The Evil King Chases His Wife

Chapter: 91-100

Chapter: 91
In the darkness, a silver light lit up, and Su Luo had already flashed behind Cui Yu, and the broken dagger slashed at her neck severely.
The movements are clean, cruel and bloodthirsty, and never procrastinate.
Cui Yu is worthy of being a Tier 2 warrior. She realized that the danger was coming, and turned to the left side, and then she was a sword behind.
However, she was still a step slower in the end.
Just when she avoided the dagger in her throat and tested it to the left, Su Luo seemed to have expected her behavior a long time ago. The dagger was waiting there early, so when Cuiyu’s body came to the side, she happened to hit the dagger by herself.
“Puff–” There was a soft sound, and a stream of blood poured out like spring water.
“Ah–” Cui Yu didn’t die on the spot, rolling on the ground in pain.
The only blame is that Su Luo has only half of this dagger left, and the other half was gnawed off by Xiao Menglong, so it was not sharp enough and didn’t stab her to death in an instant.
Su Luo coldly looked at Cui Yu, who was rolling on the ground in pain, and asked quietly, “Why are you chasing me?”
“You must die!” Cui Yu has a stubborn face and a distorted expression, but he still raises his chin stubbornly and proudly.
“Tell me the truth, I’ll give you a good time. What do you think of this deal?” Su Luo squatted down, looking at her with a smile, in a negotiating tone.
Cui Yu looked away coldly, not paying attention to her threat.
In her eyes at this moment, Su Luo is still an ant, and she would never admit that she is better than herself.
“Very spineless!” Su Luo pulled out the bloodied dagger, smiling like a warm breeze, with no signs of anger, “You see, my dagger is very blunt, once. It can’t kill people.”
“Huh.” Cui Yu snorted hard.
“Very well, I admire your backbone, I hope you can continue to keep it.” Su Luo has a faint smile on her face. She smiles relaxedly, but the dagger chops Cuiyu’s fingers without mercy.
A finger was chopped off abruptly.
“Ah–” Cui Yu’s painful tears and nose flowed out, almost to death.
Before Cuiyu could speak, the second finger was chopped off again.
The third…
“I said! I said!” Cui Yu’s eyes flashed with surprise.
She didn’t understand that even a martial artist like her couldn’t do such a cruel thing. Why did Su Luo do it so skillfully? There was such a gentle smile on her face.
It seems that it was not fingers that were chopped off, but bread slices.
This person is simply the devil!
“Actually, you don’t need to worry, this hasn’t been done yet.” Su Luo gestured with her hand, seemingly still unfinished.
Cuiyu reluctantly said loudly, “It was the Lord of the Young Palace that we came to kill you! If you have the abilities, you should seek revenge from the Lord of the Young Palace!”
“Why did she kill me?” Fairy Yaochi really wanted to kill her.
Cui Yu stared at Su Luo like an idiot: “Don’t you understand? Our Young Palace Master has been deeply attached to His Royal Highness Jin King since we were young! They grew up together, and their love is no better than others! In the eyes of everyone, Young Palace Master and His Royal Highness Jin is a pair of people, and you, King Jin actually kissed you, so you cannot forgive you.”
“Just because he kissed me, your Fairy Yaochi is going to kill me?” Su Luo sneered. Her guess was right.
“Yes! Because His Royal Highness Jin has never allowed others to approach him, only our Young Palace Master can approach him! Now there is one more you, so you must die!”

Chapter: 92
“That’s it.” A chill flashed in Su Luo’s eyes, and a smile that was almost invisible at the corner of his mouth.
What bullshit fairy, what otherworldly, what not cannibalistic fireworks? All shit!
It is ridiculous that Nangong Liuyun, he claims to be extremely smart, but can’t see how the woman next to him is so snake-hearted.
“Where is Nangong Liuyun? How is he now?” Su Luo’s big jade-like eyes flashed with deep meaning, and there was a touch of irony on the corner of his mouth.
“His Royal Highness King Jin is with our Young Palace Master!” This is the truth, not the complete truth.
Su Luo nodded.
