The One & Only

Chapter: 511

The cheeky man and several of his companions stared at Chen Ning and Dianchu with unkind expressions at this time, a little worried that Chen Ning and two of them would be nosy.
At this time, they heard Chen Ning say that he was just a passerby.
They both glanced at each other with triumphant expressions.
The cheeky man proudly said to Chen Ning: “Boy, if you are acquainted, you don’t dare to care about my flower head leopard’s nostalgia.”
After the Huatou Leopard finished speaking, he ordered several of his men: “Take Li Yutong this bitch into the car. She caused our brother to lose more than 10 million. Tonight, I must play her to prostration!”
Several of his subordinates all showed wretched smiles when they heard the words, and smirked around Li Yutong, trying to drag her into the car and take her away.
Li Yutong was so scared that he screamed.
At this time, Chen Ning said lightly: “Enough!”
Huatou Leopard and several of his partners stared at Chen Ning in surprise, “Boy, what tricks are you playing?”
Chen Ning didn’t even have a look at the leopard, only smiled and said to Li Yutong: “I can help you get rid of some of them, but you have to promise me one condition.”
Li Yutong’s face is extremely ugly. What conditions does Chen Ning want her to promise? Wouldn’t it be a very excessive request?
But she is in a situation now that she can’t help but refuse, she bit her head and said: “Okay, I promise you, you help me get rid of them quickly.”
The flower head leopard said angrily: “Boy, you dare to take care of our nostalgia, believe it or not to let you splash a blood?”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “Dian Chu!”
The burly Dian Chu came out and strode towards the Huatou Leopards.
The Huatou Leopards glanced at each other, took out their knives, greeted Dian Chu with a grinning grin, and said viciously: “Silly big guy, get ready to lie down!”
Bang bang bang…
The Huatou Leopards still didn’t react, and they were all swept away by the autumn wind.
When several guys fell to the ground, they all broke bones in many places and fell to the ground and groaned.
Li Yutong looked at Chen Ning, who was smoking with a carefree face, and looked at the burly and powerful Dian Chu, which was a bit shocked.
Li Yutong immediately took out his cell phone to call the police, and soon the police came over and arrested the Huatou Leopards.
Li Yutong took advantage of the presence of police officers, so she had the confidence to ask Chen Ning in front of several police officers: “Let’s talk, what are your conditions, how do you want me to repay you?”
Several police officers didn’t know Chen Ning, but they all knew Li Yutong, a beautiful reporter from the local TV station.
They all looked at Chen Ning enviously at this time, and they were also curious about what conditions Chen Ning would offer to Li Yutong?
Did you invite Li Yutong to dinner?
Watching a play?
Can you even go too far and let Li Yutong be his girlfriend for one day?
Li Yutong himself was too nervous, for fear that Chen Ning would make any unreasonable demands.
She only hopes that the few police officers on the scene can play a deterrent effect, so that Chen Ning’s request will not be too outrageous.
“What do I want you to do?”
Chen Ning said with a smile, looking left and right, and suddenly noticed a sign on the side of the road that read: Speak civilized language, be a civilized citizen.
Chen Ning’s eyes lit up, and he took down the small sign hanging on the book in the past and handed it to Li Yutong.
He smiled and said: “My request is very simple. In the next 24 hours, no matter what occasions you enter or exit, you must carry this brand and wear it where others can see it.”
Several police officers are stupid!
Li Yutong was completely stupid!
Dian Chu was lowering his head and suffocating a smile. Li Yutong’s vulgar words to the young marshal at the food stall obviously made the young marshal very unhappy. Now he deliberately teases and punishes her!
Li Yutong naturally knew that Chen Ning was punishing her for her rude words at the food stall.
Her pretty face flushed, and her heart tickled with hatred towards Chen Ning.
She is beautiful and has been treated as a pearl since she was a child.
Both school and work are goddesses surrounded by stars and moons. Which man is not cheating on her?
Chen Ning is a good guy, he doesn’t give her any face at all!
Chen Ning looked at Li Yutong, whose face was flushed, and said with a smile: “Why, you don’t want to keep your promise, then forget it, anyway, you’re shameful is also in my expectation.”
Li Yutong was not happy to hear it!
What does she mean to be lying in anticipation? Is she the kind of person who doesn’t believe in words?
She grabbed the brand and said angrily: “If you wear this brand for 24 hours, then you can treat it as if I apologized for being rude to you at that time.”
“But don’t be proud of you kid, you know at a glance that you are the kind of dude with a bodyguard. If you have any handle in my hands in the future, then you will look good!”
