The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 511-520

Chapter: 511
However, Su Luo’s speed was so fast that Su Qing had no time to react.
Moreover, she had no idea that Su Luo would catch the transparent ball of light and even return it.
Therefore, Su Qing was considered clever but was mistaken by cleverness, but his calculation was reversed.
He only heard the sound of “chichichi” endlessly, and Su Qing kept wailing in pain.
Su Jingyu wanted to jump onto the stage, but was faintly swept by Nangong Liuyun, and he dared not move halfway.
“It hurts… It hurts…” Su Qing rolled on the ground for a long time, and during this period, Su Luo clearly could kill her, but she didn’t.
She won’t leave any words to others if she wins.
It took a long while before the pain on Su Qing’s face eased. She put down her palms covering her face and stared at Su Luo with her red eyes like poisonous snakes. She hates, she hates it!
I originally thought I could hate to solve Su Luo easily, but I didn’t expect that with so many hole cards, I would still be the loser! And he also made himself look like immortal! Su Qing hates it!
“Ah -” in front of Su Qing saw the moment, the audience has the timid, the spot they screamed.
“Oh my God! Su Qing’s face…her face…how could it be like this…”
“Su Luo is too cruel. She can’t kill but nodding her head. She even tortured Su Qing like this. After all, it is her sister.”
“Do you have any brains!” The third person directly patted the second person’s head, “The transparent ball of light was clearly condensed by Su Qing himself. Su Luo just treated his body in his own way, who knows It contains toxins!”
“That’s right, this can only show that Su Qing hurts others and ends up hurting himself, making himself suffer!”
There was a lot of discussion among the Taiwanese, and the two stood confronting each other on the stage.
At this time, Su Qing’s face was completely ruined.
The original white and flawless face was now corroded by toxins, one black, one white, and one yellow. In some places, the skin and flesh turned out, and in some places, a pit was rotted, and there was almost no good flesh on the whole face.
“Quick return pill, poison of corrosion… Su Qing, what did your master give you? Don’t let me down too much.” Su Luo’s faint voice spread, seeming to be taunting.
Su Qing clenched his hands into fists, trembling constantly, trying to control, so as not to let himself go crazy.
Her eyes were gloomy and her voice was utterly cold, and her killing intent was burning like a fire: “Su Luo! Since you insist on going to death, then you will be perfect!”
The icy chill rushed towards Su Luo from all directions, as if the temperature in this arena was also dropping instantly.
Su Luo frowned.
What hole cards does Su Qing have?
Today, I was able to hurt her twice in a row, thanks to my luck and on-the-spot response, and thanks to the critical moment to comprehend the second layer of the Great Void Handprint-Xu.
When the void space appeared, she risked to shoot the transparent light ball back, otherwise, it was herself who was disfigured today.
Su Qing stared at Su Luo indifferently, staring at her for an instant, put his right hand on his lips, and blew a strange note.
The sound of notes has no pattern to follow, and a strange atmosphere spreads on the stone platform.
No one knew what Su Qing was doing, but everyone realized that Su Qing was weird. Because at this moment, the sound was too weird, and it made people feel a sense of horror and chills in the back.
Suddenly, there was a violent fluctuation between the world and the earth, and an extremely powerful aura swept like a violent storm.

Chapter: 512
Between the flying sand and the rocks, a huge phantom appeared on the battle platform.
“Dragon!!!” At the moment of seeing the phantom, almost everyone’s hearts jumped violently!
A great dragon appeared in the mortal dust! That is a great existence that only exists in the legend, and has never been seen before!
“Lizard Dragon!!!” With its appearance, everyone in the audience felt a kind of extreme pressure and deterrence.
Under the strong pressure of the lizard dragon, they dare not even move, even having difficulty swallowing.
How could it be a lizard dragon? When did the Zikuimen subdued the Lizard Dragon and gave it to Su Qing?
It’s just… it’s just too extravagant! It’s so enviable!
To know the dragon clan, what a powerful existence is that?
Although the lizard dragon belongs to the lowest and most marginal dragon in the dragon family, at any rate, it is also a dragon!