Nangong Liuyun, do you feel guilty when you see the small tree house taken away by the pot?
Will you be anxious when you know that I am unclear about my life or death?
Why didn’t you come to me?
With your Fairy Yaochi, I really don’t care?
Thinking about it this way, the swearing words you said before are really ridiculous.
Sure enough, it’s the mountain and the mountain, and everyone runs. People are still the most reliable.
Su Luo’s eyes were like water, but with a cold conversation, “Let’s go, how many people did you Fairy Yaochi send to kill me?”
Since it has been sent out, it means that she is going to cut the grass and root out. It seems that she is really dangerous this time, extremely dangerous.
Su Luo didn’t know what was wrong with him, could it be that his character was too bad?
It was only half a day, and she had already been hunted down three times.
She felt that she should go to the temple to burn incense, worship the Buddha, and go to get rid of the bad luck. It was really bad luck.
However, Cui Yu was cold this time and turned his head.
“Don’t tell me? Very good, quite good.” Su Luo’s eyes showed a dark sneer.
She was in depression now, and someone sent her desperately to vent her. It was really crowded.
I saw that she didn’t even have a hint, and went straight down!
“Ah-my hand -” Cui Yu saw that his left wrist was severed, blood spurted out wildly.
Before he finished his words, Su Luo chopped it down again!
Cui Yu’s other hand was also cut off, and the blood also surged.
“I said… I said!” Cui Yu almost died in pain, his face pale as paper, cold sweat falling like rain.
“Actually, you can wait a little longer.” Su Luo smiled like a warm wind, but to Cui Yu it looked like a demon from the Shura field, gloomy and ghostly.
“In addition to me, there are three others.” Cui Yu gasped in pain and stared at Su Luo, with a vicious curse in his eyes: “Each of them is stronger than me. They will definitely I take revenge!!!”
“Really? Let’s just wait and see.” Su Luo stood up, condescending, and looked at her faintly, “For your sake, I’ll give you a chance and end it yourself.”
“No–” Cui Yu shook her head in despair. It wasn’t until the moment before she died that she realized that she was really leaving this world forever.
From now on, I never breathed again, I couldn’t smell the air anymore, I couldn’t open my eyes again…The blue sky and white clouds, I couldn’t see anything.
“If you let me do it, I’m afraid I can’t help cutting off the meat from you piece by piece.” Su Luo looked at his hand lightly and smiled: “I haven’t killed anyone yet, don’t be because of you. And dirty hands.”
“You–” Cui Yu was about to die, but, thinking about Su Luo’s harsh methods, she closed her eyes and slammed her head against the cliff not far away.

Chapter: 93
With a bang, her brain burst and she couldn’t die anymore.
“You killed it yourself. I didn’t kill anyone.” Su Luo smiled with white teeth showing.
Then she began to quickly clean up the marks.
It took a full half an hour before she erased all traces and then marched into the mountains.
She knew Fairy Yaochi was going to kill her, and she had only three ways to go.
One is to avoid Fairy Yaochi and find Nangong Liuyun.
Fairy Yaochi definitely didn’t dare to kill her in front of Nangong Liuyun, but it was very difficult for her to operate, and she didn’t want to see him now.
The second way is to hide in the deep mountains and old forests, so that the opponent will never be found.
As for the third way, it is to kill all the people sent by Fairy Yaochi.
But this one is too unrealistic for Su Luo now.
The mountains are majestic and endless.
Su Luo continued to drill into the deep mountains and dense forests, carefully erasing traces along the way, hoping not to be discovered by the other party.
For about an hour after leaving, suddenly, a danger hit his heart, and Su Luo suddenly felt a chill in his back.
She knew that she was being followed.
But this time, as Cui Yu said, martial arts are much higher than her.
Su Luo hid behind the deep ancient trees and looked forward coldly.
It was a woman wearing a light yellow dress, her aura was stronger than Cuiyu, she should be a Tier 3 martial artist.
Su Luo was able to kill Cui Yu by sneak attack, but now that this person is already Tier 3, it is difficult now!
Su Luo blended himself with the dark night, minimizing his presence.
Suddenly, I saw the girl named Goose smile coldly, and then attacked Su Luo.
