The One & Only

Chapter: 515

In less than half an hour, a red flag sedan and a fleet of five black SUVs arrived at speed!
on site!
Wang Shuang, his son Wang Longfei, and thousands of the king’s subordinates all looked at the coming caravan together.
However, Liu Jinzhong and others, who were interrupted and forced to kneel under the old locust tree, became excited and repeatedly said: “Mr. Chen is here, you are finished.”
Upon hearing this, Wang Shuang and his son’s men smiled at each other.
Chen Ning has just arrived with such a few cars, how many people can he have?
The kings are now coming out of their nests, and there are more than 5,000 retainers, disciples, and subordinates!
Everyone can drown Chen Ning and the others by spitting out.
Liu Jinzhong and others even said that the king is about to end. I really don’t know where this blind confidence comes from?
at this time!
Chen Ning got out of the car with Li Yutong, Dianchu, Bahuwei, and the wind and waves.
When Wang Longfei saw Chen Ning, he immediately gritted his teeth. He hated Chen Ning.
He smiled triumphantly: “Hey, Chen Ning, you probably didn’t think we would meet again so soon, right?”
“Also, it’s the same person, the same place.”
“It’s just that the person kneeling down tonight is not me, but you.”
Chen Ning’s eyes fell on Liu Jinzhong and the others who were kneeling under the old locust tree. He saw that Liu Jinzhong and others were dripping with blood on their trousers, and it was obvious that their feet were interrupted.
His face sank instantly, his eyes flashed murderously, and he said coldly: “You can live by doing evil in the sky, you can’t live by doing evil by yourself.”
“Wang Longfei, I spared you once before, and I also gave you a chance for the king.”
“But since you don’t cherish it, then I will just remove your king from the list of the eight great families.”
Chen Ning’s voice fell!
Wang Shuang and Wang Longfei and the others gasped at the same time, not because they were afraid, but because they thought Chen Ning was bragging too hard, right?
He even said without shame that he would remove the king from the list of the eight great families!
Blowing such a big cow, you are not afraid of flashing your tongue!
Wang Shuang and the others couldn’t help but laugh!
Even Li Yutong, who is next to Chen Ning, has a strange expression.
She sneaked a glance at Chen Ning, very puzzled.
As far as she knows, Chen Ning served as a soldier for several years and was once a small platoon leader. Now he has retired early.
Why is Chen Ning so confident?
Even the kings don’t pay attention to them. There are more than 5,000 kings in front of them, and they can beat Chen Ning into meat cakes with one punch. Why does Chen Ning dare to speak wild words at this time?
Is it confident, or ignorant and fearless?
Li Yutong was also a bit uncertain. She only hoped that Chen Ning was not a stunned boy, otherwise not only would Chen Ning be unlucky, she would also die with her.
Wang Shuang and the others laughed at Chen Ning jokingly, but Chen Ning was calm, and led his men toward Liu Jinzhong and the others, trying to support Liu Jinzhong and the others.
However, Chen Ning did not even approach Liu Jinzhong and others.
Wang Shuang sneered and said, “Qin Yong, they said they want to remove our kingly clan, and I want you to kill them alone to let them know how powerful our king clan is.”
The voice falls!
A tall, muscular middle-aged man had already stopped Chen Ning and his entourage.
The tall man squinted his narrow eyes and looked at Chen Ning with a sneer: “Boy, I am one of the four kings of the king, Qin Yong, King of the North, I will take you on the road.”
King of Zhenbei!
An anger flashed across Chen Ning’s face!
He is the commander of the 300,000 soldiers in the North, and Qin Yong dared to call himself the King of the North of Zhenbei, which is simply outrageous.
Chen Ning looked at Qin Yong indifferently: “What are you, you dare to call yourself the King of the North of Zhenbei, and you dare to call yourself the King of the North of Zhenbei in front of me, I want to see what you can do.”
Qin Yong grinned, “My ability is to kill you!”