The Purple Kwai Sect is completely willing to sacrifice for Su Qing, right?
For a time, almost all the sights of the audience were focused on the people of the Purple Kwai Sect.
Five people came from Zikuimen this time, one of Su Qing’s uncle, and four fellow students who had a good relationship with her.
At this moment, facing the incredible gazes of everyone, all five of them were sitting in a dreadful manner, staring at the stage without squinting, looking very seriously.
But if you look closely, you will find that the corners of their eyebrows and the corners of their eyes are unconcealable.
Yes, it is very difficult to have a Lizard Dragon, and it is generously given to the disciples of the martial art, which shows the depth of the Purple Kwai Gate.
As soon as the lizard dragon came out, let’s not say anything about it. First of all, the status of the Purple Kwai Gate in the hearts of the people rose.
On the battle stage, the lizard dragon roared and roared, and the sky was shaken, resounding for a long time.
Just a roar made people horrified from deep in their hearts, as if that lizard dragon contained terrifying power like a volcanic eruption.
A terrifying force capable of destroying the world.
Su Qing slowly opened her eyes.
At this time, those deep eyes were indifferent like thousand-year-old ice, without a trace of temperature or emotion.
However, Su Luo was deadlocked.
Su Luo provoked her again and again, and she could not bear it. Today, either she died or she died.
“Su Qing! You cheated!” Su Luo pointed at the lizard dragon and shouted. Her eyes shrank slightly, and a coldness flashed in her eyes.
“Cheating? Ho-ho.” Su Qing showed a sneer on his face, “Poor sister, don’t you know that in the arena of life and death, contract beasts are allowed to participate in the battle?”
Su Luo was unhappy on his face, but sneered repeatedly in his heart.
Are contracted pets allowed to participate? That’s great, you Su Qing said it himself.
Seeing a sense of panic on Su Luo’s face, Su Qing’s heart became even more cold. Now, can Su Luo survive? Su Qing had a sense of pride in holding the winning ticket.
“Okay! Since you can use Beasts, then I can also ask for my contract Beasts! I hope that when the time comes, you won’t regret it!” Su Luo feigned angrily and said bitterly.
As soon as Su Luo’s voice fell, there was a discussion in the audience.
“Ah, it turns out that Su Luo also has a hole card! Maybe she can also come up with a dragon, then it will be fun, hahaha—”
“Just daydream, a little concubine, without any kind of help, can she come up with a dragon? Then I cut off my head and let you sit on as a stool!”
“That is, if she can also bring out a dragon, I will tear down this entire arena!”

Chapter: 513
Everyone believed that Su Luo would never be able to produce a single dragon. However, that is simply impossible.
However, when they saw that a pure white milk dog appeared on Su Luo’s thin shoulders, many people felt that they were black and almost vomited blood.
It’s fine if she can’t take out the dragon, she actually… actually used a puppy that has not been weaned to charge? This is simply…it is laughable and generous!
There was a burst of laughter from the audience, and everyone leaned forward and backward. All of them were holding their stomachs, because their stomachs had already cramped.
However, Su Luo’s face had a faintly confident smile, as if it was not a little milk dog standing on her shoulders, but a veritable dragon.
When Su Qing saw the little milk dog on Su Luo’s shoulders clearly, a sneer appeared in her eyes like the audience in the audience.
“The fire of the fireflies dare to compete with the sun and the moon? Looking for death!”
“You’re looking for death? I think it’s you who is looking for death.” Su Luo hugged the little milk dog on his shoulders and stroked its beautiful pure white fur, “Look clearly, I am the real dragon!”
“Hahaha–” the audience gradually
Su Qing didn’t expect that she wanted to use the cheetah to swallow Su Luo that day, but instead let her contract beast stir up the entire Su Mansion. The black hand behind the scenes was the little milk dog that she could not see at all.
At this time, Su Qing’s eyes were full of killing intent, and between her waves, a powerful and incomparable spiritual power gathered in her palm.
“Go–” Su Qing shot out the spiritual power while waving his hand.