It was discovered!
The strength contained in that sword is definitely not something she can crack now.
Su Luo rolled on the spot, avoiding the deadly attack.
Then he spread his steps and dashed forward.
She knew that if she was fighting face to face, this person could easily knock her off casually.
Now she can only escape.
When Su Luo saw the vines in the jungle, she was overjoyed, she opened the vines and entered a hidden cave.
The cave is very small, with less than one square meter of space. Su hung her back against the wall of the cave. She held her breath and suppressed her heartbeat to the lowest level, like a cold-blooded animal hibernating, with only a trace of vitality, almost visible.
Through the vines, Su Luo’s pupils shrank slightly, and he was extremely angry.
Fairy Yaochi, don’t you want a man to fight for it? What an ability to kill her as an outsider!
Su Luo’s fists were clenched, and a flash of anger flashed through her eyes. She swears that when her strength improves, she will definitely pay her respects!
But now, Su Luo can only bear his anger.
However, she forbearedly was too late.
Because of her excitement, she became more vigorous, so she was searched for something strange by the goose yellow girl.
Seeing her lift the sword and wanted to kill him, Su Luo rolled on the spot, leaving the small hole and crawling out.
Escaped this chase in a thrilling manner.
However, the good times didn’t last long. Soon in the middle of the road, Su Luo realized that he was locked in by yellow!
It’s really lingering!
Su Luo hid himself in a vast swamp, buried himself in the silt, and his body was covered with withered leaves, only a pair of eyes were exposed on the ground.
She shut her breath, hoping to escape this time.
However, the goose-yellow girl stood on the edge of the swamp with a long-lost anger on her face.

Chapter: 94
Whenever she was about to catch up with Su Luo, the other party always slipped like a loach without leaving her hands. One accidentally caused her to run away, which made Goose Huang very unhappy!
As if now, seeing her locked in, she seemed to disappear without a trace again.
The goose yellow vented his sword towards the swamp, and the sword light flashed with golden lightning, causing pieces of mud to fly.
This sword light contains spiritual energy, the sword light is sharp, and the moves are deadly.
“Sneez–” A golden light flashed on Su Luo’s right side, but the sword flower she brought up brushed Su Luo’s right arm. She felt a sharp pain, and her face was hurt with cold sweat.
At this moment, she almost thought her right arm was cut off.
It took a full hour before Goose’s crazy revenge finally calmed down.
Su Luo gritted her teeth and crawled out of the swamp, her right arm was dripping with blood, and she almost fainted in pain.
Fairy Yaohua, great! Su Luo took this hatred!
Su Luo dragged his tired body, found a stream, and cleaned the wound. And the muddy clothes were also washed.
Su Luo felt dizzy and dizzy because of the excessive blood loss. She cried secretly in her heart. She couldn’t run at all now. If this continues, she will be chased by Goose sooner or later.
Suddenly, she thought about it, remembering that she still has a treasure space.
Although there is nothing in the space, there is still a spiritual spring, which is a healing holy product.
Su Luo took out a handful of water from the space and drank it all in. At this time, the spirit spring was like a jade jade liquid, mellow and rich, and refreshing.
The originally weak spirit was much stronger, his mind recovered, and he was no longer groggy.
After that, Su Luo took another handful of water and sprinkled it on the wound.
Although the wound did not heal immediately, the blood slowly stopped.
Su Luo finally breathed a sigh of relief, and finally came out of desperation, and did not fall here.
However, she hadn’t let go of her breath, but she suddenly felt a danger behind her.
Su Luo rolled on the spot, avoiding the murderous sword.
This person is not yellow, but green.
It was also one of the four people who came to hunt down Su Luo.
“Smelly girl, it turns out that you are hiding here, and it’s easy to find the damned old lady! Look at the sword!” Aside from saying a word, Green Green stabbed Su Luo directly.
The long sword turned into countless white lights and shot towards Su Luo overwhelmingly.
For a time, the wind was strong, and the sun and the moon had nothing to do.
Su Luo couldn’t resist at all, she could only dodge by speed.
