The One & Only

Chapter: 506

Hao Heng!
This is called rich and powerful!
What is the ability to send a car to the teacher?
Directly build a dormitory building for all the teachers and employees in the school. This is called wealthy and self-willed.
All the parents at the scene looked at Chen Ning in admiration, not only because of Chen Ning’s generous shots, but also because Chen Ning severely taught Zhu Baifeng this flatterer.
Parents really hate this Zhu Baifeng!
Relying on her own money, this woman slapped the teacher’s flattery in the parent group all day, saying that she would pool money to buy a notebook for the teacher, and she said that she would pool money to buy a gift for the teacher and the child.
And every time I suggest buying a gift, it is very expensive.
Many parents of ordinary office workers pay for their house, car, and send their children to school. They need to be frugal every month to make ends meet. That can withstand the toss of a flatterer, and give gifts to the teacher in three or two days. Yeah!
They wanted to choke Zhu Baifeng like Ma Xiaoli did, but they didn’t have the courage.
They also imagined hitting Zhu Baifeng in the face severely, but they didn’t have the strength.
Now, Ma Xiaoli choked Zhu Baifeng.
Chen Ning directly hit Zhu Baifeng on the money Zhu Baifeng is most proud of.
The parents at the scene all secretly cheered and cheered Chen Ning secretly: Well done!
Zhu Baifeng was indeed suppressed by Chen Ning’s words just now.
She has some money in her family, but she can’t get it out of 20 million. Even if there are 20 million in the family, she can’t donate all of it to the kindergarten to build a dormitory building. She is not stupid.
However, she also did not believe that Chen Ning could put out 30 million.
She glanced at Chen Ning’s 20-night Hongqi car, and sneered: “Ho ho, do you have thirty million for a poor man like you?”
“My pocket is probably cleaner than your face, so you dare to brag about donating a dormitory building for faculty and staff. Is it shameful?”
When Chen Ning heard this, he took out a black American Express card directly from his wallet, threw it on the woman’s face, and said coldly: “Open your dog’s eyes, you can see if this card is worth three thousand. Million?”
The American Express black card was drawn on Zhu Baifeng’s face fiercely, making an astonishing noise, and it also made Zhu Baifeng’s face red and swollen.
She subconsciously reached out to catch Chen Ning’s black card smacked on her face, the beaten face was fiery.
She was frightened and angry, cursing like a shrew: “You dare to use a card to slap me, what kind of bad card, dare you say that there must be 30 million in it?”
As soon as she finished speaking, there was a burst of laughter on the scene.
The parents at the scene sneered and said: “It’s because she still looks like a lot of money on weekdays, and she doesn’t even know the black card of American Express.
“That’s right, whoever is rich doesn’t know about the Amex black card, it is universal, and there is no limit!”
“Don’t talk about tens of millions of American Express Black Cards, it’s not a problem to swipe a few hundred million at a time. She doesn’t even know this, she knows that she is a pseudo-rich or an upstart.”
Zhu Baifeng heard the comments from the people around her, her face was particularly ugly, and she looked down at the little black card in her hand in shock.
She really didn’t want to understand, just a black card, so powerful?
She looked at Chen Ning again, but still didn’t believe it!
This card must be fake!
She firmly believed that Chen Ning would not be so rich, Chen Ning would not drive such a cheap Hongqi car, Chen Ning would be so rich, Ma Xiaoli would not be reluctant to even pool money to buy a car for the teacher.
Therefore, Chen Ning must have no money, and this card must be fake.
She sneered: “There is only a dead mouse on her waist, pretending to be hunting.”
“You are holding a fake card, who are you scaring?”
When everyone heard Zhu Baifeng’s words, they were all stunned. They all looked at Chen Ning in amazement, thinking: Ah, is it possible that Chen Ning’s card is genuine?
After Zhu Baifeng determined that Chen Ning’s card was fake, her aura returned.
She pointed at Chen Ning arrogantly and said: “You beat me, your men beat my two younger brothers, your mother-in-law insulted me, your whole family is guilty, and now you better kneel down and apologize to me.”
“Otherwise, when my husband comes, your whole family will be out of luck.”