For a moment, the violent spiritual power swept towards Su Luo like a violent shower.
With this lethal force, at the same time, the lizard dragon screamed up to the sky, and rolled over with fierce aura. Then, it turned around and shot wildly at Su Luo.
What a powerful murderous!
This strong attack attracted countless shocked eyes as soon as it appeared, and even some fifth- and sixth-order powerhouses felt a strong sense of oppression and deterrence.
Under this sense of deterrence, they seem to be hard to move, their bodies stiff.
“It’s terrible… this dragon also has the strength of at least Tier 6 or higher? Su Luo is really finished now.”
“This is just a young dragon in the growth stage, and it will be even more remarkable when it grows up! The Purple Kwai Gate is really generous.”
“Hey, it seems that the blood I’m going to transfuse this time is gone.”
“Who told you to be greedy, you must suppress Su Luo to win, looking forward to a big upset.”
“Su Luo pays one hundred for one, and Su Qing only loses one. If you want to make a lot of money, of course it is to crush Su Luo.”
“I regret it now? It’s too late to regret.”
Everyone in the audience talked a lot. In their opinion, Su Luo was defeated this time.
After all, Su Qing has Lizard Dragon to participate, what else can Su Luo do? Standing on her shoulder is a little milk dog that ordinary people don’t want to raise.
A small, crispy-skinned milky dog ​​that will be wiped out by the dragon’s breath.
For a while, all the gamblers who wanted to get upset with Su Luoying held their heads in their hands and sighed. They did not dare to watch the tragic scene of Su Luo being torn into pieces by the lizard dragon on the stage.
Because, that was terrible…
“Roar–” The huge lizard dragon flew up, and swooped toward Su Luo, his strength like a broken bamboo, which made people fearful.
The power with violent vigor caused Su Luo’s eyes to condense slightly.
“Flash!” Su Luo looked at the lizard dragon that was weighing down like a mountain, his body was as fast as lightning, and he quickly slid to the right in subtle spiritual dance steps.

Chapter: 514
“Roar–” The lizard dragon who pounced on the air was angrily, opened his blood basin and threw his head again at Su Luo.
When everyone in the audience saw this scene, their expressions changed drastically, and their hearts were frightened. Because if they were punished by this lizard dragon, they would definitely be torn to pieces!
The eyes of the three judges also flashed solemnly.
The elder of the mercenary union, Bei Chenmu, stroked a few goat’s beards and shook his head slightly: “The Purple Kwai Sect is really a waste.”
The Dean of Empire First Academy Ouyang nodded and smiled slightly and said, “It seems that Miss Su Si is going to lose.
Nangong Yu, the honorary elder of the palace elders, looked indifferent and replied: “Not necessarily.”
Ouyang Yuan laughed for a long time: “Do you believe that little girl so?”
Nangong Yu shook his head, “I believe it is His Royal Highness King Jin.”
Since King Jin is so optimistic about that girl, that can only explain one thing, that girl will definitely win.
Dean Ouyang’s gaze fell faintly on Su Luo, a little curious and a little inquiring.
At this time, the lizard dragon had once again rushed towards Su Luo.
Just at this critical moment!
The little milk dog on Su Luo’s shoulder suddenly stood up, and yelled at the huge lizard dragon: “Woooo!!”
At this time, the little milk dog stood firmly on Su Luo’s thin shoulders. His little furry face was tight, his jaw slightly lifted, and he stared at the lizard dragon angrily, as if his highness was reprimanding the most humble servant.
Seeing the serious look of the little milk dog, the people in the audience suddenly laughed, and the original tension became much more relaxed.
“Oh my god, this is so cute, little milk dog really has the courage.”
“Yeah, I dared to reprimand the lizard dragon, hahaha, laughed at me, my belly–”
“Oh, you are too much, then where is the little milk dog? It is clearly the spiritual pet of Miss Su Si.”
“What a courageous little milk dog, he is so cute and dead, but it’s a pity that he won’t live long.”
Many people were mad at the arrogant appearance of the little milk dog, and they were holding their stomachs and rolled around, and they all wanted to rush to the stage and snatch the little milk dog home to raise.