However, she was seriously injured at the moment, and lost too much blood part-time, and her skills were no longer as flexible as before.
“Sneez–” Can’t dodge, Su Luo was stabbed by a sword light, and the intense pain almost made her faint on the spot, and at this time, the wound that had managed to stop the bleeding broke again.
The pain is overwhelming.
Su Luo gritted his teeth, biting blood on his lower lip!
She can’t fall, if she falls now, she will definitely die!
There is a cliff in front of it, the bottom of the cliff is deep and bottomless, and the surrounding area is thick with fog.
Su Luo’s eyes flashed fiercely!
Even if she is going to die, she has to pull a back cushion!
However, Su Luo fell…
She fell weakly to the ground, motionless, as if dead, without a trace of life.
A sneer flashed across the tender green eyes, walked to her, squatted down and smiled sullenly, “Little bitch, how dare you seduce King Jin, a hundred deaths are not enough! You can go without worry, King Jin has our own children? The palace owner takes care of it.”
With that, she picked up Su Luo’s “corpse” and threw it towards the bottom of the cliff.
Sister Qin Ning has said that the corpse will be destroyed.
However, the unexpected happened at this moment.

Chapter: 95
When she pulled up Su Luo’s “corpse”, she saw a cold and cruel smile rising from the corner of Su Luo’s mouth.
She turned around and grabbed the green sleeves, lying down on the green shoulders, leaning upside down, her head down, and the dagger pierced the green back vest!
“Ah–” Green let out a scream, her heart was so angry, she held back the pain, and slammed Su Luo to the bottom of the cliff.
However, Su Luo was like brown candy sticking to her, and couldn’t get rid of it.
At the same time, Su Luo kept stabbing her with a dagger.
But in an instant, there were countless scars on Green’s body.
But the tender green didn’t make Su Luo feel better, she finally hit Su Luo with a heavy palm.
On the palm of his chest, Su Luo only felt a sweet throat, and blood spurted out frantically.
At this time, the two were on the edge of the cliff, and the mountain wind was howling, and the two scarred people were crumbling.
Green sneered a few times, and she kicked Su Luo.
This foot contained all her strength, and she calculated that this foot was enough to kick Su Luo under the cliff to destroy the corpse.
However, at this critical juncture, Su Luo hugged the green teacher who kicked out.
Because of gravity, both of them fell towards the bottom of the cliff.
At the moment of falling, Su Luo pulled hard, making herself above and green below.
Green was so angry that he wanted to imitate, but was kicked by Su Luo.
That was an anger in Tender Green’s heart. She swears that if she has her next life, she will break Su Luo into pieces!
However, it was too late for her to think, the two had fallen into the abyss at this moment.
“Puff–” The two fell into the water, the water splashed, deafening, and both of them fainted for a while.
The two bodies were smashed by the ruthless stream, not knowing where to flow.
I don’t know how long Su Luo’s eyelashes were as thin as a cicada’s wings trembling slightly, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at the rock above her head.
At this time, it was found that the surrounding light was very dark, and she was washed to the shore by the stream.
Su Luo found that his whole body was in pain, as if the whole body was torn apart, and the pain was almost numb.
Su Luo took a handful of water from the space and drank it with difficulty. After a while, he slowly recovered.
She staggered to her feet, and looked around suspiciously.
Here is a crescent-shaped cave.
A cave that has been abandoned for many years.
Su Luo was very weak, but stood up with gritted teeth and staggered inside.
She leaned on the wall and walked hundreds of meters in with difficulty, but she still did not reach the end.
This dark corridor is pitch black and gloomy, it seems to lead to the boundless hell, and the sight is full of darkness.
But for some reason, there seemed to be a mysterious power calling her, constantly tempting her to go inside.
After walking about three hundred meters, Su Luo not only took a breath of air-conditioning, but where is the end of this tunnel? Is there really no end?
I really don’t believe it.
Su Luo’s enthusiasm was aroused. She dragged her tired body and moved inward step by step, walking a full distance of one kilometer. Suddenly, Su Luo heard the sound of gurgling water in her ears.
