The One & Only

Chapter: 503

At this moment!
The mansion of Lord Chen, in the lobby
Dian Chu and Luo Hu, the first fierce general of the Chen Clan, are engaged in a fierce battle.
Luo Hu’s strength is not weak, but compared with Dian Chu, he is not as good as Dian Chu in terms of speed, strength, and skills.
Soon, Dian Chu’s three punches blasted Luo Hu’s defensive posture, which directly opened the door to Luo Hu’s chest.
Dianchu took the opportunity to crash into Luohu’s arms and hit Luohu’s chest with his elbow.
It makes a dull sound like hitting a wood!
Luo Hui showed a pained expression, and he retreated seven or eight steps before he could barely stabilize his figure.
He couldn’t stand steady, knelt on the ground thumping, and vomited a mouthful of blood mixed with pieces of lung lobes.
The entire human face was like golden paper, and it was obvious that he had been seriously injured.
Luo Hui, a fierce general of the Chen clan, was easily defeated by Dian Chu!
Chen Mufeng opened his eyes wide!
Hundreds of retainers on the scene, as well as the elite subordinates of the Chen Clan for hundreds of meters outside the door, opened their eyes wide.
Chen Ning smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth. He was not surprised by this result.
In fact, he knew that Yi Dian Chu’s strength would not be a problem even if he defeated the Chen Clan!
Chen Ning looked at Chen Mufeng with a stunned face and said with a smile: “Master Chen, do you want me to kneel now?”
Chen Mufeng was furious and shouted: “Chen Clan Qunying, who wants to take them two for me?”
Among the hundreds of retainers on the scene, many people immediately called for battle.
“Chen Clan Fatang, down the mountain tiger Ren Qiuyu, apply to play!”
“Chen Clan Xingtang, Xiaotianhu Li Jianrui, apply to play!”
“Chen Fengke, five-province fighting champion Lu Chunlin, apply to play!”

For a time, the masters of the Chen clan enthusiastically asked for the battle.
The diary beside Chen Ning proudly said: “Don’t fight, let’s go together, don’t waste time.”
All Chen Clan heroes were completely angered when they heard this.
“Kill them!”
Immediately there were dozens of masters, roaring at Chen Ning and Dianchu.
Dian Chu was not afraid, strode to meet him.
I saw him swiftly walking through the enemy clusters, shooting like electricity, and constantly screaming and falling down from opponents.
When Chen Clan saw that Dian Chu was so fierce, all of them were shocked.
Five-province fighting champion Lu Chunlin, this guy saw Dianchu so good, so he avoided Dianchu’s edge, found an opportunity, and rushed to Chen Ning in a flash.
After all, persimmons have to pick the soft ones, and people have to pick the weak ones to bully.
He punched Chen Ning’s face and said with a grin: “Boy, you can lie down for me first!”
Chen Ning saw that Lu Chunlin treated him as a soft persimmon, he smiled, and then swept towards the other side with a whip.
This foot, carrying the bad wind, exploded with obvious power!
Lu Chunlin’s expression changed in an instant, and he realized that what he picked was not a soft persimmon, but a hard steel plate!
He screamed, hurriedly trying to reach Chen Ning’s fierce kick.
Chen Ning swept Lu Chunlin with one kick, and directly swept Lu Chunlin away.
Lu Chunlin hit the wall fiercely, the wall cracked, and there was a shocking blood stain on the wall, and then Lu Chunlin’s body weakly slid down the wall.
When Chen Mufeng and his men saw this scene, they couldn’t help but gasp.
so horrible!
Dian Chu’s strength is already terrifying, but Chen Ning’s strength is even stronger than Dian Chu’s.
The masters of the Chen Clan had no resistance at all in front of Chen Ning’s master and servant.
Chen Mufeng’s heart was sinking in despair.
At this time, the dozens of retainers who pounced on Dian Chu also all fell to the ground.
The rest of the Chen Clan’s powerhouses and elite subordinates, one by one, looked at Chen Ning and Dianchu with fear, and no one dared to take the initiative again.
Chen Ning looked at Chen Mufeng coldly: “Now, can I talk about it?”
Chen Mufeng’s face was green and white. He glared at Chen Ning and roared: “You offend our Chen Clan, do you think you will have a good life?”
“Everyone in the Chen clan listened to my order, they all went together and killed them both!”
Immediately, dozens of retainers on the scene, as well as hundreds of elite subordinates outside the door, all drew out their weapons one after another, preparing to besiege Chen Ning Dianchu desperately.
But at this moment, Chen Mufeng’s wife, Li Rufeng, appeared in a hurry. Holding her mobile phone, she screamed, “Master, stop!”
Chen Mufeng’s expression sank: “Didn’t I say that there is something at home today, and you women and children can’t come to the front yard lobby?”
Li Rufeng walked to Chen Mufeng quickly and said in a panic: “Master, it’s a call from my third uncle.”
Chen Mufeng couldn’t help being surprised when he heard the words: “My third brother, has he recovered from a coma?”
Li Rufeng nodded and said, “Yes, Sanshu said that he was very anxious and asked you to answer the phone immediately, otherwise our Chen Clan will be completely finished.”
Chen Mufeng’s face changed when he heard the words. He answered the phone and said solemnly, “Hello?”
Chen Gongjin’s weak voice came from the phone: “Hey, brother!”
Chen Mufeng: “I’m here, it’s great for you to wake up the third.”
“You can recover from your illness, and I will avenge you.”
“Chen Ning took the initiative to come to our Chen Clan today. He is now heavily surrounded by our Chen Clan’s people. It is difficult for him to fly with his wings.”
When Chen Gongjin heard this, his heart directly touched his throat, and he trembled: “Big Brother, don’t be rude to Chen Ning, otherwise our Chen Clan will be finished!”
Chen Mufeng frowned upon hearing this, and said displeased: “Why did you say this to the third child? Chen Ning’s kid bullied us Chen Clan so badly. If he didn’t kill him, where would we put our Chen Clan’s face?”
Chen Gongjin said anxiously: “Oh, eldest brother, if you offend Chen Ning, our Chen Clan will all be destroyed, so what face is there to talk about!”
Chen Mufeng was taken aback!
He asked uncertainly: “The third child, tell me what exactly is Chen Ning? Why are you so afraid of him?”
Chen Gongjin said in a complicated voice: “Chen Ning is the young commander of the Northern Territory, the God of War of China, the commander-in-chief of 300,000 soldiers in the Northern Territory!”
Chen Gongjin’s words were like a thunderbolt in Chen Mufeng’s ears, making Chen Mufeng stupid on the spot.
Young handsome!
Commander-in-chief of the Northern Army!
Oh my God, it turned out that I offended this kind of big man who turned his hands for the clouds and the hands for the rain!
Chen Mufeng wanted him to seek the marshal’s property and murder the marshal. His blood pressure soared instantly and he almost vomited blood on the spot.
On the phone, Chen Gongjin’s voice was still coming out: “Brother, we made a mistake this time. We made a very thorough mistake. Now the only way to survive is to beg for mercy to the young commander. Don’t be rude to the young commander…”
Chen Mufeng hung up the phone and looked at Chen Ning. He already had the prestige that he had when he shouted and killed. Instead, his face was full of horror, his whole body trembled uncontrollably, and cold sweat rolled down his forehead.
He hurriedly walked towards Chen Ning, then knelt on the ground with a thump, and said in a trembled voice: “Marshal, I was wrong. I beg you to see that our surname is Chen. We belonged to a family five hundred years ago. Come on, let our Chen clan a way out!”

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