At this time, Su Qing, with a pair of deep eyes containing sarcasm, stared at Su Luo indifferently, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.
Su Luo, it’s all like this, can you still live? ! Su Qing is extremely confident about the lizard dragon that Shimen gave her!
However, soon, her smile stiffened at the corners of her mouth, and she couldn’t smile anymore.
Because the strange thing that surprised Su Qing again appeared.
The originally huge stupid lizard had already flown into the air. It stretched out its dragon claws and opened its fangs to swallow Su Luo, and it was only three feet away from Su Luo!
But when he heard the little milk dog’s reprimand in mid-air, it was shocked, as if it had encountered a very terrible thing, and saw that it wanted to turn around in a hurry, but the huge body was reversed hopeless, and it suddenly descended in a straight line.
“Hey–” The huge body fell heavily to the ground, smashing the slate ground into a huge dragon-shaped pit.
“Hiss——” Everyone in the audience gasped.
The people in the audience who were still holding their stomachs with laughter were all staring dumbly at this dramatic scene on the stage, their necks stiff, their eyes dull, and their expressions confused.
what happened? Did something happen just now? Isn’t it just the little milk dog barking a few times? Can you kill people by selling cute?
Everyone has these four words plus a huge question mark on their forehead.

Chapter: 515
At this time, Su Qing’s face became extremely ugly!
And faintly, she had a very bad premonition, which was the same as when the cheetah went crazy and made the whole Su Mansion riotous.
After seeing the lizard dragon smashing the ground into huge pits, the little dragon was not satisfied.
I saw it proudly raised its jaw and pointed its small paws at the lizard dragon. It seemed to be angry, and it was a word that humans could not understand.
The lizard dragon trembled in horror, and after finally crawling out of the pit, it was so frightened that its paws were unstable, and fell back again with a bang.
That stupid look looked very embarrassed.
The little dragon was angrily, facing the lizard dragon that fell into the pit, it was a breath of dragon–
Su Luo immediately wanted to cover his face with a long breath.
She deeply understands the little dragon. This little guy likes to breathe fire most. Now that it is so angry, she must want to breathe fire.
But it’s a pity… it’s powerless. It doesn’t have any control over what element it sprays. It’s like a baby can’t control when to pull it out.
At this moment, I saw a water arrow spraying towards the head of the lizard dragon, and it was sprayed with water all over its body.
The little dragon stared at his masterpiece, and was stunned for a moment. The black and white clear eyes were completely confused, and he didn’t know how to deal with the aftermath… It clearly wanted to breathe fire!
In the dragon clan, fire represents anger and water represents comfort.
The little dragon originally wanted to use fire to punish, but accidentally sprayed water… the little dragon suddenly felt like crying, so it turned around and rushed into Su Luo’s arms, writhing little butt, seemed very annoyed, shy, and aggrieved. , At a loss.
Everyone in the audience, including the three heavyweight judges, including Su Qing, all stared at the twisted and twisted little milk dog.
What’s wrong?
Is the world changing too fast, or are they all left behind?
When did the little milk dog be even stronger than the lizard dragon?
Nima! The little milk dog doesn’t need to attack at all. It just stands on its owner’s shoulder, and when its small paws point fingers and its small mouth roars, the unmatched lizard dragon will automatically fall down?
However, their feelings are not over yet.
After being sprayed with water, the lizard dragon changed the anxiety before it, and saw it fly out of the pit with one leap for life.
“Owl——Go!” Su Qing felt bad, and when she saw the lizard dragon leaping up, she loudly ordered it to go up and bite Su Luo on the spot.
However, the lizard dragon who originally listened to her was not a bird, but walked towards Su Luo tremblingly, with extremely respectful eyes.
“Go up! Go up! Owl, go and kill her!” Su Qing’s anxiety in her heart became stronger. She concentrated all her thoughts on her brain and gave loud orders to the lizard dragon with mental power.
The lizard dragon shook, and its sober black eyes were blurred for a moment. It shook its head and found that it was a little heavy.