When Su Luo walked to the place where the sound was occurring, she couldn’t help widening her eyes, and carefully looked at the scene in front of her.
At this moment, she almost thought she was dazzled.
At the end of the black corridor, it turned out to be a large circular space, which was as big as a basketball court, and the space seemed very empty.
In the middle place is a purple furnace tripod. Around it is a circle of workbenches, on which some spar and herbs are sparsely placed.

Chapter: 96
And not far from the workbench, there is a bookshelf with a few books scattered on it.
These were not the reasons for Su Luo’s surprise. She was surprised that there were seven or eight corpses lying upside down around the workbench. Each corpse had been air-dried and seemed to have been dead for many years.
Obviously, these people had fought fiercely before them.
When Su Luo frowned, she suddenly felt a danger behind her, and Su Luo dodged on the spot.
“I didn’t expect your life to be so big, you won’t be able to fall to death like this!” Green held the corner of the wall and smiled surly, his eyes flashing with murderous intent.
If at first she was ordered to kill Su Luo, then now, she would like to break Su Luo’s body into pieces.
“Aren’t you dead?” Su Luo smiled lightly, but there was a trace of scruples in his heart.
The other party is a Tier 3 martial artist, but she doesn’t have a trace of spiritual power. Now both of them are injured, but looking at the attack by Nen Lu just now, her injury is much lighter than her own.
Nen Lu was about to take advantage of the situation to chase Su Luo, when suddenly, her gaze looked inside.
At this look, she suddenly opened her mouth in surprise, and then a look of ecstasy appeared on her face.
She walked in excitedly, looked at everything in the cave in disbelief, and muttered to herself: “This, isn’t this true? It turned out to be a purple powder cauldron? Is it really a purple powder cauldron?”
“What is a purple powder cauldron?” Su Luo asked curiously.
At this time, Nen Lu had already regarded Su Luo as a dead person, so she didn’t plan to lie to her, and now she urgently needed to vent her ecstasy, otherwise she would go crazy.
“I don’t believe it if you say you are a waste. I have not even heard of the purple powder cauldron. The purple powder cauldron is the top artifact pursued by the world’s alchemists. With this medicinal cauldron, the success rate of refining medicine will increase by a whole hundred! , Telling you it’s just playing the piano against a cow, don’t you even know what a pharmacist is?”
Facing the verdant contempt, Su Luo sneered in his heart. I’m sorry, labor and capital are really both wood and fire systems, as well as pre-level alchemists.
At this time, Verdant looked at the purple powder cauldron in surprise, with a magical light shining on her face, and muttered to herself, “It is said that the old man Zihuo went into hiding, did he die here in the end?”
“Old Man Zihuo?” Su Luo asked again, “Who is this again?”
Tender Green rolled his eyes, “You haven’t even heard of the old man Zihuo? His old man is the only master-level pharmacist on the mainland. How many families in the world are following his old man? You even Zihuo. The old man has never heard of it, it is really hopeless, I have nothing to say to you.”
Su Luo knew that the pharmacists on the mainland were divided into junior pharmacists, intermediate pharmacists, high-level pharmacists, super pharmacists, and master pharmacists.
The pharmacist has distinct levels and it is very difficult to advance.
But because of the scarcity of pharmacists, every pharmacist is very precious.
The one in Su Mansion is just a junior alchemist, but his existence can protect Su Mansion from falling for decades.
Unexpectedly, the old man Zihuo turned out to be the legendary master-level pharmacist, which is unimaginable.
“Wow!” The verdant green hovering in front of the bookshelf suddenly screamed loudly, “Ancient Pill! There is even “An Unknown Pill”! Oh my God! It’s developed, this time it’s developed!”
“An Unnamed Pill” is the handwriting of the old man Zihuo, recording his life’s knowledge and experience in pill medicine. There are many ancient pill prescriptions that have been lost for a long time.

Chapter: 97
Including the purple powder cauldron, these are the treasures that the alchemist dreams of.
Countless masters on the mainland were looking for this “An Unknown Pill” in order to please the alchemist, but even if they searched the entire continent, no one found it. But she didn’t expect that this time when she was chasing Su Luo, she went straight and found “An Unknown Pill” and a purple powder cauldron.
