The One & Only

Chapter: 510

When Chen Ning and Dianchu came out of the Zhongcheng Prison, it was already past 10 o’clock in the evening.
Chen Ning felt a little hungry, so he greeted Dian Chu to a nearby midnight snack street and had a midnight snack before going back.
Soon, the two came to the Ye Supper Street, and casually found a place to sit down in a food stall.
The two ordered a few small stir-fries and a bunch of barbecues!
Suddenly, a young girl wearing a beer advertising skirt came to Chen Ning and Dianchu and asked a little shyly: “Two gentlemen, do you want some beer?”
When Chen Ning saw this girl, she was only 16 or 7 years old, she was a high school student, and she looked a bit conspicuous in her short beer ad skirt.
He looked at the pretty young girl, and said lightly: “Let’s have two dozen beers!”
The little girl opened her eyes and smiled, and hurriedly went to get wine for Chen Ning and Dianchu.
Chen Ning looked at the little girl who was acting a little rusty, and asked him lightly: “You should still be a student, how come out to sell beer?”
The little girl looked at Chen Ning vigilantly when she heard the words, but when she met Chen Ning’s determined eyes, she felt a kind of trust for no reason.
She whispered: “I am a student in the second high school and my family is poor, so I will sell beer after the evening self-study class, so I can earn money to study and subsidize the family.”
The children of the poor are in charge early!
Chen Ning nodded and praised: “It’s not bad to be self-supporting!”
The little girl widened her eyes when she heard this. In fact, she used her spare time to sell beer, and she did not dare to tell the teachers and classmates, nor did she dare to tell any acquaintances.
Everyone disagrees with her doing this, and Chen Ning is the first to approve her choice.
She couldn’t help but glanced at Chen Ning more, and said softly, “Thank you for understanding!”
At this moment, a few young men with colorful hair at the next table shouted at the little girl: “Hey, beauty, we want beer here, come here!”
The little girl hurriedly went over and asked with a smile: “Sirs, how many bottles of beer do you want?”
Among the few gangsters, the first one with yellow hair grinned and said: “How much is a bottle of your beer?”
The little girl said: “Seven yuan a bottle, if you want a dozen, the discounted price is seventy.”
Huang Mao took out his wallet, directly took out one thousand yuan, and patted it on the table carelessly, squintingly at the little girl in an advertising skirt, and said with a smirk: “Here is one thousand yuan. beer.”
“But there is a condition. You have to sit down and drink with my Tiger brother.”
The guy who called himself Tiger Brother patted his thigh as he spoke, and motioned for the little girl to sit on his lap and drink with him.
The little girl’s face changed slightly when she heard this, and she flatly refused: “Sorry, I only sell beer, not wine.”
Huang Mao was instantly angry when he heard the words, slammed the tabletop, and said coldly: “Is it not even the face of my Huang Maohu?”
The little girl was anxious when she heard the words, and quickly said: “I didn’t mean that, but I really don’t know how to drink or accompany wine…”
Huang Mao stood up, picked up the thousand yuan, and reached out to plug the girl’s neckline.
He smirked at the same time and said: “It doesn’t matter. Everything is the first time. I have a drink with me, and you make more money than you make by selling beer for a week. ”
“Brother Tiger, I like your kind of little school chicken the most. If you wait to make me happy, it won’t be a problem to reward you with a thousand dollars.”
The little girl’s face changed drastically, she suddenly avoided, and the money of the yellow hair fell on the ground.
At the same time, she grabbed a cup of tea on the table and poured it directly on Huang Mao’s face, cursing: “Asshole, do you know how to respect girls!”
Huang Mao was splashed with tea by the little girl!
He was shocked and angry!
At the moment, it’s fine to hook up a beer girl if you don’t succeed, and he was splashed on by the beer girl, and he couldn’t hold back his face!
“Little bitch, you are looking for death!”
Huang Mao raised his right hand and slapped it at the little girl.
The little girl paled with fright, she was silly on the spot, and even forgot to dodge, she could only watch the palm of the other person fall.
But at this moment, a figure flashed in front of him.
Chen Ning had already appeared in front of the little girl, raised Huang Mao’s hand, and said coldly: “You also fight girls, what kind of man are you?”
Huang Mao was frightened and angry, desperately trying to withdraw his hand.
It’s a pity that even if he exhausted all his energy, he just couldn’t get away with it.
He stared at Chen Ning in fright and anger: “Boy, do you dare to be nosy and die!”
As he said, he flew up and kicked Chen Ning under the crotch.
Chen Ning snorted and kicked out, faster, kicking the opponent’s foot first.
This Huang Mao’s foot was directly kicked off.
Huang Mao screamed sternly!
When Huang Mao’s companions saw this, they roared and rushed up.