It stared at Su Luo, the originally calm eyes slowly, once again appeared fierce and violent, extremely fierce and murderous!
At this moment, Lizard Dragon’s two front paws were scratching the ground, and with one click, it seemed that the next moment it would fly forward and tear Su Luo into pieces.
At this time, the lizard dragon is indisputable for its enemies and friends, making people feel jealous.
A glimmer of condensation flashed in Su Luo’s eyes, but before she could move, the little dragon had discovered something wrong with the lizard dragon.

Chapter: 516
The little dragon is completely on fire!
This smelly lizard is really bold and dare to hurt its little owner. He still doesn’t listen to it, and doesn’t do it after hearing it! It’s just looking for death!
The little dragon is angry!
I saw it leaped down from Su Luo’s arms, and the small ball suddenly shot at the huge lizard dragon like an arrow from Li Xuan!
Everyone was stunned by it’s actions, and their eyes were all staring at the little milk dog, and their eyes were as hot as searchlights!
Could it be that Little Milk Dog is going to scold Lizard Dragon again? Are those few words of the little milk dog actually a spell?
Thinking of this, everyone is staring at the little milk dog closely, paying attention, wishing to record every breath of it.
Little Shenlong didn’t know that it was being watched by many people, and saw that its small body fell directly on the nose of Lizard Dragon.
At this moment, the size of the little dragon is compared with the lizard dragon, just like the difference between an ant and an elephant!
Therefore, the little dragon jumped onto the lizard dragon’s nose. From a distance, it looked like a black sesame seed stuck to the lizard dragon’s nose.
However, the little dragon like black sesame grains, with two sharp claws, slapped the lizard dragon’s face without mercy!
“Papa Papa!!!”
A surging flapping sound came clearly from under the little dragon’s claws.
To everyone’s surprise, the lizard dragon’s face was almost scratched by the little dragon, but it was so happy that it even showed something similar to a smile, and looked at the little dragon with gentle eyes, as if by the young master. The slapped grandmother…
“Hiss–” including the three big-name judges, everyone gasped fiercely.
What’s more, rubbing their eyes heavily, because everything that happened before them completely subverted their long-standing worldview.
As we all know, the dragon clan has always been fierce and ruthless, with a strong self-esteem and no one dares to provoke. Although the lizard dragon is the end and the edge of the dragon clan, it is also a dragon at any rate, and it is usually majestic.
But…but…but it is not facing the dragon clan, but an ordinary little milk dog!
Its face was scratched by the little milk dog, and it didn’t even resist, not angry, not irritable, but tamely, humbly, and admiringly crawling to let the little milk dog abuse.
Even in order to take care of the small group of short people in the little milk dog, it automatically lowered its head and moved its head up to make it more convenient and less effortless to beat the little milk dog.
This is simply… humble into the dust.
Does the dragon clan owe abuse? Have a tendency to be abused?
Su Qing knew it was not.
Because the lizard dragon raised in the purple kwai gate bit no less than a hundred people who fed it.
But this…why?
Except for Su Luo, who already knew the real body of the little milk dog, no one knew why, even Nangong Liuyun, that was a guess.
Su Qing stared at the little milk dog, his eyes burst with bloodthirsty rays, and his eyes were murderous!
This little milk dog definitely has a problem!
It was it last time-
It was standing on Su Luo’s shoulder and pointing proudly, and finally turned her back against the contracted beast that she had managed to tame, not to mention the heavy losses she suffered, and was reprimanded by her father.
Now, it has to repeat its old tricks again, and it is really hateful to try to counter the owl that Master has finally helped her win.
No, she would never allow it!
“You die for me!” Su Qing’s anger soared suddenly, his hands flew, and countless auras gathered in her palm.

Chapter: 517
Su Qing condensed the aura into ice blades and shot directly at the small group.
Su Luo didn’t have time to react, and the little Shenlong didn’t have time to react, but Lizard Dragon, it moved.
More precisely, it is angry!
I saw it suddenly turned around, opened the frightening blood basin, and roared.
“Roar–” A howl resounded across the world.