Suddenly, the green was almost crazy with joy!
She was trembling with joy, and she was so excited that she almost jumped up.
She stretched out her hand to get the “Ancient Pills”, but soon she took it back.
She dare not, she is afraid of death.
Because the corpse lying on the ground told her that the old man Zihuo was definitely a poisonous expert, and his old man’s things could not be tainted by anyone.
“You, come here!” Green put a long sword on Su Luo’s neck and looked at her coldly with a deadly look.
“Do you want to kill someone?” Su Luo’s mouth raised a hint of a smile.
“Killing to kill?” Green laughed, “You really need to kill to kill, otherwise, if the matter here is passed from your mouth, it will cause great trouble to our Jade Lake Palace, so you must die. ”
“Really?” Su Luo smiled faintly, just as she had the same idea.
“But now you can’t die.” Tender Green forced Su Luo with a long sword, and shouted, “Bring the “Nameless Pill” here.”
The green things here wanted to be her own, but she didn’t even dare to touch them.
This is obviously using her as a white mouse! A chill flashed in Su Luo’s heart, and her gaze fell on the corpse on the ground with a dagger stuck in it.
The dagger glowed with a cold light.
“Okay.” Su Luo did not refuse, she walked up step by step, with a harmless smile on her face.
“Hurry up!” Green yelled coldly.
She wants to use Su Luo to test the poison, and try to see if there is any poison in this “An Unknown Pill”.
She must not die at this important moment. The cave of the old man Zihuo was discovered. Who can do so? With this kind of credit, even the bitch Qin Ning will be under him in the future.
Or, she took these things and walked away, which is also a good idea. The green mind flashed quickly.
A sneer flashed under Su Luo’s eyes looking at the changeable expression of the green.
An idiot who has never seen the world.
But Su Luo’s face didn’t move. When she touched the book with her hand, she said silently: “Close.”
Suddenly, the book disappeared on the shelf in an instant.
“Hey, what’s the matter? What about the book?” Su Luo pretended to be surprised and yelled in panic.
Green has an incredible expression.
She stared very tightly just now, her gaze never left Su Luo’s hand at all, but she watched the book flash and disappeared.
What happened? How could the good books disappear?
This is still true hell!
Green can be sure, in such a short period of time, Su Luo has no chance to do tricks. It’s a pity that no matter how she guessed it, she couldn’t guess that Su Luo turned out to be a space mage. She carried a portable space on her body.
Therefore, the first response of Verdant is to jump to the front of the bookshelf and constantly search.
At this time, Su Luo lowered his body, pretending to be searching, but quietly pulled out the dagger.
Seeing all his attention focused on searching for the verdant green on “Ancient Pills”, Su Luo’s mouth evoked a wicked and icy smile.
Say it’s too late, then it’s fast–

Chapter: 98
Su Luo raised her hand, and the dagger had already reached her sleeve.
However, Lunlu focused all his attention on finding “An Unknown Pill”, so he didn’t notice Su Luo’s strangeness at all.
“Where is it? Why can’t I find it?” Su Luo said with a puzzled face, holding the dagger in his sleeve tightly, but quietly approaching Green.
“Could it be–” Green frowned. She was about to turn around, but suddenly felt a shadow in front of her. She subconsciously blocked it with her hand. However, the tragedy was that her right wrist was cut off by the wrist, and the fracture was neat and smooth.
Suddenly, blood spurted out like money!
“Ah–“Looking at the half of her wrist that fell on the ground, Tender Green realized what had happened, and she cried out in pain!
Su Luo was equally dissatisfied with this result.
She originally designed it well and pierced directly from the back of the waistcoat. With her hand speed and precision, the green never had a chance to escape, but she did not know how to escape at the last minute.
If Green turned around and ran away at this time, she would lose a wrist, but her life would be worry-free.
It’s a pity that she hates Su Luo to death now, and can’t wait to get rid of her hatred. So she didn’t even think about it, endured the pain and picked up the long sword that fell with her wrist, and directly attacked Su Luo with a fatal move.