Everyone at the scene looked at Chen Ning together, and many parents showed sympathetic expressions.
If Chen Ning’s card is really fake, and Chen Ning is really a pauper, then he will offend Zhu Baifeng and he will end up miserably.
Chen Ning looked at Zhu Baifeng with a sneer: “What are you worthy of letting me kneel down, even if you call your husband, I want to see how good he is.”
Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao arrived.
At this time, a Mercedes-Benz car came galloping in and stopped in front of the school.
Next came a middle-aged man in a suit and two entourages.
This middle-aged man is Zhu Baifeng’s husband, Hong Daxiang, the head of real estate construction in Ningda Group.
Ningda Group’s first business was to demolish the Haitang City Village and rebuild it into a Haitang Shopping Plaza. The project leader was Hong Daxiang.
Hong Daxiang is also a veteran of the Ningda Group. He owns 0.5% of the shares of the Ningda Group and is now worth a lot.
When Zhu Baifeng saw Hong Daxiang, he immediately walked up as if he had seen a rescuer, and shouted: “Husband, you came just right, and their family bullied me.”
“You know a lot of people from both black and white in Zhonghai City. You must teach them to me today and vent my anger.”
Hong Daxiang just learned that his wife and two brother-in-laws had a conflict with other parents at the school gate.
He hurried over!
He looked in the direction Zhu Baifeng pointed, and then saw Chen Ning and Song Pingting, his eyes suddenly widened.
However, Zhu Baifeng didn’t notice that her husband’s face had changed, and he babbled freely: “Husband, this poor man is holding a fake black card to scare me, saying that he wants to donate a dormitory building to the school with me! ”
“He said he gave 30 million, and I gave 20 million.”
“With his virtue, can he put out 30 million to scare the ghost…”
Zhu Baifeng hadn’t finished speaking yet, Hong Daxiang was already full of shame and anger, and couldn’t help it anymore, and slapped her face with a vicious hand.
A loud noise!
Zhu Baifeng’s already fat pie face was directly swollen by Hong Daxiang’s slap, making it more like a pig’s head.
Zhu Baifeng was covering the slapped face, and the whole person was blinded by the slap.
The people around were also dumbfounded.
Zhu Baifeng looked at Hong Daxiang in disbelief, and said with a trembling, “Husband, are you hitting me?”
Hong Daxiang flushed, and blue veins appeared on his neck. He pointed to Chen Ning and Song Pingting and said, “You dare to be rude to them. Do you know who they are?”
“This Mr. Chen is one of the founders of Ningda Group. The reason why Ningda Group is called Ningda is from his name Chen Ning.”
“As for Mrs. Chen, she is now President Jian of Ningda Group, worth more than 200 billion yuan!”
“More importantly, Mr. Chen and Mrs. Chen are my boss and my benefactor!”
“There is no promotion from Mr. Chen and Mrs. Chen. I am still a small construction foreman. As for you, who are still growing sweet potatoes in the countryside, how can you have your good food today?”
When Zhu Baifeng heard the words, his face was pale, and he knelt in front of Chen Ning’s family with a thump.
Shaking all over, she cried and said, “Mr. Chen, Mrs. Chen, I was wrong!”
Chen Ning said coldly: “Apologize to my mother!”
Zhu Baifeng quickly apologized to Ma Xiaoli!
Ma Xiaoli had an upright personality. Seeing Zhu Baifeng kneeling down and crying, she apologized, and her anger disappeared. She waved her hand and said, “Forget it!”
Hong Daxiang also came over and compensated Chen Ning’s family.
Chen Ning said indifferently: “I said I want to donate to the staff dormitory, so I must donate it. I donate 30 million and your wife pays 20 million. There is no problem, right?”
Hong Daxiang said quickly: “No, no problem.”
Chen Ning nodded: “Okay, you personally implement this matter, and I will investigate the progress at any time.”
Hong Daxiang repeatedly said: “Yes, yes!”
Chen Ning looked at Zhu Baifeng again and said: “It’s okay to respect the teacher, you can praise the teacher, or you can give the teacher a gift voluntarily if you can.”
“But remember that not every family has good financial conditions, and not every family is rich. In the future, you should not speak in the parent group for such publicity and gift giving.”
Zhu Baifeng trembled: “Yes, I won’t dare anymore.”
Chen Ning waved his hand, Hong Daxiang, Zhu Baifeng and others left dingy.

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