The ice blade that shot towards the little dragon was swallowed by the big mouth of the lizard dragon.
Su Qing looked at the Lizard Dragon in astonishment, his eyes full of disbelief.
Her lizard dragon… is it going to betray her again?
Su Qing was both frightened and angry.
She kept communicating with the lizard dragon in her mind, but what made her desperate was that the lizard dragon’s brain waves were like a straight line, giving her no reaction at all.
The little dragon snorted again, and the little body jumped up, already riding on the horns of the lizard dragon.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~” The little dragon held the lizard dragon’s horn with one claw, and the other claw pointed hard at Su Qing!
That means very clear.
The target is ahead, rush to me——
But that is not someone else, that is the owner of the lizard dragon. Su Qing, originally the owner of the lizard dragon, now the little milk dog has commanded the lizard dragon to turn around and kill Su Qing?
Before, everyone was shocked and almost numb, but the central nervous system was revived at this moment, because this incident was too unbelievable and unbelievable. I’m afraid they will never encounter it once in their entire life, so you must open your eyes and see enough. !
Everyone thought so.
At this moment, the aura of this little milk dog was even more arrogant than the most noble Golden Dragon in the dragon clan.
It unceremoniously punched the lizard dragon with a fist, not to mention that it was still riding on the lizard dragon, asking the lizard dragon to attack its original owner.
This is simply… ridiculous!
However, because it is ridiculous, unimaginable, and unbelievable, the plot is more exciting.
The audience in the audience was a feast for their eyes this time. They really saw what is meant by twists and turns, what is wonderful, and what is ups and downs.
And the people of the world always love to watch the excitement.
“Come on! Little milk dog, come on!”
“Don’t hesitate anymore, rush forward! Go ahead!”
“Quick, quick, go and kill her! Kill her!”
In the audience, the originally silent audience was excited one by one like chicken blood, waving their fists and constantly urging.
These people are undoubtedly the ones who pressure Su Luo to win.
Now, Su Luoguo is really upset, her spiritual pet is so small and explosive, but so amazing.
As a result, they knew the hope of victory, so they stood up and jumped up and cheered loudly.
The audience was full of fierce shouts and noise, and the scene was almost uncontrollable.
However, the stage was silent, and it was a bit strange.
The little dragon was sitting on the lizard dragon, while Su Qing kept ordering the lizard dragon in his mind.
At this moment, Su Qing used her own mental power to crush the lizard dragon time and time again, so her face was covered with sweat and her face was pure and pure.
The order of the little dragon and the order of Su Qing fought in the lizard dragon’s big and clunky mind, and it was suffering from a headache and almost lost consciousness.
The little Shenlong felt a little anxious, as soon as he rolled his eyes, he immediately got an idea.
It yelled to Su Luo: “Ao hoo -” Yujian, Yujian!

Chapter: 518
Su Luo suddenly understood!
From the space, she threw the jade slip that the little dragon’s father gave her to the little dragon.
The little dragon got the jade slip and swept across the lizard dragon’s nose vividly.
This jade slip is tainted with the breath of the old dragon, and no one can detect it, but as a dragon, how can the lizard dragon know?
Just scanning it, the lizard dragon was stunned immediately, and he saw a flash of horror in his eyes, and he kept backing away, making a scared murmur in his mouth. Needless to say, it was completely instigated by the little dragon at this moment.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~” The lizard dragon’s huge body was instantly full of explosive power, and suddenly rushed towards Su Qing!
This move almost shocked everyone’s jaws.
I thought this was just wishful thinking of the little milk dog. Where can pets really rebel against their owners?
However, this little milk dog actually did it!
It actually made the lizard dragon attack its original owner!
At this moment, Su Qing was furious, gritted his teeth with hatred, wishing to smash Su Luo! I can’t wait to choke this little milk dog, who is specially instigating her spiritual pet, to death.
Seeing that the lizard dragon had completely rebelled, seeing its giant claws swung down.
Su Qing was frightened, she turned around and ran!
“Wow–” There was another uniform exclamation from the audience.