A sneer flashed under Su Luo’s eyes. She took out a book from the space and threw it directly towards the green, with a smile on her face: “Catch it, don’t lose it.”
“”An Unknown Pill”?” Green opened his eyes wide, and looked at the “An Unknown Pill” that emerged out of nowhere in Su Luo’s hands in amazement.
However, this short moment was enough for Su Luo!
As early as the moment she threw the “Anonymous Pill”, she had moved behind the verdant ghost like a ghost. At the moment she was stunned, Su Luo was like a demon from hell, with the newly captured dagger facing the verdant green. A stroke of the neck–
Suddenly, blood is pouring!
Green eyes watched the “An Unknown Pill” in his hand, the knuckles were white, and his heart was about to explode.
However, she could only look at the blood that was constantly gushing from her neck, staring at Su Luo, and her expression suddenly realized: “Empty, space…Mage…”
Then she fell back very unwillingly, her eyes widened round and ferocious, and she didn’t look down until she died.
Su Luo withdrew the “Anonymous Pills” from her hand, patted the dust on it, and said with a smile, “Yes, this girl is the Master of Space, but unfortunately you didn’t know until you died, it’s too late!”
At this time, Su Luo thanked this space very much. Although she thought it was tasteless at first, now, she has slowly discovered its beauty.
After extinguishing the green girl, Su Luo began to raid the treasure here.
At this moment she was standing by the bookshelf. The bookshelves were full of various senior medicine books, many of which Su Luo couldn’t understand.
But it doesn’t matter, take it back and study it slowly. Su Luo is not a local book, she just put the entire bookshelf into the space.
Afterwards, Su Luo held her chin, and circled the purple powder cauldron. As she looked up and down, she wondered: There is nothing strange about this medicine cauldron, why is it so heavy?
Yes, Su Luo has tried it just now.

Chapter: 99
She wanted to move the medicine cauldron, but found that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t move it. It seemed that the medicine cauldron was growing on the ground.
It would be difficult for others to take the medicine pot away, but who told Su Luo to have the biggest cheat for killing people and traveling at home?
Su Luo placed his hand on the edge of the purple powder cauldron, and said in a low voice, “Close.”
As a result, the purple powder cauldron weighing about 10,000 jin disappeared out of thin air.
Su Luo felt the space, and she was a little worried.
She found that after she searched around, the small space of about ten square meters was filled up, and there was almost no room to settle.
How can this be good? There is a pile of dark stones in the corner, and I don’t know what it is.
If you can’t fit it, then throw it away, and wait for it to come back later. Su Luo secretly said in his heart.
So, Su Luo only stooped down and picked up a few pieces, planning to take it out and find someone to take a look.
After all, this was left by the old man Zihuo. How could the things left by his old man be simple?
As soon as three stones were put in, Su Luo suddenly felt dizzy in his head, and an inexplicable sting made her almost untenable.
But this sting came and went quickly, and it almost disappeared in the blink of an eye.
Su Luo checked the space again at this time, and suddenly, her mouth opened into an “o” shape.
Actually, this is also ok?
Su Luo discovered that her space had grown larger. Although the change was not very obvious, it actually extended a square meter of space in the corner.
Such a discovery really made Su Luo ecstatic.
The space will become bigger?
Su Luo’s gaze fell on the pile of dark oval stones in front of him.
The space did not change when I put in the medicine cauldron, books and other objects just now, but after the three small black stones were put in, the space changed significantly.
Can these stones also promote the expansion of space?
Whether it is or not, try it and you will know.
Su Luo picked up a black stone and threw it in, one, two, three…
Su Luo suddenly felt a pain in her head, and she snorted in pain, but when she opened her eyes again, she found that the space was one square meter bigger!
It turned out to be true!
This discovery made Su Luo completely relieved.
She did not hesitate to sweep the remaining ten black stones on the ground into the space in a single brain, sweeping away the survival on the ground.
As a result, the space has expanded by about five square meters.
Su Luo was overjoyed in her heart, and it seemed that she would look for these black stones if she had the opportunity.
At this moment, Su Luo still didn’t know what kind of energy these black stones contained, nor how much convenience these stones would bring to her future chain repair.
