The One & Only

Chapter: 526

The hotel owner Chen Weijian turned pale when he saw Zhang Shaodong being beaten like this.
quite a while!
He recovered and quickly took out his cell phone and secretly called Secretary Zun of Shanghang City.
Soon, the secretary transferred the call to the city zun Tan Zhaonian.
Tan Zhaonian said slowly: “Boss Chen, what’s the matter?”
Chen Weijian trembled: “Tan Shizun, the big thing is not good.”
Tan Zhaonian frowned slightly: “What’s the situation?”
Chen Weijian said with a sad face: “Zhang Shaodong of the Zhang family in the capital and Chen Ning of the Ningda Group had a conflict. The two sides fought and I couldn’t control the situation…”
When Shanghang City Zun Tan Zhaonian heard this, he spoke out in shock.
He was shocked and anxious, and asked anxiously: “What’s the situation now, isn’t Chen Ning injured?”
Chen Weijian replied: “Chen Ning has nothing to do, but he injured the capital Zhang Shao. Zhang Shao now has blood on his face and is dying.”
Tan Zhaonian heard that the marshal was wrong, he was relieved, and wiped his sweat while saying: “That’s good, that’s good…”
Chen Weijian was completely dumbfounded when he heard this!
Although Chen Ning is from the Chen family, Zhang Shaodong is from the Zhang family in Beijing!
It stands to reason that Zhang Shaodong’s status is much higher than that of Chen Ning, and the Zhang family is much more prominent than the Chen family. The City Lord should be more concerned about Zhang Shaodong’s situation.
Why did I hear that Chen Ning injured Zhang Shaodong, but said that it was good?
Chen Weijian is not stupid. He vaguely guessed Chen Ning’s identity from Tan Shizun’s abnormal words and deeds. It might not be that simple.
It’s no wonder Chen Ning doesn’t have the Zhang family in Beijing in his eyes!
Chen Weijian said with a mournful face: “Master City Lord, the two of them are fighting between gods. I am a mortal.”
“Chen Ning hurt Shao Zhang in my hotel, how am I doing?”
Tan Zhaonian’s tone became sluggish again, and said faintly: “You don’t have to worry about this, you just have to remember that you can’t let Mr. Chen suffer, otherwise, your hotel will come to an end.”
so serious!
What’s the origin of Chen Ning?
Chen Weijian was shocked and couldn’t help but whispered: “Tan Shizun, who is Chen Ning…”
Tan Zhaonian said coldly for a few years: “It shouldn’t be something you know, so don’t ask too much. The more you know, the faster you die. Don’t you understand this truth?”
Chen Weijian sweated on his forehead when he heard this. Although he did not ask what Chen Ning was, he knew that Chen Ning’s background was absolutely terrifying.
He hurriedly said: “Yes, yes, Mr. Shizun, I know how to do it.”
Tan Zhaonian said, “Well, please report to me at any time.”
Chen Weijian: “Yes!”
When he hung up the phone, many of the security guards at his hotel received big rewards for slapped Zhang Shaodong. They didn’t even want to work and ran away happily.
A dozen security guards who were timid and dared to do it all were grieving.
Zhang Shaodong and his companions lay dying on the ground.
Chen Ning brought Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge over. Chen Ning said indifferently: “Boss Chen, I’m sorry to make your place like this. If the hotel has any losses, let the waiter send the bill to our room.”
Chen Weijian hurriedly said: “What’s the loss, what’s the loss of our hotel.”
Chen Ning smiled and said, “I have already taught these rascals, you can help deal with this mess.”
Chen Weijian said: “Yes, yes, no problem.”
After Chen Ning left home with Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge.
With a wry smile, Chen Weijian told the manager and staff around him: “Call the ambulance and send Shao Zhang and the others to the hospital.”
At that time!
In the VIP ward of Shanghang People’s Hospital.
Zhang Shaodong, who had just dealt with his injuries, blasted all the doctors and nurses out.
A group of relatives and friends who rushed to hear the news gathered around him to comfort him not to get excited.
He said grimly: “I’m going to kill that kid, I’m going to break his hands and feet, I’m going to cut off his flesh piece by piece, I’ll chop off his head, and use his skull to make a toilet! ”
“I want to play with his two women!”
A bunch of relatives and friends around all soothed and said: “Yes, yes, you can definitely get revenge, Young Master Zhang, that kid Chen Ning is dead.”
Zhang Shaodong’s emotions slowly calmed down, but his hatred of Chen Ning was not eliminated at all.
He took out his cell phone and immediately called Zhang Chaocheng, his father in Jingcheng.
“Dad, I was bullied by a bastard in Donghai, and he put me in the hospital.”
“I think you sent the two brothers Cheng Qian and Cheng Kun over to avenge me.”
Zhang Chaocheng was particularly angry when he learned that his son was injured. He did not hesitate to agree to his son’s request: “Okay, I immediately instruct Cheng Qian and Cheng Kun to go to the East China Sea to meet you and help you avenge your grievance.”
“Thank you dad!”
Zhang Shaodong is gearing up with excitement!
You know, the two brothers Cheng Qian Cheng Kun, but Gu Wu masters.
The eldest brother Cheng Qian has won ten consecutive national heavyweight wrestling championships!
Cheng Kun, the second younger brother, has dominated the underground black market boxing arena in Beijing for ten consecutive years, and he is a well-deserved Chinese black market boxer.
The Zhang family was kind to the two brothers Cheng Qian and Cheng Kun, so Zhang Chaocheng later spent a lot of money to invite the two brothers to be their personal bodyguards.
Once, Zhang Chaocheng negotiated with his enemies.
Unexpectedly, he was ambushed by thousands of enemies!
In the end, the two brothers Cheng Qian Cheng Kun abruptly protected Zhang Chaocheng, killed more than 300 enemies, and forced a way out.
After that battle, the name of the two tigers of the universe resounded throughout the capital.
That night, the two brothers Cheng Qian Cheng Kun took a plane overnight to Shanghang City, Donghai Province.
The next day, the two appeared in front of Zhang Shaodong.
Zhang Shaodong saw the arrival of the two tigers, he said with excitement: “Ho ho, I have been waiting for the two of you for a long time.”
The two married brothers said together: “I am willing to serve the son!”
Zhang Shaodong turned his head and asked his subordinates: “Let you inquire about the whereabouts of Chen Ning, how are you inquiring?”
The subordinate immediately said: “We have been sending people to watch Chen Ning and the others secretly. Chen Ning is now shopping with Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge at Shangjia Center!”
Zhang Shaodong grinned and said: “Arrange the vehicle immediately, I am going to seek revenge from them!”