Today is really an eye-opener. It was really the first time I saw the little milk dog attack the lizard dragon, and it was the first time I saw a spirit pet chasing and killing his owner.
Everyone opened their eyes wide, curious and excited, gloating and nervously staring at Su Qing, who was running ahead, and paid the highest tribute to her misfortune.
Where can Su Qing at the moment still control the opinions of others? The most important thing for her now is to escape!
Behind her, the little dragon was sitting on the head of the lizard dragon alive, waving his small paws, and constantly commanding the lizard dragon to accelerate and then accelerate.
Su Qing in front of him has already taken out all his hole cards and adjusted his speed to the highest level, but the speed between the two is still getting closer…closer…
“Roar–” The lizard dragon roared angrily and flew up directly, throwing Su Qing down from behind.
However, the speed of the little dragon is faster than it.
Just when the lizard dragon threw down Su Qing, the little dragon had already jumped up, jumped on Su Qing’s shoulder, and hit Su Qing with a heavy punch.
Su Qing was immediately dizzy.
At this time, Su Luo, who had no role at all, could only act as an audience.
She was holding her chin with one hand with great interest, looking at everything in front of her with a smile, as if watching a wonderful scene that had nothing to do with her.
“Su Luo, get your spirit pet away! You cheated!” Su Qing’s angry roar came from not far away.
Su Luo smiled faintly: “Cheating? Where to cheat? Isn’t the spirit pet you said can participate in the war? I learned this completely from you.”
That’s right, Su Luo did raise it at the beginning, but Su Qing, who was proud of the lizard dragon, rejected it in one bite.
Su Qing was so regretful that his intestines were green at this time, and he couldn’t swallow his previous words!
If she is alone, she is much stronger than Su Luo in terms of strength, and she has a greater chance of winning.
But now Su Luo has become a bystander, but she is besieged by two spirit pets, what is going on!
“Call your spirit pet back! Hurry up!” Su Qing was so dizzy that she was beaten by the little dragon. She could only freeze herself up, only showing her mouth.

Chapter: 519
But how smart is the little dragon? It clenched its claws into fists, and directly coaxed Su Qing’s mouth with a punch.
With a loud bang, the corners of Su Qing’s mouth were smashed by it, and he looked very embarrassed.
At the beginning, Su Qing was so cold as a lotus, but now she is beaten into a pig’s head by the little dragon.
Su Luo smiled rather than smile, raised her eyebrows and smiled: “Why do you want me to call him back?”
“It’s not fair! It’s not fair!” Su Qing’s voice was a little slurred, and kept whining!
She had prepared so many hole cards and brought them out again and again, but they were all suppressed by Su Luo. Now Su Qing really has no other hole cards!
“Then be fair, you told your spiritual pet to turn my spiritual pet to good.” Su Luo said in a negotiable tone, “Don’t worry, as long as you can instigate a counter-attack, there is no problem on my side. .”
Su is really too short to beat. If Su Qing’s Lizard Dragon can instigate Su Luo’s little milk dog, will it be instigated by the little milk dog?
“You–” Su Qing glared at Su Luo angrily. She was so angry that she was vomiting blood.
But Su Qing knew that she had to calm down at this time! So she shouted to the three judges again: “Pause, I request that the game be suspended!”
The referee glanced at the three judges, and they all felt helpless.
They have lived for so many years, this is the first time they have seen such a strange scene.
But when it comes to unfairness…not really.
Just like Su Luo said, if you have the ability, you can ask your own spirit pet to oppose her spirit pet. This is also part of your strength.
Therefore, the three judges shook their heads unanimously.
The referee stepped forward, glanced at Su Qing indifferently, and pronounced the verdict to her: “A life and death battle, every one’s fate, and the three referees agreed that this battle is absolutely fair. Please keep fighting.
“No! This is not true—this is not true!” Su Qing yelled desperately.
If the game is not suspended, she will really die!
Until this moment, Su Qing realized that death was so close to her.
Originally, she was sure that she would definitely die Su Luo, so she never imagined that she would die.
Su Qing wrapped herself in a thick layer of ice, wrapped herself tightly and airtight.