After speaking, she took the sign, got on her beetle angrily, and left in embarrassment.
Chen Ning and Dianchu smiled at each other, said goodbye to several police officers on the scene, and got in the car and left.
After Li Yutong got home, she put the civilized propaganda sign on the coffee table, and the more she looked at it, the more angry she felt that Chen Ning was really annoying.
The next day, she simply asked for leave and didn’t go to work or go out.
She hid at home and inquired about Chen Ning’s identity information.
However, although she has a lot of contacts, she found very few information about Chen Ning.
Chen Ning’s identity information is on the Internet, and the national security department deletes it from time to time. Therefore, there are very few information about Chen Ning that can be inquired on the Internet.
Therefore, Li Yutong searched for a long time, only to find that Chen Ning was a veteran and the husband of Song Pingting, the business goddess of Zhonghai City.
Now Chen Ning has no job and lives in Song Pingting’s house.
It can be said that Chen Ning is the son-in-law, or Chen Ning is a soft food.
Li Yutong was a classmate with Song Pingting in elementary school. Not long ago, the TV station interviewed Song Pingting, and she was responsible for interviewing Song Pingting.
Although she and Song Pingting are not girlfriends, they are also friends.
She knew that Chen Ning was Song Pingting’s husband, and after she knew that Chen Ning was eating soft rice, she couldn’t help but report the injustice for Song Pingting.
She said angrily: “It turns out that Chen Ning was the drunk who had a relationship with Song Pingting a few years ago. This guy caused Song Pingting to be so miserable, and now he still has the face to recognize Song Pingting’s mother and daughter. It’s shameless to have the face to eat soft rice at Song’s house!”
In the afternoon, she went out and came to Ningda Group to meet Song Pingting.
Song Pingting was also a little surprised by the visit of Li Yutong, a friend, and ordered the secretary to bring tea. She smiled and asked, “Reporter Li, why are you here to come to me?”
Li Yutong sat down and immediately asked gossiping: “Ping Ting, your husband Chen Ning, is that the drunk bastard who harmed you back then?”
Song Pingting was taken aback when she heard the words, and then smiled: “That’s all the same thing before, in fact, he is not bad, it’s just destiny.”
Li Yutong couldn’t help yelling: “He’s not bad! It’s just a scumbag. He bullied you like that at the beginning. Now that he knows you have made money, he has come to rely on you again. Isn’t he just eating soft food? ”
“Ping Ting, you are so good, don’t be with him as a bastard, you can get a divorce from him.”
Song Pingting’s face changed drastically when she heard the words, and she hurriedly wanted to defend Chen Ning.
But Chen Ning had already opened the door and came in at this time. When Chen Ning came in, she said coldly: “What’s wrong with you, have you ever heard of Ning demolishing ten temples instead of a marriage?”
Chen Ning looked at Li Yutong and said displeased: “You still have your brand!”
“it’s here!”
Li Yutong weakly took out the sign that read “Speak civilized language and be a civilized citizen” from his handbag!
Chen Ning snorted: “Since the brand is there, you should wear it properly, and you must follow the words on the brand. Don’t talk nonsense, be a civilized person!”
Li Yutong was very angry: “You!”
Chen Ning said indifferently: “Are you okay? If there is a problem, I want to talk to my wife about something.”
Chen Ning is chasing guests!
Li Yutong glared at Chen Ning bitterly, and said to Song Pingting to visit again next time, and then left angrily.
Song Pingting asked curiously: “Chen Ning, do you know each other?”
Chen Ning also didn’t hide it, telling him how he met Li Yutong last night.
After listening to Song Pingting, she was angry and funny: “You fellow teased her like this, no wonder she hates you so much.”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “I’m just teaching her to be civilized in her speech and civilized in life.”

Li Yutong had just come out of the Ningda Group. She had just returned to the car when she suddenly received a call from a friend.
“Beauty Li, heavy news, and it’s still related to the Chen Ning you checked.”
Li Yutong immediately became interested: “What message?”
The friend on the mobile phone said excitedly: “It is said that Chen Ning has offended the king prince, the head of the king prince, Wang Shuang, who is the leader of the eight great families, and summoned the masters of the family disciples.
Li Yutong’s eyes lit up when he heard this, and he said excitedly: “Then I have to investigate and investigate the grievances between the king’s clan and Chen Ning, so I may not be able to discover any hot news, dig out the dark side of society, and criticize the dark phenomenon of society. Strengths!”
Li Yutong was very energetic at this time, she didn’t think that her decision would directly cause her to fall into a situation where she would never be restored…

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