After speaking, there was a loud bang under his feet and the ground cracked.
He lashed at Chen Ning like a cannonball, and punched Chen Ning in the face.
Chen Ning snorted coldly: “Little ants, dare to shake the tree!”
After that, raising his hand is a punch!
The fist pierced through the air, driving a sharp air current, and the air around the fist became distorted, which shows the horror of the power of this fist.
Upon seeing this, Qin Yong’s face changed drastically, and a shocked expression appeared in his eyes.
He gave a strange cry, exhausted all his energy, swung his fist to face Chen Ning, and wanted to reach Chen Ning’s powerful punch.
The two fisted together!
Qin Yong’s arm was like dead wood hitting a steel plate, and his entire arm burst instantly.
Qin Yong couldn’t help but let out a scream!
As a result of his head-to-head fist with Chen Ning, the whole right arm was directly lost, and he instantly became a one-armed man.
Chen Ning blasted Qin Yong’s arm with a punch, then flew again and kicked Qin Yong in the chest.
All the bones of Qin Yong’s whole body were shattered, and his body was distorted and flew out, and he was thrown heavily in front of Wang Shuang, Wang Longfei and the others.
Wang Shuang showed a shocked expression!
Wang Longfei is also full of disbelief!
Thousands of subordinates on the scene of the king’s clan, all of them stared wide-eyed, and the king of Zhenbei, one of the four kings of the king clan, was killed by Chen Ning on the spot.
Oh my!
Tangtang Zhenbei Wang was actually killed by Chen Ning like a chicken and a dog. This is horrible.
Even Li Yutong looked at Chen Ning in disbelief. Chen Ning was the kind of guy who eats soft food in her mind, but now Chen Ning’s appearance shocked her too much.
Her eyes were wide, her mouth opened, and there was only one thought in her mind: This guy was too decisive in killing. How many enemies did he kill on the battlefield to have such a decisive style of killing?
When the audience was shocked, Chen Ning had already stepped forward and personally helped Liu Jinzhong up and let Liu Jinzhong sit with his back against the old locust tree.
Dian Chu and the others also helped the rest of the prison guard soldiers who were injured kneeling on the ground, and arranged for them to sit or lie down to rest, waiting for the rescue by the medical vehicle.
At this time, Wang Shuang had already recovered, and he sneered: “Tsk tsk, no wonder how arrogant, it turned out to be a bit capable.”
“The remaining three kings, as well as the king’s 18th King Kong, follow the orders, all work together to take them down!”
Immediately, the three kings of the king’s army, as well as eighteen kings, and more than twenty people, threw out murderously like a group of tigers.
Just now, Chen Ning made an angry shot. Now, he doesn’t even bother to do anything with dog minions like kings.
He coldly shouted: “Dian Chu, abolish them!”
Dian Chu rushed out with the Eight Tigers and the violent wind and waves.
The two sides fought hand in hand, and a fierce battle broke out in an instant, and the blood in the air became more odorous.
The battle happened quickly and ended quickly.
Dian Chu, the Eight Tigers, and the violent wind and waves, all stood intact, but the three kings of the king, the eighteen kings, had all fallen in a pool of blood.
Li Yutong watched with great pains, and besides shock, there were surprises on her pretty face.
She was thinking: God, not only Chen Ning is terrifying, but his men are also powerful!
Wang Shuang and others are dumbfounded again!
The four kings of the king, the eighteen kings, and this group of masters of the kings, they all died out in a blink of an eye.
Wang Shuang looked at Chen Ning in shock.
Chen Ning sneered: “Didn’t you say you want to kill us, that’s it?”
Wang Shuang recovered from the shock. He sneered and said, “Ho ho, I admit that you guys are so strong, so strong that I find it incredible.”
“But in this era, no matter how powerful you fight, can you still be better than guns and bullets?”
When he said this, he suddenly raised his hand to make a gesture, and shouted: “Where is our king’s sniper?”

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