Dian Chu shot without hesitation, and knocked over several of Huang Mao’s companions directly.
Chen Ning coldly said to Huang Mao: “Apologize to this little girl!”
Huang Mao knew that he had met a great person, and endured the severe pain of his broken foot, and said with a trembling voice to the little beer seller: “Beauty, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I apologize to you.”
The little girl even raised her pretty face and said, “I accept your apology!”
Upon seeing this, Chen Ning couldn’t help but look at the little girl more.
This little girl actually has a temperament of “peach and plum without words, she is very self-conscious”.
Chen Ning said to Huang Mao coldly: “Go away!”
Huang Mao and his companions supported each other and fled in embarrassment.
The little girl looked at Chen Ning and said gratefully: “Thank you for saving me!”
Chen Ning laughed and said, “It’s a matter of effort, but next time you have to be careful. You’d better change jobs, because people who drink are easy to make trouble.”
The little girl nodded: “Okay!”
Chen Ning and Dianchu turned around, ready to go back to continue drinking and eating supper.
The little girl couldn’t help saying: “Sir, my name is Guan Qin, can I ask your name?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “My name is Chen Ning!”
At this moment, suddenly a Volkswagen Beetle galloped in and stopped by the side.
Then, a beautiful woman in a skirt suit came down from the car.
This beauty is a reporter from Zhonghai TV Station, Li Yutong.
Li Yutong rushed over, grabbed Guan Qin’s hand, and said loudly, “Guan Qin, why did you come out to work again?”
“Didn’t I say that your task is to study hard. If you don’t have money to study, will I find charity to help you?”
Guan Qin struggled desperately and screamed loudly: “I can support myself, I can earn my own money, and I don’t need anyone’s help!”
Li Yutong said angrily: “Huh!”
“What are you doing well, isn’t it good for someone to help you?”
“The boss Huang I introduced to you last time, didn’t he promise to be responsible for your monthly study expenses?”
“Why don’t you accept someone to help you? You just want to come out to work. Look at what you look like in a beer skirt now, and go back with me immediately.”
Guan Qin broke free, crying and screaming: “I don’t want you to help me!”
“I hate other people’s charity, and my classmates look at me with strange eyes.”
“And the boss Huang you mentioned, he said he wanted to help me complete my studies, but he has conditions to help me, and he secretly asked me to sleep with him!”
Li Yutong was dumbfounded.
Upon seeing this, Chen Ning couldn’t help but speak: “I said you, don’t ignore other people’s feelings and do bad things blindly with kind intentions.”
“You really want to help her, just arrange a suitable part-time job for her!”
“What people need is respect, and they can support themselves!”
Li Yutong widened his eyes and said angrily: “Who are you?”
Chen Ning said lightly: “I’m just an ordinary passerby, an ordinary diners.”
Li Yutong snorted coldly: “That’s your ass!”
After Li Yutong finished speaking, he took Guan Qin’s hand and said, “Go, I will send you back to school first. You really need to earn tuition and living expenses by working part-time. Then I will introduce you to a miscellaneous job on the TV station.”
Looking at the backs of Li Yutong and Guan Qin, Chen Ning shook his head with a wry smile.
Dian Chu smiled and said, “This woman is a bit pungent!”
An hour later, Chen Ning and Dianchu finished their supper and drove home.
After passing a remote section, a Beetle was found parked on the side of the road.
A beautiful woman in a business suit and skirt was surrounded by a few burly men.
This beauty was surprisingly Li Yutong, who had spoken harshly to Chen Ning just now.
It turned out that Li Yutong, a reporter with a straightforward character, often digs and reports on various dark sides of society, offending many people.
This time, she was intercepted halfway by the enemy’s leader.
Among the burly men, the headed bearded man looked at her with a grinning smile: “Reporter Li, you exposed my black workshop and caused me to be punished overnight. Tonight, my brothers and I, I’ll settle accounts with you.”
Li Yutong said in horror: “What do you want to do?”
The cheeky man grinned: “What are you doing? What are you doing!”
Li Yutong’s face paled with fright, just as she noticed that a Hongqi car had stopped not far away, and two men came down from the Hongqi car. It was Chen Ning and Dianchu who had a close relationship with her.
Li Yutong, like a drowning man, saw the life-saving straw, and hurriedly asked for help: “They want to insult me, please help me!”
The guys on the cheeky man had bad eyes, staring at Chen Ning and Dianchu vigilantly.
Chen Ning took out a cigarette, took out a cigarette and put it on his mouth, then took out a lighter to light the cigarette, and finally smiled at Li Yutong, “I’m just an ordinary passerby, it’s my shit!”
Li Yutong heard this, his eyes widened, and his pretty face was full of disbelief.
This guy is too vengeful!

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