough stone…
… The seventh piece of rough stone was almost chopped into powder by Liu Chengfeng, but it was still empty, without a trace of spar!
At this moment, Liu Chengfeng almost went crazy.
One hundred and fifty thousand gold coins, one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins! He actually threw them all in! He didn’t touch a little spar, even a little red spar!
At this moment, Liu Chengfeng’s eyes fired and he almost lost his mind. This is impossible! Obviously that stinky girl had been selected for a long time, and she still looked like she was cheering!
At this moment, Su Luo, accompanied by Old Chen, paced slowly towards this side.
Su Luo walked in front as a master, while Lao Chen was half a step behind as a servant…This sequence seemed very strange to everyone.
Because of the people who can come here, who doesn’t know Lao Chen? Who didn’t know that he was the famous spar king back then? He will be someone else’s servant, how is this possible?
Therefore, no one could guess the master-servant relationship between Su Luo and Lao Chen.
Liu Chengfeng did not rush up frantically. At this time, his red eyes had gradually calmed down. However, when looking at Su Luo’s back, the coldness of his eyes was full of poisonous light, and the corners of his mouth were outlined. There was a strange sneer.
He raised his hand, recruited a servant, and murmured several times in his ear.
The man quickly took the order and left.
In this process, Liu Chengfeng did very secretly, and almost no one knew his little movements.
Su Luo gave Su Xiaoyuan ten gold coins and said with a smile: “Take them, buy something for your mother and sister, and don’t lose yourself too much.”
“Gold, gold coins?” Su Xiaoyuan looked at the ten gold coins in his hands excitedly, his mouth widened in disbelief. Didn’t the lady say that it was good for ten copper coins?
“What you did today is worth the price, put it away, don’t let people grab it, you won’t be able to grab your small body then.” Su Luo smiled.
“But, but… I didn’t do anything today.” Su Xiaoyuan said frustratedly. Today, he didn’t do anything except take the young lady to Uncle Chen. He deserves so many gold coins for nothing.

Chapter: 240
“No, you took me to Lao Chen’s today. This thing is worth the price.” Su Luo said with a smile.
For Su Xiaoyuan, it was only ten gold coins, but to recognize Lao Chen, the spar king, would be of great benefit to him. If it were not for Su Xiaoyuan to lead the way, she would not have been able to enter the old Chen’s door.
“But…” Su Xiaoyuan still couldn’t accept it.
Without waiting for Su Xiaoyuan’s resignation, Su Luo gave him a sideways glance, “Don’t worry, there will be things to tell you to do in the future. Your task has been completed today, so go back soon.” She will definitely use Su Xiaoyuan in the future. The place.
After speaking, Su Luo left without looking back.
Because she could feel it, a pair of scorching eyes were staring at her back.
Turning east and west, in a dead end, Su Luo stopped, turned around, and smiled: “The friend of the Liu family will personally take me home? Now I’m at the door of my house. Would you like to come in for a drink? tea?”
As Su Luo’s voice just fell, two figures suddenly appeared in front of her.
The expressions of these two people condensed, and the murderous intent was in their eyes. They walked towards Su Luo step by step, and finally surrounded her in the middle.
“You want to kill me? Why?” Su Luo raised an eyebrow and looked at the two.
“You know too much.” In fact, a tall man snorted coldly.
“Take the initiative to hand over the cyan spar, and leave your whole body, otherwise…” The short man hummed coldly.
These two people had very ordinary faces, and they were immediately submerged in the crowd, making it extremely difficult to find out. However, their strength is not low, and they are all in the third rank.
Su Luo was just the second-order pinnacle.
If the two of them swarmed up, they wouldn’t be able to fight at all. The only way to do this is to kill one of them first, and then make plans.
Su Luo made a calculation before her thoughts. She looked at the short man with a smile but a smile: “Want a blue spar? How difficult is this? Then–”
Before the words fell, a small spar pierced through the air and flew away.
This throw exhausted all of Su Luo’s strength, so the spar flew far.
Su Luo threw it in the direction of the short man, so the short man quickly swept back, trying to chase the spar.
But how can a tall man just sit idly by? His figure rushed forward like a phantom, and followed the spar.
However, he ignored the weird smile on someone’s mouth.
Just as the tall figure passed by Su Luo’s side, a handprint in the right direction suddenly fell from the sky, and this big void handprint slammed onto the tall man’s head firmly.
The unsuspecting tall man was instantly hit in the head, only to feel that his eyes were dark, and the whole person was a little dizzy.
Although this mudra didn’t cause actual damage to him, the sudden attack still made him pause for a moment.
At this moment, Su Luo had an extra Senleng dagger in his hand.
Kill you while you are sick!
This sentence has always been one of Su Luo’s purposes.
Just as the tall man was dizzy, Su Luo wiped the dagger in his throat without hesitation. In an instant, a burst of red blood splashed out of his throat…
“Uh…” The tall man watched as a blood mist flew out of his throat. He raised his hand in disbelief to wipe it, but this touch made him feel like an ice cellar.
He felt that his life was passing fast, and it was too late for the countdown.

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