Shangjia Center, a well-known shopping center in Shanghang City, and a lot of LV products specialty stores.
Chen Ning accompanied Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge for a long time. Both women bought a lot of clothes and carried them in big and small bags.
Just when Chen Ning felt that it was a chore to go shopping with a woman, Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge were finally tired, so they didn’t want to go shopping and went to find a place to eat.
Chen Ning asked Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge to wait at the entrance of the shopping mall. He went to the underground parking lot to pick up the car.
He came to the underground parking garage alone, just next to the brand-new BMW 740, and suddenly felt two strong murderous intentions coming.
He turned his head, and then saw two middle-aged men walking out of the shadows.
The two are Cheng Qian Cheng Kun!
Cheng Gan shaved his bald head, with a tattoo on his bald head, and a pair of snake eyes exuded a fierce light.
Cheng Qian had long hair, matched with his pale, dead face, which looked very scary.
Chen Ning frowned slightly: “Who are you?”
Cheng Qiancheng Chengkun glanced at each other, grinning and sneered: “We Zhang Shao, send us to greet you.”
At this moment, at the entrance of Shangjia Center.
Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge, two beauties, are waiting for Chen Ning to drive to pick them up.
However, a Rolls-Royce Phantom stopped in front of them.
They just wondered why Chen Ning changed the car?
Then I saw Zhang Shaodong getting out of the car with two of his men, and Zhang Shaodong proudly said: “Hi, two beauties, we meet again.”
Song Pingting and Qin Chaoge both frowned slightly. Song Pingting said coldly, “You dare to come and ask for something. My husband drove out of the parking lot right away. You’d better leave as soon as possible.”
Zhang Shaodong grinned at the words: “Chen Ning?”
“He entered the parking lot, so don’t even want to walk out alive.”
“You two beauties, come with me from now on, I will protect you for the rest of your life, and you will never enjoy it, hahaha…”

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