However, just when Su Luo was about to turn around and leave, he found that there was another person at the door. That person was leaning on the door frame with a sword in his arms, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes as cold as a poisonous snake, staring at her for a moment.
Su Luo’s heart jumped, and he secretly said badly.
Just now she swept the baby in the house without any scruples, could it be seen by the other party?
She didn’t even notice the appearance of the opponent, which is enough to show that the opponent’s martial arts is much higher than her.
“Su Luo, your fate is really big!” Goose Huang held the sword and sneered close to Su Luo again and again.
Ever since she chased and lost Su Xiao, Goose has been searching along the way, and later found traces of fighting on the edge of the cliff. She slipped off without a word to pull a vine. After searching all the way, she found a unique cave here.
However, the most important discovery was in Su Luo.
Goose Huang did not expect that the legendary waste material straw bag turned out to be a space mage almost extinct on the mainland!

Chapter: 100
Moreover, her space is not small!
Although pharmacists are rare, but compared to the almost extinct space mage, what counts?
If the space mage’s matter were to be reported, the whole continent would be a sensation, right?
Unexpectedly, I didn’t expect that this stinky girl turned out to be a space mage. Originally wanted to kill her, but now I can’t kill it. I believe that the young lady will be very happy to offer Su Luo this little bitch to the lord of the palace. At that time, after controlling her mind, she can only work for Yaochi Palace. Up!
Goose Huang thought about it more and more beautiful, she smiled obsessively, step by step approaching Su Luo, waving a long sword in her hand, the point of the sword pointed straight at her: “Little bitch, let’s see where you run this time.”
At this time, Su Luo’s heart was really frustrated to death.
The Long March of Ten Thousand Miles, 25,000 li came over, and it was about to arrive, but was intercepted by the enemy at the last moment.
This is really behind the mantis catching the oriole, and he is a hateful mantis.
Nangong Liuyun once warned her to be careful not to disclose that she was a space mage, otherwise she would be worried about her life.
Now, her biggest trump card was discovered by Fairy Yaochi’s maid…If it is spread…
Su Luo narrowed his eyes slightly, and a murderous intent flashed in his heart.
However, her face remained calm, and she glanced at Goose indifferently, “What if I don’t leave?”
“Do you think you still have a choice?” Goose hung down and looked at Su Luo contemptuously.
At this moment, she was like a queen, and Su Luo was just an ant letting her step on. Ants without resistance.
But when the corner of her eyes saw the deadly green on the ground, a flash of horror flashed in her eyes.
Verdant was killed?
Nen Lv grew up with her since childhood and practiced martial arts together. Her martial arts goose was very clear and was comparable to her own, but she did not expect that Nen Lv would eventually die in the hands of Su Luo.
It’s really hard to look at.
“It seems that I really underestimated you as a bitch.” Goose Huang squinted at Su Luo, gritted his teeth, and burst into anger.
She couldn’t wait to kill Su Luo with a single sword, but unfortunately she couldn’t kill it now, because the current Su Luo is a space mage that has almost disappeared on the mainland, and he is still a space mage who has no self-protection.
Goose Huang secretly thought, if Su Luo were put on auction, with the talent and appearance of this little bitch, he should be able to sell at an unprecedented high price, right?
It’s really a wealth that makes people have to.
Su Luo looked at the yellowish and uncertain face, then turned to look at the green corpse lying down on the ground, a wry smile appeared in his eyes.
How could he be seen? If this is the case, Goose will definitely be more vigilant, and his previous small methods will no longer be used.
Su Luo smiled bitterly and raised her hands in a gesture of surrender. However, because of the verdant green of the goose yellow, she became very cautious this time.
She took out a pair of red bloody ropes, tied Su Luo’s hands behind her back, and tied them tightly and tightly.
“Honestly, don’t try to escape!” Goose warned sharply.
Su Luo moved only a little, and the goose-yellow Senlen long sword cut into her neck, and a trace of blood slowly leaked out.
Su Luo knew that if she resisted, because she had killed the two sisters of the other side, the other side was definitely likely to have her severed.

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