The little dragon frowned and walked around the ice sculpture in circles.
Su Qing in the ice is also very anxious.
Although these two spirit pets cannot hurt her temporarily, hiding in the ice is not a long-term solution.
However, before she could think of a way, the little dragon had an idea.
I saw it sitting on Su Qing’s calf obediently, and when everyone was confused about its actions, Monk Zhang Er saw it open its mouth.
A mouthful of fire attribute dragon breath directly sprayed towards Su Qing’s right calf.
The fire attribute of the little dragon is not a normal fire attribute, but a higher level of real fire.
So when the dragon breathed down, Su Qing’s right calf wrapped in ice revealed a piece of white flesh.
Su Qing reacted with a shock in her heart. She hurriedly released her spiritual energy, allowing the frozen energy to quickly freeze her calf.
However, it is too late–
The little Shenlong reacted very quickly, and saw it open its small mouth and bite directly at Su Qing’s right calf!
How sharp are the teeth of the little dragon? The cold ice profound iron is nothing to say, not to mention the white and tender human flesh.
Only a bang was heard.

Chapter: 520
Su Qing felt a piercing pain spreading from her calf to the limbs, and her tears rolled in her eyes.
It hurts, it hurts!
Su Qing felt that her right calf was almost snapped off, and her brain was stabbed with severe pain. She was confused. She lowered her head and looked at her calf. This look almost made her faint. Up.
This was originally her imagination, but it turned into reality so tragically!
Her right calf was actually bitten off by the little milk dog!
And it even disliked her calf, and snorted, that small truncated leg rolled down into the auditorium, causing a burst of screams.
Su Qing’s mind was very confused at this time, she didn’t know what to do or how to do, who to hate and who to blame.
The pain has attracted all her attention.
However, she was stunned, but the industrious little dragon did not stop, still biting her leg tirelessly.
Seeing the little dragon’s breath sprayed onto her left calf again, Su Qing was so frightened.
As a result, the breath of the ice attribute dragon breath of the little dragon… wasted for nothing.
The little dragon suddenly jumped on the head of the lizard dragon and commanded it: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
The lizard dragon knew it, spreading its claws and chasing it away quickly.
As a result, a strange picture appeared.
Su Qing, who had broken a calf, ran fast ahead, while the little dragon sitting on the head of the lizard dragon chased him.
Su Qing’s mind was unprecedentedly clear at this time.
No, no — you can’t just die like this.
Absolutely not!
What to do?, Su Qing’s eyes for help kept sweeping downwards, where her uncle and her brothers were sitting there, they would definitely save her!
Because of his instinct to survive, Su Qing didn’t even want to go straight down the stage.
Su Qing actually ran off the stage? What is rhythm?
Everyone was staring at Su Qing, and they all boiled for a while!
How can there be a reason for life and death to run off the stage? Is this still a life and death battle? You know, fleeing without a fight will be on the mainland reward list.
But Su Qing didn’t care, she didn’t know until this moment that nothing is more important than life, as long as Qingshan is not afraid of not having firewood. She can’t die without revenge.
When Su Qing was still a step away from the audience, Su Qing suddenly felt something wrong.
Suddenly, a huge shadow appeared above Su Qing’s head.
This big void palm print is not big, but the speed is surprisingly fast, it directly hit Su Qing’s head.
“Bang–” There was a loud noise.
Da Xukong’s palm prints steadily fell on Su Qing’s head, making her dizzy, and her eyes suddenly appeared like mosquito coils.
“Su Luo, stop! Anyway, she is your sister. This is a fact that can never be changed. Are you killing your sister?!”
Su Jingyu couldn’t help it anymore, she stood up and yelled at Su Luo.
Not to be outdone, Su Xi cursed Su Luo directly: “How can you do this! Do you really want to kill the second sister? Su Luo, you are so vicious, is your heart black?!”
There was silence all around.
This is a family affair in the Su Mansion, and it’s hard for them to watch the fun.
Faced with the accusations of the two brothers and sisters, Su Luo put his arms around his chest and pointed at the table indifferently, “Where is this?”

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